Unit 13 Training: Mastering Game Types

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Unit 13 Training: Mastering Game Types
Unit 13 Training: Mastering Game Types

We recently kicked off our in-depth training series for Unit 13, the PS Vita exclusive shooter that puts you in the middle of some of the world’s deadliest covert missions. This three-part in-depth video series aims to teach you everything from the core fundamentals of how to play the game to tips on how to tackle each mission type and even how to fully take advantage of Unit 13‘s networking features.

Today we’re unveiling the second installment, which introduces you to the various mission types in Unit 13 and gives you advice on how to best approach them. It goes over basic mission rules, tactical strategies for how to take on each objective and things to look out for along the way.

If you missed the first training video be sure to go back and check that out to get a great overview of Unit 13’s fundamentals, and come back on Friday for the final part of the series, “Sharing and Competing,” where we’ll cover the game’s robust connectivity features.

Unit 13 is now available exclusively for PS Vita, so now’s the time to hone your skills and discover if you have what it takes to make it to the top of the leaderboards.

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  • Is it true that people who downloaded Unit 13 when you first put up the game, do NOT have an online pass?

    • There was an issue with the digital version that has since been fixed for new buyers. People who had already purchased the game should have everything cleared up and online fully functional by the end of today.

  • @BlindsideDork, true

    @Chris Roper, when/how will the people who downloaded Unit 13 get their online pass?

  • @1 Yes, It is true, because I do not have an online pass, and I purchased a Digital copy of the game….. Now I have to pay $10 Extra so I can play with my friends, who purchased a physical copy AND get to play online for less than what I paid.

  • Is there any chance of this online pass thing being resolved? I had purchased the game with the sole intention of playing co-op, because my friend was practically begging me to get it, and told me I could get it for a few bucks less if I purchase it through the PS Store… After some research on this site and youtube, I decided to buy the game…NOWHERE on this BLOG, or in the DESCRIPTION of the game in the marketplace, does it say that you need to purchase an online pass to play the Digital copy of the game… Now I have to pay more than my friend (who bought the Physical copy) to play online?! $46?! Come on. Last time I’m ever purchasing a digital copy, unless it is %100 confirmed that a pass is required IN THE DESCRIPTION.

    • Yes, it should be resolved by the end of the day. Sony is working on getting everyone set up with a fix.

  • I bought this game yesterday and I love it! The controls are great and it looks great also. The training was perfect and the missions I have done have all been great. Maybe you can add a mission where people can help me get my PS3 back that is being held hostage by my wife who has been playing ME3 non stop.

  • hey Chris i bought Unit 13 digital version yesterday and i cant play online co op because it tells me that i need an online pass , isnt the pass supposed to be included in the $35.99 version ? im not buying the pass , it should have been included already

  • Yeah i did not get the pass either but should be getting an email / voucher later. read here:

    Thanks for fixing this Zipper.

  • Wow, nearly bought this online, glad I read the comments. Will avoid like the plague! Hope this gets resolved for you guys….

  • Zipper Interactive has posted on Twitter this will be fixed ASAP.


  • WOW!!!!! another BIG F Up by ZIPPER….

    Not really surprised … They only seem to find a way to Jip You $$$

    Sorry to all those players how bought the Digital version…..

    Hopefully Zipper Fixes it.. If not…. That comes to show How much they care….

    Look at MAG…. BEST Game Ever!!! damn i miss playing with GodOfWar ….

  • Wow, this looks more like a SOCOM than SOCOM 4, hm, how strange….

  • Zipper is aware of the issue regarding the online pass and have fixed the issue. Anyone who downloads Unit 13 from here on out will have the online pass included. For those who already downloaded unit 13, they (Zipper) plan to send out vouchers to everyone who downloaded Unit 13 during this issue. Source (directly from Zipper): http://community.us.playstation.com/message/37503569#37503569

  • WOW, no online pass for the digital version?!! You got to be kidding me. Glad I read these comments. Come’on Zipper. Please tell me this is a mistake. I feel bad for the people that already have the digital copy. You know this isn’t right.

