Call of Duty Elite: 2 New MW3 Maps Now Available on PS3

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Call of Duty Elite: 2 New MW3 Maps Now Available on PS3

Welcome to winter. It’s snowing in Fargo today and the northeast is about to get some of that white stuff too. But I hear Italy is lovely this time of year. Wouldn’t you rather be seaside in some adorable little European villa? Picture it: Sitting in a small bistro, overlooking the sea, sipping something delicious…why, it’s a little slice of paradise.

Piazza - Please Tip Your Waiter

Then you hear the WHUPWHUPWHUP of rotors overhead, and your exquisite view is obscured by smoke from a nearby grenade. Sorry, pal, you’re not on vacation – you’re in the thick of the conflict, because you’re in Piazza, one of the two new Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer maps that are reaching Call of Duty Elite premium members today via the PlayStation Network. Now it’s a little slice of paramilitary paradise.

Piazza - Italian Parking EnforcementPiazza - Storied Village

Piazza is actually going to be a big hit with fans of close-quarters combat; the tiny town features several sharp corners, tight corridors, and dangerous staircases that just beg to be explored with a Striker or P90 in hand.

Is the European coast not your style? Maybe the cold doesn’t bother you – maybe you prefer a brisk walk through New York, taking strength from the bracing temperatures while you enjoy the famous foliage of midtown Manhattan’s Central Park. But again, don’t just look at the skyscrapers – look out for the soldiers who have their MSRs trained on the map’s objectives. You’re in Liberation now, complete with winding paths, underground tunnels, and exposed Domination points. The large scale of the map makes it a playground for assault rifle experts and snipers, especially.

Liberation - Run Forrest Run

Piazza and Liberation are both available now for Elite premium members. If you’re one of them, all you need to do is select Store from the MW3 multiplayer menu and you’ll be invited to download the new maps for no additional cost – your Elite premium membership includes access to all the maps, modes, and surprises that are coming for the next nine months. If you’re not an Elite premium member, you’ll be able to get these two maps a little later on in the year, but an Elite subscription brings you everything as soon as it’s released on PS3. You can find more info on Call of Duty Elite here.

Liberation - Air SupportLiberation - Castle Overlook

I need to practice a bit, but then I’ll be giving these two new maps a workout this Friday. Hope you see you online!

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  • Dan how can i get the maps if im not on elite??? PLEEEEEAAAAASSSSSEEEE help me :)!!!

  • love cod and all but did sony know anything about this deal between activision and microsoft. if sony did they should have fought it for their customers. this makes me wonder do sony really care about us because if they do after this contract end and microsoft tries this again sony should talk to activision about making a deal between both parties. i have come up with a deal thats fair and even for both parties ok here me out sony propose this idea to activision, tell them to have one map come out on psn and another on xbox live then in a month switch content that would be prefect. anyone reply with a agreement or counter arguement. thx sony if u guys reply!!!! =)

  • if u can

  • @44

    Would you rather have timed-exclusive DLC or retail exclusive AAA titles? Cause you don’t like videogames very much if you’re only interested in getting Call of Duty DLC early.

    Microsoft’s stance has been to moneyhat developers and publishers with free advertising expenses in favor of timed exclusive DLC. Sony’s stance has been to consistently provide retail exclusives and free content for PS3 owners who buy certain multiplatform games (like AC, Saints Row 3, and Bioshock Infinite)

    If you’d rather have what Microsoft is offering with crappy Kinect focus for “Durango” then click the gtfo, and go send a thank you letter to Major Nelson, its not that serious

  • @51

    No…if you’re that invested in Call of Duty go buy a 360 and fork over $60 for Live

    Call of Duty has a huge advertising budget and Microsoft pays for it ($250+ million ad campaign), that money could be spent on making retail exclusives for the platform but instead its going to timed-exclusive DLC.

