The Tester 3 Episode 3: Make Like Drake

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The Tester 3 Episode 3: Make Like Drake

Last week’s Twisted Metal inspired episode of The Tester 3 really pushed our gamers as the two teams scrambled to build a replica of Sweet Tooth’s ice cream truck under the intense scrutiny of David Jaffe. If you missed it, catch the full episode right here!

Week 3 tests their ability to overcome obstacles and stay focused in a challenge inspired by UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss for PS Vita. Golden Abyss’ creative director John Garvin visits from Sony Bend Studio to evaluate each team’s performance in the most demanding challenge of the season thus far. And this week, the winning team gets to spend some quality time with Nathan Drake himself, Nolan North. But the fun and games abruptly end during this week’s intense elimination.

Speaking of PS Vita, beginning with today’s PlayStation Store publish, The Tester 3 will be available to watch on PS Vita’s beautiful 5” OLED screen. You can catch up on the first two episodes on PS Vita as well.

Check out this week’s preview of episode 3 below, and watch the full episode here. You can download in HD and SD from the PlayStation Store when today’s update is published.

The Tester 3 Episode 3: Make Like Drake

We’re also set to launch our third Twitter giveaway for The Tester 3! This takes place next Monday, February 27. Follow @PlayStation to participate. Congratulations to @kancer for winning this week’s prize package!

For next week, the prize package is themed around the UNCHARTED series:

  • The Tester 3 t-shirt
  • 1 month PlayStation Plus voucher
  • “UNCHARTED: Drake’s Journal” autographed by Nolan North
  • UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception Collector’s Edition
  • UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception Soundtrack
  • UNCHARTED Notebook

As a reminder, please allow fans the chance to enjoy the show by NOT posting any spoilers in the comments below, or in the PlayStation forums.

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5 Author Replies

  • i want to win that

  • Is the contest open to Canadians?

  • I LOVE this Show(The Tester) :P Can’t wait to download it later;)

    • It’s actually available now on the Video side of the PlayStation Store and in the Video Unlimited service under ‘TV Shows/Free TV’

  • i enjoy this show…hopefully it can take place on more than just one state :)

  • my system downloads it automatically but i watch in in PS Home First then i show it to my friend who like it but watch it here and i present it in DL Version. sometimes home too, they can never tell the differnce lol till i hit o the full screen exits and the see the Home Theatre :) i love doing that hahaah

  • Hope that you guys are starting to putting in more with subtitles… I liked what I saw from last week – Episode Two… Please be considerate and find different ways to implemented more of that. This may be a good start after all… Just little bit more! Please? :-p Thanks!

  • I’ll be downloading this in HD later today and the Uncharted 3 flashback map #2.What time does store update anyyways…

  • hahaha watching this show is way too much fun. Wish you guys would make them longer and show the cast lounging around more often. I’ve heard the film crew was there for around 14 hours per day but we never see people just chilling and playing videogames for more than 15 seconds per episode.

    • Remember to check out the Extra Scenes from previous episodes that are posted on the bottom half of page. We’ll be bringing you guys a bit more of life in loft each week.

  • Wow, my Canada question is being ignored.

    Funny. Last year I asked about Tester contests being open to Canadians and you singled out my question to be answered during the Dec 16th, 2010 “Your questions answered” blog post and said “Great suggestion, we’re always looking at ways to include Canada in The Tester”.

    And here it is next year and you’re doing twitter contests with no official contest rules page anywhere that I can see and you’re completely ignoring my question leading me to believe the contests are US Only again.

    Why did you single out my question to be answered if you were not going to do anything?

    You know full well you could make Canadians eligible for contests if you wanted and are choosing not to.


  • What do you have to tweet in order to win? Or do you just have to be a follower of @PlayStation?

  • AMAZON didnt shipp my Vita as of yet for release date shipping, i just canceled that preorder…. now i dont even want it… its like nothing for me goes right in trying to aquier this.. i guess im being told not to get it from the higher gods…

    so much for that.. guess ill buy a new mobile phone.

  • Yea Kev, i watch all i can in Home to support those options, its great, thanks for that option.

    • How are you doing on the The Tester 3 Superfan viewing quest? Watch every episode, get the weekly cast off T-shirt and the golden TheTester 3 Quest trophy is yours at the end of the season!

  • the tester is the worst thing ever for gaming
    dont watch dont watch dont watch
    after this season ep1 i will never this crap ever

  • @polo155: Amazon doesn’t ship it till later tonight around 5pm. I order quite a few thigs with same day delivery and they always show up on time.

  • @polo155

    Um dude, Amazon doesn’t ship for release date shipping until the day before its supposed to arrive. When I get release date shipping, they ship from Nevada around 6PM and get to me by 11AM

  • @JohnDoeBR: Man do you believe everything you read? Also can you please read the blog and pay attention to what it says.

    “As a reminder, please allow fans the chance to enjoy the show by NOT posting any spoilers in the comments below, or in the PlayStation forums. ”

    Thanks and please don’t come again.

  • I’m gonna watch it now to kill some time at work… I’m sure it was a good episode will give my thoughts on it later int eh Forums :)


  • Sigh, still waiting for the Store Update. I don’t want to watch it on youtube.

