ModNation Racers: Road Trip – Mod Postcards!

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ModNation Racers: Road Trip – Mod Postcards!

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be spending a lot more time enjoying this fun new feature than you would ever have expected. The Mod Postcards feature is found in the “Favorites” section of the Creation Station and for a good reason – you’ll be coming back to it over and over (and more than likely yet again).


1. Postcard Image
The first thing you’ll be asked to do is either load an image or take a photo. “Take a photo” is fairly straightforward. Using either the Vita’s front or rear camera you’ll frame your shot using the front touch screen’s viewfinder. You’ll notice a miniature Tag and his Kart superimposed into the center of the display awaiting the click of the shutter. Simply touch the “Take Pic” icon in the top left corner to take the picture.

The second option is “load a photo”. Trust me when I say this makes things even more interesting. Load any image you have downloaded onto your Vita as the background of your Mod Postcard or utilize Vita’s built-in web browser and you’ll have access to all the images you could hope for via the web.

2. Mod / Kart Poses
The next step asks you to tap on the Mod or Kart and thus begins the fun. Use your fingers to move, pinch, push, pull, squeeze and rotate Tag or his Kart to your desired size and position in the photo. You will also have numerous options for your chosen Mod’s expression as well as pose. Just a press of the save icon (pencil writing to disc) button and voila!!!… your very own Mod Postcard! Oh, it doesn’t stop there – remember the two million-plus creations that you and the ModNation community have created so far?… YEP, you’ll have access to ALL of those Mods and Karts to use in your ModNation photo masterpieces. Think about the possibilities. Ba-BAM! That was your mind being blown right? Yeah, I thought so!


3. Share Your Postcards
With Vita’s connectivity you have the ability to link to your Facebook account and publish your Mod Postcards for all your friends and family to see! hmmmmm… can’t wait to see what the ModNation “paparazzi” come up with. This ought to be fun!

ModNation Racers For PS3

This Week’s Top Tracks: Best of StealthReborn–

Speaking of…, ModNation Photo Challenge!
Over the past year we’ve seen some awesome screenshots (and creative track icons) and thought what better time to collect these “masterpieces” for the world to see!

We will be collecting your best MNR track / racing screenshots and track icons over the next few weeks to ultimately present the grand opening of the “ModNation Museum of Art”. Here are just a few of the categories we will be collecting for our favorites – Action, Floral, Abstract, Sunset, Bizarre, Humorous, Scary, etc… The best part is that they don’t have to be your tracks!

To participate or for more details please click HERE.

Creations of the Week: Best of craigybaby_86

Hot Lap Track of the Week: UFO Site: Airborn by its2l84that
its2l84that completes(?) his UFO Invasion Trilogy with a track that can only be described as epic! If I was ever abducted by aliens (again?) this is EXACTLY what I envision the experience to be like. I am not sure what was done to me inside its2l84that’s glorious alien spacecraft but when my new(?) friends dropped me back down to earth, I felt a peace and harmony unlike I have ever known before. I also had a profound ringing in my ears and a large rash down both legs; other than that, it was heavenly!

Hot Lap Tracks of the Week:
This was a great week of Hot Lap track submissions by many of the best racers in the game. The top hot lap times on these tracks will surely be a feather in any racer’s cap.

Monday: National Capital Region by Freshwick, Takila101, Ambr0ster
Tuesday: WHALE wander land by tadaryou
Wednesday: Ryukyu big wave by marusarusa
Thursday: We Come In Peace by Ph1LThy31
Friday: Jungle Boogie on High by Lloyd2k4
Saturday: UFO Site: Airborn by its2l84that
Sunday: AssyrutopiA by Assyrion

ModNation Racers Grand Prix: Round One
The much anticipated MNR Grand Prix is well under way. Weekend one of the final’s pre-qualifiers took place with over 60 racers competing for the Top Five fastest times to pre-qualify for the Grand Prix Finals.

The Top Ten Times (Mt. Pain UFG qualifying track)

  1. maverick–07– 43.616
  2. wipeout_god 44.090
  3. yahhohoi 44.120
  4. Assyrion 44.226
  5. earlizd1 44.437
  6. TUKSILHA 44.481
  7. glaudea 44.528
  8. circuitferrari 44.635
  9. NUKACOLA9 44.854
  10. Lloyd2k4 45.139

(had to withdraw – WD. AngelG_No55_FTW 44.564)

Check next week’s blog for details on the latest qualifying races leading up to the 10 player Grand Prix Finals!

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  • Just coming in to express my disappointment with this game having no multiplayer. It’s probably the first major kart racing game to have no multiplayer in a good 10 to 15 years. I was going to get this game day 1, because I loved the PS3 version, but obviously I will not be purchasing it now.

