ModNation Racers: Road Trip – Mod Postcards!

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ModNation Racers: Road Trip – Mod Postcards!

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be spending a lot more time enjoying this fun new feature than you would ever have expected. The Mod Postcards feature is found in the “Favorites” section of the Creation Station and for a good reason – you’ll be coming back to it over and over (and more than likely yet again).


1. Postcard Image
The first thing you’ll be asked to do is either load an image or take a photo. “Take a photo” is fairly straightforward. Using either the Vita’s front or rear camera you’ll frame your shot using the front touch screen’s viewfinder. You’ll notice a miniature Tag and his Kart superimposed into the center of the display awaiting the click of the shutter. Simply touch the “Take Pic” icon in the top left corner to take the picture.

The second option is “load a photo”. Trust me when I say this makes things even more interesting. Load any image you have downloaded onto your Vita as the background of your Mod Postcard or utilize Vita’s built-in web browser and you’ll have access to all the images you could hope for via the web.

2. Mod / Kart Poses
The next step asks you to tap on the Mod or Kart and thus begins the fun. Use your fingers to move, pinch, push, pull, squeeze and rotate Tag or his Kart to your desired size and position in the photo. You will also have numerous options for your chosen Mod’s expression as well as pose. Just a press of the save icon (pencil writing to disc) button and voila!!!… your very own Mod Postcard! Oh, it doesn’t stop there – remember the two million-plus creations that you and the ModNation community have created so far?… YEP, you’ll have access to ALL of those Mods and Karts to use in your ModNation photo masterpieces. Think about the possibilities. Ba-BAM! That was your mind being blown right? Yeah, I thought so!


3. Share Your Postcards
With Vita’s connectivity you have the ability to link to your Facebook account and publish your Mod Postcards for all your friends and family to see! hmmmmm… can’t wait to see what the ModNation “paparazzi” come up with. This ought to be fun!

ModNation Racers For PS3

This Week’s Top Tracks: Best of StealthReborn–

Speaking of…, ModNation Photo Challenge!
Over the past year we’ve seen some awesome screenshots (and creative track icons) and thought what better time to collect these “masterpieces” for the world to see!

We will be collecting your best MNR track / racing screenshots and track icons over the next few weeks to ultimately present the grand opening of the “ModNation Museum of Art”. Here are just a few of the categories we will be collecting for our favorites – Action, Floral, Abstract, Sunset, Bizarre, Humorous, Scary, etc… The best part is that they don’t have to be your tracks!

To participate or for more details please click HERE.

Creations of the Week: Best of craigybaby_86

Hot Lap Track of the Week: UFO Site: Airborn by its2l84that
its2l84that completes(?) his UFO Invasion Trilogy with a track that can only be described as epic! If I was ever abducted by aliens (again?) this is EXACTLY what I envision the experience to be like. I am not sure what was done to me inside its2l84that’s glorious alien spacecraft but when my new(?) friends dropped me back down to earth, I felt a peace and harmony unlike I have ever known before. I also had a profound ringing in my ears and a large rash down both legs; other than that, it was heavenly!

Hot Lap Tracks of the Week:
This was a great week of Hot Lap track submissions by many of the best racers in the game. The top hot lap times on these tracks will surely be a feather in any racer’s cap.

Monday: National Capital Region by Freshwick, Takila101, Ambr0ster
Tuesday: WHALE wander land by tadaryou
Wednesday: Ryukyu big wave by marusarusa
Thursday: We Come In Peace by Ph1LThy31
Friday: Jungle Boogie on High by Lloyd2k4
Saturday: UFO Site: Airborn by its2l84that
Sunday: AssyrutopiA by Assyrion

ModNation Racers Grand Prix: Round One
The much anticipated MNR Grand Prix is well under way. Weekend one of the final’s pre-qualifiers took place with over 60 racers competing for the Top Five fastest times to pre-qualify for the Grand Prix Finals.

The Top Ten Times (Mt. Pain UFG qualifying track)

  1. maverick–07– 43.616
  2. wipeout_god 44.090
  3. yahhohoi 44.120
  4. Assyrion 44.226
  5. earlizd1 44.437
  6. TUKSILHA 44.481
  7. glaudea 44.528
  8. circuitferrari 44.635
  9. NUKACOLA9 44.854
  10. Lloyd2k4 45.139

(had to withdraw – WD. AngelG_No55_FTW 44.564)

Check next week’s blog for details on the latest qualifying races leading up to the 10 player Grand Prix Finals!

