UPDATED: Standalone Killzone 3 Multiplayer Hits PSN Today, Double XP Weekend

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UPDATED: Standalone Killzone 3 Multiplayer Hits PSN Today, Double XP Weekend

March 1 UPDATE: The team has resolved the issue with the XP bonus and 3 free unlock points, so anyone who purchases the Killzone 3 multiplayer will now have access to this added content. And rest assured, for those who purchased the multiplayer already we will be awarding the content very soon via XMB message with voucher code where the items can be unlocked. We appreciate everyone’s patience during this fix and as a reminder we look forward to seeing you all out on the battlefield for the Double XP weekend (going from 8:00am PT on 3/2 through 2:00am PT 3/5)

Feb 28 UPDATE: We mentioned previously that for all you fans who purchase the Killzone 3 Multiplayer will receive a 24-hour double XP bonus & 3 free unlock points. Unfortunately, we’ve encountered a minor technical issue that will prevent the bonuses from being redeemed at this time. Rest assured however that the team is working quickly to resolve the issue and will deliver the bonuses to any customers that purchase the Killzone 3 Multiplayer very soon. We’ll have more details on progress very soon.

To celebrate Killzone 3’s first anniversary, we’re releasing a standalone version of the game’s online component on PlayStation Store today. Dubbed “Killzone 3 Multiplayer,” it includes the Guerrilla Warfare, Warzone, and Operations game modes, as well as the original Killzone 3 maps and all Killzone 3 DLC maps. Best of all, it’s free to try – you can play any of the maps and modes until you reach the rank of Sergeant I.

If you want to keep playing, attain higher ranks, and earn any of Killzone 3 Multiplayer’s four exclusive new Trophies, you can unlock the full version for only $15. Doing so will net you a 24-hour double XP bonus, three free unlock points, the ability to set up clans and custom games, and access to the Botzone mode to help hone your combat skills.

Killzone 3 multiplayerKillzone 3 - Salamun Market 1

For those who already own Killzone 3 (or decide to purchase the full version of Killzone 3 Multiplayer), we have another anniversary treat: this weekend will be Double XP Weekend! Starting on Friday, March 2 at 8:00am Pacific time, and lasting until Monday, March 5 at 2:00am Pacific time, all XP earned in online Killzone 3 matches will be doubled. The trial version of Killzone 3 Multiplayer is excluded from the Double XP Weekend, of course – we wouldn’t want you to hit that Sergeant I rank too quickly!

And as a reminder, if you enjoy playing this trial multiplayer demo and also want to experience the game’s exciting single-player campaign, you can always purchase the full version of Killzone 3 on Blu-ray at retailers.

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  • i doubt this will take off killzones on its last leg

  • “Killzone 3’s much loved multiplayer”? I beg to differ; 2’s was far superior with the exception of the Assault class & Radec Academy, as everyone who’s played it knows xD

  • Wow such a cool idea. I’m just hoping that it’s not only for “PLUS” subscribers. Getting tired of that.

  • nice, this has to be one of the funnest games ever. hope they make a killzone 4

  • i wish they would hurry up, this updating at 1am is getting ridiculous, like most regular people i have to work in the morning!!!!

  • I still own my KZ3 disc ,but i haven’t touched the multiplayer in about 2 months since i got Resistance 3. Do i still have to pay the 15 even if i just want access to the multiplayer on my hard drive rather than throwing in another disc.

  • You can try it for free up until you reach sgt. If you choice to want to rank past that you have to buy it.

  • huh i already got the fullgame of killzone 3 will tommorw im gonna pwn some noobs i know its gonna update late tonight judgeing by last week

  • It would be MONUMENTAL if SONY and GG found a way for people to play the KILLZONE 3 multiplayer on the PSVITA via Remote Play. The Remote Play feature was shown last year then things have gone quiet. Something like that would sell VITAS, PS3s and more copies of Killzone 3. SONY would BLOW MINDS if they made this happen. It would be an ULTIMATE business move. Give away Killzone 3 multiplayer on PSN then let people play from anywhere in the world with their spanking new Playstation VITA.

  • so um when is the store updating?? because im getting FU*KING IMPATIENT >:(

  • I played the MP alot a few months ago, but plan on getting the downloadable version. I know it has a level cap, but since I’ve already got an account with stats and unlocks etc, will I actually have the same account with unlocks if I play on the same PSN account? If the level cap still applies, would I simply be stopped from gaining XP even if my rank is past the cap? It would make no sense for the F2P version to create a separate account with renewed stats on a PSN account that already has KZ3 stats from the bluray disc version. I haven’t seen this mentioned anywhere but this is probably the most intriguing question.

    slightly unrelated question. If I buy this from the US PSN store, will it be unlocked/full on my other EU PSN account? I never buy anything from my own region because Europe gets ripped off on PSN every single week in the history of mankind, no exaggeration. Also, will the 2XP work on other accounts or only the account that purchased it? because I’m not playing on my US account.

