Jak and Daxter Collection Available In Store and on PSN Today

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Jak and Daxter Collection Available In Store and on PSN Today

Jak and Daxter Collection for PS3Jak and Daxter Collection for PS3

Today the Jak and Daxter Collection launches exclusively on PS3. Now, over a decade since the Jak and Daxter series originally premiered on PS2, I’m so proud to see the legacy of Naughty Dog’s work brought together for the first time ever on one Blu-ray Disc.

The Jak and Daxter Collection brings some of your favorite J&D adventures — Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, Jak II and Jak 3 — to life like never before. Mass Media has re-mastered each installment of the collection to feature 720p high definition visuals and stereoscopic 3D support. The Jak and Daxter Collection also features over 100 trophies (including 3 platinum) for you to hunt down while you play through all three titles.

Jak and Daxter Collection for PS3

In addition to picking up the Jak and Daxter Collection at your local game retailer, you’ll be able to download the title via PSN. Starting today, the Jak and Daxter Collection will be available on the PlayStation Store for $39.99. You can also choose to download any of the installments from the collection separately for $14.99.

Be sure to grab the Jak and Daxter Collection today for a chance to experience the full evolution of the franchise. You’re in for some funny and wild adventures — enjoy!

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  • As much as I’d like to download them tonight, I like having the physical disc, so they’ll have to wait until I next get to a game store.

  • got my copy of the game and gathering my trophies as we speak a must have in my collection!

  • is the jak and daxter collection going to be in spanish?

  • i might get this idk though

  • @ ChaseHammerJ

    There are several reasons why the HD collections have been coming out.

    One reason is that it can introduce many new gamers to some of the best games of the last generation (Which are in fact some of the best games in gaming history). This is definitely one of those great series that deserve to be enjoyed by all, and with the updated graphics and addition of trophies, what could go wrong?

    Another is something that would apply to me. I ended up selling all of my PS2 games (as well as my PS2) just to put a little extra cash in my pocket, so unfortunately I no longer have great games like Silent Hill, Shadow of the Collasus, and of course, Jak and Daxter. But seeing that they are coming out in HD, I feel like going on a nostalgia trip and reliving some of those old, fond memories I had playing through them.

    Besides, not all of us could afford the old PS3 when it still had BC, and besides, who would? Systems now are less expensive and contain more memory. So those of us that no longer have the old games and never got the older versions of the PS3 now have a way to replay these games by re-releasing them.

    I hope you’ll learn to be a little more open minded and see things from other people’s perspectives.


  • So its only a rumor and won’t be coming to PS Vita? I just got the PS3 version, but would also love this on the go with PS Vita.

  • I haven’t been this thrilled about buying a video game since the Crash Bandicoot days. I never had a chance to play the Jak & Daxter series ’til now. These days, games always comes with a human face to identify with. This goes well with my time when Cartoons were cool.

    And o anyone reading this, please sign this Playstation blog share petition. REAL important you vote UP:


  • Argh, still have to wait a bit here in the UK. So excited as Jak and Daxter was my first ps2 game and I’ve loved the series ever since!

  • Please bring Jak and Daxter Collection to the PS Vita, That would be awesome. :)

  • Awesome indeed. I need to get all those remasters. I’m enjoying Metal Gear at the moment in HD glory! I’m pretty sure Jak 2 is the highlight of the collection.

  • Sweet looking forward to those trophies!! :D

  • Picked up my pre-order at 10am when GameStop opened – only got to play for a half hour because of work, but will be tearing it up this evening! Super stoked, as I missed out on these back in the PS2 days. I had missed out on the Sly games until that collection dropped, and loved every moment of it! I too will be platinuming all three of the Jak titles :)

  • ok so this game wont show up on my playstation store, and neither will gotham city imposters. idk why!

  • Is there gonna be anything different, content-wise, between the physical and digital versions? Like an exclusive set of themes, or extra mini-games or something?

  • where is it? why can’t i find it?

  • Had these on PS2 but sadly traded them in last year taking a chance a Jak collection would be made for PS3. I never played them on PS2 but glad to see them ported to PS3 with trophy support. Will be getting the collection whenever I get a chance to go to the store.

