Jak and Daxter Collection Available In Store and on PSN Today

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Jak and Daxter Collection Available In Store and on PSN Today

Jak and Daxter Collection for PS3Jak and Daxter Collection for PS3

Today the Jak and Daxter Collection launches exclusively on PS3. Now, over a decade since the Jak and Daxter series originally premiered on PS2, I’m so proud to see the legacy of Naughty Dog’s work brought together for the first time ever on one Blu-ray Disc.

The Jak and Daxter Collection brings some of your favorite J&D adventures — Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, Jak II and Jak 3 — to life like never before. Mass Media has re-mastered each installment of the collection to feature 720p high definition visuals and stereoscopic 3D support. The Jak and Daxter Collection also features over 100 trophies (including 3 platinum) for you to hunt down while you play through all three titles.

Jak and Daxter Collection for PS3

In addition to picking up the Jak and Daxter Collection at your local game retailer, you’ll be able to download the title via PSN. Starting today, the Jak and Daxter Collection will be available on the PlayStation Store for $39.99. You can also choose to download any of the installments from the collection separately for $14.99.

Be sure to grab the Jak and Daxter Collection today for a chance to experience the full evolution of the franchise. You’re in for some funny and wild adventures — enjoy!

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  • I’ve already been playing it for a while! My favorite franchise of all time!

  • Awesome! I’ve been waiting a long time for this! Thanks

  • Very good to see this is coming to the PSN and available as a bundle and as seperate downloads, but mind following up this post with digital vs physical sales figures in a few months? Willing to bet the digital sales outpace the retail sales. Just a guess, imo digital is the future and I hope more publishers adopt a retail/digital release model. Just sayin’

  • Can’t wait to get the disc…. btw…. Killzone for PS2 classics? Are we getting it?

  • wont have $ til thursday, def picking it up though

  • I went to three different stores today, and not one of them had it…. :( Well, I’m glad I can get it on PSN at least, but still, I wanted to start playing it already as well as a physical copy… :/

  • I had seen on Wikipedia’s “List of PS Vita games” where it says that Jak and Daxter HD Collection is coming to the Vita with PS3 connectivity. THERE’S NO SOURCE, so I’m taking it with a ‘grain of salt’ or however the phrase goes. Any comments if any?

  • Hi

    There is a rumor of a version for vita, right?

  • This games comin in the mail. Any trophy tips???

  • I’ve been waiting for a Jak & Daxter collection. These games rock

  • How is the digital bundle the same price as retail this makes no sense at all?!? And buying them separately will cost someone $5 more? Really?!? Amazon is offering $19 in trade-in credit for this right now. What is the point of buying the digital version unless it’s priced correctly.

  • im playing this now so happy its out,

  • Sigh. And I was here hoping for $10.00. Oh well, I guess HD remakes don’t grow on trees. I am going to have to decide if it is more viable to just buy one of the games or buy all three on a disc.

  • This a great anything from the makers of Naughty Dog is always awesome!

  • @ fifthcore. The all three digital games are actually more then the disc version. The disc version is $40.00 and each version is $15.00 which equals $45.000. That is the way things usually work anyway. The bundle is usually cheaper then the individual item

  • One of my most favorite franchises of ALL time! Picking it up later today.

  • What is the size of the digital download?

  • digital bundle for 40.00 wont be buying today but soon

  • I meant to say this is a great game lol. :-)

  • Please bring to Vita…please bring to Vita…please bring to Vita…

  • Will the digital version be available in Europe store today , or we have to wait till february 22 until the retail version be available .

  • Oh man, I can’t wait to face off against Baron Praxis. He’s one of the greatest adversaries ever!

  • Hopefully my copy will be waiting for me tonight when I get off work. This will be the first time in months that I’ve taken Skyrim out of my PS3… but it’s totally worth it!

    Jak and Daxter are my favorite!

  • I’ll get it!!!!

  • I’ll wait for the inevitable sale on the digital versions. I enjoyed the first game in the series but never got around to trying the others.

  • will the game come to Europe?

  • Very happy to get a second chance to play this franchise, when it first came out i only had enough for either jak and daxter or ratchet and clank… i went with ratchet and didnt regret it, but its nice to get a second chance on the ps2 other great franchise

  • I still dont understand why ALL PS3 games are not easily available on PSN. ….Its like Sony is allergic to clawing back money from used game sales or something.

  • I asked 2 times already without any luck but is the game coming to psvita as the rumors suggest???
    If so will be a day 1 download

  • OR I can not buy these AGAIN and just pop in my PS2 copies that I already have in my BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE PS3.

    Why people are repurchasing all this “HD Collections” again is beyond me, well I guess if you dont have a BC PS3 or a PS2.

    Oh well, people waste what they want I suppose.

  • ChaseHammerJ, you sir are an idiot. Hows that OLD Ps3 model working out for you? Enjoying your VERY limited hard drive space? Have fun having to constantly delete and uninstall games just to play new ones.

    Also HD COLLECTION is just that, good games in HD. You have fun playing Jak and Daxter in crappy SD while I am rocking it in High Def and earning my trophies. I guess its ok though for you, if you like owning inferior things.

    I bet you play your PS3 on a SD tv too, don’t you? HAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Grabbed my copy a bit ago, but have to wait until I get home to try it out. So excited!

    I noticed a “Dolby Pro Logic II” logo on the back. Is that the only surround sound option available on this? Or is there uncompressed surround sound? If not, is there a reason why audio didn’t get expanded upon?

  • @CynicaNerd
    You are the idiot obviously. The harddrive is UPGRADABLE. And second I have had a launch PS3 where as you probably had to wait until the PS3 got so cheap you would afford it on your McDonalds paycheck.

