Special Launch Day PS Vita 3G/Wi-Fi Bundle Announced

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Special Launch Day PS Vita 3G/Wi-Fi Bundle Announced

With only 27 days until the launch of PlayStation Vita, we are excited to announce two PS Vita 3G/WiFi bundles. If you were one of the lucky consumers to pre order the PS Vita First Edition Bundle, in addition to the PS Vita 3G/Wi-Fi hardware, a limited edition case, a 4GB PS Vita Memory Card and Little Deviants game, we will now be including an AT&T DataConnect Pass good for one free 250MB data session (a $14.99 value) upon purchase of one 250 MB data session, and a PlayStation Network game – both provided upon 3G activation on the AT&T mobile broadband network. And the best part, you still get it a week before the official launch date.

Vita First Edition Bundle

We are happy to announce today that we will be creating an extremely limited edition PlayStation Vita 3G/Wi-Fi bundle designed to reward those who brave the cold to stand in line on February 22nd (or even those who come in the few days that follow). In addition to the PS Vita hardware, we will be including an 8GB PS Vita Memory Card, an AT&T DataConnect Pass and a PlayStation Network game all for the usual MSRP of $299. This SKU is part of a promotional offer and will sell out immediately so we strongly recommend that you purchase your PS Vita early to make sure you get the extra value!

While the system is a fantastic option, the addition of 3G-network access is perfect for the gamer that wants convenience, community and connection – basically the ability to immediately socialize with your gaming community. Using the AT&T mobile broadband network also allows you to engage in multi-player gaming, utilize GPS location-based digital gifting, stay up to date with continuous LiveArea scores and game ranking news feeds, compete for in-game achievements, engage in PS Vita to PS3 cross-platform game play, cross-game message with Party, and have access to software updates, all while on the go. You’ll also be able to login to the PS Store and download new content and add-ons for some of your favorite titles.

There are lots of exciting updates still to come as we get closer to launch, and we will be sure to keep you posted. Our goal here at PlayStation is to transform every aspect of life into an entertainment experience. We know when you get your hands on Vita you may really never stop playing!

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  • @BlueBl1zzard – 8gb card means you can save more games.\

    @nv_Los – 1.4gb maybe if you downloading it, but I read from somone who has it (Japan) it only takes about 1mb of space to save. They also said 8gb is internal. I been reading both this blog and FB comments hoping sony would replay, just one replay all we need, saying First Edition would also get 8gb card and everything would be good.

  • ADD THE 8GB to the 1st Edition and ill take it otherwise…. screw it ill just cancel and get the $299.00

  • @Ethereal

    So if I buy the $299 bundle, $30 game and a $20 case I end up with the same as the $350 bundle expect I now have a bigger memory card in exchange for a week later…? See how that devalues the $350 bundle?

  • @mskrob20 THANK YOU!!!! WERE ON THE SAME PAGE!

  • I still think everyone would be better off just waiting and not buying this day 1. Im telling you if everyone would wait a month or two, you will be surpirsed to see what bundles they come out with due to lack of sales….

  • Dragonchasers.
    Cool story bro, really.
    I think you’re missing the fact that First Edition people are spending FIFTY dollars on top of the system price, for these bonuses.
    The existing Launch Day bundles are now getting additional items, for the same price.


    We spent $50 to get that.


  • What do mean by “PlayStation Network Game” ?

    PSOne ? PS2? Vita titles? Vita Titles only available online ?

  • @mixedkidbx

    As good as cheaper sounds its more negative then positive to make them reduce the price due to low sales. It sends bad messages everywhere cause within those months of no sales, 3rd party companies can forget the Vita and move on to other projects.

  • What it comes down to now is you’re basically trading a week for an extra 4gb or vice versa. Takes most of the value out of the first edition bundle.

  • I heard you can’t play multiplayer games over 3G is that true? I’m not sure if I should buy if there isn’t multiplayer support…

  • So, let me get this straight.
    If I just happened to get a vita after all this mess here. Will I be able to get in 3g ever?

  • Im pretty sure if there is not a new press release before the 15th I am going to cancel my First Edition bundle preorder and wait a week so I can use my $50 for uncharted, and guess what I have a feeling little deviants will be part of the free download from 3g activation. The reason I think this is because little deviants has been called, by sony mind you, the best way to experiance all the new features of vita. So why wouldnt they make it a free download? They want people to fall in love with vita, give them the best experiance


    I guess everyone that bought the Canadian “First Edition Bundle” get the shaft! At least upgrade us to the 8GB memory card instead of the worthless 4g!

