PS3 System Software Update (v4.11)

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PS3 System Software Update (v4.11)

Later tonight we’ll be releasing an optional system software update (v4.11) for PlayStation 3. This minor firmware improves certain aspects of system software, and is not mandatory to connect to PSN.

Again, this update is optional in the US and Canada, and can be downloaded by selecting System Update from the Setting column of the XMB.

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  • #22:
    #28 has an avatar, it’s the Oakland Athletics, which was fine in ’89 (haha).

    Back to the thread… what #50 said. :) Seriously, it’s probably for the Vita, and if so, it’s one of the first of many patches, fixes, etc. to attempt to fix whatever’s wrong with a brand-new piece of hardware.

  • The question about the ar card they wont work untill the 22nd i belive you have to wait for the apps on psn

  • and i fig out how to take psp games off ps3 and put on the vita it worked for me with little big planet. and yesterday i belive i couldnt do it. maybe that was involved with the update or i just didnt notice it before.

  • Playstation Stereo Headset / 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound Has a noise issue when you play in multiplayer game that has a voice chat. either you mute the mic or not, it still noisy.
    it’s ok in singleplayer games and other system multimedia ..
    So Please Fix This and Discover who did it, and show him a nice punishment…
    this is unfair! you can’t nerf it , so then we have to buy a new model? lol
    think carefully because this is terrible, and you’ll see it’s a big mistake if you skip it without fixing…….
    THANKS !

  • I’m here to report a problems with the last update: The Youtube player now makes the search box appear EVERY TIME you search or click a link. It’s very annoying. My second issue does not include the update itself, just that the way Sony describes these things is messed up. Don’t you have someone working there that has a job to include fixes in actual words? I mean, come on. These things NEED more details. Why would I download an update that doesn’t sound like it fixes anything I have, (because the fixes weren’t included) and could potentially kill my PS3? What about the Netflix problems people are having? Does this thing fix that or not? Netflix is in fact “PS3 software” right? What software was improved? how can we tell you if it does or doesn’t work if we have no clue what software was improved?

  • Could you please fix the trophy sync issue?

    It should not take 15 minutes to sync trophies over a broadband connection. Also, It should not sync ever time a go into the trophy list or look at my profile card. It use to do that if you just quit out of a game. For a while now, It has been doing this every time. unless I’m in a game then I can browse my list without it trying to sync.

  • Any news on being able to update a sub-account to a master account? Please let this be in the next update, I’m 21 and can’t get on Home or make purchases since I’m still ina sub- account.

  • downloaded the update and didn’t notice any changes what so ever. What about putting in dropbox on the xmb ? They could do way more with the updates to realise the total potential of the XMB. It could be quicker though and more flexible but any changes would take another generation I think (PS4).

  • I lost the ability to assign album names to files. I assume it was due to the update either by design or an oversight. Although it isn’t important in terms of the systems games functionality, I found it useful for sorting photos, demo’s, bought titles, PS+ titles…etc.

    If this was in error, I would appreciate it if this could be addressed in the next update. Or if it was cut intentionally if someone from Sony could confirm that (it’s just nice to know so I don’t waste time pursuing the matter).

    ThanX ^^

  • yesterday I had to update. but, these days have to update again. why? Grrrrr

  • there should be an update to notify with a tone or melody that i get a psn message or chat

  • Whoa never mind my previous comment! I was mistaken.

    …(helps to not be in the middle of a game when assigning album names to files..)
    Learn something new everyday ^_^;

  • My Sony Wireless Headset is working after i Downloaded this latest update,
    I’m happy because i was just about to return it, $99
    I’m happy now :)

  • Nope, the headset is still the same.
    Fix it to how it was prior to V. 4.10.

  • Focus on the PS3 itself not the Vita.

