Unit 13 Now Available: PS Vita’s First Social Shooter

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Unit 13 Now Available: PS Vita’s First Social Shooter

Are you ready to prove that you have what it takes to run with the best of the best? Everyone here at Zipper Interactive is happy to announce that Unit 13 is now available in North America, exclusively for PS Vita! Designed specifically for Vita, Unit 13 puts a console-quality shooter experience in the palm of your hands by offering true dual analog stick controls, detailed graphics and always-on network connectivity.

PlayStation Store and worked your way up the leaderboards then you’ll be happy to know that your save data, including your high scores and operative level progress, will carry over to the full game! Be sure to keep the demo on your PS Vita until you’ve launched the full game though – deleting the demo will remove the save file as well, so make sure your progress has transferred over before removing the demo from your system.

The team here at Zipper has worked hard on fine-tuning the experience in an effort to blend the best of the console world with the best of the portable world and we think you’ll agree that Unit 13 is a great fit in PS Vita‘s library. We’ll see you on the leaderboards!

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  • What the HELL its still not out there!?!?!?!?! Way to drop the ball Sony!!!

  • Why so long Sony WHYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!

  • Don’t tell me that we really have to wait till midnight for the psn version to be releast

  • This is really disappointing. I really hope this is the last time you guys miss a launch date. You are losing customers.

  • downloading the demo right now so i can play something while i wait

  • Awesomeness!!

  • great demo was looking forward to downloading it tonight after work. I’m home and its not up. hope its up after class? Are you trying to limit the hours of availability of the free Motorstorm RC download? I hope you extend it to tomorrow !

  • So mad there’s no multiplayer other than co-op. The game has shipped, everyone wants multiplayer, work on it release it later for 10$. Don’t can it all together guys. This is such a bummer. :(

  • I have never seen an update to the store this late before, maybe they messed something up with the maintenance the other day. And no still nothing.

    I have a question though, with the cart bought in stores you usually get online pass in the case somewhere, but on ps download it looks like you get few $ off. Then have to buy the online pass making it more expensive than the store where the pass is included. Why?

  • this is bulls@#t……..

  • You get the online pass for free when you buy a game off PSN, and a code comes with the game from the retailer for the online pass. The pass is simply for reselling games. They buy it and need to buy the pass to play.. only used copy’s tho

    This is an awfully late update, you have two hours left before it’s past the 7pm deadline… well, I guess there is no deadline, but that’s what Sony said about the time to expect a patch by.

  • My god people really want the Digital huh? Really though a Midnight release is a little silly. It’s not like they did mid-night releases at retail for this game.

    I’m looking forward to this game but I feel like I need to support MLB the Show and the package pricing a little more.

  • zero_knightmare_

    I wish it had online play!!! XD

  • Very disappointed that we don’t get the usual online multiplayer components (deathmatch, free for all, etc.). I think most people do not want to play co-op with some “well-mannered” 10 yr-old children that recently spreading like a virus all over PSN/XBL. Most players would prefer to headshot them (in virtual battlefield of course). Regrettably I have to cancel my preorder for this game. Still love my PS Vita though ;)

  • Already got the game from GameStop.

    It’s pretty interesting and fun, but there is something that irritates me. When you press home button and go back to the game, it freezes. The music still runs, but that’s all, no movements, can’t control anything at all. After closing the game and launch another apps, the icon just freezes and doesn’t load. I had to shut down the whole system and turn it back on to get it work again.

    Will there be a patch to fix it soon? By soon I hope within a week, because this game’s really interesting.

  • @65

    Everything alright with my copy. No freezing.

    I do have to say its pretty poor to not have the store updated with this game. I got the retail, but I’ve been on to get Journey and MSrc and nothing is up yet.

  • Its on psn guys

  • Anything on Why I bought the Digital Download for it off the PSN and now I cant go online because it says I need an ONLINE PASS???????????

  • @61 No, it asks for the online pass code and i have none, nothing in email.

    It’s the last time i get a game off psn when i can get from gamestop and get the code free.

    With price of cart game from a store it is still cheaper even with few $ off ps store price when considering online pass you WILL need apparently as you are paying over the price paid at say a gamestop.

    I am angry at sony for something i should have for free and would have had if i had bought it in a traditional game shop.


  • So I just got off the phone with sony and they said that the digital version doesnt come with the online code, way to nickel and dime, so I requested a refund on the basis that they never discolsed that information to me and never announced it.

  • No offense, but Shooter refers to “Shoot-em-up” games (like the kids on SHMUPS play) and not “First Person Shooters”…

    Shoot-em-up => Shooter, and First Person Shooter => FPS

    It’s kind of like calling all electronic music techno.

  • I bought a physical copy, but the issue with the PSN version better be fixed and fast. None of them can get online and games with an online pass are supposed to have it included with the downloadable versions of the game. Now I’m going to give the benefit of the doubt and assume this is a bug in the game, but if it isn’t then you are going to have your hands full with all kinds of lawsuits I’d imagine.

  • Great job, Zipper, you really screwed up. No online pass for the digital copies of the game. We support your efforts and this is how you repay us. No more day one purchases for me, ever. You guys simply can’t be trusted.

  • Just wanted to add, the main reason I bought this game was for the co-op. Ditch the online pass bs, you’re not hurting the gamestops of this world, just the players who have yet another hassle to deal with.

  • Is there any chance of this being resolved? I had purchased the game with the sole intention of playing co-op, because my friend was practically begging me to get it, and told me I could get it for a few bucks less if I purchase it through the PS Store… After some research on this site and youtube, I decided to buy the game…NOWHERE on this BLOG, or in the DESCRIPTION of the game in the marketplace, does it say that you need to purchase an online pass to play the Digital copy of the game… Now I have to pay more than my friend (who bought the Physical copy) to play online?! $46?! Come on. Last time I’m ever purchasing a digital copy, unless it is %100 confirmed that a pass is required IN THE DESCRIPTION.

  • To Sony mostly, and Zipper Interactive,

    I just paid a lot of money for this system, which is locked to a wireless carrier I don’t want to use, and had no business with whatsoever. Here in America there aren’t laws preventing companies from going behind their customers backs and making backroom deals to monopolize their cellular data use. I spent extra money on a larger proprietary memory card, so I could store more games that I would pay for and download from the ps store.

    I try to buy a game, and instead I get a loop of errors relating to internet connectivity. In reality, there’s some issue with the credit card information. What the problem is, I’ll probably never know. Sony doesn’t even know, admits to having no knowledge of or access to information that might help me resolve the issue. The only option is to buy a prepaid card.

    Since there’s no time-frame on releases I don’t see the game I want to purchase until 8:30 at night. And after spending hours with these issues and talks with Sony reps late into the night, I break down to buy this pre-paid nonsense and finally download my game.

  • I’d like to continue my comment but this blog prevents me from doing so.

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