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  • This was a launch day purchase for me but since I heard that it didn’t have ONLINE multiplayer. I will sadly be not buying this until it gets added or is on sale. I’m sorry, but I thought by now developers would already know that ONLINE multiplayer can bring a lot of replayability to game.

  • I love ModNation but this makes me want to cry and if this isn’t on blog share i’m goin to put it up immediately.
    Delay the game and put Online multiplayer or its a no buy and this is from a modnation racers fan. i love the ps3 version, and i’m getting a vita but it isn’t even so important for me to get anymore, if i’m getting immediately it’s only cuz i wanna get Rayman Origins Vita. and i never got the console game yet.
    heck if you guys say, We will be adding multiplayer via a update later on (asap like march soon) then i’ll get it. but other wise modnation is dead and Sony should give up on the franchise, cuz they messed up every time and now i can’t defend it, first it was loading times then a horrible psp version and now a superior version to both with both games issues fixed and now the main point of the game is gone! might as well sony start on a little big planet kart racer or make a new franchise for kart racing or even get back exclusive rights for crash and make crash team racing 2. this isn’t getting nowhere in this state

  • Please delay the game to add ONLINE mp or at least confit
    It’ll be added in a future patch or DLC.

    As it stands now for me: no online = no buy :(
    (I really wanted it too)

    Now I’ll be getting wipeout2048

  • Im in the majority, rather them delay the game just to add the multiplayer feature in. Until then, the only game that I planned on buying at launch has turned into a no-buy.

  • well San Diego Studios the community has spoken , delay the game and add online multiplayer and we will support it , i was really excited to get the game but now not so much , even the psp version has online multiplayer , why vita version doesnt? no online multiplayer = no buy from me , im sorry guys i love the franchise and i have the 2 previous games but i wont be getting Road Trip until you add online racing multiplayer

  • No Multi-player, No buy. Sorry.

  • No Online Head-to-Head?

    No buy. Shame too, was really looking forward to it…

  • Like everyone else in this whole topic has been crying about, no online Ida real no deal for me. Well that adds to my list of self reasons to not get the Vita ASAP. At least I can put that money into other games.

  • All i want is either for them to delay the game to implement online multiplayer, OR confirm that online multiplayer will be available later, but let us know this BEFORE launch, and then DO NOT back down afterwards, and i’ll still purchase the game, because i enjoyed Mod Nation PS3 for more than just the online play, and alot of us WANT MNR Road Trip for the features that have been touted, and then the online multiplayer too.

    We arent asking for much, just give it to us!

  • I will say this too, since there is no online multiplayer, there is no buy.

    Your thought process of using the ghost multiplayer and time trial system for your multiplayer was one of the worst short cuts to ever be made in gaming.

    In short, you fail.

  • Honestly, just delay the while you still have time. Even I was going to pick this game up upon the vita’s release, but I don’t wanna have anything to do with. What were you guys thinking in not including multiplayer in a game like this???

  • Good to see there will be plenty of people to play other games with online. Considering Vita is supposed to be the mamma jamma connected device, who the hell made the choice to not have online play?!? I wasn’t buying your game to send postcards, I was buying to race other humans and friends. Delay it and do it right or your game will tank. We only say this stuff because we love you, or your game at least.

  • Please add online multiplayer. I never do this, but I probably won’t purchase this game if it lacks this key feature for modern racing games. Begging you guys! :)

  • We occupy th PSN blog to get what WE want !

    I imported a vita to France, i was going to get this game at launch, but since it has no multiplayer im not going to get it ! I will get wipeout 2048 who has multiplayer online !!!

    Everyones, or almost, is asking for this game to be delayed, the vita has a strong linup so give this game a few more month to get the online right. Plus we have wipeout with online multiplayer at launch !

    Get Shuhei Yoshida to comment on twitter guys ! He is the man !

  • no multilayer no buy… this is a disgrace in 2012 no multplayer… dis is an epic fail… this will flop

  • No online, no purchase. Hope you guys are listening.

  • San Diego Studios i think the best thing you guys can do is to delay the game ( we the fans wont get mad ) theres plenty of games to play at vita’s launch ( its the best western launch line up of a playstation system ever ) so dont worry we will wait till we can race online with PSN friends and other people , as i said before the community has spoken. lots of us love the franchise but come on vita is supposed to be the ultimate connected portable gaming machine and you guys are taking away the online portion of ModNation ? the guys who thought about that should be fired right away

  • I was really looking forward to this game but until online is added like everyone else has said is a no buy for me.