    • Yes, as mentioned, there was an issue with the PlayStation Store listing of the game that has since been fixed. Previous buyers should be up and running by the end of today.

  • So, I called up Sony, and it was hilarious.. Apparently they were just as confused as I was…They issued me a refund, as they could not resolve the problem directly, nor did they know why it was happening… At one point the representative said “Hold on I need to get a specialist on the line” … I thought…”Wait.. the specialist, needs a specialist? How complicated is this?” … And then they returned to say “Yeah, you need to buy an online pass if you want to play online.” …I mean… I am aware of this. I’m not mental. My issue is that I had not REVIEVED an online pass, with my purchase of the FULL GAME… Lol. So I got my money back. Cool story, no?

  • Is zipper aware of the game crashing bug? I have played 4 missions so far and have had to hard restart my vita twice due to freezing issue. (the sound cuts out first then when mission is complete screen just goes black and the vita won’t luanch any other applications untill you restart). and yes I have downloaded and installed the latest unit 13 update/patch. I am playing from thehard copy maybe the digital version is working, but if you are on the fenceabout this game I wouldn’t buy it till they get it fixed.

  • I purchased unit 13 from pan my online is not working also….and the sound cuts out sometimes plz fix

  • Oh by the way I do like the game, it’s fun when it works

  • I also downloaded the digital version….no online pass….please address asap….also I was having the freezing issue….deleted the demo….problem solved.

  • I got it as soon as it was available via search on the psn, and I didn’t even notice until reading these comments, but I also don’t have an online pass.
    Info on a fix for this?!

  • I already deleted the demo, it doesn’t freeze all he time seems pretty random

  • thanks for the answers chris. the game is awesome. great job!

  • End of the day….it’s 2:58 pm here in Atlantic Canada….Better get Busy Folks. Will the code go to email registered to account or to PSN(SEN) email?? I perfer PSN email cause I used my work email to register and I’m leaving here in 1.5 hours…..Tomorrow for me I bet.

  • Let’s add this up, ridiculously overpriced memory cards, ridiculously late ps store updates, thanks Grace, digital boondoggles courtesy of sony wanting to screw over the gamestops of this world by having this stupid online pass code crapola to begin with and now we have to patiently wait for sony to contact us. Well, isn’t that special.

    Boy, do I feel like a schmuck for having bought this game.

  • Im glad you guys at zipper are clearing this up. becuase a digital game on psn does not do online passes becuase it considered new regardless of the price. All digtal games are considerd new on psn. because they no way to sell it a digital game used therfors its new. I think it was mix thing with the retail version of the game if bought used.

    I thank you mr roper for the clear up& quik reply

    vp-psn legionairre group

  • any chance of these videos going up on the store so we could dl and watch on our vitsa or ps3s?

  • Thank you for taking the time to respond Chris.. Sorry if I came off a little hostile, It’s just a little frustrating when you’re so eager to play, and things don’t go the way you plan, Y’know? I actually enjoyed the Demo alot, and I’m looking forward to playing with me friends tomorrow.

  • Any chance of a SOCOM:5 now ? :)

  • @Kuriseru Sony’s so called “specialists” through the hotline are some of the dumbest people I’ve ever had to deal with. Every time I’ve had an issue that required me to call they had no clue what was going on. I swear you could grab any bum off the streets to do their job. Hell, the bum would probably do a better job. Worst customer service ever.

  • @ Sevyne The one I dealt with just put me on hold like 10 times, and repeatedly asked me “Now is it a game voucher you’re missing?… Okay… Now did you Buy the game, or download it?” …. I mean.., I know they meant Retail or digital… But I felt like saying “I payed money for it, yes. I BOUGHT it from your Networks store, and DOWNLOADED it…” And then I was informed of how Download vouchers work (Like I am an Idiot or something).. and was given lovely examples such as “Tiger Woods Golf” ……….. Ugh. Lol

  • Ok still waiting on my code this is crazy wtf

  • I’m still waiting on my code also.

