PS3 System Software Update (v4.11)

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PS3 System Software Update (v4.11)

Later tonight we’ll be releasing an optional system software update (v4.11) for PlayStation 3. This minor firmware improves certain aspects of system software, and is not mandatory to connect to PSN.

Again, this update is optional in the US and Canada, and can be downloaded by selecting System Update from the Setting column of the XMB.

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  • The update didn’t fix the static issue with the official PS3 Wireless Stereo Headset.

  • I don’t know why people are always whining for ” a complete update of the Cross media bar”. The current is very easy to use. Crying babies don’t want a better interface, they only want a colorful xbox like menu even if their dynamic themes become useless in the process, they don’t value what they already have, they only want what others got. I hate these capricious babies.

  • Can someone post the telephone number to contact playstation about the static/voice feedback issue on the Wireless Stereo headset.

  • @Hooligantuan #42: you can defrag your ps3 hard drive. use ps3 safe mode, file system restore and database rebuild. yw

    i was hoping this patch would fix the stereo headset issue. i dont care to hear myself. and for all losers sayin “well now you know what you sound like” no. that is not the case. what i can hear through the headset now is nothing what others can hear, i’ve tested it and asked friends if they could hear what i’m hearing and they can’t. also, the in game voice indicator does not light up as though its pickin up what i hear, because it doesn’t. i would of at least hoped they would of added the option to turn that feature on/off

  • @iceweasel69 #53, stop being lazy, google it for yourself. or better yet, just find Support on one of these Sony Playstation websites, it’ll take you to the number your lookin for. btw, off hand, i believe its 800-345-SONY, you lazy POS

  • IMO, Skater makes several good suggestions. Yes, more info on firmware updates are nice since we are all hardcore users & are the curious bunch… we want to know what’s changed in the OS. Though firmware updates are NOT an easy task; please be civil & avoid insulting Sony tech./devs. It really doesn’t help the situation.

  • Thanks for the update sony.
    Keep up the good work..

    Cant wait to get Twisted Metal on Friday woo ya

  • @ monterossa:

    “I need a firmware that fix the PSOne Classic player! why all of PSOne game has terrible graphics while playing on PS3 ???”


    because it’s a *PSOne* game… did you honestly expect the PSOne game’s graphics to automatically turn HD when you popped it into your PS3?

    @ mk2hs:

    “another annoying useless update!”

    another annoying useless gamer complaining about sony improving their system/your experience!

  • 7.1 headset voice/noise issue still unresolved after 4.11…

    this is ridiculous sony!!!!!

  • Ok, Let me first start off by saying that I agree with a lot of what others are saying. Provide a detailed description but of course once again it just goes to show you that Sony is special. They dont have too.

    Also, to add to the many different improvements that Sony can make to its XMB, PSN, etc. Sony if you do read these things (I bet my money on NOT). Can you for the love of god categorize the download list. It really needs some help with the amount people buy from the PSN. Who can honestly say they wanna shuffle thru 500, 1000+ downloads just for a CERTAIN demo etc?

    -Unlock Games
    -Same As Above

  • By the way people, Looking for new friends to add to my list. I enjoy playing Twisted Metal, Uncharted, Need for Speed and many other games. Check out my Trophy list and hit me up if interested. PSN ID: funboy1127

  • Still the wireless headset issue NOT FIXED!!!

  • +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    1. Anyone can post a number for Sony. I was asking for a direct number to their Sony Wireless Headset Customer Service.

    2. gtmartin69 – do something positive with your life.

    3. Everyone who has headset issues call the number. The more people who call will help push Sony in the right direction.

  • Evidently, there is no Japanese equivalent for “changelog.”

  • Please fast track the 7.1 headset fix.

  • @ all in ref. to the wireless headset issue: What is the problem in detail? Fail to connect, failure to be recognized? Does it work on another device, like on a laptop? Does it connect/reconnect constantly… & is it affecting only Sony’s headset?

  • @ziggurcat

    if they improving their system, or care about my experience, they should give us a details about this update. and listen to what all gamers need.

