PlayStation Vita Is Now Available in the US

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PlayStation Vita Is Now Available in the US

Today is a very exciting day for PlayStation, all of our loyal fans and the entire gaming industry. The highly anticipated PlayStation Vita, our next generation handheld gaming device, is now officially available here in the US. We celebrated this momentous occasion from coast to coast last night, kicking off at a midnight event in New York where an enthusiastic crowd from the PlayStation Nation came to get their PS Vita units.

PlayStation Vita Is Now Available in the US

When we set out to create PS Vita, we were determined to deliver the best handheld gaming experience the industry has ever seen, an experience that would rival current consoles and set the bar infinitely higher for those exploring the portable gaming space. In the year following its announcement, you’ve heard us throw around words like “revolutionary,” “innovative,” “game-changing” and more. In the past few weeks, fans like yourselves and members of the press have begun to share in our sentiments. Early reviews have hailed PS Vita as “the best handheld ever made” and “the most advanced portable gaming system ever made.” It’s clear that PS Vita is making a phenomenal impression on gamers across the world.


Once you have your PS Vita in hand, the choices are yours. With 25 titles available at launch, more than 70 others in development, and fan-favorite franchises such as Call of Duty, UNCHARTED, Assassin’s Creed, Resistance, Mortal Kombat and new IP like Unit 13 coming to your PS Vita, the hardest decision will be where to start. Our goal is to ensure that PS Vita owners are never without new entertainment choices. We’ve worked hard to create a lineup of great content unlike anything you’ve ever seen from a handheld gaming device and to add social features, services and functionality the will continuously enhance those great experiences anytime, anywhere.

We know that PlayStation has the best fans in the business and we want to thank you for your ongoing passion and dedication. For those of you who may just be joining the PlayStation Nation we say “welcome” and to every proud new owner of a PlayStation Vita…we hope you never stop playing.

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  • Jack Tretton is a stud!

  • Is Marcus old enough to play mature rated games yet?

  • Wheres Uncharted Flashback map pack #2?????

  • I want to know what’s the free game from AT&T for activate my account?

  • Can’t wait to get mine! PS Rocks

  • That’s great. but, nobody is talking to us users that are waiting for the UNCHARTED 3 DLC. Where is it? Do you even care about us? There are over 200 post on the PlayStation update post and no official response from SONY.

  • The USA Store is not showing the Uncharted 3 Flashback Map Pack #2(even in search)!!! ONLY THE TRAILER SHOWS UP! Stop pushing the Vita and try to keep the customers you still have.

  • PleAse fix the status and trophie viewing on the Ps3 for the vita. This works fine on the the vita seeing ps3 stuff, but you can’t see any vita player status or trophies on the PS3!! An update or something would be useful! Thanks, love the vita btw

  • @7 you want Sony stop pushing a multi-billion dollar platform because you don’t have 1 map pack? ROFL, Sony needs to improve their communication yes, but come on it’s one map pack, just play the current ones until it is out, it’s not a big deal it’s just a game.

  • I always enjoy Jack Tretton stories and videos, his joy and enthusiasm always seems genuine.

  • Some day I want Jack Tretton to personally hand me some sort of playstation product.

  • @9 They mention Uncharted 2nd in fan favorites yet they can’t deliver as promised with it’s content. You’d think they’d wanna make sure a “FAN FAVORITE” series gets on time updates. And it is a big deal, for too long do we get the short end of the stick from Sony/Naughty Dog. Enough is enough here…

  • @snakeeyes211, you get Stardust Delta w/ DLC pack ($14.99 value) free with AT&T Activation.

  • *Super Stardust Delta w/ DLC I mean.

  • Going to wait for a price drop ;)

  • I just came back from EBgames, excited for the vita! and Sony you guys said Skype and facebook app will be day 1 but where are they? :o

  • Loving my FEB since last week. An extraordinary piece of tech that renewed my exuberance for Sony’s slick machines. \
    A.) Needs better Japanese support. Allowing Nintendo to cripple the JPN launch with a price cut and MH game was just sloppy. By proxy, please ensure that these games find their way West (via publishers other than Sony, if not Sony themselves). FPSes are nice and all, but it was the JRPG audiences in the East AND West who sustained the PSP ecosystem long after it should have died.
    B.) PROPER remote play support for al PS3 titles. It can be done via hacks, the YouTube videos prove this, so Sony needs to get this feature up and running.
    C.) HDMI out. Every smartphone I’ve owned in the past 3 years can do this, my Go could do this and my slick, “cutting edge” Vita can’t? We’ve seen it work at E3 with some sort of cable, so put in an order at Foxcon for 100K of those and watch them fly faster than they can be stocked. If you’re worried about cannibalizing PS3 software, don’t be. See tip “A”, and you’ll understand that a flourishing gaming ecosystem that suits consumers needs is best in all scenarios. I’d buy PS3 games just to remoteplay them on the couch while someone watches a blu ray, for example.