    AND LITTLE DEVIANTS BETTER FCKN BE A RETAIL PACKAGE NOT A “DIGITAL DOWNLOAD” or it will be getting returned, seeing as you can buy the stuff individually for a better price!

  • Kinda makes me mad i was excited for feb ( first edition bundle) but now just knowing you get a bigger mem card for cheaper price annoys me. Mainly because the feb first ed bundle was like our way of saying sony we love you we will pay 50 bucks just to get it early who cares about little deviants 4 gb card or case ijust want my hands on it early. Now it seems we get screwed for being supportive. I mean my intention was get thefirst ed bundle trade in mem card and little deviants for 32gb card and some other games like gravity rush or ninja gaiden or dynasty warriors

    This has made me annoyed. Give me 3gb of free 3g and id be ok. Or 8 gb card

  • For those of you who use Amazon [US] I just checked and they Auto Upgrade ya …. [Block Quote] ”
    All existing PlayStation Vita 3G/Wi-Fi pre-orders will be upgraded to the PlayStation Vita 3G/Wi-Fi Launch Bundle. Offer valid when shipped and sold by Amazon.com, while supplies last. Amazon reserves the right to change or terminate this promotion at any time. Please read the PlayStation Network terms of use. [End Block Quote] “

  • Sony you need to advertise vita better !!!! my game-stop only has 3 pre-orders for it !! they say that’s because nobody knows about it !! that’s like putting a for sale sign on my mustang and then keep it in the garage !! come on you have to be smarter then this !!!!!

  • I still don’t get how real multiplayer gaming over 3G is possible with a data cap (without crippling overages). I’d surpass 3 gigs of data on day 1.

  • It doesn’t matter guys. We all are paying the same price. Yes buying the newer, extremely limited version would give you a better memory card, but not everyone needs it (me included). Also, first edition gets it a week early and an exclusive case. All and all its preference, at least they are giving options and are telling us nearly a month early to change plans if you want to get the newer bundle. Although I would be concerned over the stated rarity of the newer bundle, are they even going to be offered as a preorder?

  • @Ethereal PSN game for all we know this game is VITA game from the network being the first vita game you can download, and those who get these bundle get it free, while others would have to pay. So with that 4GB is worthless as the game if Vita could take up most of memory, while those who got 8GB one still have room. I just hoping Sony will care enough to add something else to the First Edition – I agree we are the ones who believed in product to say we take it a week early because its going to rock..

  • I dont understand I pre-ordered my Vita is that not a first edition? or is it US only?

  • What About Canada? any plans to add the 8GB Card or PSN Game?

  • @WriteRCastle I understand your point but lets face it, at the end of the day (or week lol) the buyers of the new bundle are only getting an 8GB memory card that costs only $10 more than the 4GB one, while the First Edition bundle buyers get an extra game and a case.

    Plus as many people before me have already said, if you are that dissatisfied just cancel your preorder. Problem solved.

  • PS: Which Game or Game(s) can we choose from? A Vita like Escape Plan would be Awesome!

  • i pre-order this psvita xd

  • Well looks like amazon is auto upgrading preorders, so that’s awesome. We got a month to make the change if you feel the need, no harm done. Personally, I don’t mind because I get it a week early. Just glad we all are getting a trial for 3G and a free game.

  • @BlueBlizzard Except the extra game and case is not really extra when you’re paying an extra $50 dollars for it.

  • They are trying to improve the bundles or at least sweeten the deal but I feel like a lot of you that the 4GB card in the first edition should be an 8GB as well. Other than that fact I love the inclusion of the AT&T trial and a free PSN game. SO with that said I will not be changing my preorder of the first edition. Seriously people if a $30 8GB memory card is the deal breaker then you weren’t really that interested to begin with.

  • By the way, if you don’t use all of your 250MB of 3G in one month will it carry over or is it gone?

  • Its gonna be 250Mb or 30 days, whichever comes first

  • 250 mb will go buy real fast !! then you have to go get more !!! to much $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • the 250mb is what u can use max, if you dont use any part of it, its gone, just like your phone data plan.

