The Tester 3 Episode 3: Make Like Drake

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The Tester 3 Episode 3: Make Like Drake

Last week’s Twisted Metal inspired episode of The Tester 3 really pushed our gamers as the two teams scrambled to build a replica of Sweet Tooth’s ice cream truck under the intense scrutiny of David Jaffe. If you missed it, catch the full episode right here!

Week 3 tests their ability to overcome obstacles and stay focused in a challenge inspired by UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss for PS Vita. Golden Abyss’ creative director John Garvin visits from Sony Bend Studio to evaluate each team’s performance in the most demanding challenge of the season thus far. And this week, the winning team gets to spend some quality time with Nathan Drake himself, Nolan North. But the fun and games abruptly end during this week’s intense elimination.

Speaking of PS Vita, beginning with today’s PlayStation Store publish, The Tester 3 will be available to watch on PS Vita’s beautiful 5” OLED screen. You can catch up on the first two episodes on PS Vita as well.

Check out this week’s preview of episode 3 below, and watch the full episode here. You can download in HD and SD from the PlayStation Store when today’s update is published.

The Tester 3 Episode 3: Make Like Drake

We’re also set to launch our third Twitter giveaway for The Tester 3! This takes place next Monday, February 27. Follow @PlayStation to participate. Congratulations to @kancer for winning this week’s prize package!

For next week, the prize package is themed around the UNCHARTED series:

  • The Tester 3 t-shirt
  • 1 month PlayStation Plus voucher
  • “UNCHARTED: Drake’s Journal” autographed by Nolan North
  • UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception Collector’s Edition
  • UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception Soundtrack
  • UNCHARTED Notebook

As a reminder, please allow fans the chance to enjoy the show by NOT posting any spoilers in the comments below, or in the PlayStation forums.

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  • Although makes you wonder why IGN was able to post before the blog, lol (and is it accurate)!

  • Is the store going to update tonight? 9 pm is kind of pushing the limit on my patients.
    Seriously guys, it was bad enough that none of the free content was available for the Vita Early adopters when we got our Vita’s and now you’re going to make us wait past the day that you said we’d get our stuff?

  • @Mystikalguy

    I made that same request on PSblog Share like 2 weeks ago. Never appeared of of course. None of my ideas eer do, and I think they’re pretty decent ideas. Must not be after all.

  • @ blakseed

    Thats too bad.
    Maybe one day

  • lol can someone wake up grace? hey grace sweetie it’s time to update the store. ;p

  • Maybe they need to update the store on Monday so it will be ready by Tuesday lol

  • Ha, I knew the PSN Store update was going to be this long. Update at the night then there would be a lot of traffic accessing through the store.

  • Wow they really need to update the vita store separately, 9:00pm?This is absolutely ridiculous

  • Guys we need to give them their time, i guess this is not as easy everyone think.. play some Call of Duty online or other online games while waiting or check back tomorrow for the store update

  • what gives why the store is being updated so late now it used to be updated at 2pm or 2:30pm smh now 9pm? i give up now on the store updates

  • what’s going on with the store update? why so late? this is getting frustrating, every week its the same late update.

  • By the time Sony updates the store on Tuesday it’s pretty much Wednesday LOL. Move it to Monday so it will be done on Tuesday.

  • Now that there will be a new section in the Store for the Vita, will the weekly updates be even later now?????

    More content = Much later Updates????????

  • For me it’s already 00:50 of wednesday, I think they should establish an update time and do it in that time only ¬¬”

    Curious about vita, the store shows no games in my ps3, it have a store that only can be accessed using the ps vita? Wanna try it so bad :D

  • Don’t get why Sony is so slow, Xbox live updates the same time and fast every week.

  • I’ve been playing the vita version of plants vs zombies for hours now. i would have thought that the store would be updated shortly after i found it through search.

  • I usually don’t complain about the store updates being late, but 10PM on the east coast is unacceptable. No excuses Sony, if XBL can update at a consistent time every week, so can you.

  • wow! still no update.

  • If it Tuesday yet?

  • Jesus Christ, COME ON GUYS! this is unacceptable you guys really need to change motives on how you do these store updates, 10PM on the eastcoast i feel bad for the people that have been patiently waiting practically all day. I hope you guys take measures on improving store update times, they should be up no later than 1Pm PST.

  • I’m not going to jump ship over a late update, but seriously, 10 pm and still not updated?
    We doing updates on WEDNESDAY now?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
    It would be nice if we could at least be told why it’s not up around it’s normal 4 pm time frame.
    Not only would it be nice, but it would flat out just be the RIGHT THING TO DO.
    Seriously, I don’t normally get pissed off about small stuff like this, but you guys sold me a system with cards in the box, and told me I could download 3 games for free, and I was quite excited to play them with my daughter today, and now she’s on her way to bed, and I still don’t have them, A WEEK after I was under the impression I’d have them.

  • STILL no Update? I just got home from work, hoping to play the SSX demo and use my Vita’s AR cards, and here we are. Sweet. I assume the Vita Apps and all the other PSV scheduled stuff isn’t up yet either, right? I could check, but I am afraid I know the answer…wishful thinking, yeah?

  • Not to mention the fact that you guys announce that the people that own ps3 versions of certain games, will get the vita versions for free, and then out and out refuse to tell use which specific games, or when we’ll be able to download them/ how we’ll be able to download them.
    And then you ignore ALL inquiries as to how that’s going to go down.
    You could at least be a little more professional in your business ventures.
    I Love my Vita, But I’m beginning to dislike the people that have some kind of distaste for releasing it’s software from their dirty clutches.