  • i don’t know how it was prior to v4.10 because i just bought it 4days ago and instantly i knew there was
    something wrong as soon as i turned them on. It sounded hallow the volume on max and i was barely able to hear it. so i did about 3 things (thinking it was the update) now i have pretty deep sound when playing battlefield and darkness 2 demo last night

  • Well thanks, but I really hope the next firmware update will bring PS2 compatibility with the ones on the disc to the PS3 Slim models. I know there are some PS2 games to buy from the PlayStation Store, but I rather play the ones that are on the disc.


    fix it @!#$25436%^&7654%$….€99

  • I love Sony. “certain aspects”


  • Could you in a future update allow us to “tag” games, so we can then hit square and have them sorted by folders named after the appropriate tags?
    I tag Flower, Tumble, and Hydrophobia: Prophecy “Motion”. I then tag games I finished as “Completed”, and tag Flower and Golden Axe. Then I tag Golden Axe and Bionic Commando Rearmed as “Retro”. I would hit triangle to tag a game, just as how I would to give them a folder name.
    I hit square to cycle between displays while in the Games tab, and have them sorted by Tagged. All tagged games are in their respective folders under “Motion”, “Completed”, “Retro” et cetera. Untagged games aren’t put into a folder with a tagged name, of course, and are listed below.
    They can be in multiple folders, that’s OK. I just would like a more organized way than creating several folders where one game might fit into multiple categories.

  • To complain via e-mail about the headset go to home page then support/contact support/choose product -PS3 system/choose topic-accessories/choose details-wireless headset. The rest i leave to you, I stated my problems with the headset this way.

  • It’s a ok update, I wonder if you guys can give us a Youtube app cause the PS3 browser version is getting really old lol.

  • We like to have details on these updates please.

  • Seriously fix the wireless stereo headset issue ASAP. I’ve put all of my online gaming on hold due to the annoying echo.

  • I was told this was optional download, I had to download just to get online. I just want ti know what it was for. No one is saying anything about it or what it fixed

  • If this is an optional update, then why did my auto-update function download this update without giving me the option to postpone it.

  • What does this update do?Stop making vague updates Sony!

  • No, this update fixes some bugs the web browser had, particularly with google not working at all!

  • Its ok…. ZZzZZz


  • This update has doomed my system to an endless loop of “An error occurred during the update operation. (8002F310)” with no sign of it ending. It won’t start in safe mode and I have no way of booting with a flash drive to try to run the update from there, which I don’t think would work anyway as it’s live to download with the PS3 but isn’t like on the Sony’s PlayStation website…just scroll to the bottom; as of this writing it’s just not there! Only 4.10.

    Sigh, Sony, please get it together more often. You do so many things so great but often I find myself feeling like you’re run by a bunch of folks who’d rather do anything other than a good job :(

  • you say it isn’t mandatory, but yesterday my PS3 asked for the update if I wanted to go online (and I have the 4.10 version so that’s not the problem)

  • I would love to see, what new firmware changes were made

  • i recently got a new PS3, how do i go about getting the ps3 plus on that ps3 & the games also

  • sony stay with the useless post about an update with no real detail or innovation to the PS3 while the other console updates their interface and do what they can to keep their members interested.

  • Yawn, what a joke. This is the same hit and run post right before close of business with no facts no answers and no results to show for it. Unless you count even more bugs as results. I certainly don’t. Eric Lempel you sir are true DOLT in every sense of the word. You so richly deserve to be fired. But your in luck, those you work for are equally ignorant sparing you the ignomy of termination for gross negligence. If only those of us gamers could get such a cushy job getting paid for nothing. But then most of us reading this rehashed junk of yours actually work for a living and might actually produce results: Heaven forbid!! the heresy!!

  • @ CaptainJames99:

    i’m sorry, all i heard was, “WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.”

  • are you guys ever gonna fix the firmware to support the frontman nyko guitar for ps3 for rockband and guitar hero? has been broken since firmware version 2.80 update… come on…

  • dont like updates take up lots of time =(

  • I noticed the improvement to the display of some websites but YouTube video still crashes the system… requiring a file system restore. Not good.

  • Ok the last update was fine but it keep signing me out (In video chat). Then I updated. Now the browser is going back to its slow self. Plz get that fix.

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