  • Due to the lack of replies I take it people that paid 60 dollars for the full game don’t get anything beyond “double XP” that is really lame. It must be to entice us to spend 15 dollars on this….

  • Yo dudes chill out. If you haven’t played the game you get to play it for free. Also, the dlc bundled is only 25 bucks, and don’t forget you can game share with one other ps3 in your home. This is a steal if you ask me. This game is easily the best fps this gen.

  • HAHAHAH Killzone….*sigh* this game is dead because of the DLC. i will never play/touch killzone ever again because for the people who didnt want to pay extra suffered because there were so little maps to play on. That is the only reason this is happening. For those of you that have killzone will know that this game is pretty broken and is something i will never touch again. A lame attempt to get killzone fans back in and get this game alive again. i might try out the free version for the DLC, but as soon as its over, i will pretty much never touch another killzone game again just due to it being a dead multiplayer. you might as well just go ahead and play COD (even though it is pretty bad too).

  • i had the game and it was amazingly fun but i had to sell it for finance reasons and also because none of my friends felt like buying it :/ but now everyone is sense its 15$ and AMAZING and so then i am happy :D btw i got it for free with my ps3 so its not like i ever actually bought it so its a win win for me eather way you look at it

  • Yo auto, the new maps are awesome and I would bet the farm you will end up buying it cause it’s freakin sick. Don’t get me wrong, you’re right about one thing, they did skimp out on the maps, which is why this game didn’t sell huge. Word of mouth is everything, especially when it comes to the PS brand. The game should have launched with 16 maps, they could have at least let us use the dlc from KZ2, that would have been insane. Hopefully they will consider something like that in the future?

  • @Everyone who already had the game

    Why are you complaining about DLC when this is coming out? You have the full game, all the people who buy this won’t. That is probably why you won’t get the DLC and you get double XP. Not to mention, multiplayer is only half the game and the game for retail is only $30 now so making the multiplayer only $15 makes since.

  • Wow wow wow that is SPECTACULAR, all the maps?! Multiplayer only service this is a breakthrough. I have one question, is your old MP info from when you had the game previously still active?

  • Despite what seems to be a number of people who complain about this being “free” or not is absolutely disappointing!

    The point is this:
    KillZone 3 is a Masterpiece. By far the most polished, balanced, brutal, and vigorous Multiplayer experience I’ve ever had. I thought it FIXED EVERYTHING wrong with Killzone 2. The only thing it missed were server lists, but other than that it was better in all aspects. Including gameplay. I had no hopes of it being at least a decent title when it came out a year ago.

  • (cont’d)

    Lo and behold I was stunned with the final product. Like #45 said before. I was addicted to this game for months. And I’m not even a big multiplayer kind of gamer. I supported this game day 1. Bought all the DLC. I am not complaining one single bit because its free now. If anything, I got to support the hard working people who made this game and I absolutely got my money’s worth with all the time I spent on this game. I can’t wait to play this weekend.

    Whether its “free” or not shouldn’t matter. You’ll get to level up aplenty before you decide whether or not it was worth your precious time. Give it a healthy shot before you go around making crazy proclamations.

    PS: Guerilla Games/Sony
    Do more double XP weekends for your shooters (U3/KZ3/R3)!
    It helps to keep the community alive ;)

  • Has this game gotten its giant fix that was promised long long time ago. I stopped playin this ish because it was a long wait. Last I checked, it hasn’t come out yet.

  • This is a great idea and I hope going forward all such Sony first party games offer the option of a separate downloadable MP component , perhaps as a code in the box.

    Just a shame KZ3 was a big step down from KZ2. If GG make a KZ4 I hope they hire a decent script writer as KZ3’s story was like a B grade action movie. They also changed some of the characters for the worse. The addition of perks, removal of the clan valor system and changing from spawn grenades to TSPs were also big mistakes that turned off the KZ2 faithful in droves. Next time I hope they listen to their fans.

  • It Wednesday Now Here In England And Its Still Not Out, Ive Been Up And Waiting For It For 16 Hours, They Should Give Us A Set Time On When They Update The Store So People Like Me Are Not Here Waiting ALL Day Long

  • I bought this game on release and got all my moneys worth i have 452 hours into this game, its better than BF3 in my opinion,i got the avatars,themes,helghast edition,guide,poster, and getting a vita just for the Killzone vita game.
    get it guys 15 bucks for all the maps, including DLC,24 hour xp, and if you had the game before the stats still transfer as long as you kept your save file. Im going to get this again to play it on my harddrive without having to remove a disk. KILLZONE best FPS franchise this gen.

  • Downloading it now and since I am a PS Plus member I got it all for $7.50!!!

  • It’s finally up, 4 gigs, taking over 11 hours to download…pretty awesome speeds you got there PSN.

  • I like Killzone’s multiplayer better than Call of Duty

  • No bonus points for Retail game owner??

  • Is there any way people who already own the game can download the full digital version? I bought the game new when it first came out and spent a good amount of time on multiplayer, but it’d be cool if I could somehow transfer that over to a digital copy for the sake of convenience.