  • I bought mine along with one game. Then I went home and downloaded three free games. Fooled around a bit. Love the GPS and all of the other apps. Then I went to bed.

    Later, I’ll start playing. So far so good.

  • @13 LMAo yeah serious business, ROFL, talk about spoiled so many more bigger things to worry about.

  • I got mine yesterday for 416$ in Israel. It hurt, but I had to do it because I’m a senior PlayStation gamer!

  • @19 LOL get out of here son. This is an entertainment product site where to voice concerns of said product. Go to a rescue mission if you’re gonna talk about bigger things to worry about then. Typical and unoriginal response.

  • Thank you gravislord.

  • I’m considering PS Vita but not until the following happens.

    1.) Price drop. ($200 would be ideal for me.)

    2.) More carriers for 3G. (Give me Verizon.)

    3.) I want software to continue to grow.

    4.) Waiting to see what the community does when it comes to mods and jail breaking.
    (Hoping for a way to bypass the expensive memory sticks to use 3rd party memory sticks.)

    Until then I’ll just enjoy my PS3/PC.

    Hope everyone who got PS Vita is enjoying it now.

  • Still waiting on the UPS guy… Bought 3 games at Target, it’s buy 2 get one free on all Vita games right now, go get them at Target!

    Also, does anyone know if you can enter a vita online pass on a PS3 and have it apply to your account the same? Just anxious for it to arrive, trying to do as much as I can beforehand. Like, I downloaded a bunch of demos and such onto my PS3 :P

  • I agree with Jack T.

    I got the vita last week with the first edition bundl, worth every penny
    That thing is epic! Im using it so much my PS3/360 are being neglected, lol

  • I love Jacky T. My 3G Vita is coming via Newegg today. I am so stoked to play Uncharted.

  • not buying one but I may reconsider getting one if Jack showed up a my door to give me one for FREE(;

  • Sony is not lowering the price of the vita anytime soon. It is a steal at $250 to $300 considering how many features it has that the PS3 can’t do at the same pricetag. They may lower it when the WiiU releases in late 2012. But quick sitting back waiting for a price drop. You want a Vita, buy it now and support Sony from day 1. Not 1 or 2 years down the road. Nintendo and Apple supporters always line up around the block day 1 to get the products from the companies they love. Meanwhile, alot of Sony supporters wait around for a price drop. Incredible. I am getting my $250 pre-ordered Wi-Fi only model later today. I can’t wait to sit down and fire up Uncharted:Golden Abyss and that stunning OLED Screen. Sony hardware are durable, reliable, and have 10+year cycles. You know what you’re getting for your money. I am definitely getting a great system for my investment. Thanks Sony for the Vita cant wait to see how good games look on the Vita 6-7 years from now considering how great they look today! Never Stop Playing! : )

  • I’ll get one when Gravity Rush, Disgaea 3, and Dragon’s Crown are out for it. The only launch game I’m interested in at this point is Lumines and I’m not buying hardware for just one game.

    But I am eventually getting one. Count on it. :)

  • I like Jack T. he has a lot more “gamer” in him than the other CEO’s for Microsoft and Nintendo. I bet he plays alittle Call of Duty on the weekends….

  • ehh i’m not buying the PS vita anytime soon

  • After all the years I’ve had my PSP 2000 and it lead me to get a PS3 I just don’t feel like I need the Vita. I would love to get it, it’s just it’s to much money to keep up with all the new systems and games especially now that I got into 3D on my PS3. My PSP 2000 is still working 100% even after all the drops and long gaming sessions I’ve put into it. The only thing that started to die was the battery. The battery went from 6 hours max at first purchase to now being 2-3 hours max. It’s probably from all the use I have in it but that could be a future problem for the Vita if they last as long as my PSP is (now watch my PSP break soon). I bought a extended life battery for my PSP a week ago and now it’s better then ever. How can you do that on the PSP Go/Vita without ripping it apart? In the long run I hope the Vita will be as reliable as my PSP 2000 is. Also it would be nice if there was an easier way to renew expired PS Plus games on my PSP. Oh ya, and what lead me to get a PSP was my fat PS2 that is still working! I hope my PS3 lasts that long!

  • @28 How did you like the 10 years you got out of your PSPGo? (sarcasm definitely intended)

  • I gotta say, if you pay attention, you can see how hard Sony’s working to make sure the Vita is successful and does not trip out the door. Good job Sony! Vita is everything i ever wanted in a handheld! but I still don’t understand how people compare gaming on a Vita, 3DS, PSP or DS to gaming on a smartphone or tablet. I don’t care how fun angry birds or fruit ninja is, the kind of games that are truly successful on phones or tablets are not comparable to handhelds with buttons and the kind of games they have which often are watered down versions of their console counterparts. I have nothing against gaming on a smartphone or tablet, it just isn’t the same level of gaming if you know what I am trying to say.