  • 1# +1 same here,that news REALLY killed the game for me and will no longer be a buy from me either. I rather see them delay the game and fix online competive multiplayer TBH.

    I mean really modnation psp had it so why can this not have it?

  • Same here no buy from me also was gonna buy it. I mean freaking Mario Kart on the 3DS has online multiplayer. I know the Vita is more than capable of doing it. I just do not understand the logic of why its not there. I mean somebody had to come up with the idea of not putting it in, and I am thinking everybody thought it was a good idea? I see no positive in releasing it without multiplayer. If anything delay the game to put it in.

  • No multiplayer = no buy …
    Simple as that… Its ridiculous, a kart game without multiplayer …

  • SAME FOR ME ! I think the multiplayer is the CORE of the game ! If the game will have an update in the future that includes a multiplayer section, maybe I will buy this game. But for now, something seems stange: could it be impossible to have online multipler on the psvita ? All the games announced don’t have Online multillayer, just ad-hoc or cooperative multipler.

  • I was super pumped for this game, but then I heard it won’t have multiplayer. The psp version had it. I would rather them delay the game and add multiplayer than release it sooner without multiplayer…..

  • I think San Diego Studios need to take their time. DO YOU WANT THE FRANCHISE TO BE RUINED ? United Front Games, please save this game !!!

  • No multiplayer means no buy

  • Hey Mark
    Will the MNR PS3 DLC track packs ever go on sale?
    The game now retails for $20. The 3 DLC packs are currently priced at $10 a piece. Seems a bit disproportional to have DLC cost more than the entire game.
    A Price reduction seems like a good opportunity to pick up some easy revenue

  • 5# Wipeout 2048 has it so no. IT IS POSSIBLE.

    Same with the motorstorm game which has no online comptive online multiplayer either :(

  • #10 you put a good example, why wipeout 2048 has online multipley, and modnation doesn’t ?

  • I am with this crew. Not having online play takes this game from THE launch title that I pick up to, maybe if I have time and some extra cash. With the entry point being high (system, memory card, game $300+) I just don’t see this being what I choose.

    Delay it, and add multiplayer.

  • I’m pretty much going to copy my comment from the previous Mod Nation Monday blog post, since no one seems to have seen it:

    How the heck could you guys not include online play for the Vita version, but it was included in the PSP version? I mean, Road Trip was going to be a must buy for me at launch, now i dont plan on touching the game at all, and it is so sad.

    I cannot believe how you can actually let a game like Mod Nation NOT have online play in this day and age. DELAY THE GAME! Add online infrastructure play, and then release it. I’d rather see it delayed and release without online play. Or atleast PROMISE that online play is intended, but not ready for launch, and KEEP that promise!

    I’m a very staunch supporter of Sony and everything Playstation, but even my support and dedication is being stretched thin by something that is so freaking obvious it shouldnt have even had to be discussed in design meetings

  • I will not buy Road Trip until it has online multiplayer.

  • Like I have wrote: Delay it while you CAN.

  • I really don’t this for modnation, because i know that if the won’t have good sales, sony will take away this franchise, SO PLEASE LISTEN TO THE COMMUNITY, the HEART of modnation.


    @San Diego Studios

    Sorry, but as much as it hurts me I won’t buy this game. I’m a big fan of ModNation Racers (PS3) and I have recommended this game to many of my friends and we had a blast playing online. I love this game so much that I even go the Platinum trophy for it.

    But when I hear that this game won’t have an online mode I was so disappointed that I’ve been telling all my friends not to get it…why not support online play? EVEN MARIO KART (which I think is an inferior game) has online play.

  • A Mod Nation Racers game without multi-player is not Mod Nation. I wouldn’t play this game if it were the last videogame ever made. Lack of multi-player is a real boneheaded decision guys.

  • This game is packing with many cool features but I will trade all of them for a online multiplayer mode.


  • Release online MP or I’n not buying, simple as that.

  • No Online = No buy.
    Echoing the sentiment here regarding the PS Vita Modnation Racers.

    That someone (or a group of someones) thought it was a sound idea to push MNR:RT out to retail without an online component is downright unbelievable.

  • I agree with everyone here. Modnation needs a multiplayer mode. It adds so much to the game. Without it, this will not be a buy for me either whenever I get a Vita.

  • @GEEWUN-96

    This is like releasing LBP or MW3 without online play.

    whoever approved this decision needs to get fired!

  • ok, i think there are many people overreacting here.

    Let me just ask a few questions regarding multiplayer;
    1) Is there offline/local multiplayer?
    as much as i like online multiplayer, local multiplayer is just as important. Playing cart racers with my friends while hanging out is the definition of fun.

