Mass Effect 3 Available for PSN Pre-Order Today With Exclusive Bonuses

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Mass Effect 3 Available for PSN Pre-Order Today With Exclusive Bonuses

Mass Effect 3 for PS3Mass Effect 3 for PS3: Co-op

It’s been one week since our Mass Effect 3 demo became available and everyone at BioWare is incredibly pleased with the response. If you haven’t already checked out our single-player and multiplayer demos (the latter is completely spoiler free and a bit addicting!), I suggest you try them to see what all the fuss is about. Our development team worked hard to ensure that Mass Effect 3 is available at the same time for PS3 as it is for other platforms, a development milestone we’re happy to celebrate with the PlayStation community!

Today, I want to let you know about an exclusive offer for anyone who pre-orders Mass Effect 3 via the PlayStation Network. When the PlayStation Store updates later this afternoon, you’ll be able to pre-order to download a digital copy of the game (available 3/6 in the US) and receive the M55 Argus rifle to complement your in-game experience.

The Argus is a high-powered rifle and an excellent close-range weapon. Its bursts of fire ensure ammunition conservation during lengthy conflicts. Law-enforcement agencies across the Mass Effect galaxy are adopting the Argus as their standard rifle, as much for its intimidation factor as its suppression power.

Mass Effect 3 for PS3Mass Effect 3 for PS3

Along with that in-game bonus weapon, Sony Computer Entertainment America and BioWare would like to offer you a special Mass Effect 3 PS3 theme—only available for digital pre-orders. Once the game has launched, these offers will no longer be available, so if you haven’t done so already, secure your copy of Mass Effect 3 later today when the PlayStation Store updates and prepare for the Reaper invasion!

Let us know what you think of our pre-order offer and the Mass Effect 3 demo on Twitter!

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3 Author Replies

  • Wow great idea Sony, i love how much effort u guys put in to make our gaming experience the best possible, This is great cuz it could help boot PS3 Sells for the game. Its great to know Microsoft is no longer a step or two ahead.

  • two months ago played the game and liked it so much that couldnt get up without getting the platinum for this
    THUMBS UP!!!
    to the most awesome rpg
    i love it so much that i almost hate it ;)

  • Unless you can guarantee a time on 3/6 that this will be available or even guarantee 3/6 considering the store just updated WEDNESDAY (EST) this week, no thanks.

  • I wish you had bothered to show this amazing psn pre-order on the “week’s drop” before I went and preordered the physical copy…

  • Why pre-order it digitally when we never know when you’re gonna update the store on a regular basis? If we are going by this week ppl could of got the physical game a whole 24 hours before hand. I wouldn’t pre-order on a day 1 release from PSN if my life depended on it till there is better consistency with store updates. Not to mention missing content like Uncharted 3 Map Pack #2 & FFXIII-2 Costumes yet it’s available in most other regions. Sony, what say you?

  • No FemShep theme? Just did the preorder though. This way I am not tempted to trade-in the game. I do wish the robot dog came with this though. Oh well.

  • I’m just worried about the Onliine Pass. I saw on Youtube, Bioware unboxing an Xbox version of ME3 and there was a code for an Online Pass. I’m just worried if there will be an Online Pass at all. I have downloaded Games on my PS3 but those that don’t have Multiplayer, so I’m not really sure what will happen. If someone has any information about this. Please Reply.

  • The quality of the PS3 demo is absolutely terrible. If the final game isn’t vastly improved then forget it, no sale.

  • I’d love to get the game for my PS3, but unfortunately then I won’t be able to import my ME2 save game. So XBox360 it is then. (Assuming there is such a feature again is there was from ME to ME2)

    On a side note: I moan with each and every patch and also downloads in general from PSN how incredibly, mind-boggingly slow the downloads are. So it’s probably for the best not to get it from there anyway.

  • Finally! I applaud this move… Already pre-ordered mine off amazon, but keep doing this!

  • How large is file download for the digital download version of Mass Effect 3?

  • Anyone know the file size? I am pre ordering Friday.. I need to know If I have to clear up room or not on my hard drive…

  • PLEASE I NEED TO KNOW! How does i dowload it in march 6th, i’ve already pre ordered but there where no instructions on how to dowload it. Does anyone know? Many thanks

  • Hey just wondering, if you pre-order this game on playstation store how do you recieve it? Through message or what? Thanks

  • Does anyone know if this preorder offer will be available in Australia? i have embraced digital downloads but we down under always seem to miss out??

  • Great they’re doing a special midnight release on PSN. I’m staying up just for that.

  • well sony just proved that they have not alot of proffesionalism its 2 am and we cant donwload it… False publicity from playstation crew its very disapointing! next time ill buy my copy in a store so i wont lose my time …

  • Pre ordered the game at game stop and i do not have any of the extra content. I am really big fan of the game and planned on getting as much DLC possible for the game but now I’m not so sure. Any help would be appreciated. On another note I am enjoying the game thus far :)

  • this was a horrible idea to pre-order this from the psn when i have an old 40gb model -_- deleted all game data except for ME2 MW3 and Skyrim and downloaded the massive 14gb file and STILL with over 5gb of extra space don’t have enough space to apparently install ME3 -_- i don’t even know how much space i need or if it’s even possible to install the game on the 40gb model anymore…and what’s the point if i have to delete and reinstall every other game after I finish and delete ME3? I’ll be pretty angry if I have to buy a larger hard drive and format it and re-download everything including this 14gb file that took 15hrs to download by itself

  • I pre ordered Mass effect 3 and did not receive the bonus content. I plan on buying as much DLC for this game considering I’m a huge fan but now I’m reconsidering it… If anyone at Sony can help with this it would be appreciated.

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