  • As a “Plus” subscriber, do I have to pay another $50 a year to see free content on the Vita? Absolutely zero “Plus”content is availible for free on the Vita. None of the Mini’s that I’ve downloaded for the PS3, none of the PSP games that I’ve downloaded(paid and free), and flat out no other content from the “Plus” program can be transfered to the Vita……shady!

  • Thanks Sony for add another great console in PS Universe . Can`t wait to see what`s in store for Vita in near future. I hope Sony will add lot`s of apps and accesible games for Vita catalogue. Vita UI is different we must used to it but hope with updates it`s gonna be more beautiful (needs little bit tweak) By the way it`s 2012 and we are still see Please Wait Screen when want to go online partitions of game or stuff .. Hope in next update load screen is gone and it will load visible these things are little but annoying

    Thanks Sony again i love gaming and Vita going to be one of the best parts of gaming what we need is content AAA games from first party (naughty dog must bring new IP and IP`s to vita) and third parties , apps and updates (where is youtube ? HTML5 …) and great advertise ;)

    Last note :) we want different colors ASAP

  • Fantastic, I can’t wait to get my hands on one eventually. As a single dad scraping to get by I can’t yet, but I’ll be putting a bit aside to get one as I can. The PSP was my most used system over the past 5 years, I think my PS3 collection is just starting to catch up with the PSP. Here’s to a successful launch for the follow up to my favorite console ever! :)

  • Whooooooooooo!!!! My PSN Brothers & sisters And My PSN Frineds on my list This Is Indeed A Time For Celebration!!!!!!! The Playstation Vita HAS COME!!!!!!!!!

  • And yes, Thank you Sony! the Vita was well worth everyone of my $371 dollars

  • Wewt! Loving my Vita. Thanks for the awesome ride so far Sony.

  • Finally! Maybe now they’ll be quiet about it…

  • Sony please lift the 20MB cap on the PS Vita while running on AT&T’s 3G service, greatly disappointed that you can’t watch Netflix on the Vita without a wifi connection present, any smartphone user will tell you that they can watch Netflix on their smartphones via 3G service you guys are limiting what the PS Vita can truly do if you can only watch Netflix via wifi.

  • I love the vita and can recognize its potential for future development. I like the vita better than my ps3. Thank you very much Sony for listening to consumers and putting out the best handheld of all time. Thanks again and I can only imagine the possibilities of the vita in the future :) oh ya by the way I can’t put my vita down ! Lol :)

  • “we were determined to deliver the best handheld gaming experience the industry has ever seen”

    wow i guess your determination didn’t work. the vita would be a lot better if it had better internal memory, even the Go had 16gb you a**holes (worst $300 I ever spent). not to mention the fact that most of the good games need a memory card that cost 7 times their actual worth. why the hell would you not put gps on the wifi version when you can use it with wifi. It doesn’t seem like you were determined because you didn’t think it through well enough, what you were determined about was “How can we rip off our customers even more?”





  • I absolutely love my Vita. Got the First Edition Bundle, and bought Lumines along with it. I then bought Escape Plan and Super Stardust Delta at home.

    I have to say though, I’m quite disappointed that the C2-21383-7 install error for the Super Stardust DLC bundle has yet to be fixed. That was the game I was looking most forward to playing, yet they still haven’t fixed it after a week.

    I know I can call and ask for a refund, but I don’t want a refund, I just want to play the game.

  • @29 “Sony hardware are durable, reliable, and have 10+year cycles.”

    Wow you really believe that? out of all my friends i’m the only one with a working PS3, my friends pspgo just dies on him last week, my ps2 didnt even last 4 years, my sony walkman cd player 2 years, i’ve only had my ps3 for less than 2 years and it’s giving me tons of problems and of course when i was going to buy the extended warranty psn was down (dont have credit card so psn was the only way for me to buy it). Sony puts out good entertaining products but reliable,

  • @46 I’m with you there, this whole Super Stardust issue has been extremely frustrating considering Sony isn’t giving any feedback regarding it. I just called their support asking for a refund as I’ve waited a week for no fix and since there’s been no communication regarding it enough was enough.

    Was just told it will take 7-10 days to refund it which is highly disappointing considering I was hoping to refund and try to repurchase as I’ve heard stories of the bundle working fine now. Guess I’ll wait and see in a weeks time when my refund hopefully comes then. I’m just disappointed that it’s the early adopters that seemingly are the ones being ‘punished’ by these problems.

  • The Vita is so not worth it right now. Everything about it is over priced, from the system to the memory cards; which the system should have had a lot more internal memory consider the cost of the system as is now.

    Needs better features
    Price of memory needs to come down a lot
    Cost of digital games need to be cheaper considering you dont have all the extra costs (case, instruction book and so on)
    Better selection of games
    Better data cost packages (even tho i have ATT as cell provider, ALL caries including Verizon are over charging for data when in reality it costs so little for them)

    I could go on but i wont. Again i will get a Vita at some point but just not worth it right now, IMO.

  • @45,47,48

    Nobody cares what you think.

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