Gravity Rush Floats to PS Vita on June 12th

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Gravity Rush Floats to PS Vita on June 12th
Gravity Rush Floats to PS Vita on June 12th

A lot of you have been wondering about a North American release date for Gravity Rush on PS Vita, which released to great response in Japan on February 9th under the name “Gravity Daze.” Today, we’re pleased to confirm that Gravity Rush will come to PS Vita in North America on June 12th, as both a digital release on PlayStation Store and a game card at retailers nationwide.

If you’re not yet familiar with this epic action-adventure game, read on for a quick overview. In the world of Gravity Rush, a futuristic world is under attack from unknown forces: So-called “gravity storms” have begun appearing in the sky, wreaking havoc while strange creatures terrorize the population. Amidst the mayhem, a young girl named Kat wakes up with a phenomenal new ability to control gravity.

Gravity Rush for PS Vita

Playing as Kat, you set out to stop the world from disintegrating around you, to piece together your lost memories, and to uncover the truth behind it all. There is a huge open world to explore and this is only amplified by Kat’s ability to control the forces of gravity. Before you know it, you’ll be walking on any surface imaginable, flinging yourself miles into the sky, and initiating special attacks in a gravity-free state to plunge down on your enemies. Just be careful who you’re standing next to, lest unsuspecting civilians be caught up in your gravity power!

Gravity Rush for PS VitaGravity Rush for PS Vita

Brought to life by beautiful cel-shaded graphics and engrossing art direction, the PS Vita functionalities of twin sticks, motion sensor and front touchscreen let you navigate the rich narrative of Gravity Rush. If you’re wondering what Gravity Rush looks like in action, watch the new trailer above as well as some new screenshots for you to enjoy.

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  • and the text is in English but the voice acting is in Japanese

  • Gravity Rush Demo would be greatly appreciated to make the wait more bearable.

  • Thanks Jonny, now they might put in a firmware update to prevent us from doing that in the future.

  • Thank you for giving a response to the Gravity Rush demo question, I hope to see a demo up soon. This was the game I bought the PS VIta for :) and i really look forward to June 12th. I don’t know why the store demos have this game’s demo when it isn’t available on the NA PSN stores, I too was very disappointed after playing and loving it in the store and coming home to discover it wasn’t available here. I hope this will be remedied soon!

    Also, will the Japanese voice be available as an option here? I really liked having Japanese voice with English subtitles! And I take it that is what you meant when you said the HK version “doesn’t have English”?

  • A firmware for having a psn in another country lol? Not going to happen.

  • You can try the demo at Target and Best Buy

  • telling Sony how to market or release there game is like asking Santa to bring you your gift on Halloween. Its not going to happen no matter how much you cry and wine. Let the game release when it releases and have fun playing the current games that are out now. If you Surprised by this delay, then you haven’t been a Sony fan that long.

  • I want to point out that if you do the operation to get the demo on your Vita, after you restore back to your normal PSN account, your Vita trophy information will not appear in the “On Vita System” section in Trophies. If you synced with the server, they will still be on the server, but will be gone from your Vita’s memory. So, it seems, trophy sync only goes one way, from you to the server. You can’t sync from server to yourself, apparently.

    Keep that in mind, along with the fact that the demo is LITERALLY about 5 minutes long. Seriously. It was about 30 minutes of prep and download, not to mention watching the Vita intro video on refresh twice (Which is not skippable) – take my word for it, it’s not worth it. The game is fun, you can tell its fun from the videos just as much as you can from the demo. The demo really adds nothing.

    Seriously. 5 minute demo, trophies gone from local system, and lots of hassle. This is just not worth it. Don’t do it.

  • no no no no no no no!!!! JUNE!? AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGG!!! RAGEEEE!!!!!

    Ok heres the thing, its the japanese version of Gravity Rush Japanese voice acting with English Subtitles? If thats a yes im gonna import this game! :) if not…. then im [DELETED].

  • The video posted here and all the info already available to NA and Canada is good enough to know that this game will ROCK! If there’s already a demo @ the Asia store then there r good possibilities that there will be one for this side of the world. If they don’t release the demo over here well… I’m sure you will still be able to demo it @ different stores world wide. Not to mention you could just buy the game when it releases since its so awesome! Hehe! :D I do have to say… Keep them PSBlog post coming on everything and all PSVita! Woot! :D

  • SO glad i got Gravity Daze from Japan now. That wait is far too long.

  • I rather wait a few months more and get good game instead of a awful voice acting with bugs, I guess all vita owners and potential owners are looking forward for this game so a few months won’t harm any of the cry babies around here

  • It looks good I will play if I get a Vita.

  • Noooooooooo, I hate the localization!!! I want the game now and Japanese voice act

  • What a major dissappointment and i know why they did it, they did it and i’d bet money it’s the same reason the PSone classics don’t work without using remote play and why the remote play function for the ps3 games doesn’t work even the ones sony used to demonstrate (LBP2) and (KILL ZONE 3) when a hacked PS3 running the outdated version 3.55 firmware can do it and sony knows this and and do they reward us lawful users not at all, they want us to be so bored we’ll impulsively buy whatever crums they throw our way even if normally we wouldn’t even give those games a second glance and even the launch titles reflect that i mean i was so desperate i bought dynasty warriors next and i had no interest in it at all, the last DW game i bought was the one they released launch day for the PSP which i hated and never finished wow coincidence i think not, if they allowed us to use all the functions of the PS vita and released games like Gravity Rush nobody would buy crap like dynasty warriors and sony knows that and are taking advantage of us.

  • and if anyone from sony is reading this

    i want you to know i am a hardcore sony supporter everything i purchase electronically is sony from the TV to my 5.1 surround system to my VAIO laptop and as a longtime supporter (12years) of the company i am severily dissappointed and if you want to keep loyal customers like me you need to stop jerking us around and make the functions you claimed would be available accessible, if i had know this is how the launch of the ps vita would be, and that all i would be doing is leaving it at home letting it gather dust and playing PSP games on it so i don’t feel i wasted $300, i wouldn’t have bothered and would have waited till next year at least to buy it maybe even till the price dropped all my friends who weren’t as loyal have skipped buying and now i wish i had followed their example at least the PSP delivered on what it was supposed to do but that’s cause you had nintendo to worry about then and now nintendo is no longer competition anymore no need to rush, or back up your words anymore huh ?

    Sorry for the length of my speech

  • Gravity Rush looks like its going to be masterpiece, and listening to the music alone makes me want it now lol.

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