  • **************************************************************************************************************************
    Headset issue:

    Platform: 80 GB PS3 Metal Gear Solid Edition
    Games: Black Ops, BF3, World at War
    Headset: Sony Wireless Stereo Headset
    Firmware: 4.11

    Problem: After upgrading to the mandatory 4.10 update, the Sony Wireless Headset functionality changed. A mic feedback/echo was distinctly noticeable (you can hear your own voice in the headset). Additionally, the quality has been reduced substantially. There is static that can be heard constantly within games. Prior to the update there was absolute silence.

    The firmware 4.11 update did not correct this issue.
    These issues are not experienced when using the Sony Bluetooth Single ear headset that shipped with the SOCOM game.

  • @44, I could agree with you about the cash grab for the psn download of old ps2 and ps1 classics, because that is a legitimate argument. Though you have to acknowledge the re-release of GoW Collection in HD was nice, and wouldn’t have been able to be in HD without a re-release. But the fact that sony purely dropped BC after initial launch year was a heartbreaker and deal breaker for many. But I’ve moved on, twisted metal is here!

  • Last week I got a jolt of static electricity from my PS3’s disc drive when changing the disc. This shut down my PS3. When I restarted, I did that check it prompts you to do. It told me the PS3 needed to rebuild the database. I got an error during that, and was forced to reformat my hard drive, and lost 300GBs of content.

    Since we are talking firmware, here’s some areas that need drastic improvement.

    – I had to download 100 or so files from the PS+ cloud save folder, one by one. Why isn’t there a “download multiple” option?

    – Syncing trophies back to my PS3 took one hour. ONE. HOUR. That’s ridiculous.

    – Going through my 945 downloaded items is a huge pain. The download list should be sort-able by content type, and searchable.

    – It’s very difficult to tell what is and isn’t installed when it comes to add-ons. Each piece of content (installs, patches, and DLC) should be saved separately so it can be deleted individually, rather than being lumped into one big file. Also, if the PS Store could indicate what is and isn’t installed, it would be very helpful.

  • Please fix the Playstation wireless headset!


  • @iceweasel69 #63: i gave you the number. they do not have a specific number for the stereo headset you tool. you get a life, rather than beg people on this blog to do your research for you.

  • I ran out of room in my previous comment, so I’ll finish here.

    As irritating as losing all my data was, the process of re-downloading it was truly the worst part. I’ve spent hours trying to get just a third of the content lost back onto my PS3. The whole process would be so much easier if we had some of the features I mentioned. Waiting an hour for trophies to download, even on my fairly good connection, downloading hundreds of files one by one, and digging through a download list that takes a whole minute just to scroll through are issues that NEED to be addressed. If digital content is going to be such a big focus, we should have a better way of managing it.

    Sorry for the long post. I would have posted it on PS Blog Share, but there just isn’t enough room there to get across just how much of a problem these things can be.

  • @ mk2hs:

    “if they improving their system, or care about my experience, they should give us a details about this update. and listen to what all gamers need.”

    perhaps if you weren’t an impatient ingrate and didn’t complain about every little update, we’d get more information.

    you didn’t even bother to ask what the update changed, you immediately went to, “wah wah wah useless update wah wah wah…”

  • @ mk2hs:

    p.s. what do all gamers need? because i guarantee i don’t need whatever it is you need (i’m guessing by your horrid attitude, it’s cross-game chat).

  • Update your site (s) with this update please.
    This new 4.11 update almost killed my blu-ray drive. Games still loads, but very slow and it’s making very loud noises now, so basically it works, but in reality it’s unusable. Any other option from the safe menu didn’t helped, so the only choise left is install it again, but there NO 4.11 on ANY Sony’s site so far ( I checked US, EU and JP ones).

  • Nvm, found it on Australian Sony site, hope this will help, don’t really wanna buy another PS3 right now. -.-

  • ya this post does not tell me much at all. definitly need to give us more details to work with. I’m over here scrolling the ps3 menu like a chicken with its head cut of trying to find any noticable visual updates. I hope the aspects part is my ps3 not crashing every 4 days and having to formate ps3. thank god for ps plus back up saves lol. otherwise i would have gone crazy by now.

