Mass Effect 3 Available Tomorrow, Download it Tonight

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Mass Effect 3 Available Tomorrow, Download it Tonight

Mass Effect 3 for PS3

Mass Effect 3 launches in North America in less than 24 hours! We hope you ready to start the war to take Earth back and have secured your copy of the game via digital pre-order on PSN (don’t forget that you’ll receive a bonus weapon and exclusive PS3 theme).

The development team spent a great deal of effort to make sure that those who are just joining us in the Mass Effect Universe are able to jump right into the game without missing a beat. To maximize your enjoyment of the game right away, you can download Mass Effect 3 beginning at 12:01am Pacific Time TONIGHT. Start your download, get some rest, and wake up refreshed — and prepared to launch all-out galactic war against the biggest threat to ever hit Earth.

If you are unfamiliar with the game, the Earth is under attack by an ancient alien race known only as the “Reapers.” They have launched an invasion, leaving nothing but a trail of destruction in their wake. Earth has been taken, the galaxy is on the verge of total annihilation, and you are the only person who can stop them. The price of failure is extinction.

Mass Effect 3 Available Tomorrow, Download it Tonight

Additionally, the @alliancenewsnet is covering the Reaper attack in Los Angeles live on Twitter. We will be taking refuge at our launch parties beginning at 8:00PM Pacific Time and streaming the events with special guests.

The war to take Earth back has begun! Only you can decide how it ends…

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  • can’t wait and will it come out with the ash dlc

  • never pre ordered a digital copy before how does it work do I just go on the store and look for it and down load it? if so i’d imagine it’s a 4 day download because of the size of the game and number of people who will be trying to download it to, thou it would probably be a lot slower if their weren’t so many boycotting it over the whole EA DLC crap going on, Bio ware should just fined a new publisher, EA is notorious for milking the consumers with DLC

  • I am excited. Is it weird that the thing I’m wondering about the most is what happens with Kasumi and that thing she could have/should have destroyed? I know it was a small dlc from the last game, but that trinket that I allowed her to keep always stayed in the back of my mind… also the rest of the game will be great as well.

  • played both demo’s and here’s my two cents about each

    slightly better graphics, very slightly but you can tell
    load times between games are faster
    R trigger just feels better when shooting than R1

    – startup load time is faster (to get to the main menu)
    – better analog stick sensitivity (probably cause the controller is better in this regard, when turning corners you can turn sharper than you can on the 360)
    – occasionally bugs were found with in-game sounds (i’d nova and it wouldn’t make the typical biotic sound it does)

    regardless both are great and I’m positive Bioware has spent every ounce of their ability to make it so both are indistinguishable (but there are clear differences). 360’s will load faster and look slightly better, but the PS3’s has all the content on one disc therefore no time spent on swapping the discs. reason 360’s version is “better” is most likely due to it being the lead platform.

  • @FreshRevenge Taking out Mako exploration, day one dlc, having writers who admit they don’t actually play the game, having those same writers acting unprofessionally on social media sites.

  • Anyone falling for Portstation3’s comment, is just being trolled. Look at his name…he has no Avatar either. He just made the account to troll, by responding you only feed him the fuel he desires.

    A little bummed it’s PST, but I may be able to stay up that late to start it. I hope PS+ will do it for me otherwise, 3am is not for me on weekdays.

  • @54 crXss
    Lead platform is PC, all games are made on PC’s and ported to their respective systems of choice. The PC version will be superior with mods and all kinds of things consoles could never dream of :(

  • 14 gig! Wow, even my upgraded to 500 gig PS3 is groaning.

    Just kidding. I’m on the best coast, so will attempt to download @ midnight. I’m guessing the number of people also doing that will cause PSN to crash and some of us will get the dreaded 80etc error message. Since you’ve been pre-warned, crybabies, just chill & try later.

  • ArchAngelMai where did you come up with that ill-informed idea? Games being made ON the PC doesn’t mean the game is made FOR PC. Otherwise you would have seen a PC version of every single game ever released for a price….Nobody would be incompetent enough to make a game that is compatible with both PC and PS3 (or any system for that matter) and not sell it to both markets. Each system has a completely different coding language that is required (PS3 and Xbox coding languages are not even remotely compatible, while PC and Xbox is somewhat similar).