  • I know these guys work hard to get us the update. But they should at least give us an update.

  • Really wanting my SSX Demo about now.

  • Wow, this is getting really late for the update!!!

  • Anyone else ready to call Sony and Complain about their incompetent store-updating-staff?!
    This is inexcusable.
    And thoroughly testing my patience.

  • took a look in the store now, yeaaaaah still not updated. Made some cappuccino and let the insomnia begins O.O

    ┏(-_-)┛┗(-_- )┓┗(-_-)┛┏(-_-)┓Everyday I’m shuffling.

  • @Jaimes_Bond I have been waiting all day for the SSX demo as well. Been getting tweets all day from @EASPORTSSSX from people who have been playing the Xbox version.

  • I started checking around noon, I didn’t expect it til about 5PM but after 9 rolled around I started getting restless. I knew what I gave up when I swapped my 360 for a PS3 and I still don’t regret it but damn this is my most anticipated game of the year. The only other experience I had was with FF9 and it was the same deal. All day for a store update.

  • I think Eric Lempel needs to create a new “Firmware” & install it into the Store Updating Staff to improve early updating & better performance :P

  • The reason why the store update is tking so long is becuase a publiser sent them a game out to late.. they usally update around 5;45- 620 pst time or 8;45 9 30 est. There is no diffinate time for ps store update that thats the avg time from last yr, which about accurate .

    Bit agree they reall need to hurry up.. I thought it was going update this morning at this pace, :).. sorry bad joke..

    vp psn legioniarre group

  • @JoeTheBeast16
    I feel your pain bro. My sons are headed off to bed now (central time) very disappointed that they can’t play with “the cool cards.” I get it that there’s a lot of content this week but shouldn’t that be planned for in advance? That’s what I do at work. If I didn’t…well…ya know what would happen. But on the bright side, think of the fun you and your daughter will have tomorrow when you get home. Peace.

  • @ 78 that is hilarious Lmaooo

  • @82 you got any proof of that? Why can Microsoft update live every week the exact same time early and Sony cannot? Sounds like excuses to me.

  • Also they shouldn’t have packed in literature with the Vita about AR games if they’re really not available at launch. If that’s not the case because we got the system early, then leave it out. I love my vita and I hope it does well but there are communication gaps and errors a plenty surrounding this launch. Sony really should start answering some questions about cross and remote play or at least tell us “I do not know…I will find out.” That’s all I expect.

  • (•_•)

    ( •_•)>⌐■-■


    Lets do this

  • @ master of puppet becuase ms get the game 2-3 days some times a week ahead of psn they get the game in 1-3 day, and the next day they have to have it up its not as easy as it look. Plus every thing goes through sercurity now,

    Also they(devs) put delay time restraints on games. like we might x game 1 hrs late or 2 hrs later.. the gaming industry is screwd up like that. You can thank the ms xbots for that..I cant make(ps staff) excuses for them becuase they do need to hurry up and Also idont work for sony or them. :).. I think this time restraint and give us the game 1 hr -2hrs later crap needs to stop..

    It bad for buisness.. and for gamer as a whole.. it just goes to show you ,,money is more important the gamer. Thats how xbox does buisness. SOny does not do free market bidding as much as xbox does

  • it’s almost 11:00pm EST, I don’t think it’s updating today.

  • Just stop saying the update is on Tuesday, because this late.. when people have to go to bed and can’t really get the update till Wed. does not a Tues. update make. Just Sayin’. I want that SSX demo now!! D;

  • Any idea when the store is going to update? I will can’t find this episode, and it is already almost 11pm here, with no store update. This is very annoying. The store never updates at the same time.

  • oh yeah jimmyfoxhound?

    #<( '-'’-‘ )># but then I was like, ( >’#”-‘< ) so I ate it.

  • damn it get posted totally wrong :C

  • I think that because they’re adding the Vita sections to the store that is the reason for the looooong delay for the update today. I know that around 3:00 PM pacific time they were doing maintenance to the PS store.
    Hopefully soon for the store update.

  • #<( '-'’-‘ )># but then I was like, ( >’#”-‘< ) so I ate it.

  • @** ROFl you expect me to believe that? MS gets the games early Sony does not? For what purpose so MS can update live a few hours before? LMAO that’s ridiculous and BS. Post proof or I call lies.

    It’s because Sony makes good hardware but struggles with the network and services around it. MS is a software company Sony hardware and it shows.

  • @96, yeah and struggles a lot :/ I’d prefer to have the option to pay a monthly fee to have a better network system like live. Don’t give much krap to intergame chat, just want to play my games lag free :(

  • hmm waiting for update but in the mean time watching kung fu majhong 2 with my wife recommend it to people that dont mind reading subtittles.

  • @master of puppets its been said gaming devs why the ps store delays.. it most becuase of gaming time restraints on certain games.

    I like to remind and everyone you that cod did this so did bf3 for us.. we got the bf3 maps 2 hours earlier than the xbox guys. the cod guys got a map thing 2 hrs than we did before. Some games have time restraints on them.

    Ther wil nvr be any proof of why the store comes up late from psn staff anymore. Becuase they wont say but they did tell us1 time last yr when store updated at 3 am the next day one time why.. Aslo the cod dev guy admitted it as true..

  • @mcbuttz78

    It doesn’t matter how this whole thing works. It all come down to MICROSOFT can get XBL update on time every week. SONY should learn from MS. Theres no excuses for SONY.

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