    Pretty unlikely, but this is cool nonetheless! Definitely gonna hop back on and hope to see some new faces. Hopefully Sony will do more things like this in the future :)

  • I thought killzone 3 multiplayer was free to download
    Is saying 14.99
    Or 7.50 for ps plus member what up with that Sony

  • so nothing new for people who own the game beyond “double XP” well that sucks

  • okay. I bought, But now my name will not sync with my online trophies… ????????

  • And Where Is This Game In My Store Exactly???

  • Is This Game For Americans Only Or Something Because Im In The UK And I Cant Find It Anywhere, Not Even In PS+ ????

  • @shredder im not buying it so you can keep your farm because i ave moved onto to u3 and skyrim. im upset that they included so little at the beging of the game and added a bunch of DLC after for a lot of money. its a great game, and ill be on the free trial, but its definitly not worth another 15 bucks in my honest opinion.

  • Looking forward to lots of new players in the Online Community. You are getting a great deal at $15 for the MP. If you wanna run with a great group of KZ3 players check out Shadow Company at theschq.com…we’d love to kill some Higs with ya!

    Kudos Sony and GG for a bit of innovation for such a great multiplayer.

  • Ok So I use to have the full retail version of killzone 3. I had alot of fun with it but decided to trade it in a few months back. So I downloaded the full MP version yesterday and I noticed my stats carried over and some of the trophies unlocked that I had already earned but others did not. Is their anything in the works to have original killzone 3 players like myself to get back all the previous trophies earned? Or am I going to have to reearn the ones that didnt pop at the end of my first match yesterday.

    p.s. yes I regret trading in Killzone 3 and was estactic to see I could get the MP part of it back for a measly 8 bux thanks to the pS plus discount so thanks!!!!!

  • Sam as AlliDfense , I traded my KZ3 a while ago so I actually quite like this idea (especially for $8 – can’t really complain). I’m pulling it down now, so lets see what it does to my trophy stash :-)

    AlliDfense – did it overrwrite your entire KZ3 trophy data, or does it show up as a separate game in the list? (because that also begs the question, what happens if you take this route, and then buy the retail game later)

  • This is awesome, the whole multiplayer and dlc maps for 7bills!!! God I love my ps+ membership so much. I hope to see this type of thing more, I didn’t hesitate to buy it. Only problem is….the trohpies for it won’t sync. Everytime I open my trophy list or psn id it syncs, but they dont show up and aren’t counting towards my overall trophy count. Hopefully it gets worked out, and the double xp and unlock points come soon!

  • @ Percythion

    yes it showed up as a seperate game on my Trophy list but when I signed on I was still level 29 colonel like i was when i traded in the retail version……

    after I finished my first match trophies for 500/1000 kills popped as well as the grand slam trophy which are trophies I had earned on the retail version but those were the only ones that popped without me reearning the other ones I currently have. So not that I mind re earning since I kept my level at least but why would some pop and not others thats my main question.

  • For some reason the Killzone 3 mp trophies aren’t syncing with my online profile. It forces a trophy sync every time I try and look at them now and never show up on my PSN profile. I owned Killzone 3 before so I don’t know if that has anything to do with it but its getting pretty annoying. Please fix this, I can’t be the only one!

  • Ok, so… The price tag for PS+ FINALLY got changed to $7.50! (Round of applause) BUT!!! Where are the “4 new trophies”??? All I see is a huge list of old trophies being put back. Guess what my PSN ID or trophy app does every time I try to see it? It starts syncing!! Why? Whyyyyy???? D’: Can you guys post What n Where this “new” 4 trophies are??? Plz? :'(

  • Yes!! You aren’t the only one @Born_To_Chill !!!!! This really sucks!!! This can’t be happening!! And where are the 4 new trophies @??? :'(

  • Lethaldoseofmind

    ok…. now to everyone that has trohpie problems i have the same thing… and called sony help line aswell.. very helpfull and they will basically tell you to delete the game… and reinstall it and basically maually restart your system.. saddly as helpfull as this guy was… it did not work.. made my system a taddle bit faster… but there is probably goin to have to be a update for it…. we will see call them @ 1800 347 7669.. it didnt work for me.. but if it does for you thats good.

  • Can someone please help me? I’m a PS Plus member and I bought the Killzone 3 multiplayer, but I can’t sync the trophies… I can play online and everything and I have unlocked a few trophies, but whenever I choose Sync with Server it says Error 80..something something. The thing is I’ve played other games after Killzone and the trophies I get for those DO sync. Also when I Compare Trophies with my friends it doesn’t even show I have a Killzone 3 Multiplayer trophy set, but they are there normally and I can unlock them so I’m not in the trial. Anyone that can help?

  • THX!!!!! Trophy issues are no more!!! SWEEEEEEEEET!!!!!! Gonna have fun getting this PLATINUM!! Woot!!! Woot!!!!! :D

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