Ubisoft PS Vita Week: Dungeon Hunter Alliance Brings an Epic Fantasy Journey

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Ubisoft PS Vita Week: Dungeon Hunter Alliance Brings an Epic Fantasy Journey

Dungeon Hunter Aliiance for PS Vita

Over the next week, Ubisoft will be profiling our upcoming portfolio of launch titles for the PlayStation Vita. All these titles will be available a week prior to launch, giving gamers the opportunity to build up their library prior to the launch of this highly anticipated PlayStation handheld or experience the games early if you are picking up the First Edition bundle on February 15th. Let’s kick off the week by stepping into the fantasy genre.

But first, a question for my fellow PSP launch owners. How much fun was exploring the fantasy world of Untold Legends? I remember going over to my friend’s house to sit side-by-side as we tackled different dungeons. With Dungeon Hunter Alliance, we’re bringing back that feeling of exploring a fantasy universe along with your friends.

You may already be familiar with the PS3 version of the game, but soon you’ll be able to take the experience with you, exploring the depths of Gothicus, facing off against evil creatures, and enhancing your character while you’re on the go. Dungeon Hunter Alliance will also enable PS Vita owners to team up with up to three friends locally and via WiFi — the game will adjust the difficulty dynamically according to the number of players in the game.

Dungeon Hunter Aliiance for PS VitaDungeon Hunter Aliiance for PS Vita

We’ve also added PS Vita-specific features, including touchscreen controls. Players can tap the front touchscreen to pick up items and zoom in or out. The back touch panel will control the fairy to perform spells (especially useful when providing spell support with friends). Finally, the accelerometer gives players the option to shake their device to counter rival curses.

PS Vita owners can look forward to exploring the immense world of Dungeon Hunter Alliance when the game releases on February 14th for $39.99. Look for more information, including exclusive content and social features that can only be found on the PS Vita version, as we get closer to launch.

Dungeon Hunter Aliiance for PS Vita

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4 Author Replies

  • $14.99 would be a great price , $19.99 the most

  • Look at the guy trying to defend the price saying they added new content? Let me ask you something man, by new content you mean a whole new game in addition to the original one? that is, because you’re charging more than double of its price!

  • Get ready for bomb of the year!

    What an insult to gamers everywhere.

  • This is stupid and I think that things like that, with overpricing games, make me think twice if I buy a Vita on first day or not.

  • If only you could be a Female… or at least be able to customize your character….

  • The Vita team just continues to upset its supporters. Way to go Sony.

  • I have no problem with the game being 40 bucks but to have to pay 30 to 120 bucks for a memory card to play it on? Sony keeps making the worst decisions…

  • Would like to add my voice here and say that this is frankly insulting. There’s no way you should feel good about charging more than TWICE the price of the PS3 game, and many times over the original iOS game. Just horrible.

  • Sooo, a little modification here and there alternating the PSMove controls for touch controls on the Vita.

    This was just on sale for $6.29 for PSN+ members, and $8.99 for everyone else.

    Now you charge a full $40…for some new features & because its on a new platform?

    I will state that Dungeon Hunter Alliance is a great game (on PSN) and worth ever dollar I paid for it, but not more than FOUR TIMES the price for a ported version with minimal new content.

    I am truthfully…insulted.

    I was looking forward to this title, I expected perhaps a $14.99-$19.99 price tag, at the most. But unfortunatly the pure GREED of Ubisoft here has put not only a bad taste in my mouth, but a lock on my wallet.

    Preordered the Vita First Edition bundle, getting several games at launch. Nothing from Ubisoft will be included.
    (Till their dirt cheap or I buy them used)

    Another satisfied customer. *cheers*

    (A real shame to, since I was looking forward to Assassins Creed and Rayman Oirgins for Vita in addition to this….oh well.)

  • That is absurd, $40 for a port of a iOS/PS3 game? The iOS/iPhone version is under $10 and PS3 version is just $13.

    Maybe if Ubisoft would elaborate on what features they actually added on that would deserve that $40 price tag I might be less lenient at the price, otherwise if it’s just the basic, Touch controls specifically for Vita, then I see no point in really get this version especially considering there will be better alternatives at launch such as Ruin (or now called Warrior’s Lair) which is sold at the same price and you get both the Vita & PS3 version.

  • I got this game for 99cents on the iPod, thanks but I’ll wait til it drops down to $5.

  • Need another Dungeon Hunter for PS3. Where’s the sequel based on DH2?

  • I have the money for a Vita, but I won’t buy until:
    * Sony allow to play PSOne games on Vita.
    * Sony allow to play ANY PSP GAME on Vita.
    * Sony allow to play PS2 games on Vita.

    If that is not possible, considering the hardware of the console, it means Sony is cheating us.

