UPDATED: Standalone Killzone 3 Multiplayer Hits PSN Today, Double XP Weekend

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UPDATED: Standalone Killzone 3 Multiplayer Hits PSN Today, Double XP Weekend

March 1 UPDATE: The team has resolved the issue with the XP bonus and 3 free unlock points, so anyone who purchases the Killzone 3 multiplayer will now have access to this added content. And rest assured, for those who purchased the multiplayer already we will be awarding the content very soon via XMB message with voucher code where the items can be unlocked. We appreciate everyone’s patience during this fix and as a reminder we look forward to seeing you all out on the battlefield for the Double XP weekend (going from 8:00am PT on 3/2 through 2:00am PT 3/5)

Feb 28 UPDATE: We mentioned previously that for all you fans who purchase the Killzone 3 Multiplayer will receive a 24-hour double XP bonus & 3 free unlock points. Unfortunately, we’ve encountered a minor technical issue that will prevent the bonuses from being redeemed at this time. Rest assured however that the team is working quickly to resolve the issue and will deliver the bonuses to any customers that purchase the Killzone 3 Multiplayer very soon. We’ll have more details on progress very soon.

To celebrate Killzone 3’s first anniversary, we’re releasing a standalone version of the game’s online component on PlayStation Store today. Dubbed “Killzone 3 Multiplayer,” it includes the Guerrilla Warfare, Warzone, and Operations game modes, as well as the original Killzone 3 maps and all Killzone 3 DLC maps. Best of all, it’s free to try – you can play any of the maps and modes until you reach the rank of Sergeant I.

If you want to keep playing, attain higher ranks, and earn any of Killzone 3 Multiplayer’s four exclusive new Trophies, you can unlock the full version for only $15. Doing so will net you a 24-hour double XP bonus, three free unlock points, the ability to set up clans and custom games, and access to the Botzone mode to help hone your combat skills.

Killzone 3 multiplayerKillzone 3 - Salamun Market 1

For those who already own Killzone 3 (or decide to purchase the full version of Killzone 3 Multiplayer), we have another anniversary treat: this weekend will be Double XP Weekend! Starting on Friday, March 2 at 8:00am Pacific time, and lasting until Monday, March 5 at 2:00am Pacific time, all XP earned in online Killzone 3 matches will be doubled. The trial version of Killzone 3 Multiplayer is excluded from the Double XP Weekend, of course – we wouldn’t want you to hit that Sergeant I rank too quickly!

And as a reminder, if you enjoy playing this trial multiplayer demo and also want to experience the game’s exciting single-player campaign, you can always purchase the full version of Killzone 3 on Blu-ray at retailers.

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  • I really like this idea in offering the multiplayer portion of a game for free with limits, i hope to see it happening with other games too like Resisitance 3

  • Do those who have the game already or buy it get access to the DLCs as well or will we have to purchase them?

  • When will the Playstation Store update today? The last few weeks have been terrible -_-

  • Killzone 3 was one of my favorite FPS’ of 2011 (as seen by the fact that I got a Platinum a week after its release). I love the series. This is good to introduce new players to the online aspect of it.

    I think this is a good thing that Sony has been implementing with a lot of their games. Just look at the explosion that happened with DCUO when it went F2P. The F2P model works. Most of the time, people will be more inclined to spend some money on the game once they have played it a bit, invested some time and energy, and have other friends in the community that play it.

    Of course DCUO is a MMO, so things might work out a little differently. Still, it will be interesting to see how this works out for a FPS and if this will open the door to any more MP games having an aspect of them going F2P.

  • Killzone 3 multiplayer is AWESOME….!! Hopefully this will get more people on board.

  • I’m vey interested but what does this mean for Trophies?

    Say I’ve never played Kz3 on my PS3. Now I download and play this free multiplayer suite. Is there a new Trophy set? What will show up in my Trophy collection – Kz3, the whole game; Kz3, the multiplayer suite; or nothing?

  • I take it our Killzone 3 disc multiplayer level does not transfer over to the standalone multiplayer, right?

  • BTW – for everyone who is purchasing the multiplayer component of KZ3….PLEASE REMEMBER that the default configuration control scheme CAN be changed so you can put the aiming on the left trigger button and NOT on the analog stick.

  • excellent idea, i hope it to be sucessful

  • I LOVED ‘KillZone 3’ :P (well i loved all of them)

    Any chance of making a ‘KillZone 1’ HD update with Trophies? ? ? :P
    (like the other PS2 HD updates that have come out in the past like ‘Jak & Daxter’ & ‘Sly’ etc etc) ;)

  • So, let me get this straight. People that already own the FULL game will not have access to these four new trophies?

    You don’t really think people are going to re-buy half of a game they already own to get four trophies. Wait, what am I saying, of course people will – sometimes people have no common sense at all.

  • For anyone looking for a nice group of guys to play with on Killzone 3, check out the Rebel Alliance Clan at rebelallianceclan.com .

  • This is going to work, I’m sure of it. Well done, Sony.

  • Nice. Such offers should be more in the PS Store

  • Will my stats/Unlock Points/Trophies carry over from the Physical version of Killzone 3? i traded my game in a while ago, but i will buy the $15 Pack if everything carries over.

  • You guys need to do a lot more double XP weekends with your FPS. This is what will keep them alive as well. Although I love this idea of the MP only. Not so much the exclusive trophy’s however.

