PS Vita Livechat Starts at 3pm Pacific

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PS Vita Livechat Starts at 3pm Pacific

Live streaming by Ustream

If you see a white space above here – please refresh the page – you should then see the livestream. If you’re still having issues watching, please click here.

The PlayStation Vita: after over a year of hype, the first of us will get to take one home (or on a plane, train, submarine, or hot air balloon) this week. The Vita is more than just a shiny OLED screen and dual analog sticks; it’s a complex, cutting edge device, and we know you have questions about some of its finer points.

Over the weekend we took questions via Twitter, and today John Koller and I will be answering many of them and demoing features as appropriate. No smoke and mirrors, we’ll do it live!

And for those of you who think you already know everything there is to know about PS Vita, we’ll show a few other things to you for the first time. It all starts at 3pm Pacific/6pm Eastern, so see you then!

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  • “And for those of you who think you already know everything there is to know about PS Vita, we’ll show a few other things to you for the first time.”

    Hmm, I highly doubt that.

    Surprise me.

    Looking forward to the stream and to my Vita. ;)

  • VIVA LA VITA!!!!!!!

  • If you rent a video from the ps store do you need to connected to the internet to watch it, also if you rent a video on the ps3, can you transfer it to the vita and watch it.?

  • Less than 24 hours till it’s in my grubby little flippers, Dood!

  • Here’s hoping they’ll announce what “free PSN game” you’ll get for getting the 3G Vita bundles :)

  • Cant wait to get my hands on my Vita! It’s everything I’ve ever wanted in a handheld and more.
    I’m 29 years old with a wife and two kids, so when the tv is being used by my darling wife or my little boys it means I can carry on playing my console like experiences! In the palm of my hands!!

  • Can’t wait for the Vita! I might have to get off soon tho… Will you guys add a recorded video to this after it is done?

  • well can’t wait then!

  • are the friends lists shared? or do we make a whole new friends list?? ….. if their shared do we get more than the 100 friends limit???

  • This will be aired Live in Home as well..Theater 6

  • Is Music/Video Unlimited on the Vita? And is Music Unlimited ever coming to Canada?

  • A lot of us import games and, thank you for continuing the trend of region free games on the Sony format. I hope this becomes the standard.

    However, with so much emphasis on digital distribution these days, it would be nice to have access to some of the great digital only content from JPN. If for nothing else, to be able to add the DLC for imported titles. What are the odds of this ever becoming a reality. You want all of Sony’s products to be usable within one SEN. Let’s open it up on a global scale. It can’t be that hard to have currency exchange rates factored into the shopping cart, can it?

  • It’s too bad I’m working right now.

    My question would be if there has been a decision of the Free PSN game with these Launch Vitas?

    If there is time, my second question would be are PS Plus member going to be offered discounts on Vita downloadable games or content?

    I’m on a roll, but my last question is What are the chances or is Sony considering using the Vita as a PS3 controller of sort? A great/cool example would be for PS Home with using the touch screen to operate PS Home menus.

  • In the uk you get wipeout 2048 for free with the 3G vita!

  • its 3 ^(^.^)^

  • The “First of Us” or did you mean The “Last of Us”? :) I would like to know if people on PS3 will be able to see what I am playing on my PS Vita.

  • The Giant Bomb Live Vita Quick Look has been pretty informative so far. Not sure I have any questions left to be honest…

  • Is the PS Vita sound loud with the headphones?

  • @PS Vita Livechat For Remote play Will i have to leave the Ps3 on? How far can i move away from the Vita? Will i be able to turn my ps3 on and off from my Vita?

  • What’s the free game that we get for activating 3G from at &t..? I don’t wanna buy a game I’m getting for free..

  • @Jeff

    Did you have any luck finding out what game(or options) we get with the 3G activation? Only 2 days left and still no answer….

  • Dust 514 always soon on Vita ?

    About PS3 PSV combo :

    – Many game can be sell like motorstorm RC (“buy one get both”) ?

    – Remote Play can be launch every PS3 game in the future (like the recent PS3 exploit) ?

