Mass Effect 3 Available for PSN Pre-Order Today With Exclusive Bonuses

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Mass Effect 3 Available for PSN Pre-Order Today With Exclusive Bonuses

Mass Effect 3 for PS3Mass Effect 3 for PS3: Co-op

It’s been one week since our Mass Effect 3 demo became available and everyone at BioWare is incredibly pleased with the response. If you haven’t already checked out our single-player and multiplayer demos (the latter is completely spoiler free and a bit addicting!), I suggest you try them to see what all the fuss is about. Our development team worked hard to ensure that Mass Effect 3 is available at the same time for PS3 as it is for other platforms, a development milestone we’re happy to celebrate with the PlayStation community!

Today, I want to let you know about an exclusive offer for anyone who pre-orders Mass Effect 3 via the PlayStation Network. When the PlayStation Store updates later this afternoon, you’ll be able to pre-order to download a digital copy of the game (available 3/6 in the US) and receive the M55 Argus rifle to complement your in-game experience.

The Argus is a high-powered rifle and an excellent close-range weapon. Its bursts of fire ensure ammunition conservation during lengthy conflicts. Law-enforcement agencies across the Mass Effect galaxy are adopting the Argus as their standard rifle, as much for its intimidation factor as its suppression power.

Mass Effect 3 for PS3Mass Effect 3 for PS3

Along with that in-game bonus weapon, Sony Computer Entertainment America and BioWare would like to offer you a special Mass Effect 3 PS3 theme—only available for digital pre-orders. Once the game has launched, these offers will no longer be available, so if you haven’t done so already, secure your copy of Mass Effect 3 later today when the PlayStation Store updates and prepare for the Reaper invasion!

Let us know what you think of our pre-order offer and the Mass Effect 3 demo on Twitter!

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  • Have it ordered on PS3 and Xbox 360 and I can’t wait to play it again :D.

    The Argus is btw a general pre-order bonus, it comes with almost every pre-order :).

  • Will this be included with the PS3 CE edition or only just for the Pre-orded digital?

  • Will the theme be included with the PS3 CE Edition or only just for the pre-ordered digital?*

  • atleast i can share the price & game with my bro.
    split 30$ for a 1st day release i love this.

  • already pre-order the CE
    but if you get those themes plus any other add-on I will be sure to get them from the psn store as soon as they’re available :D

  • A quick and small question. Is this a dynamic theme? I’m a sucker for those.

  • I bought ME2 on PSN last year and thinks its awesome you are doing this preorder offer with ME3 for those who prefer digital games over physical. I’ll be getting a retail copy as I am sure the game will be larger than the file was for ME2.

  • only thing that sux bout this is it will only be available to download when they update the store that day and there updates have been very LATE in the day but ima still try and get it…i like the digital copy because i sale all my hard copies

  • Cant wait for it to come out! always liked the series and the demo is great. i don’t pre order often but i might with this game.

  • This is great and all for those looking to buy digitally, but how come we ps3 owners get the short end of the stick when it comes to the DLC? You guys have had a few offers of bonus dlc in statues and art books and some facebook games that allowed you to get the demo early and the mp early, but it was only for xbox and pc. I get that Mass Effect was on there first, but ps3 owners are your newer fans and I don’t think you should be giving us the short end of the stick. I’m not asking for special dlc that’s not on the other platforms, but at least give us the same opportunities.

    I’m not a new fan btw, I own ME1 and ME2 2x both on xbox and ps3 and plan on getting ME3 for ps3 for the sole reason that my xbox broke and I have no plans on getting a new one any time soon. Just felt I should stick up, not only for myself, but for the new fans that should not be left out and should actually be given equal opportunity so they’ll continue supporting your product.

  • will there be a full game trial for playstation plus subscribers

  • This is great, I would like to see more games being available on PSN on day 1. Well done BioWare!

  • I pre-ordered the CE for the tin and the extra goodies. I would love to get that FemShep theme though. :(

  • Does the multiplayer not have PvP?