  • Day one DLC…..Lame and unethical

    No voice command support…. Lame
    All they are using the Kinect for is a USB microphone.

    Online gaming is cool, but at what cost? now we(the consumer) get milked over every thing.

  • @Fresh Revenge:

    So I says that I am not not happy with ME3’s over hyped hype and you go apes**t? Wow, its called an opinion my fellow gamer. Deal with it.

  • my god do i hate you snotty smart ass punks who get on this blog just trash a company for their efforts of trying to provide something nice for everyone. Most of these wimps have nothing in life to keep busy with so, heaven forbid that somebody not get it good nuff 4 thier spoiled asses. You disrespectful nerdy little tools. I hate you. Thank you 4 working hard sony and bioware

  • Will the From Ashes DLC be released simultaneously with Mass Effect 3?

  • practicum_makuli, what exactly do you believe Sony did in regards to this entire post let alone the game itself?

  • I love Mass Effect series but ….. common Digital Copy for FULL price cost !!!!

    Sorry, but as I did with Mass Effect 2, I’ll wait till the physical copy NEW or USE is $20 or less. I got other games to keep me busy till then.

  • Why does everyone believe digital copies should sell for less? Because of that $5-$10 you can get for selling the used game? Sony nor Bioware will ever willingly admit it, but selling digital copies allows people to buy the game for $30 dollars essentially if you share it with a buddy who pays half.

  • @practicum_makuli So you complain about people complaining on a blog post, and WE are the ones with no life?

  • Wondering why midnight downloads aren’t the standard for digital distribution. It’d be nice to pre-order a digital game and have my console automatically download it, but that’s probably asking too much. It’d at least be cool to have download-only titles up for grabs at midnight. ESPECIALLY now that the Vita’s out and a lot of us will be downloading games as opposed to buying them retail.

  • Yay for the PlayStation® Community of Complainers…

  • If only the framerate can be fixed for the PS3 version. I’ve played the demo a bunch of times and it was horrible. It was like playing ME2 all over again.

  • There’s a difference between complaining and constructive criticism

  • @BlooodyCow

    You might want to do a little research before making yourself look like a idiot. Capcom’s DLC was 100% finished and on the disc meaning they had the option to leave it unlocked. If you weren’t such a moron you would have done some research and saw were Bioware stated this DLC was started/designed/finished AFTER the game went gold. Do you know what that mean’s? It’s not on the disc like Capcom’s stuff was and they get 0 income from the game sale’s for it which is why they are charging. Launch day DLC isn’t a big deal at all if it’s done like this because it only add’s to the game. If you don’t like it then don’t buy it because you’re to stupid to understand a game like this anyway.

  • dcmcgee627,.. i agree there is a huge diffrence in complaining and constructive criticism. Constructive criticism spawns improvement, my point was that when peeps get on here and take it past CC, and take it too being straight rude and disrespectful like they know something about making games or have the talent to do it better… Why are they not the ones making mass effect 3 ? i mean im sure everything they have done was perfect 2 everybody….. NO NO NO these developers are human like us not machines, dont expect them to be. I dont disagree with ur statement, just explaining mine.

  • I wonder if this means they’ll update the store at this time too? I doubt it but hey you never know.

    Now only if we can get Sony to update their store at this time every week and not at 10 Pm on Tuesdays….

  • i just bought the pre-order & im soo HYPE for this midnight release! im gonna wait until 3AM easten to get it!!
    thank you soo much for putting this one on digital release 1st day! i just slpit the price for me and my brother and’ll be able to play online!

  • meh… another western game.

    I want to see more japanese games on PSN store.

  • gotta wait till 2 am thats ok because I work nights and I never really sleep anyway!!! IM PUMPEd

    i had to but this day one I REALLY wanna see more games launch like this…im done with disks

  • 12:01 my ass i cant download it and its 12:16!!! thats false publicity and it suck lol

  • I’m impressed. I thought they would just roll it out with Tuesdays random time update. Props to progress here Sony. Not that I care about the series mind you. But I’ll give you some credit here.

