Call of Duty Elite: 2 New MW3 Maps Now Available on PS3

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Call of Duty Elite: 2 New MW3 Maps Now Available on PS3

Welcome to winter. It’s snowing in Fargo today and the northeast is about to get some of that white stuff too. But I hear Italy is lovely this time of year. Wouldn’t you rather be seaside in some adorable little European villa? Picture it: Sitting in a small bistro, overlooking the sea, sipping something delicious…why, it’s a little slice of paradise.

Piazza - Please Tip Your Waiter

Then you hear the WHUPWHUPWHUP of rotors overhead, and your exquisite view is obscured by smoke from a nearby grenade. Sorry, pal, you’re not on vacation – you’re in the thick of the conflict, because you’re in Piazza, one of the two new Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer maps that are reaching Call of Duty Elite premium members today via the PlayStation Network. Now it’s a little slice of paramilitary paradise.

Piazza - Italian Parking EnforcementPiazza - Storied Village

Piazza is actually going to be a big hit with fans of close-quarters combat; the tiny town features several sharp corners, tight corridors, and dangerous staircases that just beg to be explored with a Striker or P90 in hand.

Is the European coast not your style? Maybe the cold doesn’t bother you – maybe you prefer a brisk walk through New York, taking strength from the bracing temperatures while you enjoy the famous foliage of midtown Manhattan’s Central Park. But again, don’t just look at the skyscrapers – look out for the soldiers who have their MSRs trained on the map’s objectives. You’re in Liberation now, complete with winding paths, underground tunnels, and exposed Domination points. The large scale of the map makes it a playground for assault rifle experts and snipers, especially.

Liberation - Run Forrest Run

Piazza and Liberation are both available now for Elite premium members. If you’re one of them, all you need to do is select Store from the MW3 multiplayer menu and you’ll be invited to download the new maps for no additional cost – your Elite premium membership includes access to all the maps, modes, and surprises that are coming for the next nine months. If you’re not an Elite premium member, you’ll be able to get these two maps a little later on in the year, but an Elite subscription brings you everything as soon as it’s released on PS3. You can find more info on Call of Duty Elite here.

Liberation - Air SupportLiberation - Castle Overlook

I need to practice a bit, but then I’ll be giving these two new maps a workout this Friday. Hope you see you online!

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  • Piazza is fun but Liberation sucks.

    • I think it’s really more about your style of play. Liberation is really a great map in Ground War, for instance, and obviously folks who like long-range weapons will like the distance. I am more of a CQC guy so I enjoy Piazza more, but I have talked to some really enthusiastic Liberation players — it “fits” them.

  • it sucks we have to get the Maps late when paying for the Elite service

  • were is the Elite Theme we were promised or do we have to wait til the Store Updates to get it?

    • I believe it’s in the Store updates, since the theme will be available to everybody, not just Elite subscribers.

  • Having problem with the Piazza map and Liberation map. I am using the Sony wireless headset and the on screen volume icon keeps flashing in the right hand corner. Didn’t have this problem until the latest update.

    • Check your Voice Volume settings in the options menu. You’re not the only one reporting this, and I found that mine was turned down too. I just turned it back up with the slider in the menu and all was well.

  • Also were is the Elite Theme we suppose to get?

  • Sorry when I say latest update I mean Call of Duty update not PS update.

  • No one cares about repetitive COD, BF3 FTW YEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

  • I hate all the flack you get for making these posts Dan, I appreciate you going out of your way to tell the PlayStation Community about MW3 (and other activition) related news.

    • I know people are upset, and I’m not going to deny it. I can’t always give people the information they want when they want it, and I can’t change the situation, either. So that means I’m gonna get yelled at sometimes. But it doesn’t make sense to let the angry people win when I could be having nice conversations with other people.

  • @Zezzler

    Yeah, I bet he hates posting on the PSblog so much lol. I guess he shouldn’t get the all the hate for Activision’s shady business practices, but the PS3 COD players who get shafted have to vent somehow I guess.

  • Not only does PS3 players get shafted because of the 360 exclusive deal but if you’re not a Elite Premium member you have to wait even longer? ahahahha No thanks

    BF3 > MW3 #FACT

    • Actually, that’s an #OPINION but I totally respect that opinion. You have to play whatever games make you the happiest. Whatever is better for you is absolutely better for you.

      I don’t think one game has to fail for another to succeed, though, and I never will understand that either-or mentality. I like Uncharted, and I don’t really have much interest in Final Fantasy. And yet, you will never hear me bash a game simply because I choose not to play it. Just silly, in my opinion.

  • Ive heard no mention of double XP with these new maps. New maps generally always accompany a double XP weekend… Do you have info regarding this?

    • I am unaware of any double XP to coincide with this. There has not been any double XP in MW3 since the Mountain Dew campaign ended, actually. I figure there will probably be some eventually, but I don’t know when.

  • @7 Agreed – No one cares.

    Take your wares elsewhere.

    • If you don’t care…why take the time to respond? :) Seems like your time would be better spent playing games you like more!

