PlayStation Blogcast 011: The David Bleeping Jaffe Show

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PlayStation Blogcast 011: The David Bleeping Jaffe Show

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When we launched PlayStation Blogcast just a few months ago, we promised that we’d deliver big PlayStation personalities. And there may be no bigger personality than David Jaffe, the outspoken co-director for next week’s PS3 revival of Twisted Metal. Jaffe is a fixture in the often-tumultuous world of videogame development, playing a key role in 1995’s Twisted Metal as well as serving as director of God of War and creative director for God of War II. In our lengthy discussion, Jaffe sounds off on a host of topics: his development plans after Twisted Metal, the game’s 90s-licious soundtrack, incorporating fan requests, finding the game’s unique visual identity…and why he loves Oprah and Doctor Phil (seriously).

As always, we reveal next week’s PSN game lineup, answer a slew of user questions, and share a user tip (actually, two tips). This week also sees us discussing our favorite PSone games, sharing our favored strategies for Twisted Metal combat, and providing some details on PS Vita memory cards and game storage. Not a bad show, even with Nick Suttner out on a travel assignment…but as always, we insist on hearing your thoughts and feedback!

How’s our driving? We want your feedback, comments, questions, and suggestions, so leave ‘em in the comments below!

Official PlayStation.Blogcast - Sid ShumanOfficial PlayStation.Blogcast: Jeff Rubenstein

Official PlayStation.Blogcast: Rey GutierrezMr. Jaffe

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The Cast

  • Sid Shuman – PlayStation Sr. Social Media Specialist
  • Jeff Rubenstein – PlayStation Sr. Social Media Manager
  • Rey Gutierrez – PlayStation Sr. Social Media Specialist
  • David Jaffe – co-Director, Twisted Metal
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    15 Author Replies


    • hey guys love what you are doing with the pre vita launch ……. i wanted to ask you how many gb or mb are the 3 free AR games we can download …. can you please answer so i know what size memory card to get … thank-you

    • Wants to see the simpsons hit and run

    • Can you please update the PS3’s firmware so that all the portable game install files can be placed into folders. I want to store all my portable games on my PS3 like I could before the number of licenses change happened. I can’t do that anymore. I don’t want to have to choose between redownloading a game every time I want to move it to a portable device or letting those install files clog up my XMB.

    • So far I found my self playing Hot Shots Golf more than any other game but each one is an incredible fun experience by themselve.

    • Hey guys. I have a dilemma that, hopefully, your collective genius can solve. My fiancé does not seem to think that we should add a PS Vita to our gift registry. However, I do really want one. Who doesn’t after all? How can I convince her that we do, in fact, NEED a Vita on our registry? Or even let me buy one? While you’re at it… Can you answer how I am already this whipped?

    • Important Question about the PS Vita

      I have a tethering plan with Verizon, I’m assuming like I do with my laptop I can use my phone to tether it to the Vita. I’v not heard anyone talk about this yet and would like an answer on it. Since that will decide if I get the Wifi only or the 3G one.

    • Hey guys!

      Only 10 days left until I get Vita!! Can’t wait!! And congratulations to those of you getting the first edition bundle, only a few days left!

      But as for my question, if I transfer my PSP games to my Vita, can I also transfer thesave data? Also, will any of the games support the use of the right analog stick?

      Thanks and congrats on another great episode!

    • I have a questions that may or may not have been asked regarding games that are coming out for PS3 and Vita such as the FFX remake. Will we see PS3/Vita combo packs (Like they do with Blu Ray and DVD) are would we have to buy both games separately. I love the idea of starting a game on the PS3, and then continuing on the Vita but I have a feeling that I will not be using that feature if I have to pay upwards of $100 to buy both games.

    • I love the podcast and listen to it since the first one. I really enjoy the user tips and questions, some tips could have helped me a lot a couple of years ago.

      I have a simple question for you regarding a missing functionality in my opinion. Why are we able to see the size of an album on the video piece and we’re not able to see the same thing on the game piece? I really would like to see the size of my folders on the game part to find out easily who is the villian of my lack of space on the HDD and also to see which folder I need to remove some stuff because it’s using too much HDD space.

      Keep up the good work and long live to the podcast.

    • Great podcast! Have you heard anything about Just Cause 3?

    • Question!

      When The Tester Season 3 is over, do you think you can have the winner on the Blogcast?

    • Just waiting on Episode 12 right now. What time do you guys usually post this podcast?

    • where is EP 12? :(

    • Where’s episode 012?

    • Hmmm…week before Vita release and no BlogCast?! Has the world GONE CRAZY!!!!!!!

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