  • Oh. This was tempting enough for me to check the Amazon order I have … Same RIfle, and a 10$ credit on Amazon though…. I applaud digital downloads, but I want all the perks and the discounts I can get elsewhere. I’m sure i’ll take advantage of the Vita discounts when I get my Vita. Thanks for the simultaneous release though.

  • This is cool, and I really want the game for the exclusive pre-order bonuses =) But I just started Mass Effect 2 (and then started a new game with Femshep and the (Warp/TechArmor/Cryo/Throw powers) since I didn’t like the engineer powers or because they just weren’t suited for me. I just played the Kingdoms Of Amalur demo which if you haven’t gives you a Bonus Armor and Weapon for Mass Effect 3!

    I really want to get the collector’s edition somewhere down the line, but I’m happy with my games as of now.

    Oh wait, why would you pre-order the single game on PSN? What about the online pass? And if you’re going to pre-order the standard edition, you may as well go with gamestop (urgh) because they’ll give you a bonus weapon and armor plus the Argus rifle. (They’re sold out of the CE by the way)

    I do, however like the feature of pre-ordering a game through PSN and still getting the bonus! Maybe you should add an extra — oh right the theme! That’s cool and everything. But maybe giving people who bought the digital edition a bonus Recruit Pack or Veteran pack would have sweetened the deal. Good luck and have a happy launch!

  • Not to walk over anyone’s toes, but I’ve always thought of you want to time the release with all the platforms at the same time, one would only just wait until they are all (or close to being) finished before announcing the release date.

  • Demo was fantastic.. I still gotta play through ME2!

    Any chance of a Mass Effect spin off on Vita?

  • And so the push towards digital distribution continues. The idea of preordering a digital item which can never physically run out is rather ludicrous, but whatever.

  • all games bought on psn that has to have an online pass to play online comes with the game when u buy and ALL perks that come with the pre order from store WILL become DLC so im not worried bout that…

  • The ME3 demo’s framerate was terrible.

  • I have a question that I just thought of. There is a digital deluxe edition of the game on origin for pre-order so I thought is it possible to pre-order either a regular or a deluxe edition of the game on psn? I am curious as I might cancel my ce pre-order if I can do a digital delux edition pre-order?

    I am also wondering if it is possible after mass effect 3 is finished and out for a while to maybe negotiate with microsoft to allow mass effect 1 to come to ps3? I say negotiate as I keep hearing that they cant because of microsoft but what if they made a deal with them to allow it would they port it then or remake it when finished with 3?

  • I am interested in pre-ordering Mass Effect 3 on the PSN but I have a few questions.

    -Will we be able to pre-download at all?

    -Will we have to wait until the end of the day when the Store updates to start downloading?

    -What is the file size?

    -Any guarantee for a midnight release?

    If I can preload the game and have it unlock at midnight I would cancel my Gamestop pre-order and order the game on PSN. So far though I have not seen any mention of just when we will be able to actually play. Also the PSN server’s get bogged down easy on big releases. I don’t want to shoot myself on release day when my download doesn’t start until 8PM and its downloading at 10 bits an hour.

    In other words we need more information and more assurances.

  • The Rifle is the Same one you get by Pre-ordering the game at and meh i always prefer the retail copy over digital ( You actually own the game retail and can touch it)… That and i will be going to the midnight release and probably start playing it before i would download 2% of that on the psn..

  • and meh as far as pre-orders go the Gamestop gives the best stuff in my opinion and i already have my collector edition pre-ordered :D

  • in europe too?

  • Damn it, BioWare! I’m buying the Collector’s Edition of the game and I won’t get the custom theme?! Ah well, thanks anyway, Jessica. You guys are still awesome. Any plans for PSN Mass Effect avatars? I’d like an “N7” or Sheppard avatar.

  • Just a reminder to everyone, as per new terms of service you cannot change your mind and cancel this pre order if you say want the disc version instead. Should be awesome but it is important to realize that they slipped that into the legal in case you hadn’t read the articles in the usual outlets about it.

    Game looks really good. I would consider downloading but the bandwidth caps in Canada are the devil and I would prefer the disc.

