PlayStation Vita Is Now Available in the US

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PlayStation Vita Is Now Available in the US

Today is a very exciting day for PlayStation, all of our loyal fans and the entire gaming industry. The highly anticipated PlayStation Vita, our next generation handheld gaming device, is now officially available here in the US. We celebrated this momentous occasion from coast to coast last night, kicking off at a midnight event in New York where an enthusiastic crowd from the PlayStation Nation came to get their PS Vita units.

PlayStation Vita Is Now Available in the US

When we set out to create PS Vita, we were determined to deliver the best handheld gaming experience the industry has ever seen, an experience that would rival current consoles and set the bar infinitely higher for those exploring the portable gaming space. In the year following its announcement, you’ve heard us throw around words like “revolutionary,” “innovative,” “game-changing” and more. In the past few weeks, fans like yourselves and members of the press have begun to share in our sentiments. Early reviews have hailed PS Vita as “the best handheld ever made” and “the most advanced portable gaming system ever made.” It’s clear that PS Vita is making a phenomenal impression on gamers across the world.


Once you have your PS Vita in hand, the choices are yours. With 25 titles available at launch, more than 70 others in development, and fan-favorite franchises such as Call of Duty, UNCHARTED, Assassin’s Creed, Resistance, Mortal Kombat and new IP like Unit 13 coming to your PS Vita, the hardest decision will be where to start. Our goal is to ensure that PS Vita owners are never without new entertainment choices. We’ve worked hard to create a lineup of great content unlike anything you’ve ever seen from a handheld gaming device and to add social features, services and functionality the will continuously enhance those great experiences anytime, anywhere.

We know that PlayStation has the best fans in the business and we want to thank you for your ongoing passion and dedication. For those of you who may just be joining the PlayStation Nation we say “welcome” and to every proud new owner of a PlayStation Vita…we hope you never stop playing.

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  • After being severely disappointed with the 3DS, following some hands on time with Nintendo’s latest handheld, I knew, despite my instincts that it was going to be great, I would need some hands on time with the Vita before I made a final decision about a purchase. After getting a couple hours of time with five separate launch titles back in December, at Sony HQ in Santa Monica, my buddy and I promptly pre-ordered the first edition bundles knowing we had to have this thing as soon as possible, and I even ordered my fiancée one at the last minute for a Valentine’s Day present. Exactly one week later, and roughly five hundred dollars poorer, I can’t express to you how much we love our Vitas, so much that I haven’t even popped in Twisted Metal or, for that matter, any game in my PS3 since my Vita arrived.

  • @BxNYCBonaoDR Totally agree with you on everything you said.

    @Aeolus426 Sony’s products are definitely more reliable than some other companies we know. I got 1 of the of the other systems for free from the company them self and was on my 3rd one in less than a year. So when you compare Sony’s HFR (Hardware Failure Rate) to the other companies with systems your better off with a Sony product. Now what BxNYCBonaoDR means by “10=year cycle” is 10+years of SUPPORT for the systems for games and so on. Sony doesn’t just drop a system as soon as they bring another 1 out.

    The PS Blog Stalker

  • Other than my fiancée and I watching Hulu and Netflix, the PS3 has seen no action whatsoever. I can’t wait until more multiplayer and co-op games are released for it, but this thing is as close to a home console experience as I’ve ever experienced, and I can’t wait to see what Sony and their partners have in store for Vita. Gotta go write this paper for school now, so I don’t feel guilty playing the Unit 13 demo later, oh yeah, Uncharted’s supposed to arrive today too :) For those waiting for a price drop, I can assure you the value is already there if you’re able to afford it, but if, like many of us in the global economy, you can’t swing it, I feel for you and sincerely hope the Vita is within your reach soon. Please support Vita if you can, as the more support developers see for the device, the greater selection of games will be available to us in the future.

  • What happened to Kevin Butler. Last check, he was vying for VP of Game Changing. Did he not get the job?

  • just got mine. Its awesome i love it.

  • Well mine is coming tomorrow due to UPS screwing up, but saying that i am glad there does not seem to be any shortages for this console release. For that i say well done Sony and thank you.

  • It would be nice if the Vita was compatible with your own website!

    Tried viewing the video on my Vita….. doesn’t work. Needs flash or html5 compatibility.