    2) if there is local multiplayer, is there single cart/ download and play multiplayer?
    not everyone is going to own this game. that’s a fact, but i still would want to be able to play it with my friends whether they own it or not, so is there any single-game-cart multiplayer?

    3) are there still online functions?
    such as ghost uploading/downloading, creation uploading/downloading, and leaderboards?

    4) Can there be a ModNation Monday post (soon) regarding the multiplayer/online situation?
    this whole situation seems to be putting a bad taste in people’s mouths and it really needs to be cleared up what is and is not it the game.

    Thanks for the consistent updates guys, i am still very excited for this game. it looks like a really awesome cart racer that is true to modnation in nearly every way, and then some! keep up the great work!

  • 24#

    1.Yes Add-hoc will be available.

    Nothing beats playing against real humans. + not that many people in irl(in real life) that I know that will be buying the psvita so local is not that easy on the psvita for me. PS3 is easier as you can play 4 on 1 ps3.

  • Please San Diego Studios, please include online multiplayer for the PS Vita with MNR: Road Trip. I was looking forward to this game until I heard news that you guys wouldn’t include online MP. Please patch it to bring it close towards launch date.

  • @ #24

    There is local multiplayer, which I believe requires everybody to own a copy of the game, and there are ghosting and leaderboard type things, but those are such minute things compared to online multiplayer. Those are great things to have IN ADDITION to the multiplayer, but by themselves in a type of game that is assumed and expected to have online play they are are nothing.

    You say we are overreacting, and you are fine to have that opinion, but believe me when I say that, for most of us, this was the meat of the game, and it’s no longer there. To have a major kart racing without online multiplayer is beyond words.

  • Mod postcard looks like it would be fun if I was going to buy the game.
    I was going to buy it but with no online multiplayer it’s a no sale for me. Now I don’t even have a reason to buy a Vita at launch and will probably end up waiting for Little Kings Story.

  • Already read that there’s no online play for MNR: Road Trip, but if there’s Ad-hoc multiplayer, couldn’t people with a PS3 just download Ad-hoc party and use that to play MNR: Road Trip online?

  • @29

    Not everyone has the capability of using Ad hoc Party. Some dont have PS3’s, but for me, my PS3 is 1 floor above and about 100 feet from a wired connection, therefore am unable to use AHP without stringing ethernet cable across my home.

    It makes no sense that the PS3 and PSP versions of MNR had online multiplayer, but the Vita version, which has social networking and other functionality, has no online multiplayer.

    Perhaps only a small number of people played MNR PSP online, but it still wouldnt be an excuse for this.

  • @29

    Not everyone has the ability to use Ad Hoc Party. Myself, my PS3 is 1 floor above and about 100 feet away from my router, so it just isnt feasible for me to use AHP. And i know people that only game portably, and dont have any current gen consoles, so that makes it useless for them as well.

    I just dont understand how something so important as online infrastructure MP could have been left out. I understand perhaps that the PSP version didnt have many online players, but with so many online and social aspects in Road Trip, it makes no sense for online multiplayer to be left out like this.

  • Oh, I guess I should have thrown a bunch of ponytails being not ponytail things onto my Mod of the Week submissions.

    Maybe then I’d have been competitive.

  • You guys really need to put your useless DLC on sale. How much money have you made on it but for the hardcore. Who buys it? I don’t. I am not paying 10 bucks for a track or two. You guys run your company like no one has other things to do. As long you do that your decisions like no multiplayer and no DLC sales will hurt your brand for a long time. Ever here of making a pack with all your DLC for 20 bucks? Who do you think we are? People hardly have any money anymore.

    This is exactly why companies like Steam survive and why PSN LAGS behind. If Steam had as many accounts like PSN does it would be massive. You guys just don’t get it. CHEAP GAMES SELL.

  • @32 I’m with you.
    The DLC track packs really need a sale. See reasoning in post #9

  • I agree with the community here.
    Mario Kart 3DS have online and this game which is X1000 better than mario kart dont have it? WTH are u thinking!
    This game its doomed w/o online multiplayer. this will affect u in the reviews with a major hit.

    as for me NO online = NO buy.

    Hear the voice of ur ppl and thou shalt not perish in torment for eternity.

  • Ok, so yeah its a huge bummer that theres no online for the Vita version… but I now almost see this as a tool that for those of us that love modnation and are dedicated to making great creations can use to view them on the go… I know after modnation first came out, there was a demand for a place we could show off our mods and karts without the need to be in them.. and track creation can now continue with you where ever… so yes its a bummer that theres no online, and I really, REALLY hope they change that perhaps with some type of update or something… but even without online, I, unlike the rest of these posters, will be picking this up, I love modnation, always have, always will… it can only get better from here.

