Excavate the UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss Treasure Map Pack This Wednesday

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Excavate the UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss Treasure Map Pack This Wednesday

There are literally hundreds of treasures and artifacts in UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss that help tell the backstories of the game’s locations and characters, and all are tied to Trophies. To provide some extra incentive to explore every nook and cranny in the game, we added hidden paths throughout every level — finding everything will be a challenge! But we also decided to create Treasure Maps for those who want all the game’s Trophies but who aren’t keen on exploration, or just want a hint now and then.

Since UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss is a portable game, it’s not always easy to hop online and look up an FAQ. For that reason, we decided to offer DLC that integrates the Treasure Maps directly into Drake’s Journal.

UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss Treasure Map Pack

When you buy and install the maps, a new Treasure Map Icon appears on the Chapter page for each level. Tap the icon to bring up the map.

UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss Treasure Map Pack

You’ll be greeted with a full-screen image of the level showing all of its major landmarks and the locations of rubbings, photos, artifacts, treasures and Mysteries. And in case you were wondering, there are 34 maps — one for each level in the game.

UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss Treasure Map Pack

We wanted to offer the convenience of having the maps just two clicks away while you’re exploring the level… without having to leave the game. We’ve added a purchase button to the UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss Live Area page which links directly to the PlayStation Store to make it easier to find.

Good luck, and happy treasure hunting!

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  • Very nice. This is the best, making Drake’s Journal and it’s so full of infomoration.

  • I’ll buy it–although, gotta say, frustrating that on the Chapter Select (after beating a game) you can’t see how many things are missing from a Chapter (like you can in Uncharted 2 and 3) unless you enter the chapter–any chance of that fixed in a title update?

    Either way, loved Golden Abyss–few parts were kind of lame (like where you are running from shooters and AI ‘buddy’ stands oblivious on ledges blocking you from running faster) but overall you guys did Nathan Drake proud ;-)

  • Oh the ironic “If you could run the browser same time as a game, I could hop on and look at a faq” comment :)

  • Will the map update as you collect the various things, so that you know which ones you already have?

  • wow. good to see the douchie 1st posters are alive and knuckle dragging.

    Is there a projected price point for this dlc yet?

  • This will be of some help thanks! and great game by the way!

  • I always wondered why there weren’t pushes for digital guides like this. Great job guys (not sure I’d waste the money as I take pride in earning stuff by myself).

  • Seems like an awesome idea! Great way to add on to a great game!

    But why aren’t the maps part of today’s store update? Just curious.

  • first of all thanks for such an amazing game on a handheld !!! uncharted golden abyss is like playing uncharted drakes fortune on the ps3 IMO . im really loving the black market , i have received like 11 rare items on the black market through Near

    i have 1 request , can you guys patch the game so it can support online features ? im really loving vita online connectivity and i want to be connected to psn at all times , other games like wipeout , little deviants support online features when playing , please patch the game .

    oh and im so getting the DLC

  • What time does PSN Update in the US?

  • great DLC right when the Vita launches lol thats just what we need :) …. this could have waited till next week but hey, you guys make the decisions not us :P ….. here’s to hoping ITS FREE cuz the game is 50 bucks and now there’s dlc too …. great move guys … awesome :)

  • @1 … do you even have a vita or are you just looking for attention?… i have the game !! I’m just waiting for my vita!!!

  • Got my Vita on the 15th with Uncharted little deviants and modnation racers along with Escape plan and super stardust delta and i must say im very impressed its an awesome handheld and much better then the PSP and another handheld who shall remain nameless…

  • any word on the price for this?

  • Is it free? The game is already 50 bucks, if it costs $9.99 to get this digital booklet it’s absolutely BS.

  • @JimmyHACK
    Good God did you butcher the word “Information.”

  • For those wondering about the price: it costs 1 euro in Europe, so it will probably be a dollar for you guys. Not a lot, but still: this could have been what is already a 50 dollar game.

  • sounds good if it’s priced reasonably

  • really paying for a Treasure map?….

  • Integrated in-game assistance – that’s cool if you want to get it.

    Golden Abyss is a great game from start to finish. My only requests are to patch in a cutscene viewer and a statistics viewer.

  • The Vita should be able to open a browser and pause a game without issue. Still this is a nice concept for DLC, better than a Multiplayer map add-on.

  • Fantastic idea…but this should be free considering we’re already paying $50 for a portable game.

  • “there are 34 maps — one for each level in the game.”

    Yay spoilers…

  • Sounds good?

    No, sounds like it should already be in the game.

  • Outrageous to charge for a few treasure maps. A few new levels maybe but this?!?!?!

  • This game kicks ass! Just got through it on Normal.

  • seriously, worst sound EVER!
    can you please chok yourself with it, and die!?

  • With all due respect… …paid DLC to add in game maps to allow for finding treasures quicker and therefore unlocking trophies easier? I hear this game is fantastic, which is nice, as I’m picking up a PSV tomorrow and am still undecided about games. Having said that, and like some people above have pointed out, this DLC should be free. Please do not nickle and dime.


  • @6, olapbill: lol! Please add this to every blog post since there’s always one of these silly juveniles.