    Tried to login to post this comment….. doesn’t work. Not compatible.

    This is an inexcusable flaw in a device that just came out when the internet is such a big thing in so many lives.

    In case you breezed by the first statement…… the Vita isn’t compatible with YOUR website!!!

    Then there’s the caching of webpages that isn’t working either. When you scroll down on many webpages, you have to wait for the graphics to catch up and be viewable. So no fast scrolling of most webpages.

    Let some other browser(firefox, dolphin, anybody) build a browser and offer it as an add on under apps, if you don’t want to fix things.

  • The minis games I have that are on the compatible list arent on the store neither does the PS Vita let me copy it from the PS3, and Undead Knights for PSP also on the list same problem :( Sony Fail

  • Got word that Amazon sent out my pre-order today :) It’ll be a few days, but I hope to be enjoying mine on the weekend.

  • @57 There were apparently shortages or a major mess up, as Walmart only received wifi Vita’s. They didn’t get any 3G versions delivered to them in store, and Sony wouldn’t tell them anything on it. Checked many Walmarts to no avail. I was surprised at this being that the whole 3G thing is being pushed so hard.

  • So, y’know, I dig the Vita. Except every time I connect it to my PS3 to try and copy over a downloaded Vita game (since the wi-fi downloads are taking friggin’ forever for the tiniest files), the Vita just spazzes out and flips back and forth between ‘please wait’ and ‘connect a USB cable to the PS3’ even when the USB cable *is* connected. Anybody know how to fix that?

  • been enjoying mine for a week now ..hope that the people that bought ti today enjoy as much as i have …cheers :)

  • Was that the real Sack-boy in that Video? :D + I am a Loyal PlayStation Fan Jack;)

  • I’m loving the PlayStation Vita. Been playing Super Stardust Delta and Uncharted: Golden Abyss. Still figuring everything out that this beast can do.

    It’s so amazing. I wish there was a way to have more than just one PlayStation Network account on the system, but other than that I’m loving it.

  • I have had mine for a week and I am in love. Yet again PlayStation steps up the bar in the industry. I played Uncharted at school today and traded blackmarket items with those surrounding me. Without a doubt best handheld ever made and it’s only going to get better. Cheers Sony! Drinks on me. Keep up the good work! Do yourself a favor and check one out.

  • I buy my vita today and the Ar Card Number 2 is missing i have 2 number 1

  • i just got mine, i had an 100 dollars credit at gamestop and got it for 167 tax included, not getting memory card since the 32gb at amazon is sellling for 40 dollar and at another site, for a limited time, so i gotta wait for mine to get here, but its selling really well at my local store its surprising i think at the first day they are selling more then when the 3ds came out… i wonder, gotta wait and see the results…

  • Wish I was there, haven’t seen Kyle Shubel in a while either.

  • @59 Very weird. I just loaded LBP off my PS3 and it works great. And it even didn’t make the list.

    Just to make sure. The games on your PS3 are the bubble version for installing(changed a couple firmware’s back from the old style of being installed onto the PS3)… correct?

    Download them to the PS3 again, if not.

  • @50, LMAo you have an ipod? Then you dont have a leg to stand on, ipod touch 250, vita 250, buy retail a 4 GB card is all you will ever need. Vita has the biggest launch lineup of any console ever, its mroe then worth it.

    Why he double standard with overrated apple products when it comes to price? Name another handheld as powerfull as a vita for 250/? Yeah that’s what i thought. Its reasonably priced, stop crying because mommy wont get little timmy one.

  • For those who are waiting for “more” carriers for 3G, it’s a good time to point out the ATT and TMobile use similar technology while Verizon, Sprint, and MetroPCS use a totally different technology. So, unless Sony wishes to make 2 different 3G devices (like the iPhone/iPad) had to, I doubt you’ll see Verizon 3G anytime soon.

    As far as the people talking about their systems not lasting, I have no idea what poor conditions you put them in. My PSOne, My Original Fat PS2 (which my cousin has), My Slim PS2(which I play rarely now), and My 40 GB PS3 all still are functioning great.

    As far as the GPS being on the 3G model, that’s an easy one. GPS is best on a system that can triangulate your position. This is easier with a cell signal as it can use the cell towers to locate you. There are other methods, but it’s not necessarily the easiest or most cost effective.