  • Great idea, killer price, amazing game.

    If I didn’t already own the disc I would jump all over this. Haven’t been on Killzone 3 for awhile, but gonna come back this weekend!

    The little ‘chirp’ that sounds when you kill someone is so addicting, love it!

  • VERY happy about this. One of my fav titles. I put so many hours into this. Medic is one of my fav roles and so is the tactician There is a lot to this game. HIGHLY suggest to any and ALL FPS folk. Some of the best feeling most satisfying guns I have ever shot in a game.

    The most satisfying melee ever in a game..EVER!


  • No DLCs for Killzone 3 owners?

    Sucks to be a legit customer.

  • Such a great way to breathe new life into a game. Way to think outside the box, Sony! This is the kind of forward thinking that will grow and strengthen PSN.

  • This is a great idea! But I do not like the fact that they have access to all the maps and that those who bought the game must pay for them!

  • So you can plan on downloading this when the store updates sometime between the 28th and the 5th of March!

  • so people who download it for free get all the DLC? what about Killzone3 owners who bought the game when it was just released?

  • Dumb. Just so dumb. This was originally pitched as, “Hey, here’s the multiplayer for Killzone 3 for free. There’s a level cap, but you can still play for free.” That’s not what this is at all. It’s just a demo. Once you reach a certain rank, either you pay up or stop playing.

    It’s like you’ve learned nothing from the free-to-play movement, or you’ve learned everything but are applying it in a really cynical way.

  • I approve of this.

    #25 , so playing to a certain rank isn’t playing for free? and what if you create and NEW PSN account and start from level 1 again, can’t you keep playing?

  • People who bought Killzone 3 for $60. $30 for singleplayer $30 for multiplayer. no free maps, but double XP

    F2P players, pay nothing or $15 for multiplayer + all the maps for free, No double XP

    Sounds fair…

  • here’s to hoping the store updates early this week and not after 1am :) thank you very much …..

  • Sweet! Coincidentally, I happen to wear my Killzone3 shirt to work today (@homeboy79 for proof). Happy Anniversary, Killzone3!

  • So, instead of being Free2Play, it’s just a glorified demo? Pretty misleading Sony.

  • do the ppl who own the retail version get the DLC map packs 4 free? I own all but the last map pack & if not then if we get the Multiplayer part will we keep our stats from the retail game & earn the trophies?

  • not real big on multiplayer (too much cheating) but would like to see the single player campaign as standalone .

  • The DLC maps are FREE for ALL if U own it or not. But when you reach RANK Sergeant I you lose all of The DLC and Will have to buy it there after. IF you don’t own them you will have to buy them when you reach the Rank of Sergeant I.
    Killzone 4 now SONY(:

  • I guess if your all ready a Sergeant I you lose them when you first sign in. I’ve been past that level for months now so I guess Every thing is saved to there servers. So I would have to buy them day 1.

  • It would be nice is those of us who own the retail version could get the DLC too. I have the first two packs. One from pre-ordering, and the other from PS+. Maybe make the third available for free to PS+ subscribers? We haven’t gotten much in the way of DLC offers lately.

    And exclusive trophies for the downloadable version? Seriously?

  • 15 bucks isnt bad for the MP mode but any real Killzone fan knows that the story is the best part of any killzone game

    i could care less about MP modes now-a-days their all recycled versions of eachother anymore.. all exp based no-penalty systems

    the old socom’s had the best rank and overall gameplay in general in a shooting game but that died out with socom2..

    I’d pay 15 bucks for another SOCOM II or Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain.. not something that was a little incentive to keep playing a great game

  • Yes, There is Trophies because at 0:36 is a trophy named Iron Man – Get a kill with Exo (:

  • extra excited about this being 15.00 bucks. now i wish i didnt buy it again, i could of just waited. i beat the sp already, and all i play is online now…dang!

  • I hope Killzone 4 is more like Killzone 2. So much content was removed from the multiplayer in this game that its embarrassing. Its just a clean slate. Next time Guerrilla boasts about making changes for the FANS, make sure you discriminate between who liked and didn’t like KZ2 to begin with.

  • This is cool, but I feel a little jipped since I have bought the physical game and all the DLC. Seems like a little extra prize should be included for the original heads if your celebrating the 1 year anniversary, like a theme or some free avatars. This makes me not want to buy anything SONY and just wait for it to become free or cheap. I feel like an idiot. Could have just got the MP free and all the DLC for the price of the unlock.

  • Well….hurry it up already.

  • Is it split screen online too? it would great for me and my girlfriend. we both play on the same PS3.

  • Hasn’t hit the store yet. Wonder what time it will.

  • What time will they update the PS Store today? I really want to rebuy this. :)

  • i was sooooooo addicted to this for 4 months straight….time to get addicted again!

  • Time to Kill again…

  • Sweet, I hope this kicks some life into the multiplayer….. it got lonely in there at times.


  • now if only sony would get off there butts and ok the gotham city dlc tonight

  • Wow Thx sony 4r giving me killzone3 when u did promise us a killzone but 1 Q? u say its free but yet u price it @$14 how can it be free and have a price tag…. is this a demo? or is the price tag for an online charge? FREE YET ITS NOT u got me MIXED up with words….but it is a killzone not the one u said but yet still a killzone and for that THX :)

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