Jak and Daxter Collection Hits PS3 February 7th, 100+ Trophies to Collect

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Jak and Daxter Collection Hits PS3 February 7th, 100+ Trophies to Collect

The wait is almost over, Jak and Daxter fans! I’m happy to announce that Jak and Daxter Collection launches in North America on February 7th. In a few short weeks you’ll be able to score the first three installments of the Jak and Daxter trilogy in one complete PS3 Blu-ray package for just $39.99.

Each game has been fully remastered to feature 720p HD visuals and stereoscopic 3D functionality, and one of the coolest new additions to the titles in Jak and Daxter Collection is the introduction of Trophy support.

Jak and Daxter Collection for PS3

When the series debuted on PS2 over 10 years ago, we didn’t have Trophies. For our jump to PS3, Mass Media crafted custom Trophies for you to earn for all three titles in the collection. The team at Mass Media has created intricate Trophies, each featuring a unique variation on a design theme based around its mission type. There are over 100 to collect including three Platinum Trophies, so you completionists will have hours of Trophy-hunting fun to look forward to.

Jak and Daxter TrophyJak and Daxter TrophyJak and Daxter TrophyJak and Daxter Trophy

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the Trophies that will be up for grabs:

Pedal to the Metal Destroy Metal Kor at Nest Gold
Purple Pain Navigate the Purple Precursor Rings Bronze
The Super Orberator Collect 2000 Precursor Orbs Gold
Testosterone Pass the Tests of Manhood Silver
Just the Artifacts Ma’am Find 3 Artifacts in Mountain Temple Bronze
What’s That Smell? Escort Men Through Sewers Bronze
The Beast Beater Destroy Metal Head Beasts Bronze
Gate Crasher Masher Defend Spargus’ Front Gate Bronze

Be sure to track them all down when Jak and Daxter Collection launches on PS3 this February 7th. Happy hunting!

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  • I’m very excited that the Jak and Daxter Collection is coming out soon. Now if we could only get a Ratchet & Clank Collection….

  • Hmm I see like 10 guys asking about the Vita version…..and no answer. I know you want to sell the PS3 version, but nobody is going to buy it twice. The pictures of the Vita version have been released, so why not let the cat out of the bag and let us make our own purchasing choices? Even better, put the Vita version download code in the PS3 box and allow transfarring!

  • I’ve also had issues with 3D in Uncharted 3 and hopefully it is fixed for this collection. If you wanted to read more in-depth about it Eric, I’ve posted the issue in the ND forums under the technical issues with Uncharted 3.

  • I only played the first Jak and Dexter and it was so much fun! Hard to 100% but so much fun! I can’t wait to get this to beat it on the PS3 and also try out the other 2.

  • Never played this series, miss it on PS2. Heard nothing but good things about this series. Won’t miss it this time around.

    I do have some question?

    1) Will Uncharted & Resistance series ever make it to PSN?
    2) When will you give us more CLOUD SPACE?
    3) Will anymore 1st Party PS3 games make it to PSN?

    High percent of PS3 games on PSN are 3rd party games. Wheres the love for 1st Party games on PSN?

  • Those trophies are looking rad, thanks guys. Another thanks for not naming the Platinums “Platinum Trophy”, as was the case in certain other games ;)

  • Really hoping this gets put on PSN for digital download. It’d be much appreciated!

  • gonna try to get this the first day it comes out from Gamestop. only thing that would make this better would be hearing that there is gonna be a ratchet and clank collection :P

  • So… 3 PS2 games on 1 PS3 disc coming out, check. The emulated version of the first Killzone coming out on the PlayStation Store, check. It looks like we’re one step closer to finally getting the ability to play PS2 games (on the disc) on the PS3 on the next firmware update. Once that hits, I will finally play some PS2 games online on my PS3 Slim (because I don’t have a broadband adapter on the PS2). Please tell me it’s true.

  • It’s rather redundant to say that we’ll “be able to score the first three installments of the Jak and Daxter trilogy”.

    Not sure about where you live but here in the real world a ‘trilogy’ generally refers to three of something…

  • this would of been truly amazing on the vita please port it over to it and will love you forever : )

  • I can’t wait for this to release!!! It’s gonna bring back so many good memories… and the trophies! Three Platinum’s! BLEEP-BLOOP!

  • Cool:P I like these HD updates but i still want PS2 playback back on a PS3? Come on SONY do it & i will buy another PS3 LoL

  • I’ve already got platinum on all 3 Sly Cooper games. I’d like to do that with all Jak & Dexter games! Next collections that should come out:

    Mega Man 25th Anniversary Collection
    Mega Max X Collection
    Devil May Cry Collection

  • Oh god, 2 weeks.. come faster!

  • I’ve been trying to get this through – PLEASE Sony, PlayStation, and Naughty Dog – Make new Jak and Daxter avatars for the PSN. A lot of people, including me are getting A little tired of the Jak X avatars. Please Sony, make new avatars for this Collection! Of Jak 1, II, and 3. Just like MGS, and Silent Hill. Say it could include, Jak, Daxter, Keira, Samos, Damos, Sig, Pecker, Ashlin, Torn, Gol and Maia, etc… From all 3 Jak games… Please guys? It would be so awesome!!