    Finally, I’m not sure why villiantine hasn’t found any multiplayer or co-op games that suit what they like. Me and my significant other have enjoyed quite a few games on the PS3. Just downloaded a few old games to play together too.

  • FINALLY GOT MY VITA!!! I’ve been waiting so long for this day, it seems like just only 380 days ago we first learned about this beautiful device. I may in fact Never Stop Playing!

  • @57: “Then there’s the caching of webpages that isn’t working either. When you scroll down on many webpages, you have to wait for the graphics to catch up and be viewable. So no fast scrolling of most webpages.”

    This was an issue with many first couple versions of browsers even with good connections. This may be partly due to the speed of your connection as well. If you have a slow wifi and a low 3G signal, your download rate will be slow causing this problem.

  • LOL at guys whom say well my friends PS3 dies so sony makes faulty products, you realise PS3 has sold 65 million WW and is 5 years old? Some people will have issues. As far as industry failure rates Sony makes some of the best stuff out. Thats a fact.

    The vits is an amazing piece of tech and beautifully built, Sony still makes some of the best stuff around. The failure rate of PS3 is below industry standard, and your talking about a mass produced high end device that gets heavy useage.

  • @74 – Connection is fast. I get up to 2mb+ per second download on my desktop(with a good website, of course). All other devices work fine with wireless connection(touch, tablet, ipad, etc).

    It’s something to do with the “browser”.

  • I think I’ll wait till Vita goes on sale. P.S. I am buying a Sony Vaio Computer first :)
    Although The Vita is pretty nice with dual thumbsticks, I think it could do better without the touchscreen/touchpad. I’m only buying it for call of duty on the go!

  • LOVING my Vita…amazing piece of Handheld…i bought it with uncharted and i havent even gotten past the first chapter since all i’ve been doing is explore it.

  • @77 the touch screen is needed its not 2002, lol, it works really well, and it has dual analog for both options.

  • I want a PS Vita Shirt!

  • Facebook ? youtube Apps??????????????????????????????????????????????

  • anyone with a vita wanna friend me just send a request looking to play someonline games soon dungeon quest and hopefully wipeout tomorrow

  • Just wanted to say that I got my Vita today and it was awesome!

    Key word “was”

    The stupid thing locked up on me while i was trying to play the unit 13 demo. So i decided I should shut it off. Well that was like 15 minutes ago and it is still trying to shut off and wont let me do anything. All the thing is doing is having the ps button blink blue.

    I guess I will just have to wait for it to run out of batteries whenever that will be and then hopefully after a good charge it will finally work. I mean it’s not like I had any plans of playing it on the day of release……….. (kinda mad, kinda disappointed)

  • Got mine a few hours ago. Very happy with it. Haven’t even played any games yet, as I’ve been too busy messing around with all the apps and functions.
    Was really surprised how many people close by were already playing, which I could see via the excellent Near app. I think I’m going to be spending even more time with this thing than my PS3 – it seems to have a lot more functionality.
    Very impressive.

  • @ZERO_169
    I had the same issue with the Lumines demo (Unit 13’s sound cut out on me for some reason).
    Hold down the power button on the top for about a minute. The Vita will reset (you won’t lose anything) and it’ll give you a menu. Just choose ‘restart Vita’ – the first option – and it’s all good.

  • lol nvm. I just found out that someone else had the same problem while playing that demo.

    If this happens to anyone else just hold down the power button for like 30 seconds or something and then that will reset the system and when it turns on you will get a list of options to choose from.

    I don’t know if it is just this demo, or if it is happening to people doing other things as well.

  • lol thanks budapesti. i was just looking around on the web right after i posted that and found the same thing (something I should have done before i got all worked up)

  • Vita games look and play great!! (hot shots and rayman)

    Movies look great!! Excellent sound too. Nice surround type sound. Seems to process MP4’s from the psp very well.

    Downloaded LBP and Pinball Hero’s off the PS3 and both worked without a hitch(neither are on the list of official PSP games). Held finger down on screen to set the filters for PSP in order to make them look better. Haven’t tried an official PSP game off PSN yet.

    The system updated without a memory card being installed. Very surprising.

