Plants vs Zombies for PS Vita Shambles to PSN Today

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Plants vs Zombies for PS Vita Shambles to PSN Today

Hello again, PlayStation.Blog fans! I know it’s been over a year since we last spoke, and I am sorry about that. I’ve just been really busy and haven’t had time to write, and I swear I have not been cheating on you with the Xbox blog or anything.

Plants vs Zombies for PS Vita

Anyway, now that the awkwardness is out of the way and we’re friends again, I am here to tell you that I have another exciting announcement for you! Plants Vs Zombies is coming to your brand-spankin’ new PS Vita today! Yay! If you have never played our action-puzzler — that pits a horde of horticultural heroes against a mob of fetid, undead, brain-eating zombies – there is no better time than now. The PS Vita version is darn near the most perfect version of Plants Vs Zombies yet, taking advantage of the handheld console’s touchscreen and internal motion sensors. And if you have played it before, well, why not play it again? Think of it as training for the real zombie apocalypse, which, not to be too much of a bummer here, could be coming any day now. Why be one of the unfortunate ones who end up in some undead guy’s brain sandwich? Do the responsible thing and prepare now with our game! Your loved ones will thank you later.

Plants vs Zombies for PS Vita

If you want to know what you’re actually getting in this version, which I guess is a reasonable enough question, I can tell you that the PS Vita version includes all of these positively wonderful features:

  • The complete, classic 50-level adventure game
  • The Zen Garden
  • 20 mini-games
  • 18 puzzle games
  • 10 survival games
  • 43 Trophies, including one Platinum trophy
  • The Zombatar zombie-creation tool
  • Online leaderboards

All for a paltry $14.99! That’s less than you’d pay at the movie theater for the latest rom-com movie and a bag of popcorn, and you’ll feel less bad afterward! Or, heck, if you must see the new rom-com movie, you can bring the PS Vita with you and then boot up Plants Vs Zombies once you realize the mistake you made! Either way, it seems like you should get the game, if you ask me.

Plants vs Zombies for PS Vita

So download Plants Vs Zombies from the PlayStation Network today! Do it for humanity! And the plants! And for those of us at PopCap who have kids going to college! Don’t make us beg! Because we will if we have to! Enjoy the game! Bye!

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  • I hope you’re happy Jeff. You’ve just made me quadruple Dip.

    Enjoy your mountain of money at my expense.

  • As a certified Berkeley Hippie, I would be more than happy if all of our games were free on every platform all the time. Then we could all spend our time outside in drum circles or playing hacky-sack. Fortunately for both PopCap and Sony, I’m not in charge of the money. I do think this version of the game is pretty cool though. Now I just need Sony to give me a Vita! I mean, I need to buy a Vita

  • If only Plants Vs Zombies was on 5 platforms I own, Then you could afford sprinkles too.

  • There is an Xbox blog? What!!??!?

    • First rule of PlayStation Blog is we don’t talk about Xbox Blog.

      (Just kidding. I don’t even know if they have such a thing. And if they did, no WAY would I cheat on you guys over there. Well, unless they gave me some free games. Then maybe.)

  • I’ll have to pass on this one for now, as with many I’ve picked it up several times already. Had this title had a discount with PS+ membership I would have probably picked it up immediately. Since this is not the case, I just can wait until it is either on sale, or until I absolutely run out of other things to play on my Vita.

  • Sadly i bought this on my iphone and had to stop playing due to games killing my iphones battery which i also constantly use for a phone.

    but i’ll happily burn my battery on my vita :D

    will purchase soon!

  • Peggle! Peggle! Peggle!

  • a) The iOS version is lame. Sure it’s $3 (or around there) but it takes FOREVER to unlock minigames that you get through normal play in other versions. I’ve played through the game at least 7 times and still don’t have all the minigames unlocked because you need to earn so many coins to buy them at Dave’s. At least you can BUY COINS FOR REAL MONEY to make it easier! :D So unless you want some lame nickle and diming, deal with it.

    b) No one forces you to rebuy the game. So if you don’t want to, don’t. Simple.

    c) I’ll gladly buy this version. (Got the PS3 version free, bought the PC and iOS versions) Always out for the best version of PvZ and this seems to be it.

