PlayStation Blogcast 011: The David Bleeping Jaffe Show

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PlayStation Blogcast 011: The David Bleeping Jaffe Show

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When we launched PlayStation Blogcast just a few months ago, we promised that we’d deliver big PlayStation personalities. And there may be no bigger personality than David Jaffe, the outspoken co-director for next week’s PS3 revival of Twisted Metal. Jaffe is a fixture in the often-tumultuous world of videogame development, playing a key role in 1995’s Twisted Metal as well as serving as director of God of War and creative director for God of War II. In our lengthy discussion, Jaffe sounds off on a host of topics: his development plans after Twisted Metal, the game’s 90s-licious soundtrack, incorporating fan requests, finding the game’s unique visual identity…and why he loves Oprah and Doctor Phil (seriously).

As always, we reveal next week’s PSN game lineup, answer a slew of user questions, and share a user tip (actually, two tips). This week also sees us discussing our favorite PSone games, sharing our favored strategies for Twisted Metal combat, and providing some details on PS Vita memory cards and game storage. Not a bad show, even with Nick Suttner out on a travel assignment…but as always, we insist on hearing your thoughts and feedback!

How’s our driving? We want your feedback, comments, questions, and suggestions, so leave ‘em in the comments below!

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The Cast

  • Sid Shuman – PlayStation Sr. Social Media Specialist
  • Jeff Rubenstein – PlayStation Sr. Social Media Manager
  • Rey Gutierrez – PlayStation Sr. Social Media Specialist
  • David Jaffe – co-Director, Twisted Metal
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    15 Author Replies

    • Mr. Gutierrez and Jeff Rubenstein!!! \(^o^)/

    • It would be very nice if you guys had time-codes when you talked about something specific. Not that I don’t like the entire podcast, but sometimes I just want to listen to a certain snippet. Keep up the good work! :)

    • Now that I’ve got you all in one place, I have a question:

      Who runs the Twitter page? Back in late December I was asked for my address (assuming I won controllers from the 5DaysofRatchet contest). I still haven’t received anything and despite sending a few direct messages, haven’t got a response. Just wanted some concrete information as I’ve lost hope that something is coming. Thanks.

    • So the codes from NOS they will be activated on the 14th RIGHT??? please reply!!!

    • Love the show! It’s constantly getting better. I can’t wait to listen to it lator.

    • honestly, thank you so much for the Blogcast this week. David Jaffe is a hero to me, and will probably buy every single game the guy has/will work on. and really, with the 4.10 update, not like I can game online without killing my eardrums due to the white noise/echo issue with the Sony 7.1’s, they’ve been messed for any games with voice chat since the update, and really hope theres a fix for it soon, as I’m currently boycotting playing anything online until it’s fixed. campaign only for me for now :(

    • Will listen to this tonight but, let me guess: you still haven’t found any female industry insiders? How about Abbey Reyes? I’m sure she’d love to talk more Vita.

    • Sid, when are we going to know where the Bay Area PS Vita launch event is?
      I’m getting worried… its coming down to the wire, in terms of getting the word out.

      I saw the Vita Hill Playboy thing which is on launch night, but Vita Hill is way too small for a platform launch, right?

      • Jut FYI, a huge blitz of TV ads are coming very soon, I was just in a meeting discussing them. So don’t worry about that :-) Stay tuned for more details on the Bay Area PS Vita launch event.

    • I have a question. Will the GPS on the 3G model of the Vita work if you don’t have a 3G account active?

    • @7 I might be wrong but didn’t they have on Kellee Santiago from thatgamecompany to talk about Journey?

    • Really loving the show guys. Keep up the great work. I’m downloading now so I can listen while playing some Tiger 12 with my move controller (my favorite move compatible game so far). Tell the team that is responsible for the content plus members get to keep it coming and that I am one satisfied customer. To David Jaffe, TM 1 is the reason I got a PSone over the competition and when TM 2 came out my good friend and I spent a whole summer perfecting the co-op campaign until we could beat it without dying. That was the goal we set for ourselves and we achieved it. I would always use Spectre and my buddy would always use Thumper. Thanks David for creating two of my favorite franchises ever.


    • When is the Mac (OSX) Management software coming to the USA? In time for the 15th launch next week? Thanks!

    • Good evening gentlemen!

      1) I wanted to thank you guys for answering my question! Sid you pronounced my name perfectly hahaha also I’m glad Jeff enjoyed my suggestions

      2) Streets of Rage 2 has THE BEST 16 bit soundtrack. Still listen to it on youtube, especially the level with the exploding egg things with that dude that Kano balls into you with this claws

      3) I’m looking forward to purchasing the 3G Vita bundle, but I’m wondering I will be able to download ANY Vita game with the voucher? Or only SEN games?

      Thanks guys, looking forward to playing Corpse Party

      – @SeenMachine

    • Jumping Flash reboot! In stereoscopic 3D! I’d totally be all over that! Good choice!