  • Supposedly there will be a feature to tell you how much you have used, so if you are at low usage and close to 30 days, then use it more, or if you are at high usage and not even close to 30 days, use it less…

  • @Dragonchasers Exactly this. Listen to Dragonchasers people. The difference in value is just personal preference now. You can always switch pre-orders if you would rather have the 8GB stick over the case and Little Deviants which is understandable, but I’m sticking with the first edition bundle. Sony isn’t screwing anyone over, but I wish someone from the blog would quell some of these concerns.

  • @BlueBl1zzard My point exactly.

    @Nightmare_Lord I doubt the free game will be a full Vita title. Additionally, you are aware that you can store digitally downloaded items on your computer to free up space on your card? If you want to play it again just transfer it back over. If you want the larger memory card and don’t care about waiting get the launch bundle. =)

  • I dont see any value getting the 3G model. I can tether the vita to my verizon phone which has unlimited 4G data and get a much better exerience. Sorry Sony & ATT, you lose…

  • @bluebl1zzard but it’s not like we can ask to pay $10 to upgrade our 4gb to an 8gb. We would have to pay full price for it.

    As I said before they shoul add the same free stuff today to both bundles.

  • @windsmere You realize the inclusion of the trial and game are included with the 8gb 3g/Wifi version as well right? So you can buy that version with the game and a case for the same price.

  • get the wifi ! we can all hang out at Starbucks get wired on coffee and play our asses off for free !!!

  • not same price, the first edition is $50 more

  • also to answer some questions from earlier, no online multi-player is not accessible via 3G, only leader board updates, and live area updates, and some internet browsing. Not sure yet if skype or chat will be available via 3G buy i know I’ve read somewhere that skype, facebook, and other social networking features will not be available on launch day. The only questions I really want answered is will the future skype app utilize the cameras? or will it be like the psp skype with audio only. Also why has skype never come to PS3?, I probably would have bought a playstation eye already if it were available on PS3.

  • Meh. I’ll stick to my Wifi-only + 32GB card preorder.

    I have no desire to pay for the 3G data; and since I plan to go all-digital, I need that fat 32 gigger!

  • wow so u cant play online using 3G, well that makes the decision more easier, F*** 3G

  • @mskrob20

    You can play online over 3g. Games like Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom, BlazBlue, Hot Shot Golf can be played over 3G. Its up to the developer to use it or not.

  • This is ridiculous, if Sony doesn’t include 8gb on First Edition Bundle, I might as well as cancel my preorder and just preorder the regular 3G version.

  • Haha, it’s a preference people. We still have time to make the change. All in all I am stoked to play Uncharted on a handheld! WOO! Who’s with me!

  • Quote: “3G also allows you to engage in multi-player gaming…”

    Wait! My understanding was that you couldn’t play games over the 3G network (or download games and demos, either). Does this mean that I could play games over 3G? All Vita titles??
    The main reason I was going for the Wi-Fi only option was because I have no interest in using 3G merely for Twitter/Facebook/Browsing etc. If this has changed, I may well change my order to the 3G option. Can anyone clear this up?

  • @Budapesti

    Not all games can be played over 3G. Only games where developers allow 3G use on their games like Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom, BlazBlue, Hot Shot Golf.

  • @143

    Those features are not onlne multiplayer though, its more of like a personal leader board, were lets take hot shots golf for example, one player will play their hole, and the score will be uploaded to the internet via 3G, then the other player can compare their score to their friends scores and so on, but its not actually live multiplayer were they can play the hole together and see each others live shots, its just personalized leaderboards essentially.

  • I don’t understand why so many of you are mad. As far as i’m concerned, Sony just added 250Mb trial and a game to my order. Sounds like a win to me.

    If you think the new bundle is a better deal, then cancel/change your preorder. Would i prefer a 8Gb card? Yes, for that matter i’d prefer a 32GB card with 16Gb built in memory. I already had a 8gb card pre-ordered anyhow. Persoanlly, i’d of paid the extra $50 just to get it a week early.

    Long story short, order the bundle that you think is the better deal and stop complaining. It’s amazing how the first edition bundle was a great value until you read that there was a differnt bundle available. Gotta love it when people get made because they were given more choices.

    P.S Having already pre-ordered the first edition bundle is no reason to get upset, just cancel it if you don’t want it. If you’re retailer won’t let cancel or change your pre-order, then your problem should be with them.

  • @Ethereal I definately am! WOO!!!!!

    As long as I get my Vita (with or without a bundle) I’ll be happy!

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