  • Dan Knows exactly what he’s getting into when posting here, we’re second class citizens, even when we pay an additional $50 to get the maps later..sweet deal!

    Im so disgusted at how Activision treats us, it’s like we’re just scrap.

  • Got my maps downloaded a bit earlier and already played a game of Spec Ops on both maps. Liking Piazza more than Liberation, but looks like snipers in MW3 finally get their wish with it… A map good for sniping, or so it’d appear.

    True. Any news of Double XP soon? Got my hands on loads during the Mountain Dew MW3 promotion but wouldn’t mind a little more. Plus any news on the theme that was supposed to be coming with this for ELITE?

  • @2 No it doesn’t. Thats just business. Welcome to the real world son.

    @3 & 5 It’ll be in the store update later

    @4 Check the mic settings in the XMB, the answer is there….!

    @7 Yet you care enough to post a comment on this blog post. Keep fighting the good fight internetz warrior!!

    @9 Its only “shady business” if YOU, as a paying customer, can’t be bothered doing a little research on the
    products you pay for.

    @10 Derp.

    @11 Double XP will come when the Content Collections are released. (Don’t confuse content drops with content collections)

  • I know this is not the place to complain about PSN STORE UPDATE but Please update it already, im losing my patience as every second goes by! FIFA STREET DEMO AWAITS OMG PLEASE!!!!!!

    • You are right, this is not the place to complain. :) Just be patient — it’s a big store and it’s a big undertaking!

  • Ya i am pretty sure xbox had a double xp weekend with their maps so are we getting one also?

    • Xbox did not get a double XP weekend. Double XP is in the hands of the developers, and no double XP has been awarded for MW3 outside of the Mountain Dew and Elite holiday gift/promotional chunks.


  • Can anyone help me here…???…… i am an elite member of COD3 and i have been on the PSN store for about an hour now trying to download my 2 maps that came out today……. i was able to download drop 2 – Piazza and i have downloaded the second ( LIBERATION) about 5 times now……but its saying that is not going on my ps3 or something—— whenever i turn start the game and go to the ELITE PLAYLIST- where u have to go to play them- it tells me i don’t have drop one that i have to download it, or it is damaged or something– i didnt pay 50 $ to go through this with this add on CRAP- …..

  • #17

    No they didn’t.


    You win the troll of day award! Well done!

  • Cod 3 is pretty old game bud.

  • pocon

    It’s shady. No matter how you try to spin it. Little common sense is all it takes Prince Valilant, trying to defend Activision’s honor. By the way, I did do research. That’s why I don’t own MW3 or elite.

  • Just terrible… Not only are you greedy freaks charging a total of $90 for just two maps, but we also have to wait 30 days after Xbox. Way to treat your customers… LIKE CRAP.

    • I think your math is wrong. MW3 costs $60, unless you got the Hardened Edition which was $100. Hardened comes with an Elite premium membership, which includes 20 pieces of content over a nine-month period, as promised. These are the first two pieces of content, but there are 18 more that are coming at no additional cost. It’s prepaid content at a discount — sort of like buying a subscription to a magazine vs buying each individual issue at the newsstand for more.

      So…20 pieces of content for $40 if you got Hardened, $50 if you got an Elite subscription on its own, or $60 if you *choose* to buy all the DLC.

      I gotta ask: Where are you getting $90 for two maps? I can’t figure that one out!

  • Never Mind i just now got it…….

  • I have a question, Call of Duty is known to be one of the biggest games out there and one of the best highest selling games with each breaking records yet how come the company dosent offer dedicated servers for the consoles? i really dont get it, the series is huge and has millions of fans around the world yet you guys never tried offering dedicated servers.
    i also would love to see some kind of a cross play for the Call of Duty games between PS3 and xbox maybe? would love to play against xbox people on my pc3 or against PC people i mean if portal 2 and counter strike are both able to do it im sure a big game like call of duty that generates millions each year can do it.

  • @22

    Whats shady in your opinion?

    + you don’t own MW3 & and haven’t signed up to Elite Premium….yet you’re still complaining about it! o_O


    Duh. Its not $90 for two maps.

  • Pocon is ready to suck whatever Activision has left on the dry lollipop.

  • Will see if i can check them out

  • @26

    na, i just know how the grow up’s world works! ;)

  • @pocon

    Well, If you can’t see, I’m not sure how my opinion will change your mind. You’re a grown man. Figure it out. And, you’re right. I don’t own it, and don’t plan on owning it so I won’t waste my time on it anymore.

  • @29

    “I don’t own it, and don’t plan on owning it so I won’t waste my time on it anymore”

    Shouldn’t have wasn’t ANY time on it in that case. ;)

  • Dan thanks 4 the info. as of this morning with the mw3 new download i am un able to use any of my 3 mics. i am able to talk on the mic on the ps3 chat, however the game will not work with the mic. could u get a hold of mw3 and let them know? i tasked to mw3 support today and they said it was probably a router problrm and i would need to change my chat settins so i tried stuff with their help although if that was the case then i would not have been able to chat on the ps3 consoles chat , wich i could. if anyone else has this problem plz let mw3’s company know. hard to do all of this with 1 arm as i just had shoulder surgery thursday.(GOOD TIMING) thanks for the help.