    If I add overprices for games like this, well… now we can understan why Japan’ sales are a big fail.

    Why my comment before is “awaiting moderation”? Censorship?

  • I’m sorry, but this is exactly why the Vita will end up a gigantic failure – people aren’t ignorant – they aren’t going to pay $40 for a game that sells for $5 (or less) on iOS.

    And of course, when it doesn’t sell, publishers will say “Oh, no one wants traditional handheld software”. Well, no, it’s just they don’t want to get gouged, paying 35 more dollars for the same product on a phone.

    You want to release ports from iOS, then price them like iOS. See how well they sell that way, don’t try to sell them at a much higher price…

  • Looks promising.

  • @ DiscoJer

    Well you have to look at what you’re getting. If you’re a collector or if you value physical merchandise then you’ll get a Vita cartridge, an instruction manual, and a case to hold it all in. But if you’re into the virtual perks then you’ll be receiving trophy support and the game to play. Which is well worth the extra bucks (but I do agree, it’s still a bit pricey.) maybe around $25 – $30?

    I know what you mean by saying it’s too pricey but honestly, playing games on iOS devices really doesn’t give everyone as much satisfaction as if you were playing it on a dedicated game console. It just feels like a novelty item then a game.

    But if you’re the type of person that enjoys iOS games then I’ll take your word for it at an iOS perspective.

  • Why all the comparisons to the iOS version? I’m pretty sure that little thing is probably 360p. The PS3 version is 1080p, iirc, though it still doesn’t have the best graphics by any means. If anything, this is a port from the PS3 version, and as such, even with the possibility of new content, shouldn’t cost more than $20, for what has essentially been released three times already on various platforms.
    I was looking forward to picking this up if the price was right, but it’s so wrong that it’s now a “wait for 50% off sale” game. Even if it does look like it made the move to a more cell-shaded style of graphics, it’s still nowhere close to being worth $40.

    *waits for the price change to hit before it releases, as Ubisoft watches their potential sales plummet*

  • It is moves like this that bring justification to the ridiculous mainstream news articles that say Sony (and Nintendo) will have tough competition with smartphones. It’s because companies like yours sell (nearly) the exact same game but for 10+ times the cost….

    You could have sold this for a comparative price to the other versions of this game. You could have greatly increased the volume of sales you received. And you could have given a reason to buy a Vita in the first place, thus opening the door for future opportunities to make sales on future products.

    Instead you decided to charge too much, give people reason to doubt buying a Vita, and hurt your companies reputation.

    I really hope Sony reads over the overwhelmingly negative response to this announcement. I really hope Sony realizes that allowing publishers to make moves like this hurts their products.

  • TOTAL RIP OFF. BTW: Does anyone else find it funny that some jackhat named Monney wearing a crown of golden boobies comes onto the PSblog trying to sell a game that is 400% overpriced. The SEQUAL is out on iOS and you can get THAT for like 5 bucks!! This game should be $10 bucks TOPS on the PSN for vita…no $40 at retail. I hope you guys have fun getting fired after selling 6 copies in total and GOOD LUCK trying to sell us on agreeing that the so called ‘vita exclusive content’ is worth $30! Fools.

  • Are you kidding? This is 40$, while the IOS version is 7$…..Really? i wouldve though a reasonable price would be 20$ for the vita version. I was interested in this game, ive lost interest with the price of more then 4 times the IOS version.

  • To people complaining about the price – this is Ubisoft, they charged $60 for Rayman Origins for about a month, now it’s $20 everywhere. This will be $15- $20 in no time.

    I bought this on PSN w/ my PS+ discount but we don’t play it much b/c of the load times, which are MNR worthy. I don’t understand how a DL game can have so many and so long load screens. My kids want to play it but they lose interest waiting for it to start. Also, the multiplayer feature is not very useful. I had to play for an hour last night by myself – on my sons PS3 account – b/c my character in my sons game wasn’t on the same quest. And my character from my own account doesn’t carry over. And the save files are not copyable so I couldn’t even move the characters between accounts. In retrospect, we should have just kept playing the demo and not bought the game.

  • The first screen shot looks like the facebook dragon age game lol.

  • I lost interest in PS Vita months ago as a day 1 purchase. In today’s gaming market prices start out high, and then drop a lot with in a month or so.

    PS3 games come out for $60 and then with in a month or so you can get the game for cheaper, or if you wait a few months (3-6 months) you can get the “complete” edition with all dlc and such for around $40.

    If most consumers are smart (which we know a lot aren’t) they would NOT buy the Vita on day 1 and just wait a month or two, and more than likely the price on the Vita would drop, along with games.

  • I agree w/ many of the posters here: Unless there’s a major upgrade (more classes, DH sequels included) who can justify a port costing this much? Added intuitive controls, nice graphical upgrade won’t do it. Even if this title has that option to play w/ your own PS3 (as seen in Wipeout) or that cloud saving option (as seen in Ruin), I still won’t touch it as the PSN version is nearly identical.