    – Can be hope PS3 Game with Vita feature like an RPG you play on PS3 with the Vita for controler an you can nav in inventory it’s just an idea but can hope this style of featuring ?

    And last can you talk about Playstation Suite on vita and mobiles can hope one store for all Playstation certified hardware ?

    Thanks :)

  • I want to know how many accounts can i have on one ps vita.

  • For Remote play Will i have to leave the Ps3 on? How far can i move away from the Vita? Will i be able to turn my ps3 on and off from my Vita? (sorry for repaste i don’t think i tagged right not)

  • Will the browser be able to play videos like via youtube?

  • Can PS3 players “see” a VITA player while online? Also, I know a PS3 player cannot join a VITA party but can a VITA player join a ps3 chatroom?

  • Can Vita games be played on PS3? ie.) if we bought Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 for Vita is it fully supported on PS3?

    Regardless very excited to get my first edition bundle!!!

  • Will PS2 games be playable on Vita??

  • Did they say if the PSV will play umd’s…or are those like cassette tapes now?

  • cross game chat! sweet.

  • how is the ps3 to ps vita game sharing going to work!!!!, and….when will they be coming out with the ps vita 2/slim

  • I see now that there are Online Passes. So. Effing. Lame.

  • PSone Classics to play on the PS Vita, please! And I’m not talking about remote play. I want to be able to copy my purchased PSone Classics to my PS Vita and play them on the go.

  • @#13,mchief22: Careful. I bought the PS3-Wipeout in the PS Store and during every loading screen they made me watch minute-long video advertisements. It was the first time I’d seen video advertisements in a game and it felt very invasive.

    If the makers of Wipeout do that on the Vita imagine the unnecessary battery drain! Just a heads up.

  • Can it be used as a mobile phone if we insert our sim cards with unlimited internet usage on the wi-fi version? Why only AT&T? There are consumers from other wireless customers such Sprint or Verizon?

    Will there be game integration and bonuses with specific Vita and PS3 titles?

    Are the Vita games region free like the PS3 and PSP? Why can’t we use foreign PSN store downloadable content from various regional accounts?

    What about Play-Station Home usages?

  • i am getting mine tomorrow at midnight yea me

  • Will we eventually be able to stream PS3 game directly to the vita using all functions

  • will there be a online pass to purchase for PSV games????

  • Will there be lots of game demos for those people who might be spending all of their money to get the system (and memory card)?

  • @#33,CelestialDreamer: The PlayStation Vita is a GSM device. The only GSM-supported carriers in the U.S. (as far as I know) are AT&T and T-Mobile. Sprint and Verizon are both CDMA.

    GSM means you can switch the SIM card in and out and, assuming your carrier will unlock it, even use SIM cards from foreign countries while travelling.

  • Can I use the games that I bought for my PSP on the Vita?

    Why did you guys decide to lower the download limit on games from 5 times to 2 times?

  • The Ps Vita as you guys said will have a party app where you can cross game chat, but will that app carry on to the PS3, will we be able to cross game chat on the PS3???

  • Prolly a Noob question, can I play the PS1 games i bought on my PS3 on the vita?

  • Will I have to re-buy games just because its on a different platform?
    For example: I buy Street Fighter X Tekken on PSV, do I have to buy it for the PS3 as well? Sorry if this is a “no brainer”..

  • Not. Working on my ATT 3 G iPadd. Guess that’s the reason I ordered the Wi Fi model. Anything interesting being said?

  • Why was 720p not implemented? It would be far better than 560 or 580p. Also, why is internal memory storage not implemented as well? Because of hacking, right?

  • What games going to cross play with ps3?

  • When Can I Get My Free PSP!?(;

  • Hey guys this live chat is great. I’m sure you’ve heard this question before but, are all PS3 titles accessible through remote play.

  • Can you vote for me?! Im 25th in the nation

    AND MY QUESTION: Are you gonna make a Vita 2.0? I heard from a Sony rep that the memory is upgradable and that is gonna remove the need for a Vita lite…I called shananagins on that. Explain please.

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