Plants vs Zombies for PS Vita Shambles to PSN Today

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Plants vs Zombies for PS Vita Shambles to PSN Today

Hello again, PlayStation.Blog fans! I know it’s been over a year since we last spoke, and I am sorry about that. I’ve just been really busy and haven’t had time to write, and I swear I have not been cheating on you with the Xbox blog or anything.

Plants vs Zombies for PS Vita

Anyway, now that the awkwardness is out of the way and we’re friends again, I am here to tell you that I have another exciting announcement for you! Plants Vs Zombies is coming to your brand-spankin’ new PS Vita today! Yay! If you have never played our action-puzzler — that pits a horde of horticultural heroes against a mob of fetid, undead, brain-eating zombies – there is no better time than now. The PS Vita version is darn near the most perfect version of Plants Vs Zombies yet, taking advantage of the handheld console’s touchscreen and internal motion sensors. And if you have played it before, well, why not play it again? Think of it as training for the real zombie apocalypse, which, not to be too much of a bummer here, could be coming any day now. Why be one of the unfortunate ones who end up in some undead guy’s brain sandwich? Do the responsible thing and prepare now with our game! Your loved ones will thank you later.

Plants vs Zombies for PS Vita

If you want to know what you’re actually getting in this version, which I guess is a reasonable enough question, I can tell you that the PS Vita version includes all of these positively wonderful features:

  • The complete, classic 50-level adventure game
  • The Zen Garden
  • 20 mini-games
  • 18 puzzle games
  • 10 survival games
  • 43 Trophies, including one Platinum trophy
  • The Zombatar zombie-creation tool
  • Online leaderboards

All for a paltry $14.99! That’s less than you’d pay at the movie theater for the latest rom-com movie and a bag of popcorn, and you’ll feel less bad afterward! Or, heck, if you must see the new rom-com movie, you can bring the PS Vita with you and then boot up Plants Vs Zombies once you realize the mistake you made! Either way, it seems like you should get the game, if you ask me.

Plants vs Zombies for PS Vita

So download Plants Vs Zombies from the PlayStation Network today! Do it for humanity! And the plants! And for those of us at PopCap who have kids going to college! Don’t make us beg! Because we will if we have to! Enjoy the game! Bye!

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  • @ all upset at Sony for the price: guys/gals, if you could please link me to where Sony has the final call on the pricing model/structure. As far as I’ve know, devs NOT part of the Sony brand will decide the prices of their titles; do not point the finger at Sony.

  • My sentiments have similarly been spoken already, so I’d just like to add a thank you for all the responses (~33%!). I’ve never seen that many responses before on something like this.

    It doesn’t make up for being away for so long, but it definitely is a good start, hehe ;)

    Also, would love to see if Pop Cap releases something exclusively for the Vita in the future that takes advantage of all of its unique features.

    • That is a great idea, yeah. I couldn’t possibly speak for the devs (because they’d kill me if I did), but I do know that lots of people in the company like the platform a lot. So who knows?

  • Hello Sony where is the store update i want to see what we get for our vita’s

  • New cutting edge platform, same garbage service. I find it harder and harder to defend Sony.

  • I’ll probably pick this up, especially since the Android version always force closes when I go to play a level now, but I do think it would be really cool if you guys could update the PS3 version to have a platinum trophy. I bought the disc version of it anyway, but I was a bit disappointed that it never had one. It’s one of the coolest games regardless, so keep up the good work :)

  • Oh, and now that I think about it… as far as I know, the Vita and PS3 versions of a game have the same exact trophy list. Since this wouldn’t be the case here, there must be separate lists. Would it even be possible to add in extra trophies and a platinum to the PS3 version?

  • Definitely going to get this.

    I would like to know if there are any plans to have Vita trophies be visible on PS3? I have a few friends who don’t have a PS3, only a FEB Vita. Ilike checking out what they have earned, how they are progressing, etc. Sadly, though they show up on PS3, with a trophy and rank count, no trophies or games are shown. Since the Vita games show up in both lists on the Vita (Vita only, as well as overall PSN list), will this be updated/corrected on Ps3? Seems a shame to not show off some shiny new trophies.

  • i’m not upset with Sony!! I’m upset with the game developers that try to push a game for 14.99 when it’s the same dame thing that i have on my ps3!!!hustle kings is letting you download it for free if you already have the game on your ps3!! there money hungry bastards !!!!!!!!

  • you guys are moving like those zombies, where is the store update?

  • I played it on PC years ago…. Got the PS3 version when it came out cos my boyfriend had heard of it and wnated to try it, and now… for the Vita….

    Well, the touch screen surely makes it easier to plant zombies, that’s obvious. But what really sold me was the full trophy set. I love getting trophies, I feel it adds more challenge to games. Like, you might not try to do a speed run on that Sonic the Hedgehog level otherwise! You get what I mean anyways. The PS3 version only had a short trophy list, which I nearly finished in a few days. This will likely take longer, so I’ll definitely enjoy it a lot longer!

    I’ll probably pick it up next week, already have a TON of games for the Vita!

  • I know it’s getting repetitive, but I really do support the idea of updating the PS3 version with the rest of the trophies. It would make the already owners happy and attract new ones, for sure.
    When I get a Vita, I’ll buy this version for sure too. The idea of playing this game with the touchscreen seems delightful.