  • @ 9 ItaChu well..if you say Arkham City is the best 3D experience you’ve had so far…your cheating yourself, lol. Uncharted 3 is easily top 3 if not the best example of how to use 3D correct. im on chapter 18 right now and the things i’ve experienced so far in 3D…..oh my :)

    my nephew was a huge fan of Jak and Daxter, heck i bought him part 2 for his birthday. so now i look forward to trying it myself..in all its 3D glory no less.

    thanks ND

  • Lol this comes out on my birthday. I love this game. I have 2 of them from the ps2 days. LOL I’m so psyched thnx u guys. Can’t w8t. (^_^)

  • And lucky for me I have a 3D Sony Bravia. I haven’t played this game in a long time. mostly because playstation 3 doesn’t play playstation 2 games so this is great. And it in HD+3D Omfg Hell yea. With trophies. Oh my bajesus.

  • We all know it will be downloadable on the PS Store soon, it the way these collections go. Now, the question is: Will they be downloadable to Vita?

  • I remember buying these 3 games at a swapmeet for 20 bucks used now i can pay you for those exciting moments i experienced as a kid.SONY your killing it this February,Jak and Dax HD,Twisted Metal,Killzone 1 and the PS VITA witch im not buying cause cant afford it but im getting all your exclusives like last year.

  • Are there any plans for HD Crash Bandicoot games?

  • Pretty eager to get this! :D Next stop: Ratchet & Clank Collection please. :)

  • I’ve never played a Jak and Daxter game before but I’ve heard lots of great things about them, so I’m really looking forward to this!

  • yes, can’t wait! all the HD collections have been awesome, it’s a fantastic trend that i am loving every minute of! keep ’em coming!

  • im usually not a trophy *****, but for jak and daxter, ALL YOUR TROPHIES ARE BELONG TO US!!!

  • Can we get a Socom collection guys?

  • On the Playstation Store Update for Feb. 7 will they be sold separately if you only want to buy on of the three to your hard-drive?


  • i never played a jax game i guess now its a good time to start but theres a lot of games coming next month so jax will have to wait

  • Awesome,I’ve Been waiting for this game.Glad they added trophy support more trophy hunting for me. :~)

  • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!! Bring ALL of the games to PS3!!! I would love to have Jak X, Daxter, and The Lost Frontier on PS3 to complete the set!

  • Is this also headed to PSN like Sly Coop?
    Hope it doesn’t take a year or six months

  • It’s very nice to have Jack&Daxter collection for PS3, now we have that with The Sly Collection, God of War and Ico+Shadow of Colocus collection remastered for the system. Now what about Ratchet and Clank collection next for PS3!! ;)

  • Awesome! I can’t wait. This was easily my favorite trilogy of games on the PS2 with Sly Cooper and Ratchet & Clank shortly thereafter. I had a great time reliving the Sly games and earning three platinums and plan to do the very same with the Jak and Daxter HD Collection the first day its out!

    On that note, how about some new Jak avatars in the store? Maybe a theme to commemorate the series? Get on it, Naughty Dog!

  • has anybody played jak and daxter on the ps3? the only thing that makes the game look bad is the resolution and the stretched out screen, the AA in this game is great , and the polygon models were the best that generation had to offer people !!!!!! we don’t need * better AA* or * better textures* sure the game would look awesome if it had that but the game already looks amazing as is the stable frame rate and higher resolution are all i ever wanted for this game .
    * i have a 60 gig people and i passed jak 3 on my brand spanking new ps3!!!! never played it on the ps2!!!
    the game supported large TV size and to be honest the game just needed a resolution boost..
    will be buying this day one!! i need to relive this amazing trilogy!!!!!

  • So excited for this! Getting it Day 1 for sure. Also, is there any chance of putting Jak X on PS3? I actually thought that game was really good, and it would be awesome in HD (and especially in 3D, due to it being a racing game) and with a reworked online feature. You could just release Jak X as a downloadable title later, it would be epic :D

  • so am i going to be able to download this on PSN in a couple of months? any street date on that?


  • I purchased and enjoyed these on PS2 and am only interested in repurchasing my favorite one, Jak 2, in HD. Will these be sold individually on the PS Store? If not then I’m going to pass.

  • Screw the trophies, I’m just happy I can play these awesome games again. I either sold or lost or lent my original copies ages ago, probably because my PS2 crapped out on me, so getting to play these again is great!

  • Will get the 3 platinums for this game!

    All we need is a Ratchet & Clank HD Collection and my life is complete…well somewhat.

  • Will there be a demo like there was for the God of War HD Collection?

    I hope so, because I never had a chance to play these games originally and am interested, but don’t want to shell out $40 unless I know I’ll love it, because there are many great games I’m looking to buy right now.

    But still, looks awesome! I just hope there’s a demo/trial.

  • Jak & Daxter is a great game, looking forward to that.

    The other two, not one bit. Franchise went into a totally stupid direction. They clearly wanted to make a game that Jak & Daxter was not, and instead of making that game they turned Jak & Daxter into it with Jak II and continued the abomination into Jak 3. One of the glorious misteps of last console generation.

  • And we can expect this on the Playstation Network the day it comes out as well as in stores? This is a great HD collection, I’m getting it the day it comes out!!!

  • That’s nice.

  • Awesome, can’t wait to play as Jak again.

    Hoping for a Jak 4 in the future. ;)

  • My favorite trilogy of all time coming in HD!?!?!?! I can’t wait!

  • Hey Evan, I was wondering if the collection would be coming to the PSN at the same time, or later on? I will definitely be getting it only off the PSN because of the unfortunate price of games in Israel :\

  • This is awesome! Finally something else to keep me busy. Will we be getting a Ratchet & Clank Collection as well? That would be GREAT, I would get that on release day! (fingers crossed)

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