    Using Windows 7, connection manager worked great. Copied movies on that were originally for my PSP.

    Netflix installed and worked fine.

    Demo’s downloaded directly from PSN using WiFi without any problems. Didn’t seem like they downloaded slow either. Seemed a LOT faster than the PSPgo. Watching the download it was close to a mb per second.

    An AMAZING system overall!! (minus the browser and no built in memory)

  • and yeah my sound cut out on unit 13 as well and then about a minute later it froze

  • Where’s my Vita?
    I haven’t received mine yet, and it’s supposed to be out today…
    OK, so it’s in Maine, but still..
    I could’ve bought the console last week here in the stores, so why isn’t available here yet?

    Sorry, I just can’t wait, you know.

  • Very pleased that the portable gaming device the industry needed is now available. Cant wait to get my PlayStation Vita; the delivery vehicle can’t move fast enough.

  • It was supposed to be a instant buy for me, but since I still can’t figure out a way to use imported game DLCs (thanks to the one account only system) I will pass it.

    There are so many US/EU games released in Japan does not release the DLCs there. For example, look at Borderlands, only first three DLCs were released. If isn’t PS3 which allow me to add multiple accounts, I won’t be able to buy the US version and have fun with the last DLC.

  • Untill you’re company gives the 3g version a choice of Verizon instead of just att and also has a UNLIMITED DATA PLAN a month to pay then I won’t buy a stupid overrated vita that doesn’t STILL have a decent internet browser or play youtube video’s. Heck it doesn’t even have a facebook app or a YOUTUBE app. The 3g plans are ridiculous I’m sorry but they are a WASTE of time and money. The price of the memory sticks is ridiculous to. The 32 gb cards should be no more than 60 bucks TOPS. So untill you put that 32 gig card to 60 or less and add a facebook and youtube app and improve the browser with UP TO DATE FLASH then I’ll just stick to my Ipod touch 4th gen that can record in 720 P HD video. A vita shoots video in SD and you say that’s NEW tech? LOL

  • @T-W-I-L-I-G-H-T
    There IS a Failbook app. It’s on the European store, so we’ll probably get it next week.
    Don’t know if there’ll ever be a YouTube app, but Japan has one for NicoNico Douga (very popular website over there, similar to YouTube but with Hatsune Miku instead of cute kittens) so there is hope!

  • @6 you shut up to

  • @92 Play a game on an iphone and then vita, the tech in vita blows away any ipod, and no ipod does NOT display 720 P LMAO. Who buys a advanced gaming handheld for you tube and facbook (Both of which will be added anyway? Moron. Have fun with angry birds and poor touch games. Hilarious and moronic a guy comes here complains about price AND then praises the most over rated and over priced company and devices the old Ipod touch and apple, which also happens to be 250 and HALF the device and tech.

    PS: Facebook already works with the browser.

    a 4gb card is all you even need, buy retail. The prices of the mem cards will come down. If you dont want vita why post here? Stick to your over priced ipod lol.

  • @92 ignorant much? Up to date FLASH? ROFL, flash is a dying old tech companies are fazing out, do some research, html 5 is the future. Apple is dropping flash and many other companies. Sony was Right and thinking ahead when going with HTML 5.

  • Just got mine this morning! Traded in my 3DS for it, so worth it! Can’t wait to see what games on in store for it in the future!

  • The Uncharted 3 Map Pack #2 IS FINALLY UP! Thanks SONY/NAUGHTY DOG! All is well again! xD

  • I gotta agree with everyone else who is praising the Vita launch: Sony’s done a great job overall with getting everything right. The only sour area for me is the memory card prices but I’m confident that those will come down eventually. I also have to agree with those who say gaming on a real system doesn’t even exist in the same universe as gaming on a smartphone/tablet.

    I hope to get a Vita soon. I’m a married father of two, so unfortunately even though I love gaming it’s not my first priority in life. I just hope it’s fairly successful at least, and that even if it struggles out of the gate that Sony holds on longer than HP held on with the Touchpad. I’ll be getting one eventually! I want one! BAD! I just can’t put down the cash right now. I’m sure the holiday season will bring great things for the Vita, and by then just imagine how meaty the game library will be!

  • @92 crybaby, Facebook app is now up, you had to wait a whole few hours WAAN, WAAAN.

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