  • I picked this up yesterday so take that Pop Cap games ;-) (got my first trophy at 2/20/2012 @ 10:59 PM) Great game love that version has trophies.

  • Aw! :( I thought the PS3 version would @ least work on the PSVita… Wait… What? There’s a CrapBox Blog? LMAO! xD

  • How about Zuma? Already on PSP, so should be “easy” (knowing that easy is not so easy) to port to the Vita

    • Yeah Zuma would be great, too. I honestly have no idea what the next PS Vita game is going to be. Heck, I just found out about PvZ on Friday! They’re secretive even from ME!

  • Again? Really? This is exactly what I mean by companies sucking the life out of games now. You could easily upgrade the PS3 version to play through remote play on the Vita, or make it a free downloadable/playable title on the Vita(for those who bought it on the PS3 and wanna play on the go). Instead, you guys port it to the Vita, slap a platinum trophy on it, and call it a brand new game. Give me a break. I’m not paying for this again. Way to give back to the people that support you guys.

    • Well, we’re not calling it a “brand new game.” We’re quite clear that it’s the original PvZ. And we like to look at it as giving a way for folks to play a portable version of the game who don’t have it on a smartphone or the Nintendo DS. We don’t expect people to buy it again if they already have a way to play it that they’re happy with. This is just about providing another way to play and letting new folks in on the action.

  • Peggle!! Would be so awesome! Full plat would be a nice touch with touch screen controls. =D

  • What time is the ps store being updated

  • I love this game. Never played it until it was offered free to PS Plus subscribers. I wasn’t going to buy the Vita version until I heard there was a platinum. I will be buying this today. What can I say I’m addicted to the trophies.

  • Man, I wish you could play PS Vita games on PS3, though I understand the difference in features. I’d love to see another, even more complete, version of PvZ on PSN with a platinum trophy. I’ve already played this game to 100% and beyond on XBLA, PSN and PC. Its too addicting and too awesome, lol.

    Needless to say, if I get a Vita, this will definitely be one of my first purchases. Although, if you update a PvZ game with a platinum on PSN, I’ll definitely jump on that as well.

  • If I buy this will there be a new Peggle this year?? I need new Peggle in my life and I will buy whatever it takes to get it!!!

    • There will be a new Peggle…eventually. Like, I’ve actually heard people talking about it and stuff. When it ever comes out is still a Big Mystery.

  • GFW Radio was the best. I’ll check out the new PVZ, Black Dragon!

    • Awww…thank you! But don’t get it on my account. I mean, I don’t actually get a dime. :) Nor do I get one for being here either. I just like you guys, and it beats working on PowerPoint!

  • Not new, but I’ll check out the new one on Vita

  • Jeff! I talked to you at PAX 2010 while you were hanging out with Mr. Gary Whitta.

    Anywho, does the game allow both touch and manual controls? Are the trophies exactly the same as the PS3/XBLA versions?


    • Hello DeadlyCyclone!

      Yeah, it supports both touch and manual controls. I’m NOT sure if they’re the exact same trophies. :/ I do know there’s a platinum trophy with this one though.

    • Just to follow up on Jeff’s reply, the PS Vita version of PvZ will have the same trophies as the PSN version. However, we’ve also added a whole bunch of additional trophies for people to hunt for. There’s 43 trophies total (including a PLATINUM trophy). I believe there was only 9 in the PSN version.

  • Chuzzle has always been my favorite PopCap game, however I already own it on enough platforms that I don’t know if I’d re-buy it on PS3/Vita.

    However, I think Feeding Frenzy would look great on Vita and that’s one I probably would re-buy on Vita.

    • Wow, almost no one’s favorite PopCap game is Chuzzle! I mean, I’m not questioning your taste, I’m just pleasantly surprised! Do you know that the PopCap office is full of Chuzzle plushies? They’re all over the place, like tribbles.
      Turns out that the Chuzzles are good as two things: 1) iPad screen cleaners 2) dog chew toys!

      The More You Know

  • Please bring as many Popcap titles to Vita as possible!! Thanks!