  • hey man where’s my code!!! been waiting all day wth is going on?!?!

  • It’s 7:30 in new york, and I still don’t have my code.
    I’d like to try out the online coop!!!!!

  • By the end of the day, is that like Grace Chen time?

  • So I finally purchased this game and now I’m still waiting for that stupid online pass code (like every early adopters out there). C’mon sony, this is a first party title! Oh and note to SCEA and developers: Next time, how about releasing that shady “online pass” at least 48 hours AFTER the launch, so that you can actually care for the early adopters first, then the “used copy” customers. At least it will prevent the uninformed customers from purchasing the online pass and save them some money. Besides, how many people actually purchase the owned copy of the game on the first day of release? Can’t be that many, right? PS: I rated this game ONE star simply because of this joke. Otherwise, I think Unit 13 is a good game (I would rate it a 7/10).

  • Never again smfh

  • :-/

  • My game is not uplaoding my scores :[ it says pending i had the demo and transferred my progress over to the full game. it is not digital so i am wondering are my scores going to be pending forever????

  • “Yes, as mentioned, there was an issue with the PlayStation Store listing of the game that has since been fixed. Previous buyers should be up and running by the end of today.”

    tic toc tic toc…

  • 9:06PM EST, still no online pass. I’ve been really supportive of Sony with the Vita, but even I can’t hold out forever. The late store updates, this strange online pass store glitch… Aren’t tests being run? Is this a result of some change that happened during the maintenance?

    I don’t feel entitled. Sony doesn’t owe me a darn thing. They’re a huge corporation and don’t really need just one person. I am a consumer, and they are a producer. But even despite that, this is getting a little ridiculous. I paid $35.99 for a game, and now I find that thanks to a glitch I don’t have my online access pass in the subscriptions list. Out of all the systems I’ve owned, I’ve had the most enjoyment out of my PlayStation consoles. Perhaps that’s why I’m so bothered by this little trend of events, short as it may have been thus far.

    Please update us as soon as possible on a solution to this problem.
    Thank you for your time.

  • ok Chris 9:50 pm and still no online pass , i know i can go play other games but i really want to try unit 13 co op online , where is the pass?

  • oops im sorry , im online now

  • Alright, don’t wait for an online code and don’t bother checking your email. You need to sign out and then sign back in, and you should be good to go. The store now indicates I’ve bought unit 13 including the online pass.

    Well, Chris said we’d up by the end of the day, so let’s throw the dog a bone.

    Online passes still suck, and seem utterly pointless in a game that features only online co-op. This isn’t call of duty we’re talking here. I’m still not buying anything day one anymore that involves those stupid online passes.

  • ok up and running now but you guys could have explained it better i was waiting for an email …..but just log in to the game and press co-op you should be good to go

  • I second this (or third or whatever) and the coop is going smoothly. But Damn elite is hard

  • @44
    Thanks for the information! I can confirm. Simply sign out, sign in and the Unit 13 online pass will be there, and the store will show that you’ve bought the game.

    That was painless. I just wish that some information on this process were given before now, and by Sony rather than a user.

  • Er, @43. And anyone else confirming. Typos!

  • I’m wondering if it is fixed for “everyone” or is it a rollout type fix. I have one vita fixed but I also have another that is not… I’m thinking another call to support might be in my near future.

  • Hi Chris, I have a US PSN acct, can I play online using a Region 3 retail copy of Unit 13, I am currently itching to buy 1 just now. Thanks!

  • I found my missing Online Pass for the digital Download last night. I just went to the PlayStation®Store on my PlayStation®Vita. Next, tap your finger on the “(…)” icon in the bottom right-hand corner, and select “Services List”. From the next list, tap your finger on “Unit 13”, and the Online Pass should be there.

    (BTW, this doesn’t require any user action to play online, just play online already! I’m lonely out there!)

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