  • When is the store going to update? For the past 2 weeks it’s updated super late in the day.

  • @Kevin Furuichi

    I can’t access them services because i am from the UK:D I have to wait for it to appear on US PSN later, which is fine;)

  • I like this show, too. It’s real interesting to guess who’s going to leave and who’s going to stay.

    I have a long term idea who’s going to win this season, so it’s going to be interesting to see if my guess is correct. Bets anyone?

    I’m super excited to get more stuff on my Vita, and this update isn’t updating fast enough! :p
    on another note, You guys don’t have to worry about Vita sales, I got my first edition bundle at gamestop (Was the only one to get one from my local gamestop) brought it in today, and just by showing it to the employees that were working, they’re all going to buy one now.
    So yeah, this hardware sells itself once someone gets to actually see it in action.

  • @Curtisio
    My bet is on Reality Palez, as he seems to be the only well rounded gamer.

  • @JoeTheBeast16

    LOL – That’s my guess too!

  • Update the store – the show is a joke…

  • You DO deserve the comment you idiot. Did you not read:

    “As a reminder, please allow fans the chance to enjoy the show by NOT posting any spoilers in the comments below, or in the PlayStation forums.”

  • These late store updates are getting ridiculous. Is this what we can expect from now on, thanks to the Vita? Maybe Vita games should be updated separately so we don’t have to wait all night for PS3 content. Also, why does mobile view only work half the time on the Kindle Fire?

  • @bnfdhfdhfd
    “Is this what we can expect from now on, thanks to the Vita?”
    Yes. Each week Sony needs to update four PSN game stores.

    Media Go

    Why they’re not all consolidated into one is anyones guess. Maybe only the PS3 has enough power to host content for multiple systems. :rolleyes:

  • I hate how it takes the entire day for the PS Store update to go live…

  • Why is it that PSN is always last to update it’s store?

  • Why the HECK does the PSN Store update to late!? It use to update before I even got back from school or work, now it updates when I’m about to go to sleep

  • wow still the store hasnt updated….

  • starBlinky thanks for posting SPOILERS DUMB A*^* my god

  • Maybe they’re still “Testing” the store update before releasing it :P

  • I think they release these updates so late just to f**k with us XD

  • Oh oh is the store updated …. *looks around*… come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!

  • At this rate, they might as well start publishing store updates on Wednesday mornings.

  • It used to be bigger update=later update. With every Vita game being released on PSN, we might as well not even look for the update until Wednesday :\

  • This is the worst show I have ever seen and to think the only reason was because of a freelance animator. The Tester in general needs to get trashed because now they only have actors in the cast.

  • Looking forward to watching this.

    Oh, and I wrote a recap of episode 2 for anyone interested:

  • i have the journal from uncharted sitting on my dresser from the amc event

  • Here’s a tip Sony……How about in a future Firmware Update (for PS3,Vita & PSP) you include a feature where people can recieve a message notifying us that the ps store has just been updated with new content. Also let this be a feature you can turn On or Off in Systems Settings. Either have it available for all users or just Plus users.

    I think this will be a good idea so people wont be monitering the Ps Blog on a Tuesday wondering when the store will be updated.


  • Yes, Vita on PSN, not only slowing down the store update – also a brilliant way to rip-off the consumer, lol! For the pathetic 10% discount they give you and give the cost per GB of storage of $3.33/gb (best case – 32gb card, allowing 2gb lost for leeway and saves) and given that the average of all the downloadable retail games would be 1357gb each. One can conclude that best case scenario (32gb card) each game you download costs you $4.52 to have the privilege of having the digital copy. So at a 10% discount, only games that are more than $45 are cheaper to download – everything else is cheaper to buy at a store.

    The worst part is by offering digital, Sony does not have to give any cut to a local store, not pay for packaging. So in effect they make more money selling digital and then buy their own pricing, they make even more again. Brilliant marketing, total win-win for Sony.

    Don’t get me wrong, love my PS3, had a Vita pre-ordered, but cancelled it simply due to the pricing structure offered by Sony. I might get one at a later date once Sony stops sticking it to the consumer. Just my $0.02 while I wait for the store update, lol.

  • to mystikalguy – but then no one would post anything on Tuesday, lol.

    An even easier solution is just to set a time for the updates, lol, say 7:00pm MST at the latest or something. If it goes up earlier, then good for them, but at least if they set a max time, people would know they need to wait. Rather than the current random, when we feel like it. Maybe the person in charge of the PSN Store worked for Blizzard, lol.

  • @ Kithkarno

    It’s just an option. I dont want them to stop posting the update on the ps blog, but if what i requested become possible in the future, users will know when to check the Ps Blog & the Ps Store online on their System.

    Also they did have a set time sometime ago but tha didnt last long lol

  • If anyone is interested, IGN has listed all the content for this week’s update, but no prices.


    how do i enter the twitter contest to win the prize package?

    all i have to do is just follow @playstation?

  • @ bnfdhfdhfd

    But that would mean we would be tainted by IGN, lol!

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