PlayStation Plus February Preview: Free The Simpsons Arcade Game, Far Cry 2, Final Fantasy V and More

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PlayStation Plus February Preview: Free The Simpsons Arcade Game, Far Cry 2, Final Fantasy V and More

February is nearly here, so it’s time to have a look at what’s coming to PlayStation Plus.

To start, we’re excited to bring new release The Simpsons Arcade Game as a free offering for PlayStation Plus subscribers! Releasing on February 7th, subscribers will be able to relive this classic title remastered in HD, complete with the online four-player cooperative play it’s famous for. To celebrate Valentine’s Day, Plus subscribers will have access to download a bonus PS3 full game – Far Cry 2.

PlayStation Plus

You’re also going to want to check out the other free games coming throughout the month, including Square Enix’s PS one classic Final Fantasy V, two PlayStation minis, six additional PSN games, and the SEGA Genesis Bundle – timed with SEGA’s two-week release and sale on the Store put back in Plus just in case anyone missed them.

In the discount department, PlayStation Plus subscribers will want to keep their eyes out for great sales on games like new release The House of the Dead III (30% Off) Grand Theft Auto IV: The Complete Edition (Bundle) (20% off), and Hamilton’s Great Adventure (50% off PSN sale price). There’s plenty more we couldn’t squeeze into this post, so keep your eye on the Store Update PlayStation.Blog posts in February to keep up with Plus updates as they come.

Finally, next Tuesday we’ll release an early-access demo of The House of the Dead III exclusively for PlayStation Plus. Here’s a trailer of this PSN exclusive arcade shooter with HD graphics, Trophies and full PlayStation Move support.

PlayStation Plus February Preview: Free The Simpsons Arcade Game, Far Cry 2, Final Fantasy V and More

Some content and/or release dates outlined may change including the addition or removal of content. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, or continue the discussion on the PlayStation Community forums in the Official PlayStation Plus Update thread.

PlayStation Plus

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PS3 Full Games: Far Cry 2 – 2/14 (V-Day Special One Week Offer)
PSN Games: The Simpsons Arcade Game – 2/7
Sega Genesis Bundle – 2/21
Altered Beast – 2/21
Comix Zone – 2/21
Golden Axe – 2/21
Sonic 1 – 2/21
Sonic 2 – 2/21
Streets of Rage 2 – 2/21
Battle Fantasia – 2/14
Fatal Inertia – 2/14
Hamsterball – 2/14
Inferno Pool – 2/7
Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom – 2/14
Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars – 2/14
minis: Hungry Giraffe – 2/7
Gold Medalist – 2/7
PS one Classics: Final Fantasy V – 2/7
Full Game Trials: Grand Theft Auto IV – 2/14
Deus Ex: Human Revolution – 2/21
Tom Clancy’S H.A.W.X 2 -2/21
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 -2/28
Early Access Demo: The House Of The Dead III Exclusive Playstation Plus Demo – 2/7
Media: Qore Episode 44 – February – 2/7
Avatars and Themes: The House of the Dead 3 Dynamic Theme
Start The Party 2 Dynamic Theme – 2/21
The House Of The Dead III – Agent G Avatar
The House Of The Dead III – Lisa Avatar
The House Of The Dead III – Z1 Avatar
PSN Games Grand Theft Auto IV: The Complete Edition (Bundle) – 2/14 (PS+ Price: $23.99)
The House of the Dead III – 30% off Crazy Taxi & SEGA Rally Arcade – Drive Me Crazy Bundle – 20% off – 2/21 (PS+ Price $9.59)
Sonic Rivals 1 – 25% off – 2/21 (PS+ Price $5.99)
Sonic Rivals 2 – 25% off – 2/21 (PS+ Price $5.99)
Sar – Search and Rescue Mini – 20% off – 2/21 (PS+ Price $TBD)
Hamilton’s Great Adventure – 50% off Sale Price – 2/21 (PS+ Price $2.50)

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  • Ho-ly crap, a SQEX title? For freesies? I’d never… Well, I guess it’s more of a gateway drug for the other, more States-side renowned FFs (and maybe, just maybe…a FFV remake for portables?!). I’ll still prefer the GBA version (viva la Game Boy Player!), but this’ll be cool.

  • Oh… FFV free of charge, spare no expense!! Appreciate it PlayStation!

  • Great Update! I’m a proud PS plus suscriber :D

    Does the simpsons arcade game have trophies??

  • OMG!! I never thought The Simpsons Arcade game I loved playing in the arcades when I was a kid would ever see the light of day on a video game console!! I would pay $100 just to have this game on the PS3 in remastered HD with 4 player online and I get it free as a plus member! I Think i’m gonna cry…Thank you Sony for making an old wish come true and bringing back a blast from my past. This was my favorite game of ALL Time!!