  • ya baby new cod maps.oh wait sorry still waitin on gci dlc sony still hasnt approved

  • There was no research to be done…. Activision when promoting Elite, did not mention that PS3 owners with an Elite subscription would get the maps after the 360 version. In fact they never actually said anything about the PS3 version of Elite…

    It would be okay if Activision told subscribers and Hardened Edition owners that they would still be getting the maps late but they didn’t. They still let PS3 owners subscribe to Elite without knowing the details and that was shady…

    Call of Duty can be fun but I think PS3 owners should not renew their subscription until Activision decides to end their advertising arrangement with Microsoft

  • @33

    The Elite site’s FAQ has stated (even before Elite was available to subscribe to!) that xbox users would get the DLC before PS3 users. You’re right…no research was required….just a simple click on the FAQ section before you paid for it.

    I think Dan put it best himself with this :

    “……it was never promised by any representative of Activision, Call of Duty, Elite, or its developers. Honestly? I think gamers just convinced themselves that it would happen because they wanted it to happen. That makes sense, but it doesn’t make it true.”

  • @34

    Are you sure? I checked the FAQ page when they announced it and they had no mention that the 360 would get it first…which is why I looked other places to see if they had announced anything

    Regardless, its not right for PS3 Elite owners to be charged $50 and have the content released so sporadically (two content drops before even the first hits the PS3)

    I bought Call of Duty and I just think, unless your a die hard CoD fan you shouldn’t purchase Elite on PS3 until Activision decides to end their ad agreement with Microsoft

  • How the heck do i get them…i am an elite member and I can’t find them anywhere…this is bs…

  • i downloaded maps and they show under bonus maps….but are NOT going through rotation. WHY….?? i played for about 2 hours and no new maps. What is up with that….?? BTW – i am an ELITE member and i feel ripped OFF.

    Also – launching Call of Duty ELITE application results in a required update and then an error. Is this an indication of the problem….??

    • Check under the Elite playlists — it’s the item just below Community Playlists. I am guessing you went to Standard, and since there are only two new maps out and they didn’t want to disrupt the standard lobbies, they simply made Elite-only playlists to solve that issue.

  • It does not take me there…there are 4 or 5 themes to download, but, no maps

    • Is it possible you thought you had subscribed but did not? That sounds like you are not currently recognized as a subscriber, if you can’t see the maps at all through that link. Best to contact customer service to get it worked out.

  • oh well…i go to the menu on mw3…it says store…I go there and there are 4 themes to download and that is it…but, i will try it again!

  • well…I can get on elite and look at everything…I have gotten on and off there since november when the game came out…paid my 50 bucks…

  • This might be the wrong time, I haven’t actually gotten any of the DLC maps yet (the game has a ton of maps on disc already so I never found the need to get more maps) however, I was wondering if any MW2 maps would be making a return or have already made a return on some of the DLC packs? I’m mostly interested in seeing High Rise from MW2 back. Thanks! :)

  • @Dan thanks for the reply….however i looked in the elite playlist and maps NOT there. They are however listed if you go to create and look in bonus maps.

  • @Dan several of my friends are also having the same issue so i know its NOT me.

  • Its frustrating that we pay for premium membership up front, whether it was stand alone Elite for $50 or we bought the Hardened Edition for $100, yet we have to wait 30 days to get the new maps. Whats our incentive for the wait? A theme? Cmon Sony, you guys gotta do better. What about those who don’t have Elite? When does the map pack release from them? *crickets*

    Activision is dead wrong for how they are handling the PS3 side of things, but MS deep money pockets have these two bff. I don’t put all the blame on Act though, Sony does get a good chunk of it. It just makes you wonder, how deep will Sony go for it’s fanbase on these types of downloadable content? Will they money hat developers, or just let fans grab a snickers and play the waiting game.

    Sony please get your act together, I’m sure MS is ready to put the nail in PlayStation brands coffin with Durango.

  • i was talking about MW3…..

  • Not gonna vent…again. But I am curious why the Overwatch map isn’t coming to PS3 Elite Premium until March 29th (as reported by Game Informer). We waited a month for this drop and Overwatch dropped 2 weeks ago for Xbox Elite Premium but yet we still have to wait another 4 weeks. That’s six weeks total for one map…that seems a bit extreme don’t you think?

  • I’m happy with the maps. I love Piazza! Like most, I”m unhappy with the PS3 Elite VS 360 Elite, but business is business, and I’m just gonna accept it. I don’t wanna waste anymore time complaining about it when I could be playing the darn game.

    However, I do wish that future CoD’s will add some “girly” things to future CoDs. Sure guys are the majority of players, but a lil appreciate for the ladies that play these games would be nice. =^_^=

  • i am just pissed OFF that new maps are NOT working for me. i mean….how long do i have to play before i encounter them….?? Is 2 hours not enough….?? Really….??

  • Hey dan, i dont have elite but i want the maps. how would i get them???????????????

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