    Starhawk, The Last of Us, Twisted Metal, Journey, The Last Guardian, Uncharted Golden Abyss, Gravity Daze, LittleBigPlanet Vita….in what way does Sony not care about you as a gamer? They may be a huge company out to get your money but as a gaming company they are providing great content for your system of choice…if you can’t see you’re not really interested in gaming and you should open up a Facebook game to pass your time from now on

  • @54

    im just saying sony should fight alittle more when it comes to 3rd party exclusives like what they did with streetfighterXtekken i like that all dat content for ps3 users. i just dont want xbox takin all da 3rd party exclusives, and i really sick of hear 360 commercials on tv. sony should just run a few like da epic to micheal commerials that would be awesome. how i see it no love for sony is being dispersed in da U.S, but i keep convincing my friends and their friends sony go so much more 2 offer but they say they dont see it, then i do da research for them and they be like oh man sony go awesome stuff. they say they never see it like da cool ps3 3d display i have most people say they never heared or saw it before

  • sorry 4 da spelling!!!

  • I don’t play this game, I’m just dropping by to show Dan some love.
    OneOfSwords <3
    Hope you're at Pax East this year!

  • That is why Battlefield 3 is still going to be the best shooter. COD Elite is a fail service. Enjoy paying for crap cod fan boys

  • @55

    You’re logic makes no sense.

    Timed exclusive DLC is not better than a full retail game…never. Microsoft has an unlimited amount of money to dip into which is why you see the Microsoft logo appearing so often at the end of 3rd party game commercials. Sony does not. They operate as individual entities, in this case its Sony Computer Entertainment..

    For Street Fighter x Tekken, Sony is paying their ad budget which is infinitely smaller than Call of Duty’s or Skyrim’s or Mass Effect 3’s (three games that Microsoft is paying the ad budget for), and notice how you get those exclusive characters for free and they will most likely remain exclusive

    Microsoft has a tight grip on the US game market because of Kinect (casuals) and the lower price ($199). It’s asinine for Sony to overspend on marketing for 3rd parties rather than invest in their own platforms. Don’t tell me you haven’t seen a PS Vita commercial this week or even seen how many 1st party games have been developed for it (games developed using Sony’s money…) ..

  • I downloaded the dlc piazza and liberation, but havent seen the maps come up. Can anyone tell me hoe to check if I downloaded it correctly, my history says I have. When I selected the download from the store it said to activate use this code, how do I do that?

  • Haven’t played MW3 in a while, but i like seeing the new maps and stuff.

    Thanks for the update Dan.

  • now you cant hear or speak to people online and its not the settings on the ps3 any idea what it might be o9r is this a cod problems didnt have any problem until the update and the maps

  • I’m glad I stopped playing this garbage. There is no innovation with this game. They been using the same engine since 2007, not only that but their servers are disgusting and hit detection radius is outrageous. Battlefield 3 hands down is the best in terms of High quality gameplay, graphics, audio , and innovation. The reason why activision continues to shaft ps3 players is cause “WE” buy into the hype like a bug attracted to the light. WAKE UP PS3 players

  • Sol, you have a valid point. Most of my friends play BF3, I think I will go pick up a copy tomorrow. You helped me make that decision easy.

  • I thought the theme was only for elite subscriber for the one month wait?

  • help me out here.
    Why is there only the two new maps in “elite only”
    Is all the new dlc only coming there?
    why does it not mix with the old maps, and if it does, when will it happen.

  • Hello I was wondering if you guys already have a preview for the release of ELITE in Brazil, my friends and I would like to become founding members or even members but as the service is not available in Brazil this is impossible.
    So if possible please tell me a release date for the Elite service in Brazil. Thank you.

  • i dont get why people have to post BF3 is better seriously thats fine then go play it and dont post about MW3 but anyways i like both maps they bring in different styles of play piazza is run and gun non-stop action when liberation in my opinion is the first true sniper freindly map in the game ….good job guys keep it up

  • Poor Dan Amrich…

    I appreciate you trying, but your company treats PS3 owners like second-class citizens. I haven’t bought an Activision game all generation and I won’t until your company’s “business decision” with Microsoft ends.

  • you want us to give you money after we have to wait to get these maps? Why do you treat us like second class citizens?

  • Question: Will there be a map pack for those non-ELITE MEMBERS?