    I can’t believe UBisioft didn’t develop the sequel for the Vita. I’m also so shocked that they would release a port @ that price point. It’s not like DH is so lust worthy that we’ll blindly pay any price for it… seriously, what are they thinking?

    However, why does almost everyone assumes Sony is responsible for this price?? It’s not Sony’s call, Ubisoft sets the margin. Don’t blame Sony, people.

  • sadly id have to agree with the majority on this one, i did buy the ps3 version for 14.99 maybe cheaper because of ps plus, i dont remember.

    but to make this one 40.00 is a tuff sell especially when i can get a whole new fresh experience in Uncharted:Golden Abyss. is my argument valid?

    you guys really have to explain what the additional features are to make this one worth it, right now nothing is justified for the price.

    for those who don’t have it at all, its a fun game on ps3, supports ps move and 4 players off and online, level progression up to level 75 so theres alot to do on the game @ 14.99

  • @71 the load times are not that bad, and if yall are that impatient, there’s doctors for your condition. u make it sound like it take 20 minutes to load..

  • @66 thats means nothing at all. if you go to the ps store right now, and look at the price of..lets say Rachet and Clank: ALL 4 ONE..its the same exact price as the physical in store copy..so your not really making a point, we would still pay 59.99 for a digital game with no book case, etc..

    our argument is the fact that its on ps3 already, super cheap and now coming to vita, higher priced. im fully supporting vita, but this game shouldnt be 40.

  • Feb 14th??? Isn’t First Edition Bundle launching on Feb 15th??? Why release those games before the launch of the hardware?

  • @78 the ps3 did the same thing. ps3 came out with Resistance 1, Madden and maybe 2 other games before the hardware itself launched. i bought Resistance and Madden before the ps3 came out.

  • So I’m not allowed to tell ya how it is I guess since my comments were deleted. Truth hurts does it? Alright, so instead of telling just you how it is, I’ll make sure to spread the word wherever I can that your ripoff of a product should be avoided at all costs as well as anything you should put out.

    I’m sorry, but this isn’t the 80’s or 90’s anymore. People are more in touch with the values and quality of the games they are buying these days. You can’t scam people so easily anymore.

  • I think downloadable games on PS Vita aren’t really cheaper than retail copies. In Japan, digital games are around 10 bucks cheaper but, depending on game size, you’ll fill up your memory cards quite fast and have to pay for extra memory cards, which reduces the benefits of buying the games in digital format.

  • WOWZA!! the players have spoken….ya’ll really let Ubisoft have it!! hahahaha

  • @psikorps

    It’s the fact the publishers have to publish it with a Vita card that jacks up the price.
    I totally agree with you. to pay 40$ for a 10$ game is outrageous.
    So, Sony should…. sorry
    Sony MUST allow some games to be purely downloadable. that way, publishers won’t need to invest in risky Vita Cards for games under 700Mb.
    Sony said they wanted to have a variety of prices, that would happen if they give developers access to make online only games for smaller titles.

    I can easily see the Vita with free Ocean Breeze Games for the casual gamer. Hint, it’s FREE.
    That would boost the value of the console for the casual gamer.

  • Speaking of Epic Fantasy, Final Fantasy Type-0 is coming to US on the Vita.

    They are to add trophy support and second analog control.

    If that’s the case, while you’re at it, why not make the menus accessible via touchscreen with the option of using buttons. I’ve played Eternal Legacy on tablet and it feels so natural.
    It’s faster to input commands than with buttons.
    (with buttons, you have to move with analog or digital buttons and then press x to select, with touchscreen, you just press to select)

    They could also change the ‘camera’ view angle using the rear touchpad instead of the second analog stick, also as optional like Drake’s Uncharted “play the way you like” motto.

  • This would be a day one purchase if it was priced even remotely close to the other Dungeon Hunter games. Game looks cool, and I want to play/buy it, but I won’t do so until it comes under $20.

  • I have to be honest- I got this for ps3 and it pu tme to sleep everytime i tried to play it. Compared to the other rpg’s out for home console now this was way out of its era. I do however still play games similar to this on my psp all the time, these older diablos style hack and slashers just feel more at home on a portable device for me. You release a demo for this on the vita first and theres a good chance i’ll buy it lol.

  • This looks like the kind of game I love playing, which is too bad because I’m going to go with everyone’s word on this about the price. Unless they bring it down, I’m not buying this when it releases. I’ll just wait until there’s a price drop.

  • This title cost more than 4x what it’s worth. UNACCEPTABLE

    I’m actually shocked that Ubisoft would put this age old iOS game out at such a high price. Absolutely ridiculous “new content” or not.

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