  • More info on the Simpsons Arcade game in the coming weeks? It comes out in Europe Tomorrow and Here next week.

    Not even a trailer before launch has me concerned.

  • GREAT SCOTT what an incredible update!

  • So when does the cloud storage go up to 500MB? You know, to match the competition? :-p

  • Sony is giving the best Valentine’s day gift ever. Free games. Very nice Sony. Thanks!

  • WOOOOO! Now that is what I’m talking about!

  • Yessssssssssssss I love PS+!

  • even for free Far Cry 2 is a poor game. but simpsons arcade yesssss please :)

  • How do free games work for Playstation Plus? I want to get in on The Simpsons, the Sega bundle, and Deus Ex; because the latter two release towards the end of the month, that’s when I plan to start my PS+ subscription. Will I still be able to get in on The Simpsons, or do I already need to be a subscriber when the game releases?

  • Yeah… you get the Simpson’s Arcade but why are we still waiting for the first Ninja Turtles Arcade Game? X-Box has had it for years now, please PSN get it.

  • Holy backlog! PS+ just keeps on giving. Now along with these freebies and the HD collections I’ve bought for Christmas, I should not spend anything before the Vita comes out :)

  • @Cinnamonpirate

    You will still be able to get the Simpsons and the other stuff. The only thing you won’t get is Far Cry 2 assuming you’re starting after Feb 21, because that is only a one week offer. Most freebies are there for one month. So if you want everything while starting as late as possible, start on Feb 20.

  • Thank You! As someone who missed three of the SEGA offerings this summer (because my PS3 was busted), I’m so happy they are being re-offered!

    Everything else is gravy. And what a might fine tasting gravy it is.

  • Holy nuts! That’s alot of free content!

    AND The Simpsons arcade game with Online Co-op ( You could learn from this, Scott Pilgrim!) for free!

    Now if you guys plan to discount Arcana Heart 3 sometime soon, I’ll gladly subscribe for another year!

    Best Pre-Valentine’s gifts ever

  • This is so… just… <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3!!!!!!

  • O_O Wow, I already have 4/6 of the Genisis games free from last time but still good for those who missed it. But FF and Far Cry 2, I’ll take that thanks! Not to mention one of my old favorite arcade games!

    Updates like this make me glad I signed up for PS+ after the free month last year. Hope Vita gets some good stuff soon after launch, especially since publishers and Sony love to push DD, it’d make sense.


  • Update to my last comment: I joined! :)

  • @TomHoang

    Thanks for the quick response. As much as I enjoy playing games on my PS3, I can’t help but feel that Sony is leaving money on the table by letting things remain so confusing in anything related to Playstation Network.

  • Awesome!! Thanks guys! Been waiting for The Simpsons game! I’m happy to pay for PSN+ and stop paying for that other “service” that let’s you play online. Keep up the good work!

  • This literally broke my brain, When I saw the new about the Simpsons on Joystiq I just sat the for a minute or two forgetting to breath. Then when I jumped over here and saw FFv,sega and all the other games I just started making infantile sputtering noises.
    In case you couldn’t tell that means I’m very exited and thankful for this update.Playstation Plus has made recently becoming a PS3 owner such a pleasure!

  • Now if only we could get the EU’s Final Fantasy discounts…

  • that is a stellar PS+ offering in one month you certainly get the years worth of pay

  • would it be at all possible for Playstation Plus Subscribers to get free PSP games of the store in the near future?

  • OMG amazing month!!!!!! thanks playstation!!!!!!!!

  • What a great update for us PlayStation Plus subcribers. Really looking forward to FFIV! Keep it up Sony! 2012 is starting off with a bang! Long Live Play!

  • Sorry I mean FFV =P

  • Maaaaaan, i bought Far Cry for like 40 dollars last year. Still, pretty good game and the other freebies are sweet!

  • I hope I get any of this since this seems to be US only. I’ve not gotten a lot of the games even the monthly e-mail says I should, like Spyro etc…


    And Final Fantasy 5! I’ve never played one before… my friend said, oh try it out, I said I couldn’t because it’s $10. So this is a perfect way for me to try out the series. Oh and a Far Cry 2 game trial… thats cool too… wha- WHAT IT’S FREE ON VALENTINES DAY?

    You have no doubt turned me into a happy customer! This and the twisted metal demo today!

    Oh yeah and for those who missed the arcade classics, I missed Sonic 1 and Comix Zone, they get all of them for free!

    I like this whole, re-release idea, like Syphon Filter and Spyro trilogy. Offer it for those who missed it! I’m so glad I got to get Spyro and Syphon Filter in the past months as a new customer.

