Ubisoft PS Vita Week: Dungeon Hunter Alliance Brings an Epic Fantasy Journey

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Ubisoft PS Vita Week: Dungeon Hunter Alliance Brings an Epic Fantasy Journey

Dungeon Hunter Aliiance for PS Vita

Over the next week, Ubisoft will be profiling our upcoming portfolio of launch titles for the PlayStation Vita. All these titles will be available a week prior to launch, giving gamers the opportunity to build up their library prior to the launch of this highly anticipated PlayStation handheld or experience the games early if you are picking up the First Edition bundle on February 15th. Let’s kick off the week by stepping into the fantasy genre.

But first, a question for my fellow PSP launch owners. How much fun was exploring the fantasy world of Untold Legends? I remember going over to my friend’s house to sit side-by-side as we tackled different dungeons. With Dungeon Hunter Alliance, we’re bringing back that feeling of exploring a fantasy universe along with your friends.

You may already be familiar with the PS3 version of the game, but soon you’ll be able to take the experience with you, exploring the depths of Gothicus, facing off against evil creatures, and enhancing your character while you’re on the go. Dungeon Hunter Alliance will also enable PS Vita owners to team up with up to three friends locally and via WiFi — the game will adjust the difficulty dynamically according to the number of players in the game.

Dungeon Hunter Aliiance for PS VitaDungeon Hunter Aliiance for PS Vita

We’ve also added PS Vita-specific features, including touchscreen controls. Players can tap the front touchscreen to pick up items and zoom in or out. The back touch panel will control the fairy to perform spells (especially useful when providing spell support with friends). Finally, the accelerometer gives players the option to shake their device to counter rival curses.

PS Vita owners can look forward to exploring the immense world of Dungeon Hunter Alliance when the game releases on February 14th for $39.99. Look for more information, including exclusive content and social features that can only be found on the PS Vita version, as we get closer to launch.

Dungeon Hunter Aliiance for PS Vita

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  • Hopefully they add a Female Character(s) my wife was disappointed playing this with me on the PS3 and having to be a guy.

  • What is the MSRP is the US. This looks to be fun, but as an iOS port, I’m not interest in paying $30 or $40 US dollars. If it ends up being $19.99 or less on PSN, I’m definitely interested.

  • Ah… $39.99. I think I’ll wait this out…

  • Most overpriced game EVER. This is a port of a 1year old(maybe older) iOS game. Seriously it’s even more expensive then a ps3 version? The next game is also releasing soon for the iOS and you give us an old port with nothing new added to it appart from touch controlls from the iOS version?

    • It’s much more than a port. We have tailored the graphics for the PlayStation Vita and will be adding exclusive content. If you enjoyed the previous versions, I would recommend picking this one up.

  • Untold Legends was amazing. I was worried that the Vita wouldn’t have an RPG like that. I will look into this. =

    • I played so much Untold Legends when I picked up my launch PSP (which I still own). As a gamer, I’m stoked to have a launch RPG to play with my friends :)

  • Can you tell us what this adds over the iOS versions? Obviously I would want to make sure that I’m getting a lot more for 40 dollars than the iOS versions have.

  • Oh and save your money people as Warrior’s Lair(Ruin) is just around the corner instead of buying this simple port.

  • 1) I already purchased the ps3 version.

    2) Im definitely not buying it unless there is some kind of offer for people who already own the ps3 version.

    3) 39.99 for a game i already bought on your other system is outrageous.

    Hopefully there will be remote play because I won’t buy it now

  • I hope they bring the Rainbow Six Series to the Vita. Prices for game are getting outrageous. Can we just remote play with our ps3 version?

  • I agree $40 is too much for a port of an old game. How much will the downloadable version cost?

  • 4.99, and it maybe worth while, way WAYYY over priced. Enjoy selling 5 copies.

  • I have to agree with all the price complainers here……$15 is acceptable $40 is not…..I have this on the PSN and I have a copy on my iPod touch……what incentive do I have for chunking down another $40?……thats alot o green

  • This is a rip off…

  • Has anyone else noticed that this guy is saying that the first edition bundle is coming out one day earlier than previously announced?!
    So is the Vita first edition bundle really coming out on the 14th?