  • I really do not like the COD franchise, even this husk of whats left. (MW was the beggining of the end)

    It sells? It gets repeat customers? Well…so does CRACK.

    Profit and fan base alone does not mean it should continue OR that it dosent hurt badly the systems its a part of.

    CoD marketing and product is the mainstream 1%ers rapemongering profits out of an unsteady industry, and blatently at that. At some point they must have hired a former bank maneger, im sure of it…lol.

    You may think me angry or a hater, but mark my words i am not. This is just my honest calm, opinion. And it has WAY more to do with marketing/money/ethics/morals/profits then it does with COD or even games for that matter

    The only reason im in here is just to say elite WAS a change, but further to the cheap, trashy, gaudy, tacky, corpratized, lazy, side that is been heading.

  • It’s funny how you are all complaining about this stuff, yet you continue to play this crappy, overrated, generic FPS game that is COD. You want developers that actually care about their customers? Play Battlefield. Plain n’ simple.

  • @54
    What is a retail exclusive AAA title? Who said I was only interested in COD DLC? Read the post title, this IS about COD. So I’m going to speak of COD, that has nothing, nor did I say anything about being interested in other games or genre. Pay attention next time. I already know Microsoft stance, and you know what, it has worked for them. Sony stance was there 1st party, Sony was ignorant with money hatting 3rd party devs, didn’t want or think they needed to, fuming off PS2 success. Now look what it has done for them, NOTHING. Unless your Halo or GT5, 1st party games are a thing of the pass. NOW Sony wants to moneyhat 3rd party devs, but it’s little to late, it’s not like PS3 is recieving gobs of content over the 360 versions of [insert game here]. Everybody was chanting BF3 when Sony threw money in EA pocket. What did we get, maps exclusive for a week, LMFAO. While the bigger, better game IMO, we have to wait a month+ for maps.

    Im not gonna sit here and ride Sony coattails like you, I’m a fanboy, but im not stupid. Sony doesn’t care, nor has the deep pockets like Microsoft to do certain things.

  • Dan, sorry you get so much flack here. I’m no longer a COD fan, but just want to let you know that I appreciate your good work and your continued enthusiasm for the product your selling, despite people letting their anger out on you.

    Very admirable.

  • @Dan Amrich My sony 7.1 wireless headset doesn’t have the icon of volume appearing constantly but i cant hear the sound of modern warfare 3. only the people’s mics. this started not so long ago.

  • So how much were these maps, anyway?

    After Black Ops wanted $14.99 per set of more broke-butt multiplayer maps, I’ve kinda written off Call of Duty as the reiterative popcorn cash-in pretending to be hardcore that it might actually be.

    I’ve picked up MW3 a few times – my brother has it – but I was pretty disgusted by how Black Ops DLC pricing and release was handled.

  • Man, a lot of these comments are just dumb. Then again it’s the COD crowd, so that’s to be expected.

    Still, I feel pretty bad for Dan. He seems like a nice guy.

  • Download Maps

  • i really dont care about mw3 i have problem with MP they get so rude with me when i join dont care about map and goodies comes out the only i care about beating the game and get trophies when i get 100% trophies i sell my games only 2 games i keep black op & mw2 also i havve just wasted money on C.o.D ELITE

  • i wish they would put zombies on modern warfare :(

  • I think it really sucks that I bought a playstation when they are the most exspensive system. Then I spent another $60 on MW3 and now ur telling me I have to pay another $50 to join an elite member ship to get maps for a game I have already paid for? Come on playstation enough with the greed ur already the most exspensive game system…why should I have to pay for maps if I already bought the decent and put them in the rotation!!!

  • raadius , the bigger , better game is bf3 , but im not saying cod is bad , just thet i prefer a different game

  • bring gun game and one in the chamber out in community playlists , now

  • Dan, please help me.

    I want cod elite but I live in the UAE. See there is no digital downloads here except for america etc. i wanted to get it from america but it said it only works in america. Is cod elite avaliable on the psn store? I really want it but u cnt get it here without buying hardened edition but theres no point cuz i already bought the game.

    Please help


  • WHY are the new maps NOT in rotation and when will they be in rotation, ……….Anybody????

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