  • I commented last month about not getting any RPGs on a Japanese console that is full of them. I’m now content. For February, anyway. ^_^

    It’s also great to get Sonic 1 & 2, as I joined PS+ a month or two after it was offered. That’s been eating at me for a while..

  • really?simpsons game?FFV?…I was expecting better games,but the others looks cool…also can someone tell me how much HDD Farcry 2 take?….

  • Far Cry 2? You guys did it right last month with back to the future but before that you punished us with the new tomb raider game…why are you guys punishing us again?

  • im not hating on ps plus (im actually always defending it), but the reason FF5 is free is cuz its the weakest one of all the final fantasys on psn… im not saying its not good, or that i wont play the hell out of it when i get it, but i laughed when i saw people saying that they couldnt believe they were getting a free final fantasy off of plus. lol

    plus is awesome and amazing in my opinion, just gotta get discounts for more psone classics… thats the main reason i havent got alot of square-enix’s games is because im not going to shell out $10 for a final fantasy game ive beaten like 10 times! if it was 50% off i would def buy it…

    think about this sony and square! your games will sell alot more if we had more discounts for great games that have been on the psn shelf for over a year… some of them will just be forgotton otherwise!


  • Huh, know next to nothing about FC2, but I generally stay away from that genre. Will give it a try.

    Never played FFV, it may very well end up being my first PS1 game on Plus I play for more than a hour (No knock on the quality of the PS1 games, it is just when I am overloaded with PS3 games I am going to tend to ignore older stuff that I have likely played before).

    The Simpsons should be nice for a mindless party game that doesn’t tax non-gamers.

    Discounts seem pretty meh, but I wouldn’t have focused on those after the January sale.

    Nice month.

  • @mmaher

    Yeah. I have been waiting for discounts on a number of Square titles. I would like to see Crystal Defenders get a discount (I know, barely RPG really) the most. But I would also like some FFIV, FFVI, CT, CC, and PE1/2 sometime down the road (perhaps best not all at once, I has only so much muniez).

    But I never played 5, so even if it is a weaker title it will be nice to give a try anyway.

  • ive wanted far cry 2 forever! so this is awesome sauce in a huge jar :) and to hear that the simpsons arcade is coming back and support online bring back the childhood memories at the mall :) i cannot wait to play both games!!!!!!!!!!!!

    mood was like 1 before reading this

    mood is now 20 after reading this :) i hit all my social networks with the simpsons news lol

  • @Zoidzerg

    ff5 isnt terrible, but its not as good as 4 or 6 in my opinion…

    i ended up getting crystal defenders for christmas with a psn card cuz ive been waiting for that game to discount since it came out 2 years ago with no luck, lol.

    its pretty fun and can pretty challenging on the later levels, but i love it… def isnt for most people, but is an awesome take on final fantasy tactics tower defense!

    when you own it and start beating levels, you end up getting “dev videos” that show developers playing with minimal effort or characters on the board and destroying the maps, its pretty funny to see and makes you think more about the strategy of the game… if you like the demo (cuz thats pretty much the gist of the game whats in the demo, besides summons and crystals and new characters for the later levels) than def get it when you can cuz square never discounts cuz they love their final fantasy money!


  • I say it’s time for me to finally reactivate PS Plus! If only Plants vs Zombies and Scott Pilgrim could be put back in the program it would be PERFECT! I’d also like to see Angry Birds in there one day.

  • Simpsons, Far Cry 2 and FFV sound good to me. Of course, I’ll probably try the other new free offers too – you know, since they’re free.

  • I do agree with #84, Heisem: Plus subscribers should be able to pick up latest offerings from their computer, as well as the PS3. Media Go should allow for this.
    Media Go also needs a serious overhaul to allow for management of Cybershot, E-Reader, Walkman, and other Sony devices that all have their own file management programs. Heck – you could even incorporate the computer version of PlayMemories Online.

  • this is a good update. i would like to see a samurai showdown hd remake. preferably samurai showdown 2..

  • Yay finally a Final Fantasy, finally! LOL.

    Now please release VI, VII, VIII, and IX on Plus too!

    Thank you : )

  • OMG!!! im glad to see that there is going to be games offered that i have not already baught. I wish you guys would offer multipule games with choices to get one out of each list. This month looks good though, finally a month with content i dont already have. Bravo Playstation!!!

  • I bet if you offered cross game chat for ps plus subscribers only you would have a million plus signing up today!!!! LOL

  • I never commented before today, but I wanted to say this list is fantastic. Thank you! I actually never played Far Cry 2, which I loved the first one back in the day and excited for 3 later this year. Simpsons Arcade was a blast!

  • i wanna renew my subscription so bad,sucks that amazon is not selling codes anymore:(

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