  • All we want right now is a response and some answers. We know that if everyone had been all “sunshine and daisies” about the game, you would be posting here making comments about how cool the game will be; but since we are complaining about no online play, you are all staying quiet. Even if someone just posts a comment saying, ‘You have been heard and we are looking into it’, i think most of us would be fine for now.

    You are going to lose alot of sales from those of us who post, as well as those that know nothing about it except word of mouth. And word of mouth will be “no online play”, and for many, that will make it a no buy.

    I think most of us understand if you cant push it back because it has gone gold or something, but atleast give us some kind of assurance that online play can and WILL be added later, and i’ll go preorder a copy right away (well, on payday). But if we cant get something like that, then your sales will likely be poor.

    Give this to us, please.

  • Looking through the months and months of Modnation blog posts, this is the only one that, as of yet, has no replies. Strange, no?

    • Hi vanwinkle and all.

      Sorry you didn’t hear from me yesterday. My family and I were off for MLK holiday.

      I hear everyone’s frustration and I know its based on a great passion for the game. Over the next few weeks we will be rolling out more info on Road Trip and it’s online feature set. I think there are some pretty cool features yet to be revealed. Hang in there!


  • This was a launch day purchase for me as well, but I’m strongly reconsidering due to the lack of online Multiplayer support. While I appreciate the effort in what this game has to offer thus far, it seems like the final piece is missing that would make it essential for purchase. Delaying the game to incorporate online multiplayer would be completely understandable and would make this an essential purchase for any Kart racing fan. However, judging by the current sentiment, this is going to affect sales in a significant way.

  • I know that Modnation fans can be a little gripey about things, such as DLC release dates and what not, but not having online multiplayer is a pretty negative thing. I pity the person or people that have to attempt damage controll over this, because it probably won’t be pretty. : (

  • Okay, based on Mark Wilson’s post, this leads me to believe that he cannot say anything further for now. I would suggest we give them a repreive until next weeks Mod Nation Monday, and see if we can get anymore details then, or hopefully get some kind of update before then.

    We understand that there are probably more parts of its “online feature set” that have not been revealed, but it still doesnt change that people will not buy the game if that feature set does not include online multiplayer (and no Ad Hoc Party doesnt count, if it is even compatible with the Vita).

  • at 73 that upcoming announcement MUST have online racing multiplayer or no buy from me , how come they forgot to add something so basic in ModNation ? theres no excuse for that , if in fact they didnt add it then they better start working on it as of yesterday

  • i dont understand how come the upcoming Motorstorm game dont have online racing multiplayer either , come on , isnt the vita supposed to be the ultimate social connected portable gaming device ?

  • i already have my vita but you guys drop the ball really u can add as much extras you wont but the only people who will now buy this game is lil kids and a few adults that do not care about online which is a few with the age of online gaming and you decide not to put that in and the psp version got it really wow what a ripoff really this sucks ass major i did reserve but cancel the moment you guys said it last week thanks

  • this game will drop in price fast because there will be no high selling of this game can you say 15.99 dollar value cause this game is no longer worth more then that

  • No Online=No buy

    Wipeout=online -> buy

  • no online = no buy

    I dont undertand the decision to make without online, the game will be worst than the PSP version then….

    The fun of the game its create tracks and race with your friends online in.

    Seriously, no online up to 6 players = no buy

  • Mod Nation Racers is a great game. But without online i not buy it

  • No Online = No Buy

    PSP And PS3 Version Have Online ¿Vita is supposedly the future and without online? ¬_¬

  • Well there you have it. Really though at this point, I’m just hoping that this decision don’t end up killing off the franchise, because things are looking pretty grim right about now.

    Shame because I thought that this game never got enough coverage back when it came out in 2010 for PS3. I didn’t know anything about Modnation until I played the demo a week before it was released. And now with Modnation Mondays every other week, and the most hype for a Modnation title yet, the decision of no online for Road Trip is really going to damage this franchise imo. I thought MNR2 for PS3 would have been a sure thing but now?

    Who knows perhaps the Vita isn’t the handheld that it’s been hyped up to be? Either that or, the direction of Modnation from the start, putting so much emphasis on the creating and sharing portion in the blogs caused the Devs to just overlook online racing and how important it is to this game.

  • @33 Yep I said the same thing a few months ago on one of these posts. It’s hilarious how you can pick up Modnation for like $10 and the all of the DLC combined is like $100 still lol.

    @75 Interesting that the new Motorstorm isn’t going to have MP either. Wonder if Devs are just getting lazy or if the Vita just isn’t the ultimate handheld it’s supposed to be?