    And $40 for trophies and reformatted character skins isnt enough for me to rebuy something I already have.

    So HAHAHAHAHA to you. Fool.

  • @cosmis_chaos yes $45 so $5 more… The games should be priced $10 each and the bundle should be less than the retail / disc version IMO. I will wait for a PSN sale.

  • To whoever said there was no source on Wikipedia about it coming to vita, gameinformer said it too! If it comes I will buy DAY 1!

  • Hola CynicalNerd,

    As you can tell by the nature of the opening of this post, a rebuttle is on your way shortly.

    As a former BC capable system owner I can assure you that more then likely yes ChasehammerJ has likely had difficulties managing his drive. Until he unlike yourself swapped it out very easily with a far more capable HDD. One with a somewhat higher read rate and capacity. You see unlike our other bretherin in HD gaming, our systems are all capable of upgrading. I wouldn’t be surprised if he isn’t taking advantage of his more then likely HD screen to laugh at your oversized ego.

    You see, some of the last games to be released on the PS2 preformed better on the PS3.
    Primarily because we felt the need to support our favorite developers before they made the next gen splash. I surely hope that you enjoy the earlier chronicles of Mar. It was a good series that despite the first sequels flaws, was well worth the play through. Personally gonna wonder when your gonna get a chance to play Jak X.

  • @30 ChaseHammerJ
    I love backward compatibility, but there is one thing I’m willing to back off on when it comes to the benefits of BC and that is PS2 games and PS1 games still do not look as sharp or as close to there original form with upscaling. These games look cleaner and sharper in the HD collections. When done correctly with a few up dated textures makes them look better than their originals. Many of these old PS2 games also do not do 16:9 where every single HD Collection release does. I also do not get disconnected from PSN when playing HD Collections, so I can go looking for orbs on Jak and Daxter HD then get a party invite for Uncharted 3 Multiplayer. You can’t do that with PS2 releases. For us trophy hunters, being able to get trophies on these old PS2 games adds additional value to the package. I can also take my 3 PS2 discs, box them up (or sell them to people like you) and conserve shelf space on my home for additional PS3 releases (2 more boxes slots are not freed up). There are also people who are younger than you or I who were unable to purchase these other games and the hassle of getting compatible hardware is a pain. Finding the software itself is that much worse.

  • When do the updates roll out for psn usually? I am somewhat new to psn, but I can’t wait to get this game digitally!

  • I can’t seem to find the game on PSN. Will it be released at a specific time, or should it already be there?

  • @ Eric – Thanks for the reply – looks like I have enough room on my HDD, wheeeee!!!

    I was also unfortunate enough not to be able to find a retail copy today – all I kept getting told was that they could order a copy in for me…

  • @ Eric Monacelli
    it actually comes from Gamespot. However it is good idea-u should consider it :P

  • Been waiting for this collection for a long time! I’m planning to platinum at least the first game by sunday night, and platinum 2 and 3 by the end of this month! Can’t wait to replay these classic games!

  • First let me say that these games were really deserving of the HD treatment and I really enjoyed Jax 2. I hope that Sony keeps remastering all their great franchises from the PS2 era, because sooner or later I will buy them all. Release the lesser known games digitally on SEN, but keep updating the greats. Sony should work with 3rd party publishers to get other great franchises remastered like Konami has/is doing with their franchises. Keep up the great work of bringing back some of the best games ever made Sony. Thanks.


  • @38/39 The game will be available later on today when the store updates. The update always occurs Tuesday evenings but unfortunately with no specific time.

    SONY is also changing the Playstation Network to the Sony Entertainment Network today and introducing new TOS (terms of service) so the store may update later than usual today.

  • When is this update , I canceled my pre-order when I heard it’s coming on the store. I could be playing right now !! please sony update the store faster :(

  • I’ve heard that Skyrim has been killing off the old BC phatties so Chase & Kaze?, you are becoming a rare breed. I wasn’t a gamer back then so I’m really happy every time an HD remaster comes out. So, off topic, can Okami be next for the HD release? I refuse to play my wii version.

  • Even though I bought these games as they came out on PS2 (and still own them!) and have cleared them all, I’ll be getting this collection. I only wish we’d have gotten a new PS3 Jak & Daxter game, but it doesn’t seem very likely. A shame, since Jak & Daxter (along with Ratchet & Clank, followed by Sly Cooper) are my favorite PlayStation games of all time.

  • Why can’t ps2 games be remastered in 1080p? Is it because of Developer laziness or is the ps3 hardware really that trash? I can play this using a ps2 emulator on pc and have better results. These 720p remasters are terrible and very depressing.

  • Personally speaking, i LOVE HD remasters because I get to play old games on current hardware without my eyes bleeding. How all those japa-rpg nuts can play those obscure PS1 titles is beyond me.

    …and of course playing any game without Trophies in this day and age feels like wasted time, no matter how good that old game may be.

  • Wow – $14.99 each, huh?

    I guess somebody thought $9.99 each was way out of line.


    Jak & Daxter is the only good one, anyway. You Sony folks are ridiculous. So sick of the PSN and your downloadable business model.

    PSX = Flawless Victory
    PS2 = Flawless Victory
    PS3 = Network attack, security breech, overpriced digital wares, PlayStation Plus debut that created second class customers of the bulk of its customer base, splitting the 512 RAM into a non-negotiable 256 partition for the system making Bethesda games break down

    I play the PS3 only because I like the controllers and the alternative totally blows. I would really like it if Sony stepped up its game.

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