Excavate the UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss Treasure Map Pack This Wednesday

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Excavate the UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss Treasure Map Pack This Wednesday

There are literally hundreds of treasures and artifacts in UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss that help tell the backstories of the game’s locations and characters, and all are tied to Trophies. To provide some extra incentive to explore every nook and cranny in the game, we added hidden paths throughout every level — finding everything will be a challenge! But we also decided to create Treasure Maps for those who want all the game’s Trophies but who aren’t keen on exploration, or just want a hint now and then.

Since UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss is a portable game, it’s not always easy to hop online and look up an FAQ. For that reason, we decided to offer DLC that integrates the Treasure Maps directly into Drake’s Journal.

UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss Treasure Map Pack

When you buy and install the maps, a new Treasure Map Icon appears on the Chapter page for each level. Tap the icon to bring up the map.

UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss Treasure Map Pack

You’ll be greeted with a full-screen image of the level showing all of its major landmarks and the locations of rubbings, photos, artifacts, treasures and Mysteries. And in case you were wondering, there are 34 maps — one for each level in the game.

UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss Treasure Map Pack

We wanted to offer the convenience of having the maps just two clicks away while you’re exploring the level… without having to leave the game. We’ve added a purchase button to the UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss Live Area page which links directly to the PlayStation Store to make it easier to find.

Good luck, and happy treasure hunting!

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  • Bet this is like 5-10 USD. No one is gonna pay anything but a dollar for this, if anything.

  • Instead of adding this, why don’t you add multiplayer DLC?

  • Yes, please release some multiplayer DLC for a game that is only single player. That makes sense..

  • Since I how live in Hong Kong I can only get Asian Version of the game… Is there anyway I can use this DLC?

  • I though this was going to be lile 5 dollars but it ends up being 1so dollar thats a steal

  • At 1 dollar im not going to complain, besides i need it. Great game.

  • I bought and downloaded the Treasure Map DLC before I downloaded and installed the game patch. I now cannot access the Treasure from Uncharted? why is this?

  • I got it… I spent more buying those guide books than $1… Anyways I purchased it and I get the following error when it tries to install: E-8001008f. First SuperStar Dust Detla now this!!!

  • At least yours attempts to install. All that happens with mine is that it downloads, says “Download Complete” and then nothing else happens.

  • Please add online multi-player & single-player survival/horde mode to Uncharted: Golden Abyss via title update or DLC! :D

  • Open up Uncharted – it should attempt to do the install… at least that what mine does.

  • I will get my VITA on march, but I already bought the DLC… LOL!!! XD

  • Okay I figured out how to install this but it’s a bit silly because you will lose your saves (unless there’s some workaround):

    1) Backup your Game data via Content Manager
    2) Uninstall Uncharted (this includes nuking your saves strangely)
    3) Reinstall Uncharted (but don’t patch)
    4) Download the treasure pack
    5) Launch Uncharted (to install the treasure pack)
    6) Install the patch 1.01

    This should work however you need to start a new game…

    I’ve tried restoring my previous game data (which was previously patched) and reinstalling the treasure pack but still get the E-8001008f error. Not sure how to get around this :(.

  • Nothing’s going to stop me from looking up the images on google and saving myself a buck.

  • This is so stupid. I downloaded the darn thing three times and it still doesn’t work. I downloaded the game update (+300mb), thats no prob. But for some reason, the treasure map doesn’t show up. I tried to download the map pack before and after the update, still nothing. Wouldn’t be easier for you guys to just add a big, rounded, “INSTALL” button to avoid confusion? It’s so embarrassing, considering this is a first party title. While you’re at it, add multiplayer component! I’d be happy to pay for a multiplayer dlc.

    Btw sony, stop working on some stupid “apps” like facebook, twitter, etc for Vita. Instead, get the psp emulation to work 100% for all titles and the PSX (and hopefully the PS2). In short, just concentrate in making games!

  • Download it form psn but i can’t install that. I have the Asian Uncharted. How to do that?

  • @66

    That is the main reason I want VITA to be able to register multiple account at the same time..

  • Save yourself a dollar. Downloaded it and it doesn’t even work. What a ripoff.

  • I bought, downloaded, and installed this dlc, but it’s not showing up in my game anywhere. It’s like it didn’t install at all. I tried installing it again, but it’s still not showing up.

  • So I just realized that I hadn’t patched the game. I followed post 63s steps, and it works now. If you haven’t patched your game try the little down arrow in the orange ball at the top of the screen. The patch itself says that it must be installed for the DLC to work.

  • I bought and downloaded the map pack…and its not working for me….this SHOULD work even if I am playing on hard mode….right?

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