    I won’t be getting the Vita regardless as handhelds aren’t my cup of tea anyway. But it stinks to see one of my favorite games in route for an epic fail and the future for this franchise seems dim.

  • No Online=No buy

    This decision is unfortunate. The game would be cross with the PS3 game like wipeout. Please include the online like the PS3 and PSP.

  • @84

    It doesnt need cross platform play, that was something that was asked about and addressed a long time ago. I dont remember specifically why, but i think it had something to do with tracks made with the Vita version not being compatible with the PS3 version. But we were never given an indication that there would not be online play in Road Trip.

    Cross platform isnt needed, just give us online multiplayer!

  • With no online multi-player, this game will bomb. That’s the end of it. So, add in that function.

  • I’m just gonna join the mob here and say that I had been thinking about picking up a Vita with Road Trip on Day 1, but like many others, the lack of online is a deal breaker. I’ll gladly reconsider if you delay or patch the game to have online functionality, but otherwise, I’m waiting until LittleBigPlanet (Or maybe even after that, as I want to see what the reaction to that title is like as well).

  • And maverick, what’s with all the doomsday talk? Just because one entry doesn’t have online doesn’t mean they’re going to end the whole franchise. Lighten up.

  • I’ll echo the rest of the ModNation fan universe when I say that I can NOT express my IMMEASURABLE DISAPPOINTMENT over the lack of online multiplayer.

    ModNation Racers is by far one of the most phenominal Playstation franchises but online competition against other live players is a key component of that experience, without it the game will ultimately be soulless.

    DEVS – if the game will not be delayed to include that feature, PLEASE consider adding it at a later date.

  • i know every one is upset about this ! but why would you not get the vita because of one game !!what you should be asking is, will Sony back the vita !! or will it be like psp go!! push the hell out of it at first then forget it !! and will they have good games on psn every week !!! not ps1 games !!! It seems like Sony forgot they have the psp and the pspgo !!

  • “cool features” WILL NOT replace online multiplayer, whether its Ghosts or another silly leader-boards system.
    You’ve been given a second chance to make this game sell, delay it and add it in. These comments should be warning enough. google is already indexing “modnation vita” with sites saying about the silly decision not to have multiplayer and its only been 2 days. This is 2012 not the stone age, i could play “ad hoc” with a wire and my gameboy back in 1991, Come on!

  • Guys, the Career Expansions are like 5 tracks each, a new track creation theme, complete with tokens, objectives, and unlockables including creation items for mods, tracks, and karts, plus items in the token slot machines.

    I don’t disagree that they should be cheaper, but let’s be fair and not say they’re asking you to pay $10 for two tracks.

  • Oh, silly me, forgot something – TROPHIES. The Career Expansions also come with trophies.

  • hey everyone, just like to let everyone know I’ve submitted a Blog Share for this (tho I doubt sony will actually approve it) but everyone look out for it if there isn’t something up, sony has to except by friday. If not I’ll Link Ign, N4G etc. to check this out. the bad press should be about enough to break em down if this doesn’t.

  • No online multiplayer? Is this some sort of a joke?

    Why bother even developing it then?

    I almost laughed the other week when you were touting an ‘all new’ career mode because I thought with a new game we should expect nothing less. You didn’t think people were going to buy the same game for a third time, did you? Then I read that you can’t even bother to include a new story when someone asks if the announcers will be returning.

    WTF is the point of a play, create, share experience if you don’t have the ‘share’ part? Even if you allow sharing of creations which I assume (at the bare, half-assed minimum) will be what your ‘online features’ will include, not being able to play online makes this game all but pointless.

    If you can’t get this thing to run in an online environment, you’re about to become the first thorn in the Vita’s side and as such, the game should be delayed at the very least or scrapped altogether until you can put together a proper title.

  • Should’ve added multiplayer. Think about the possibilities. Ba-BAM! That was your GAME SELLS CRASHING right? Yeah, I thought so!

  • SALES*

  • I’m just going to put it as clear as i possibly can.

    Sony, if you dont make good to your loyal customers, there wont be another MNR game. Your sales will be so abysmal, you will have to end he franchise.

    Dont do this, just dont! We arent asking for anything that hasnt already been done before. I know it is a different dev than the original studio, but that isnt an excuse, and there is no justification for leaving multiplayer out of an “online” centric racer like this.

    MNR is all about creating your own tracks and mods and karts and sharing them with the community, but we also want to be able to show off that stuff to other people in races. If i make a cool mod or an awesome kart, i want to use that mod or kart and race against others on the crazy track i made, and vice versa.

    We cant do that without online multiplayer.

  • No online = no buy :(

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