  • Hi Sony decision makers, I tried really hard to give you my money on Feb 22 but it seems that all you do every time you open your corporate mouth with Vita news is give me some negative information to dampen my enthusiasm about the PSV. You started out so good last Spring 2011 but gradually eroded excitement for your system via your updates.
    I was looking forward to Modnation Racers RT. It was a day one purchase for me along with a 3G/Wifi PSV. Thanks to your decision to not incorporate online play, which to me is tantamount to Activision releasing a COD Vita without multiplayer, I am saving myself several hundred dollars next month as I no longer plan to purchase your system at launch. Not writing Vita off but you simply do not have any games in the line up that interest me anymore at the moment.

  • Ditto. Was going to be a day one buy for me. Now not so much. It’s all about the online

  • I’m going to have to agree with everyone, a kart racer released in 2012 needs online multiplayer to be successful. There’s no reason for Modnation Racers: Road Trip to not feature online play when both the PS3, and PSP versions had. Well, there is one reason, you guys want to make launch, but with WipEout, and Ridge Racer, we’ve already got a racer dominated lineup of proven properties. I think you guys should delay the game and create an online racing mode.

  • I won’t be buying this game now that it’s confirmed to not have multiplayer. Same goes for a lot of other future Vita owners too. Multiplayer is a core aspect of the Modnation Racers franchise and not including it is just spelling death of the game, and the eventual lack of sales.

    You could easily delay the game at the last minute and build multiplayer into it. That is, if you guys want more sales than you’re going to be getting now.

  • I’m going to start by repeating what I said a few days ago here.

    This game really needs online multiplayer. I would prefer if the game was delayed in order to add Wi-Fi infrastructure, rather than to have it be rushed to market without a key feature just so it could be on the shelf in time for system launch. Give it as much time as you need. It’s THAT important.

    There are already plenty of other great Vita games at launch, and MNR can still shine brightly at a later time if it’s given the necessary love from the developers. On the other hand, a hastily slapped together release won’t do any favors for the game, or the future of the franchise in general.

    Another thing: this is a first-party release, and Sony needs to set an example for other PS Vita developers to follow. If Sony refuses to be a standard-bearer for “next-gen” online functionality, how do you expect third-party developers to follow suit?

    Mark, if you’ve seen the comments above from other users, PLEASE pass them along to the development team and ask them to give this issue serious consideration. Many of your loyal fans are willing to wait a little longer if it means having the best game possible.

  • Would of been really nice if people didn’t hack Modnation Racers and make the race times impossible. I don’t know if I want to even go back and play it now. A game like this shouldn’t be so hard and the top it off with hacked race times. Would love to see a fix. This game is awesome.

  • The lack of online multiplayer killed any interest I had in this game. No sale from me unless this is corrected.

  • I was going to get the vita version day one but not anymore because of the multiplayer , it’s even making me question buying the vita at all.

  • I also had to add that I am not going to buy this game as well. I was going to up until this announcement. No Online = No Purchase. Mario Kart DS did it, Mario Kart 7 3DS did it, but you cannot get it running the Vita that has so much more power and it newer technology?

    My advice to the developers? DELAY THIS GAME! If you are going to launch it without Online Play, you are going to kill your sales and disappoint your customer base. And if you try to add it later, many users will have moved on to other newer fresher games. Or, Modnation Racers may have had a price drop by the time Online Play gets patched in (IF YOU ARE EVER GOING TO PATCH ONLINE RACING) thus minimizing your profit.

    This is an absolutely horrible decision that will be reflected by low sales. I cannot wait to see the sales numbers for this game. Users will speak with their pocketbooks, and this forums is full of warnings that they are ready to do so!

  • Local Multiplayer is going to be a huge Failure. Heck, I don’t know anyone that is going to buy a Vita. Who am I going to play against?

  • sadly without online multiplayer this game went from day 1 purchase to wait for a sale to buy for me

  • wow i agree with everyone else, i was thinking of getting this after unit 13 came out but i wont now until you add online multiplayer, i’ll just try to remote play with mnr since i downloaded it on my ps3 or play the psp one on the vita, the only person i don’t understand is the guy who want get the vita ethier now? why? you don’t like any other game coming to the vita? little diviants, uncharted, unit 13 (anyone who likes socom 4 will love unit 13), i guess ill add cod but thats only since it’ll be the first cod on a hand held an it’ll be the only one cod i’ll buy for it, im hoping BF or BFBC will be anouced before cod comes out then i will just wait for that, theres more but thats the main ones im looking forword to

  • This would have been a no brainer purchase for me also but once you take out the multiplayer aspect of this game it also made me question any purchase whatsoever.

  • also i forgot but i to don’t know anyone that will be buying a vita also, im trying to get them to but most like the stupid cell phone games, i hate cell phone games, an why does everyone i met like angry birds? its not that great, i could buy it on psn but im not gonna

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