    • Sorry for the confusion. I was just mentioning that our game was releasing on February 14. Anyone picking up the First Edition bundle when it releases will be able to play our game before the February 22 release of the PlayStation Vita.

  • Wow, charging $12.99 on PS3 for a $5 mobile game was bad enough, now $40 on Vita?

    What makes you think this is a retail game worthy of full retail price?

  • thats very expensive for a game i already own on the ps3. i suggest 15 dollars at the most.

  • OMG, what a ridiculous price. Isn’t this same exact game available for $10-$15 on PS3? And the iOS version–which is nearly the same thing–ranges between $1-$6, depending on if there’s a sale or not.

    Prices like this are what have the potential to ruin the Vita in North America. Any informed consumer will immediately recognize the scam here, then immediately write off ever purchasing a Vita and go back to playing games on their iOS device.

    Shame on SONY for allowing this–price gouging like this is such a Black eye on the face of the Vita.

  • Dungeon Hunter Alliance loots PS Vita owners sounds about right for the title… lol

  • Sounds amazing, the graphics are really well done, but that price is a little steep right now, it depends when it is released, I need to know how much content there is as well.

    • Dungeon Hunter Alliance will be releasing on February 14. We will have exclusive content for the PlayStation Vita version that we will detail at a later date.

  • Just realized this is 13 dollars or so on PSN I am getting Ruin (Warriors Lair) instead (Ruin is a way better name)

  • $40 is a rip off for this game! I paid like $10 for it on PSN a few months ago… and it simply not worth more than that. It was developed by Gameloft for god’s sake! Not exactly a AAA developer. Now if this was a Sony produced NEW UNTOLD LEGENDS, I would gladly pay $40 for that.

  • Seriously, the only explanation of this price is that Ubisoft thinks we are completely ignorant. Ubisoft thinks console gamers are ignorant, and PC gamers are all pirates. I’m taking my money elsewhere.

  • trash price.. boo

  • This game had zero developer support on the PS3 (this game had so much DLC potential!), this is just an overpriced port with Vita control gimmicks added in. Unbelievable Sony.

  • You guys must think the gamers are that stupid to buy this game on vita for $28 more. with hardly anything new added to it. im sorry idk what you guys are thinking. i would understand $19.99 but $39.99 you guys are insane.

  • All this ridiculous over-pricing is why I’ve decided not to get a Vita at launch.

    Sucks too, because I never bought a portable at day 1 before…

  • also i like to now not later what are these new additions especially for the asking price. and it better not be some vita touch crap.


    Man, screw the Vita and its overpriced content.

    I really can’t wait to see what PS3 games will be remote playable, if any, even though the Vita is more than capable.

    I also can’t wait to see what “exclusive content” and “social features” add up to that ridiculous price point.

  • 40 dollars for an iOS game??? o_O The game was an ok hack and slash loot game but barely worth the 9 dollars I paid for it. Every single aspect of the game is nothing more than average at best. 40 dollars seems outrageously overprice, sorry.

  • Vita Games are not a ripoff or overpriced each developer chooses their price, Sony is trying multiple prices for games from $10-$50. Theirs $30 dollar games, $40 games and 1 $50 dollar game. I much prefer multi-price models like this. The VITA will change how we view Handheld games…I myself cant wait for this change. To give an idea I suggest you to search for podcast “PS Nation” ep 248 and fast forward to 50 mins into it for a ton of hands on VITA thoughts in detail and you will understand why this handheld is the future.

  • Wow. First it’s announced that ModNation has no competitive online MP, while trying to call it a step forward. Now we get this, trying to jam an iOS port down our throats for $40. Two games that I was really interested are now completely off the table. I may even cancel my Vita pre-order now and wait a few months, maybe there will be more than one or two decent games by then.

  • So how about adding the rest of your psp games to the store on the vita launch day?

  • I am still interested in this title but I will wait until it comes down drastically in price. I can get this for practically free on itunes while on the VIta i have to pay 40 dollars. I dont think so. Still I looks impressive being a iOS port. Hopefully this will come down in price or I will have to go with the exclusive alternative “Warrior’s Lair” (previously known as Ruin) since i can play with my ps3 also. Thanks Ubisoft but maybe next time.