    • Glad to see Jaffe making the round, love following him on Twitter (as well as the rest of you).

      David’s a great start, and I’d love to see a rotating crew of PlayStation regulars, but are there any First Party studios in the Bay Area? I know that Naughty Dog is in Los Angeles, and obviously Santa Monica Studios, then you have Sony Bend in Oregon, Zindagi and San Diego Studios in S.D., but who’s near San Francisco?

      • There are no local first party studios. Fortunately, the guys making Sly Cooper Thieves in Time are just across the street, and the Resistance: Burning Skies team is less than an hour away. We have a mobile setup that we used with Jaffe and will be using it more and more for segments like today’s.

    • That was a fantastic interview with Jaffe. Interviews with developers that are that candid about the actual development of the game are too rare.

      Always nice to hear the Suikoden love as well. Someone get Konami on the phone and pressure them into making a PS3 up-port of the upcoming PSP Suikoden so that they can actually sell it here in the west.

    • The description says Jaffe was the creative director for GOWII, but I believe that was Cory Barlog( and then Stig Asmussen for GOWIII).

      • Barlog was game director for GOWII but Jaffe was overseeing as Creative Director of Santa Monica Studio. Keeping me on my toes, eh? :)

    • Will PlayStation plus be available to Vita on launch?

    • @boxmyth The PS Vita Content Management software for Mac OS X is already available. I have it installed on my Macbook Pro. You can find it here:

      And did you guys really bleep over Jaffe? I hope not! You shouldn’t restrain the man’s personality!

    • Ugh, my comment with the link to PS Vita Content Management software for Mac OS X is awaiting moderation… again.

    • Love the podcast PlayStation for ever !

    • The interview with Jaffe was fun and informative. Thank you.

    • Important Vita question:

      Hey! Quick question that’s been bugging me.
      I have my Vita pre-ordered and whatnot and im picking it up on Wednesday. Pretty excited. I wanna put my PSP games on it, but in order to do that, will i have to deactivate my PSP Go?

      I guess my question is: Does the vita have a separate system activation number from the regular PSPs for PSP games?


      • It is – to my knowledge – in the same ‘pile’ as PSP. So if you’ve downloaded the games to multiple PSPs, you may have to deactivate one to get it on Vita. But if you downloaded them prior to last November, it’s unlikely to be an issue. I redownloaded a few games today (Tactics Ogre FTW) and it was seamless.

    • Loving the blogcast. What is very strange is that the last 3 I have downloaded via my Android phone have all been different from the other ones. Now I don’t have fast forwarding & rewind capabilities. If I accidentally fast forward it starts from the beginning. It wasn’t a problem before which leads me to believe something has changed on your end.

    • As Always is good to hear u guys, thanks for doing the blogcast… :D

    • You guys talk about how much general Memory Stick space would be needed based on different types of gamers, but I’m more concerned about how much space would be needed for various Vita Apps and Vita-specific PSN games since those are download-only type things. Stardust is in the 200 MG range, but what about more sophisticated games like Escape Plan that is also download only?

      Oh and Jeff there were some major errors with what you said about the First Edition Bundle. It comes with a 4GB stick (not 8, that’s the other bundle that comes on the 22nd) and that it comes with Mod Nation Racers when instead it comes with Little Deviants. Unless I got mixed up or something, that’s some wrong stuff there. I wish 1st Edition Bundle had an 8 GB stick though instead of 4GB.

    • Great episode and I was wondering if there will be pre-order perks such as in-ear headphones or the PS Vita wallet? I pre-ordered the First Edition Bundle months ago and I’ve heard that such perks were available for Europe and nothing has been said for North America.

    • Also does the free AR game come installed with the PS Vita or will you need to buy a memory card in order to download them?

    • Jeff, if I’m connecting the dots here right, I think you accidentally revealed the Vita voucher game on the podcast: Mod Nation Racers lol.

    • Hey, would they happen to be working on a new update soon to fix the 4.10 issues by any chance? Because i cant use my ps3 online till they do. Not only did it mess up my 7:1 headset, but made my XMB run slow and it gives me one bar on any game, my bros xbox has full bars, which my PS3 did until the update. All i want is so play my PS3, i didnt invest alot of money to sit here, so please, do you have any info if they are working on fixing this problem right now? Please and Thank you

    • Hello!
      I loaded this page in the PS3 browser (with the latest firmware) and started the blogcast – somewhere after 1st minute the PS3 goes silent and stops responding so it has to be turned off and on again. Please guys – it is your official blogcast – make sure that your browser can handle it.

    • i updated to 4.10 and i have the 7.1 and im getting a buzzing sound now kinda like if you got bees and put them in your ears

    • You notice they answer almost every post except the ones complaining about problems with the firmware update?

      At least give a “we understand there’s a problem and we’re working on it”.

