PS Vita Livechat Starts at 3pm Pacific

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PS Vita Livechat Starts at 3pm Pacific

Live streaming by Ustream

If you see a white space above here – please refresh the page – you should then see the livestream. If you’re still having issues watching, please click here.

The PlayStation Vita: after over a year of hype, the first of us will get to take one home (or on a plane, train, submarine, or hot air balloon) this week. The Vita is more than just a shiny OLED screen and dual analog sticks; it’s a complex, cutting edge device, and we know you have questions about some of its finer points.

Over the weekend we took questions via Twitter, and today John Koller and I will be answering many of them and demoing features as appropriate. No smoke and mirrors, we’ll do it live!

And for those of you who think you already know everything there is to know about PS Vita, we’ll show a few other things to you for the first time. It all starts at 3pm Pacific/6pm Eastern, so see you then!

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  • What is the free PSN Game that comes with the 3G Model? and Jeff how are those Playstation MINIS!! BEYOOOND!

  • Are the speakers louder on the Vita than the PSP’s?

  • what is the graphics comparison to ps3 and other systems

  • It kinda sounds like they’re only answering questions that they already gathered from Twitter over the weekend? Think that’s what I heard him say…

  • Is there a God of War game in development for the Vita?

  • Not sure if it has been answered anywhere but will the PS Vita 3G cost monthly to use or is that the reason why the 3G version costs more-you don’t have to pay monthly so you pay the money at once?

  • Will 3G support online gaming? Or just WiFi?

  • I expected better graphic. It slightly plaid. But i see only videos … So I don´t know. :( But I like the TOPHIES on portable console! :)

  • I was wondering if that the PS Vita would have like a open App market, to get other independent publishers have their contents getting used on the Vita?

    Also thank you for clarifying and answering questions.

  • Regarding the first edition bundle. What does it mean by a free PSN game? Can you elaborate? Is it any game?

  • Media Go … why can’t we transfer movies and games from our Media Go purchases over to the VITA?

  • @lvsAS: – UMvC3 n PS3 can use PSVita as Controller, althoug I’m not sure if You need both games….

    And my other concern is, Any Possibility of PS2 Classics for Vita?

  • nevermind the vita where is the ps4?

  • is 3G support in Bahrain?

  • is this seth rogan’s little brother?

  • Any word on 3D support?

  • Can u explain and walkthrough the Party app, pls!!!

  • Quote: “Over the weekend we took questions via Twitter, and today John Koller and I will be answering many of them…”

    They’re answering questions FROM TWITTER, not FROM HERE. :) Just sayin’.

  • (Gelder sounds like Helder)
    Will you guys put add ons for the Vita later in the future?

  • hey Jeff, anything on the LocationFree, figured i ask here as well, thanks!

  • This is something I’ve never heard brought up, but would like for the Vita:

    – is it possible you could include a Sony Reader app? Great games aside, I would also like to read e-books time to time.

  • Can we trade our old PSP for a discount on the PSP vita? Pleas answer.


  • Can you make video calls with other PS Vitas around?

  • i really want to know how much the 3g will cost as im really interested in it but i dont want to bust my pocket

  • Are you going to post a list of people who’s questions you answered…I missed just about ALL of it.

  • if I’m streaming content or playing remotely on my vita, the PS3 can continuing downloading some content on background?

  • Where there ever be different colors to the PSP vita?

  • Just wondering, is there any plans for a 3G model for Canada???

    If there is what are the plans available???

  • What about a Youtube App? Will the web browser ever get flash?

  • With guys like jeff Rubinstein and John koller working for the playstation brand I don’t know how the vita can fail!! Seem like really cool dudes and tell it how it is.

  • Is there a way to watch this somehow outside the stream? I missed the first half or so due to work :(

  • Why is the launch PRICE for the PSP-Vita so high? Almost $300 is kinda pushing it Playstation. To launch at $199 might have been a better enticement to purchase.

  • Will the recording of this stream be available later? I missed the beginning where I’m afraid you said something about the Wifi version not having a built in GPS.

  • I already bought stardust delta Do i get a $9.99 Credit?

  • Awesome livechat!

  • it there going to be a place where we can re-watch this from the beginning, or a transcript?

  • Super StarDust Delta w/ the day-one DLC content is the free PSN game, for those that missed that part of the broadcast.

  • This just seems like a bunch of commercials whats the deal?

  • If i buy PSVita 3G+Wifi at the US, can i use the 3G in Asia with the local SIM?

  • Heyy Where Do You Get A PS Vista For Free!? I Need One!!! :O
    P.S. What Game Is The Game Of The Year So Far? o.O

  • I like how they say they are going to answer the questions live but they are questions from the weekend. so they had time to think of answers and there was a teleprompter????

    sounds very LIVE

  • YAY! TWO DAYS!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jeff & John, good job on the live stream. Very informative & you guys make a friendly duo on screen. The box art for Resistance looks fantastic! My Vita, games, & accessories will be here late Feb… waiting for a new hardware release is like a terrible joke.

    I have a question, will the the firmware for the US launched models match the firmware of the Vitas in Japan?

    Congrates to those who won Resistance for the Vita!

  • you guys should see me spazzing out all during school yelling “2 MORE DAYS” no1 really knows what im talking about LMFAO but they all are afraid cuz i’ve never been so excited for ANYTHINGGGG
    2 MORE DAYS!

  • This is a nice PSN/ESN feature using UStream so I guess this is watchable on PS Home as well!

    I wish they said all Vitas will ship wedendays lol

    LocationFree Player Software Pretty Please.

  • The live chat is basically over now…

  • Will AT&T be the only service for 3G?

  • will vita be able to play all ps3 games with remote play on the go, or what?

  • I’m really hoping I get one for my birthday on the 24th. :)

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