  • Would love to see a new IP… how about Dogs vs Dinosaurs? :)

  • Jeff, how can you not like a game where you can click on something a few times, make it sneeze and all of its fur flies off?

    FWIW, I’m not implying that I like looking at naked furless Chuzzles.

    • Haha :) Hey, I like Chuzzle too! It’s just that that one often gets treated like a second-class citizen, even around PopCap. It’s nice to see it has loyal fans!

  • Jeff, how can you not like a game where you can click on something a few times, make it sneeze and all of its fur flies off?

    FWIW, I’m not implying that I like looking at naked furless Chuzzles.

  • “First rule of PlayStation Blog is we don’t talk about Xbox Blog.”

    It shall be now official! You hear, Jeff…. Rubenstein!!!!!

  • lol I’m not paying $15 for that game, I got it free on the PS3 for being a Plus Member and so I should also get it for the Vita for free.

  • I really like that trophies have been added to this game. But I don’t like that it is priced the same as the PS3 version. I am going to wait for it to be on sale one day. I am not in a rush.

  • Plants vs Zombies: Resting on Its Laurels Edition coming to PlayStation Vita!

  • Will there be an Endless mode??? I was so sad that it was missing in the earlier version… It is by far my FAVORITE mode!!!

    • Hrmmmm…I don’t know! Will add that to my list of questions for the devs.

    • I’m looking at my dev kit now and there is definitely a “Survival: Endless” game in there :) There’s even a leaderboard specifically for this game mode.

  • buuuuu it was supposed to be 9.99 :(

  • Will this port support head to head like the PSN version? Either Vita to Vita or online? I LOVE the head to head on the PSN version, so much fun! =)

  • “+ D-Squad3 on February 21st, 2012 at 2:44 pm said:

    lol I’m not paying $15 for that game, I got it free on the PS3 for being a Plus Member and so I should also get it for the Vita for free.”

    No you shouldn’t. Your logic is totally faulty. If you buy Mario Bros on the Wii, does that mean you get it free on 3DS? No? Why not? You paid for it on one system… Oh yeah,,, it’s coz Nintendo is in the business of making money! Guess what…. Sony is in that SAME BUSINESS!!! The PS Vita is its own system. I have Ultimate MvC3 and Mortal Kombat on PS3, do I deserve it for free on the Vita? Nope. Why? Coz its totally up to me if I want those games on a portable system.

    What is with all these knuckleheads thinking they get stuff for free? Portable systems have had ports of console games since the days of Gameboy, but only with the Vita do these idiots think they deserve it for free… Sony goes out of their way to interconnect the system with the PS3, and yet people think that entitles them to a world of freebies.

  • Guys, please pass on this game. Yes, the game is great and it’s fun, but let’s look at the facts and how PopCap and SOE are being greedy and eye gouging PS3/Vita customers:

    1. The game is $2.99 on iOS, probably the same on android and kindle
    2. You have to pay for the same game TWICE. That’s a total of $30 dollars for one game that’s 1/10 the price on the competitor’s device.
    3. SCE has shown the way with Motorstorm RC, Hustle Kings, and Top Darts. Support those games. Pay once, play on both machines.

    Say no to greedy enterprises and individuals and pass on this game. Don’t let them set a bad example and precedence at launch.

  • You asked what we’d love to see on Vita/PS3 from Popcap… PEGGLE!

  • Will there be a demo?

  • Which game do I have in mind? I like Bejeweled Twisted.

  • Peggle Would be nice.

  • 14.99 uuuuwhatttttt. not at this time.

    I would have pay 8 but 15 noooooo wayyyyy.

  • Is there coopertive play in this version?

  • PopCap games is easily one of my favorite arcade game company. You guys are awesome, keep the good work and cant to try Plants vs. Zombies on the Vita.

  • *cant wait to try

  • itofuman makes some valid points. The Vita is viewed as a device able to cross play between the PS3, offers the ability to ‘resume’ play on the go, remote play, among other cool things.

    Popcap didn’t include any of these things; & they’re a multi-million dollar developer.

    I purchased the PS3 @ launch because it introduced co-op play, which is very cool IMO.