  • Argh, guys/gals will you stop grabbing at each other’s throats? Simply list your complaints here & hopefully Sony will work on a fix. Mr. Beatdown touches on a few good points; I had a corrupted HD before & sorting all my downloaded/purchased media wasn’t pleasant. Sony please give us a more streamlined solution to organizing our data! Also this headset problem really needs a priority solution fast as appears to affect your on model…

  • @ziggurcat
    “p.s. what do all gamers need? because i guarantee i don’t need whatever it is you need (i’m guessing by your horrid attitude, it’s cross-game chat).”

    some of new feature that posted in 16, 18, 19, 20

    they just support PSP/PSVita in PS3, and make more shortcuts,and a few features for plus members only. and updates to fix previous updates problems. =(

  • After the updates, there is a problem with Borderlands online game. Game freeze when you try to play online game. Sort it out before you release the updates SONY!!

  • Oh it is fixed now, thank SONY, u guys are really on to it.

  • I tried to sign on to my PSN account, and was told that I needed to download this update (I had already downloaded 4.10 earlier). After taking fifteen minutes to download and install, my PS3 is now noticeably louder than before. I’m very scared to run my PS3 now, should this be cause for concern?

  • Why are you guys so secretive about what these updates do? People have a right to know what they are downloading.

  • befuor the 3 days have update for v 4.10 i donot know what happin>_<


    I have just downloaded and installed system software update
    and now my PS3 is really slow when navigating the XMB, i have just waited 5 mins to change a theme, whats happened to it???

    thank you

  • Can we get an official response from Sony as to why the Wireless Stereo Headset remains broken since 4.10?
    People have spent $100 on this, to be turned into a door stop since v4.10.
    We want to know a fix is in development and that we will be receiving it ASAP

  • any one know when the download will be up on the website? :)

  • It’s kind of crappy that if the Vita has a problem they will come out and try and fix it asap, but the Wireless Headset has been busted for a while now and still no fix.

  • How about a TINY app. that allows me to customize my Crossmedia Bar
    and rid it of all the stuff I NEVER , and will never use .
    So much of Sony’s advertising I am paying for in my home . …… ]
    unsolicited , forced on the consumer . Don’t even get me started on Trophies …………

  • i just replaced my PS3 Monday and i did update it so i can get on my PSN i just want to know what does this new update fix

  • How about a TINY app. that allows me to customize my Crossmedia Bar
    and rid it of all the stuff I NEVER , and will never use .
    So much of Sony’s advertising I am paying for in my home . …… ]
    unsolicited , forced on the consumer . Don’t even get me started on Trophies …………

    How about you purchase a Rolls Royce and the company forces you
    to advertise movies and hotdogs on the dashboard .

  • I was able to get online fine even without the update. None the less I updated anyways but I dont think this had enough features to even be called an update. No bother though, as long as my PS3 is in tip top shape, I have no complaints

  • gtmartin69 – thanks for the number. Have a good day.

  • There’s a very small feature that I always wanted:


    I have almost 200 PSN games in my HDD (not counting minis and PS1), and it’s always a pain to find anything. I can sort by purchase date and other useless things, but the most basic thing there is, the ALPHABET, is not an option.

    Please Sony. Just this one.

  • why release the ps vita early and not have all the features unlocked this is bull? I had more Faith Playstation WOW!!!! Now all my friends think i was ripped off on my ps vita and i am hearing it from all angles! NO ar Gmaes NO NETFLIX NO YOUTUBE NO FLASH! i PAID ALOTT OF CASH FOR missed features man!!! I am UPSET!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ok ive been pateint I even went out and bought a memory stick so I could just load them all on my psp but I want a damn answer please… Why did the 4.0 update remove the psp game storage feature from my ps3. I had to redl all 50 of my psp games to move them to my go after that and ive posted about it multiple times since and never got an answer I even called sony customer support and they acted like they new not what I was talkin bout, while id like the feature restored cause it made acessin my games much easier and faster then dlin them all the time plus with vita able to play them itd make it less of a hasstle to move them to my eventual vita I really just want to know why….

  • Can you please be more specific about what this update does?

    Might as well post this:
    This update updates some stuff.

    My guess is this update “updates” some vita cross-functionality….or something.

  • Iam having so much fun with my First Psvita Edition Bundle I was wondering about the AR cards aswell how and when can I use them

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