    Anyone know of a good custom Dax Shepperd face that I can use? it’s that or i’m making Ryan Giggs. Because the thought of either of those two guys saving the world amuses me.

  • + Bonus for digital preorder.
    + Exclusive content (theme).

    – No digital ‘collector’s ed.’
    – As far as I’m aware, the PS3 only has ONE exclusive content (theme) vs. the Xbox & PC platform.

    I preordered the PS3 collector’s Ed months ago; truly appreciate the digital release… but Bioware is really forgetting that we love their titles… & yet the limited content is quite glaring.

  • I would love if the first Mass Effect came out for PS3 since all 3 interconnect between each other it would drastically improve gameplay feel and settings in storyline

  • WOW can anyone imagine downloading this around 9 or 10 pm on the 6th man that blows takes 22 hours in the day to update the store b nice IF IT WAS midnight release on psn like stores

  • Bioware is one of best RPG developers and I certainly agree with @luvtoseek.
    PS: PlayStation Note: You should add referencing abilities in comments for better communication in conversational manner, discussions as an example.

  • Sony step your game up! these late store updates are getting very annoying.

  • So you guys are going to be selling this at less than the physical retail MSRP of $59.99 USD, right? You know, since this eschews physical distribution and some publishing costs, as well as the retailer’s cut… right? Surely it won’t be sold at full price, setting a precedent for future day one digital releases of AAA games?

  • im still new to the ME series, but Mass Effect 2 was good. I hope Mass Effect 3 is better.

  • I’ll take the Disc and save my HDD space. Excellent co-op gameplay. Looking forward to the co-op. Could care less for the single player portion. Hope the co-op gets map packs.

  • Would be very good if we could pre-load the game before it releases so we can play when it’s midnight.

  • So is this going to be $59.99 or is it going to be at a more fair reduced price given that digital distribution eliminates physical distribution costs, the retailer’s cut, etc.? If not, it will set a precedent going forward for future day one digital releases of AAA games like Mass Effect. I for one don’t want to see games selling digitally (especially since used games look to be going the way of the dodo) at full MSRP price rather than a reduced price that passes some of those savings on to us…

  • 3rd week in a row for store being updated at 10 pm hire a new team that can get the job done faster

  • yeah right!! y would i want to buy this great game on ps store and have to wait till 10 or 11pm just to start downloading it. no thanks ill just walk to gamestop!

  • Incompetence is the watchword here on PSN. Can we hope that this update has come in February? When they look to Microsoft and its Xbox Live network sensational and learn something? At least they should respect the customers and not give deadlines that do not have the authority to meet!

  • Just wanna know something, I already have my CE Pre-order, but I’m a huge fan and I want to give this download to a friend as a gift. So, if I buy this will also include the already known pre-order bonuses announced for the retail version?

  • Nice stuff guys.

  • Will the PS3 version of ME3 get voice command support like the other platform?
    If not, why?

  • Can we get the store updated….PLEASE!!!

  • midnight EST and still no store update?

  • This is so GREAT! ME3 pre-order, Starhawk open to public, and SSX demo and I am S.O.L. b/c my fatty got the YLOD.

    Hopefully some of this stuff lasts for a while until I get a new system.

  • I pre-ordered my copy from an Online retail store in India ‘Flipkart’, but I could not find the CE edition for PS3 anywhere in India (Online/Retail)…hope you release the ROBOTIC DOG as a DLC, and whats with the pre-order first come first basis thing? completely hate it, no download bonus for Cash on delivery, i mean is this a Joke? I feel this is completely unfair, a pre-order is a pre-order, and they are just DLCs its not that you are giving away a Real NORMANDY or something, please its a request make the DLCs pre-order bonuses be available for everybody who pre-ordered regardless of what mode or where they did it.

  • im sorry but this sounded good at first but now its looking like a bad bet as in (PRE)order its wednesday already & NO store update. i changed my mind im going to gamestop to get mine being forced to get a game a day later after i preordered it for THAT exact day is a waist of money

  • after trying the demo i am not really sure on it :(.

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