    Hardcore P V Z fans will never be swayed. But IMO, there’s no incentive in price nor PS3/Vita functionality to warrant a P V Z PS3 owner to touch this version.

    I appreciate that this a launch title because I support Sony & I heart my Vita.

  • @webzpinner

    It’s the same game smart one. lol u mad? Well too bad I’m not paying for it so come at me bro!

  • Sorry love plants vs zombies but this is way to much money.Sony better get there act together.

  • It’s weird how the worse the PlayStation Network gets, the better Steam gets.

    I picked up PvZ (for the third time) from Steam during a sale a week or so ago for $1.99. Even bought two more copies to give to friends.

    Maybe one day Sony will wise up and price their post-scarcity digital wares more competitively and fairly, but until that days comes, I’ll be very happy elsewhere.

  • I appreciate that your trying to make your game available to new players and that it seems you have tried to include some new content. I also understand that you feel you need to price the game high to get the right ratio of sales to vita owners, however I take issue with the obviously low development costs and rehash nature of this title at $14.99. I also take issue with the crassness of your testimonial for it.

    “And if you have played it before, well, why not play it again? Your loved ones will thank you later.”

    This is offensive to me, while I do appreciate the game (it is fun) I don’t appreciate the pricing of this, I understand that it is my choice to pass on a product that I feel has low value for myself (I have a “limited availability included rental” of the game with my Plus membership. It is a great game.

    For those of you that support this at $14.99 i question your logic and will only create a further mandate for overpriced ports (however good that they might be) part of why I am playing wait and see on VITA

    Pro Tip. Don’t support things you thing are bad value products and companies will be forced to offer better value. ie. more motorstorm rc for 6.99 and less plants zombies for 14.99.

    • Well, I of course did not mean to offend in my tone. I can be a little flip sometimes. So I apologize if you feel I was crass. I hear you on the pricing, and obviously it’s a big issue since that seems to be what most folks want to talk about here. I couldn’t possibly tell you (because I don’t know) how this price was set or by whom. I think you are exactly correct in your assessment—vote with your pocketbook.

      I can tell you that, despite now being owned by EA, we’re STILL relatively a small company in terms of the manpower and resources we have available to put on each individual title, and each individual platform version of each title. There is an insane amount of development going on at PopCap on both new titles and new platform versions of old titles. So, really, it was kind of an insane miracle that we had PvZ for the Vita at ALL right at launch, rather than 2 years from now. We’re slow that way.

      We’re also always listening to our customers, and growing. So your feedback (and everyone’s here) is being read, and noted. And I thank you for it.


  • 14.99!!!! Don’t think so!!!!!! I have it on my ps3 and only got to lv3 !! It’s not a good thing for you to try and get 14.99 out of us that already have the game!! And you can get it for 5.00 on iPhone? And it’s been a year since you have been on this blog!! and then you have the nerve to mention Xbox on here!!come on all your doing is jumping on the money band wagon!!Well your not getting my money !!!

    • Oh dear. I appear to have raised your ire. That is a lot of exclamation points. Note that I only mentioned Xbox to say that I was NOT on their blog, because 1) I don’t know if they have a blog and 2) I wouldn’t cheat on you like that, because my mother always told me don’t go around breaking young gamers’ hearts.

  • look at what hustle kings did !! That’s how you do it! If you already have the game on your ps3 you can download it to your vita!! there not trying to get more money out of us!!

  • I will say this for PvZVita, it’s not $40 like dungeon alliance…. WOW… JUST WOW! Anyone that buys that deserves a complimentary punch in the face. It’s things like that which scare me about bleeding edge adopting a vita. That and fifa would probably make me want to hurl it into a wall.

    Also it’s 8:55 eastern and still no store update. CLASSY SONY, nothing like super late Vita launch day update to inspire confidence in your would be buyers. Well to be fair I think they should know what it’s like to deal with the psn updates and at least your setting their expectations in the right direction.

    SONY the only company to not be able to update their e store or tell people times out of any major company I can think of. it’s tiresome and it’s weak. Just tell everyone internally update is Monday nights, then you’ll publish by 8 – 11 pm eastern on monday and you can continue to tell everyone else it’s tuesday. Problem solved. GAWD.

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