  • I don’t think the store is updated yet come on sony, we are dying here

  • @62

    The Playstation store has yet to update so that’s why you aren’t seeing them.

  • Let’s hope old-school Ratchet & Clank fans will get the same treatment! Thanks for this amazing bundle Sony :)

  • Just bought it from GameStop a couple minutes ago. My game cover was unfortunately cracked everywhere when I opened it but atleast the game still works!

  • im still waiting for that freaking store to update hey sony wheres the new game i waited long enough

  • I should’ve bought it instead of this endless waiting

  • At this rate I may as well just look for a copy again tomorrow. May as well save the bandwidth…

  • I’ve been checking PSN all day but the Jak and Daxter collection still isn’t listed for me. Did you all buy the hard copy, and it’s just not up on PSN yet?

  • My bad, somehow missed the comments saying PSN not updated yet. >.< Is there a set time that it updates? I'm in CST.

  • This is one of my favorite series ever. I really want another one by Naughty Dog. I’ve played them all, including the PSP games and hope that we get another story, it’s been so long.

  • come on Sony !!

  • Bundle is available through search.

  • I have been waiting all day to be able to download these games. Come on Sony. The Jak and Daxter trilogy was my all time favorite on PS2. I thought the Store updated every Tuesday at 5pm PST. I guess not. Disappointed. I should have gone to the Gamestop today and picked it up.

  • score!!!

  • HAHAHAHAHAHA. As soon as i rant for the first time ever on Sony they come through for me. Sorry about that

  • (Rubs Chin) Hmmmm Jak and Daxter collection or Gotham City Impostors

  • My game has excessive sounds issues. Jak 1 doesn’t have any sounds for voices and lots of sound effects are working. Jak 2 has sound for voices, but sound effects are faded or non existent. Please help. I love these games, but cant play them without sound. All my cables are plugged in correctly and everything else on PS3 sounds fine. Only game has issues. Any fixes????

  • Jak 2 and 3 suck.

  • Since downloads are cheaper, is it only a one-time deal so if I need to download again I would have to pay again?

  • What other languages will Jak and Daxter be in??

  • when I was little, I played jak 2 I liked that it was 2 feet tall with drak jak. love the game ever since the tme.
    it’s cool Eric Monacelli :)

  • If I purchase this collection from the network and download it onto my ps3, would I be able to download the game onto ps vita without having to repurchase?

  • awesome naughtydog!!! ive been sick of those lame FPS like COD and ive been dieing to see a real platfromer ever since the ps3 relised in 06. now all i need is the ratchet collection and ill be ready to go!

  • None of the Best Buys here (Columbia, SC) received any copies. I am displeased.

  • How? What? I can’t find it anywhere in the PlayStation Store. I’ve checked PSS twice today, twice yesterday. I’ve been searching “Jak and daxter”, only “Jak” without any success. I won’t acccept “It won’t be released in Sweden” as an answer.

  • Will I need a 3D T.V. to play the collection?

  • I have the PS3 digital version, if the game also comes to the Vita, will that digital version work or would I have to re-purchase (which I won’t do). Thanks.

  • @Eric Monacelli I cant buy anything with my mastercards from the US PS STORE. All the europe accounts accept it. But i only have 1 visa card and i already tried it on so many account that i cant use it in any other. My account is US. But i live in Turkey but i dont think it should create a difference… CAN IT? I cant wait until 22nd! too long :(

  • BTW i just found i way! :) I am going to buy a 50 dollar PSN CARD CODE from best buy! Only thing is, is it secure?
    and you know the collection is only for 39.99 bucks. should i buy (2) 20 dollar cards or (1) 50 dollar?

  • Only got to play Jak 3 and part of The Lost Frontier on PSP. Jak 3 was such an amazing game! Will most likely be picking this collection up today! :D

    Ratchet and Clank better be next! And it better include Deadlocked…if not, i will be very disappointed…

  • I played all three games on PS2 when i was a kid. This collection is definitely on my “to-get-list”

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