    Anyway, I’ll be getting the map, the game, any other dlc, whatever. I am getting my Vita tomorrow (hopefully).

  • You make us pay $50 for a portable game, then announce paid DLC for a basic feature? So the slimy, sleezeball DLC trend is now slithering its way into portable gaming. Wonderful. Absolutely wonderful.

  • now that i think about it this DLC should be free , it should have been included in the game as unlocks ( like unlock it once you beat the game in any difficulty ) even the game as fantastic as it is imo its kinda expensive for a handheld game

  • To those saying that this should be free:

    These maps are things that would normally appear in a game guide or strategy guide, something that is typically sold for a price and not for free. So yes, paying for a treasure map, or any other kind of completed game map that you did no work of your own to produce, is a completely reasonable transaction. That it is integrated into the game so that you never have to leave or turn away from the game to use it, is something that should also hold a value.

    As with any game guide or strategy guide, if you don’t want it then you are welcome to wait until someone on the internet creates and publishes an FAQ. Or, you could just try and find the treasures yourself.

    P.S. This game has as much single-player content and traditional gameplay as any of the Uncharted PS3 games. Nothing is watered down here. You are getting a fully-voiced, fully-acted, fully-cutscened, fully-rendered, fully-original-scored, fully-weaponized, fully-set-pieced game. Sony and Bend have taken the notion of what is portable and turned it on its ear with this game.

  • It’s essentially a strategy guide to the treasures. Strategy guides typically cost money, and the ones available for free online are usually fairly poor or minimalistic. You can’t really blame the developers for wanting to cut the middle man out and give help to gamers that need it directly in-game. Pretty interesting idea for DLC, and certainly better than the usual 100kb unlock key for stuff that’s already built into the game.

    That said, the DLC is completely unnecessary because the treasures aren’t that difficult to find anyway. If you’re an Uncharted veteran then you will have no problem, because you know what to look out for.

  • how about free for playstation plus subscribers ?

  • I love my vita. I am so happy thank you Sony

    You two make great advocates for DLC. You’d fit right in with these companies.

  • This is the type of DLC that I’m willing to pay for. Thanks guys!

  • @ ChubzDoom
    I’m not advocating it, I hate the modern DLC trends (pre-order to receive x, buy a 100kb unlock key for something that’s already on-disc, etc.), but supplying a strategy guide in-game for those that need it is hardly something to have a fit about. You want a strategy guide, you’re paying for it. Nothing unusual or “slimeball” about that.

  • I like this game better than uncharted 2 and 3 because there is so much to collect and discover. Will get this maps and have a blast!!!
    hope there are expansion packs dlc coming for this gem. Is just too great to let it go

  • Wow… what a slap in the face. Just found all of the treasures on my own last night and I could have waited a couple more days and have had the game find them all for me? Lame. This totally goes against the spirit of the Uncharted games anyways.

  • I have to agree with all the people who posted the fact that we already paid $50 for the game and this DLC should be free or very cheap like less than $2. If not I will just use the free internet guides to find the treasures.

  • so this isn’t free? then count me out, a lot of people are buying this game (probably almost every vita owner) and you want some extra quick cash-in, no thank you

  • i am half way into the game on crushing now, i have over half of the stuff and am just going to look for all of it myself but if is free for plus i might get it if i get stuck on the last few

  • Oh joy. DLC for portable games.

  • there is a big game breaking glitch in golden abyss that prevents from getting the platinum trophy.

    Chapter 24, Ring of Earth 4 Charcoal Rubbings

    I found all 4 and the game says I only found 3 so I cannot receive the last remaining two trophies related to completing this. I replayed the chapter many times but it remembers the progress so there is nothing I can do but to start from scratch with a new save and find EVERY SINGLE treasure yet again!

    Be careful on this chapter

  • with that being said, is there anywhere at sony/bend i can forward this glitch so it gets looked at and maybe patched? I took screenshots with my vita if that helps..

  • If you don’t want to pay for a guide, then don’t people. eez… it’s an OPTION. And let me remind you that Uncharted: Golden Abyss has been out in Japan for months now. And its already out here. I hardly consider this ‘day 1’ DLC, nor DLC that is needed. And no this would never be included in game, because that defeats the purpose of the core game to give you an easy way to find everything hidden.

    You can still go online and read some free walkthroughs, or do it yourself. Get over it.

    This game needs system data like the other Uncharted games. Deleted my save, because I thought it would be like U2 and U3 where you just start a new game and save over your original save and it’ll keep your data… but no. It’s even worse then U1. Since you have to start completely over. Everything gone. Even your trophy data is started over it seems. smh, bad enough that Chapter Select is ripped clean.

  • lol is there gonna be a fee for this? If there is then NOBODY, I REPEAT NOBODY should pay for that ****. Uncharted is already $50, paying more is just ridiculous, you can most likely find guides online for FREE.

    Sony needs to realize that these games are expensive as ****, that’s why many people prefer to play on the other handheld devices such as phones/tablets because you can buy decent games for just a couple of bucks.

  • Not sure why this could not be in the game in the first place but since it is not up there i am going to ask how much is this going to be? $$

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