  • i don’t think people are necessarily whining about the pricing decision, or expecting a free copy. i think they are simply stating that it’s ridiculous to pay 15 dollars for what they already have for 2 bucks on their iphone, and yes, the iphone version is almost exactly teh same as teh ps3 sans a couple mini-games.
    i think everyone was excited about the vita because it seemed tehy could have the ubiquitousness of iphone gaming with the conenction to their ps3’s, but, it seems that for now anyways, it’s just a psp2, and not very exciting.
    the iphone is not a success just because of a touch screen, but becasue of pricing, constant releases, and UI, though it seems sony is concentrated on mimicking and overshadoing jsut the hardware aspect.
    so, having said all that, no, i will not buy this, but only because i already own it twice, that doesn’t mean i can’t dream abut a PvZ i can play on ps3/psv and use one save file… hear me popcap?

  • hmm.. $14.99 Although I’m tempted; I can’t justify that much money for a game that I can purchase on virtually any other portable device for much less. Maybe if it was $5-8.

  • So it’s now 11:30 pm and still theres no store update?!? But the EU store that isn’t supposed to update until wednesday was already updated this morning… we need better people to run the US store.

  • Grace and all her PSN cronies took the day off to play Lumines of their VITA’s. No update today…suckers!

  • store update? anyone??

  • It’s officially Wednesday on the East Coast of the United States.

    Haw haw.

  • WTB a consistent time for store updates …

  • *low gravely zombie voice* Tropheez….

  • Gravelly* :) Zombeez cant spell

  • THANK YOU, for this version. You can turn off touch if you want. That is so win! I just wish it had a “both” option, because I’d like to switch between the two actively. (touch for gameplay, d-pad and buttons for menu)

    Still, it’s great to see someone get it right and allow for both options. I was pleasantly surprised by that in the options. :D Best version of the game hands down.

  • Good gravy people. The iOS version and PC version are not comparable to this version. iOS version locked out nearly all the mini-games from normal use, making you buy them in Dave’s shop instead with 50k coins, 150k for more iZombie levels. Where in other versions, you’d unlock more minigames by playing the minigames. (after unlocking them via story mode) They make up for this with microtransactions for coins! :D

    PC version… well there’s a reason the PC version is cheap, because it’s old. *shock* It’s almost painful to play now because it’s so ugly with it’s uber low resolution. Too small windowed and too blurry full screen. Not to mention the need to click every coin and sun is pretty tedious after playing any other version.

    So when the iOS version stops trying to get people to spend money on coins by locking away the variety and the PC version is made up to par with the PS3, 360 and PSVita versions then back off. There’s a reason those versions are cheaper. Makes me wonder how many people have actually played the PC or iOS versions. smh

  • I swear I love this game (heck I have it on my I-Phone, DS, and PS3) but to be made to have to buy it again when I already have bought it 3 times is ridiculous. It kind of feels like just because you added a few things here and there that we should buy the game all over again. I was wanting to get this game until I read that. Well I guess I will have to pass this up until you guys fix this or PS+ puts it up for free. Sorry guys you lost me this time.

  • Just downloaded it last night, it definiteiy plays better than ever! There’s a lot of value to be had for the trophy hunters — where else are you going to find a good $15 platinum this early in the Vita’s release?

  • So what does this version have that my iPod version does not? I havent played it In a while.

  • Pretty cool. I think like others though I am going to have to pass on playing through this game yet again on a different platform. Don’t get me wrong, I think it is awesome that it is PvZ is practically everywhere!

    Guess, I am just paranoid that if you ever make PvZ 2 that having played everything in the original on many different systems the magic will be gone?

    Anyway, great game!

  • I picked up the vita today and all I have to say is wow! What an amazing piece of hardware. My first download was going to be Plants VS Zombies as I love it on my iPad and the ps3. I thought this would be free if you owned the ps3 version but sadly that wasn’t the case. What is more shocking is the price at $15. This is a $5-$7 game at best. I have a bad feeling with Sony’s pricing that the vita experiment is going to die a slow death. They aren’t being competitive at all……such a shame :-(

  • Well I just got done reading through the comments and felt like I should thank Pop Cap for putting out this great title and making it readily available for everyone, I for one have bought this game on my PC, iPhone, iPad, Xbox 360 and PS3. I may not have paid full price for all or possible any of them as I am kind of a cheapskate and usually wait for sale prices, I got it for free on my PS3 through the wonderful Plus program. But I bought them when they became available at the price I felt it was worth to me. And once you have it on one system the rush to get it on another is decreased and it makes it easier to wait for a deal. I look forward to getting this on my VITA but I don’t feel entitled to get it for free just because i have bought it on the other systems. How would any company make money if they just gave everything away for free, I know I have bought many movies in the past on VHS and when DVD came out none of the movie companies gave me DVD copies for free, and then wen Bluray came out and I turned around and wanted those same movies in HD they still charged me again.

    -Continued on next post-

  • Just because something is in is digital format does not make it any less valuable to us or those who are selling it. Plus in this case they have gone in and added new features/controls and threw in some extra trophies for all of us that love collecting them. And like Jeff Green has said many times on this post Pop Cap games has put in time and effort making this available to us as new system owners, so if we choose we can buy it and enjoy but if we already have or just don’t feel it is worth the asking price then wait it out and get when and if the price drops. And as for Jeff offending any of you, come on really he is taking his time to answer our questions and concerns and educating/selling us on his companies product. Do you guys get offended whenever you see a advertisement on TV or on a Billboard?

    So thanks again Pop Cap and a special thanks to Jeff Green for taking the time to be a resource to all of us. I look forward to getting Plants Vs. Zombies and other Pop Cap games on my VITA even if I do wait for a price cut.


  • can you play co-op if you have the ps3 version and someone has the vita version?

  • Make a new resident evil for vita and angry birds ill be happy then also why isnt resident evil directors cut on vita yet?

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