      …maybe they address it in their blogcast…I can dream can’t I…

    • Great show guys! Now, I am afraid I have the same question. The latest update has essentially broken the Wireless Stereo Headset. A Sony Rep. told me they were aware and working on this, but she sounded so monotone and robotic that I have a hard time believing help is on the way. All you three (Jeff, Sid, and Rey) are always very qualified and efficient about answering my (and other’s) comments in a concise, rapid manner, and I understand there are things you may or may not talk about. Whether that is the case here or not, who knows. All I know is that the latest update has set me back at least a hundred bucks, and I haven’t been able to use any game online since then due to major ear ringing. I work in video game retail, and we have already have had about fifteen pf the headsets returned to us. That was on the FIRST day. Who knows what today will bring. Anyways, thank you guys again for everything you do on here. I don’t mean to be a pain, I just want to know that something is being done to fix this and I felt this is a proper space to let proper individuals know. Keep up the excellent work guys! This blogcast is incredible and I DO NOT want to detract from the positive feedback in the least bit. Rock on brothers!

      • We’ve compiled users reports and passed them to the key folks, so hang tight. Sorry to hear about the issues and thanks for your patience!

    • Oh, and Logan22, I totally thought the exact same thing when I heard the Mod Nation Racers mix up! Whoops! ;)

    • I love the Podcast and THANK YOU SOO MUCH for opening the PS VITA store for us import’ers. I love this machine and can’t wait for everyone else to get it. I already have Uncharted, WipeOut, Hot Shots Golf, and ModNation. I can’t wait for the launch of more great games!

    • i wonder how many time its gonna take before the PS Vita got open like a book. (hacked)



      JUST DO IT!!!

    • Ok we’ve seen the Sly Collection, God of War Collection, Team Ico Collection, and now the Jak & Daxter collection, so when can we expect the Ratchet & Clank HD collection?

    • Do you guys have any new news for Zone of the Enders HD on PS Vita? It’s one of the reasons why I’m picking up a Vita but I haven’t heard anything about it for a long time :/

    • Great Blog cast!!

      Well put on twisted Metal Information!

      Keep up the good work guys!


    • Off-topic question: PS3 offline coop (split-screen) FPS’ games using two Move Sharp Shooter (SS) setups is not a viable setup on any Move FPS games i.e., Killzone 3, Resistance 3, etc. Why is that? My girl and I purchased a couple of SS bundles and are unable to configure our two SS accessories to any of the FPS games in offline coop (split-screen) mode.

    • Hey guys, awesome show. You guys are now part of my daily train commute back and forth from work. I always appreciate listening to reviews and just daily what-so-ever about PS games than loud cellphone talkers. Love the reviews on PSN gem of the week. Specially when i have some of classic ones mentioned: Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes!!!!!!

      You guys are living the dream. Keep up the good work, don’t every stop playing.


    • Will I ever really be able to Remote Play skyrim, arkham city, NHL12 etc from the vita? From what I’ve seen, this tech exists already in the vita no?

      Yet, all of these official Sony videos speak very lightly regarding remote play, saying “select games” will have this ability.

      Any information would be most helpful.

    • Good podcast, really digging this.

      Loved the TM interview, and it needs to be Tuesday now! Also, keep the Twisted Metal University stuff coming!!!

    • @Jeff Rubenstein So I did some investigating. Before I begin let me post Im using a nexus s on 4.0.3. I usually just came here with my phone and long-pressed the link: download mp3 here. This method worked all the way through blogcast 8. When blogcast #9 came out is when my phone upgraded to ICS(android 4.0), I just didnt pay much attention that the browser in 4.0 is different. After investigating I noticed that blogcasts 1-8 all had the .mp3 extension where as 9-11 had the .htm extension. So its downloading it in the incorrect extension, but whats really weird is that I just downloaded Podcast Beyond 226 and it downloaded as an MP3 file. I dont know if there’s anything you can do, but for now I will just download via my PC. It will be more of a hassle, but it will be worth it.

    • do we have a release date for sound shapes

    • Sid, you posted on my comment asking me what my favorite part of the show is, and that would be the user questions and tips. I love hearing the cool things I can do with my ps3.
      ps- Is there any news on the new game from naughty dog The Last of Us?

    • I have this problem with my ps3. Okay, when i put a game into the ps3 it makes sounds like it going to read a disk then it sounds like it ejecting the disk but it doesn’t. Whats wrong with my ps3 i cant play any games. please reply asap.

    • I have a comment!!!!! When ps3 home did a clean up the long (19 HOUR CLEAN UP) you really did a good job. IM very unhappy about it. none of my spaces have furniture i and us as ps3 home users worked really hard on laying out furniture in our homes and ps3 removes and now we ps3 home users have to do it all over again. I have more than 10 places that i now have to re due because of ps home THANKS ALOT PS HOME…

    Please enter your date of birth.