  • And since it’s Eeewbisoft I’m sure you’ll have to register your Vita on their DRM system and then log into it every time you want to launch the game.

  • Good news Madmike22089 on the Modnation blog post they are looking at putting out an online patch after release date, theirs just not enough time to get it in at launch. So and online patch works for me. Its now back as a launch day game for me once again.

  • Will it be cheaper for download like the other games releasing on Vita?

  • not sure if i will pick this game up considering the price tag of it being an year are so old iso game improved graphics doesnt seem worth it to be honest will the dlc be for free only way i can see it being worth it

  • I will buy it in a year when it comes Waaaaaay down to a normal price.

  • Now I loved DHA on PS3, but at $15 it felt like a very reasonable price for a reasonable game. Even for a platinum trophy and some new controls, I don’t think I could see myself spending more than $20 for the title I’ve already beat multiple times. I honestly plan to get this, but I think I’ll have to wait until a significant price drop to purchase or recommend it.

    In another note though: Will it be possible to import/export players between PS3 and Vita? (Without trophy problems)

  • Is this a joke? Are you having me on?

    So I could, right now, buy Dungeon Hunter II for $8 on my year old phone, or I could wait a month to spend $40 on Dungeon Hunter 1 for my brand new Vita.

    No, seriously, where’s the hidden camera?

  • If it wasn’t for Warriors Lair (still hate the name) I would pick this up. But the game is looking good.

  • slow game play, i could not bare to play it more then 30 min at a time. hopefully this version will be a little faster and enjoyable.

  • oh yea, and only if its $19.99 this game is a Diablo Clone so a low price will sell you alot more then trying to act like its worth more.

  • Wow, forty bucks for Dungeon Hunter Alliance? Honestly, I could justify spending that kind of money if the level cap was doubled, they added three or four new classes were added, we could choose between male and female characters, and a brand new, longer campaign was added to the package, otherwise I’ll have to pass. It’s sad all these developer choices in price and features seems to be turning off a lot of would-be day one Vita purchases, I haven’t cancelled my Vita pre-order, as I have had a couple hours with the handheld and it is absolutely amazing, but I understand why people are being turned off. I hope developers begin to realize how important online co-op and multiplayer experiences are to the Playstation community and begin putting out games the community wants to play together. I look forward to the future experiences developers craft for this truly revolutionary new piece of hardware, and please devs, listen to the community.

  • listen to the community,,,,,,,, LoL. RoFlmAo…… they will all ways act like they are but we know then don’t care. never getting what we want just getting what they think we want. thats not listening thats trying to force feed us.I love PS but darn it man show some love Sony.

  • actually Dungeon Hunter II cost $4.99 on gamelofts web store. as of now lol.

  • I know nobody cares and Sony has to make money and blah blah blah but this is why handhelds are failing. I bought this game for $10 on the ps3 and the launch price for the vita is $40!? That’s insane and unacceptable imo and anyone who buys this game must be a fool. You can get the game on the ps3 and android super cheap and I don’t see what’s added to make it worth the money.

    This is the problem I see them having because they wonder why their game sales numbers are no good, because we are all getting robbed. Was gonna buy this day one but stuff like this is slowly changing my mind but people keep sucking it up through a straw so I can’t blame them.

    Most of the psn games like this one, joe danger, zenpinball, etc can all be ported over with a dev kit or sdk kit that is made specifically to make games work on the ps3 and vita but this is the type of stuff we will get instead. They are double dipping and I won’t be buying many games for the system if I do still buy it because I see them doing the same weak pricing structure they had with the psp and ps3. I have 120 psn games and 100 or more are ones I bought not from psn+ and I can’t even play any of them on the vita even though it’s powerful enough? For shame

  • $40 for a $7 iOS game/$13 PSN/XBL game? Everybody let’s wager which will one will be the biggest bomba, this or MNR No Online Because Head to Head Online is outdated stuff no one cares about? Tough, tough, tough call. The winner might sell a total of 10000 units, if it’s lucky.

  • Wow! I’m really interested in this but $40 bucks is wayy too much.

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