    @75 12:01am Pacific. That’s 3am Eastern. ;) Meaning 2 more hours bud…

  • @75
    pacific time

  • Can’t wait to get home and play this… Been waiting since I pre-ordered on Friday! ME3 FTW!

  • @1 quit being such an ass or maybe you just can’t help it

  • My pre order won’t download does anyone know why???… I got the extra DLC stuff, but no game download in progress…

  • This is slightly on topic, but not much to do with ME3, sort of.
    But is there any chance we’ll be seeing Mass Effect: Infiltrator on the Vita?
    I just got this for my iPhone and it’s fantastic, I’m just not the biggest fan of touch screen controls. Some of the ideas are fantastic, like touch to lock on to enemies, top left and right for Biotic abilities, and changing weapon, etc, but moving/aiming really sucks.

    So I think the Vita would have been a perfect place for this game given the dual analog sticks. I’m kind of shocked this didn’t come out for it since the Vita was announced ages ago and is supposedly very easy to develop for. Would have been a somewhat easy port and put up on the PSN for the same $7 price. Would have looked appealing for Vita owners (like myself) too, given the high priced Vita titles released so far.

  • LOL @ frame rate issues on the PS3 version,liars! the full age prove you guys are wrong! hahaha! we stole your exclusive franchise xbots! are you mad xbrothers? hahahaha! SONY ALWAYS WINZ with Z!


  • full game* my bad

  • lol @JEC94

    You’re probably that portstation 3 troll. Just trying to get your little attention.

  • downloading! :D

  • this game is excellent. i have a question about something else, what happened to I am alive? xbox is gettin it this week. Thats not right when is it coming out on the psn pls reply

  • Leaving out the voice commands on the PS3 version because of Kinect?

    Games like Lifeline by Konami were including voice commands already on the PS2. Would be a great time to release this as a PS2 classic, Sony. To show people you don’t need Kinect to do voice commands.

    There’s no reason the voice commands couldn’t be used through ANY microphone other than the fact that Microsoft paid for it to have an exclusive Kinect feature. That’s the equivalent of using the PSeye camera’s mic and calling a game Move compatible.

  • I agree with TriangleOffense – digital downloads should be a lot cheaper than going to the store to buy it.

    I am still playing through ME2 :) I like it but it is really hard to figure out where to go in the “towns” “stations” or whatever you call them. Hopefully ME3 fixes that and gives you guidance on where to go for ALL missions like Skyrim does.

  • Been looking forward to this game for a while now. Time to save the galaxy lol (I hope as BioWare likes to throw twists in to their games)

  • “secure your copy”? So if I don’t preorder there’s a chance that there won’t have any digital copies left? Come on, there is no point in pre-ordering digital copies…

  • For those people complaining about ME2 PS3 games having 10 fps less than XBOX’s, here goes a little bit of information:

    Mass Effect 2 fps cap on PS3 is 62. Search it. There isn’t really any reason to be more than that, and I’ll explain why.
    It’s impossible for a human eye to notice the difference of FPS between 30 and 60. On extremely rare cases, there are people with enhanced motion perception that can notice some minor diferences between 30 and 40, but that’s all there is to it. If you don’t believe me just check this website.
    What happens most of the time is fps spike caused by heating or full HD, just like with a standard computer of any sort.

    Before complaining about something you heard of someone, you should seek information first so you won’t make a fool of yourself, or at least experiment the problem firsthand, not rant about it just because some random guy on the internet made some pointless video about it.

  • 3:01am isn’ t much of a ‘midnight’ launch.

    By the time it’s actually installed I’d have already been at work. I might as well just pick it up on the way home and keep my resale value.

  • It´s great to be already able of downloading a full game from the comfortability of our couch but Sony needs to transfer the savings to the end customer. By selling digital copies they are saving in everything from the plastic needed to make a bluray, the case, to printing, transporting, marketing and paying for retail space. And no less than 10 bucks would make the difference to help me decide digital over retail.

  • hi does anybody know if mass effect 3 will also be available in the EU stores tomorrow?
    or if the digital us version will feature german voiceover??
    please respond if anybody knows it

  • @BioWare

    Can’t wait to download the FREE “From Ashes” dlc that should (hopefully? naïvely?) come with our NEW copy of the game.

  • installing… but many peoples is right , digitial download is OVERPRICED!

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