Watch the Sony CES 2012 Press Conference Right Here

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Watch the Sony CES 2012 Press Conference Right Here

PlayStation @ CES 2011

One of the things that I like about working for PlayStation is that immediately following the holiday break, we’re right back into the action with the International Consumer Electronics Show. While CES isn’t a huge gaming show, there is always a gaming component – PlayStation Vita is our focus on the show floor this year. And since many gamers are technophiles, many of us have more than a passing interest in the tech on display at this mega-conference. For instance, I first laid eyes on the Bravia XBR HX929 HDTV at last year’s CES…and now I lay eyes on it every night as it hangs on my living room wall.

So with that in mind, we’re once again embedding the CES press conference are livestream right here for your viewing convenience. You’ll see the latest gadgets and tech from Sony Electronics, and you may even spot a celebrity or two. The event kicks off at 5:00pm Pacific/8:00pm Eastern; until then, there won’t be much to watch unless you enjoy gazing into inky blackness.

If you’re having trouble viewing the livestream, please click here. The show starts tonight at 5:00pm Pacific.

Directly after the press conference (around 6pm), the Sony Electronics team stream a live after-show Q&A with Sony Electronics’ president, and our own Kyle Shubel will demo PlayStation Vita live.

We’ll be updating the PlayStation.Blog throughout the week with the latest PlayStation Vita news coming out of CES, so don’t be a stranger to these parts. If you’d like more on the electronics side of the Consumer Electronics Show, click here to visit Sony CES blog.

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  • I mean when that Kelly girl sang nobody clapped and I literally seen one guy fast asleep on the rails where he was lying! NOBODY CARES!!! GET TO THE VITA!!!

  • I really wish that I could get access to PSN on my Xperia Play, and to play PSOne Classics from PSN. As well Remote Play for Xperia Play would be nice.

  • Hey Jeff, do you know if the Personal 3D Viewer is the same one (HMZ-T1) that they debuted last year or is this a new updated model?

  • They ALREADY said that! CES has NEVER been all about PlayStation. CES is about SONY products as a whole. Personally, now I’m torn between upgrading to the XBR-HX929 or this new Crystal LCD BRAVIA..

  • You’ve said NOTHING unique about the Vita it was all crap that everyone already knows about! GIIIVE ME A VITA THEN FOR STAYING UP AT 2:30AM TO WATCH THIS CRAP!

  • There is two problems for the vita (not hating I just am pointing out some not to important stuff) 1. 4g is out which makes 3g obsolete 2. It is only on AT&T (I’ve heard their service isn’t very good) but I plan on getting the wi-fi only version so I don’t really care that much

  • im pretty sure they didnt use 4g for the ps vita because its barely anywhere in the country
    and i think $250 is good
    i thought it would be $350 for the wi-fi version because of all that hard ware and features
    $250 isnt bad :D

  • how does the new 4k compare to the current standard of high definition?

  • I wanted to watch it. Why wasn’t it recorded and kept here to watch? Oh well.

  • Out of this press conference I’m excited about the new Bravia HDTVs and Playstation Vita.

    I’ve just upgraded a couple days ago from a 26 inch Panasonic Vieta LCD HDTV (720P) to a 40 inch Sony Bravia XB42 LCD HDTV (1080P) and I love using it for playing Playstation/PC games on.

    The next HDTV I’d upgrade to is a Sony Bravia 4K HDTV in due time.

    3D is cool on paper but I won’t ever adopt to it unless it’s glasses free.
    (I already wear glasses and wearing a 2nd pair of glasses to view content is straining to my eyes. Not a fan.)

    I’ll get PS Vita when the price reaches $199, battery life improves, software increases and the memory cards lower significantly in price.

    Anyway looking to great year of PS3 gaming in 2012.
    (Looking forward to seeing the PS4 one day.)

  • Will they be new PSN design look on PS3 coming soon?

  • Why isn’t Sony Reader apart of Sony Entertainment Network???

  • Man in Black III
    Spider Man III
    Ghost Rider = to my surprise I only exited about 2 out of 3
    MIB and GR ( Must say I almost lost my hairs when I saw Man in Black it was good times something worthy coming out of our wallets continue please
    buy off Sony Ericsson was a bad move ( I see your point of competition but guys Sony will Never stand smartphone war especially with android lets say against Apple)

  • Any chance we could get this conference and the Q&A up on the PS Store tomorrow, or maybe next week?
    I’d love to be able to download the videos to watch, since I was working during the streaming period.
    It was great getting to download the E3 conference to my PS3 last year. :)

  • Not a bad show, but after hearing some disappointing news about Sony’s TV business I was hoping they would announce some very innovative new products. I would love Sony to improve their marketing and consumer awareness (alot of people still associate Walkman with the old CD or tape player).

    Would’ve loved to see a Walkman that competes heavily with the IPod by adding new features that might be useful. I would Sony to stop playing catch-up with alot of other companies. Play with some new ideas! What about A Bravia with a touch screen interface? Or a Bravia that integrates recording features (so you can record shows as you watch them!). Or a network connected hi-fi system that lets you connect to iTunes or PSN and lets you buy and download directly to your docked IPod or Walkman? Maybe all these suggestions suck, but you get the idea!

    Apart from that I think Sony make awesome products. Bravias are a excellent TV’s. Love the new Tablets. Can’t wait for the Vita either!

  • Hi I m from Switzerland and i would like to know when all these services will come to my country like the Sony Entertainement Network

  • Did he say Walkman? LOL.

    No books store for PS3?

    Scared of the cloud, how long till its hacked and my naked ass is all over the net.

    Does Playstation certified mean they can play downloaded PS1 games? PS2 games? PSN games?

    What was in that smoke? Will looks totally blazed, LOL. What a train wreck when he came out, WTF was with the sensor attempted joke?

  • Can’t wait. LOL BTW I have a 55 inch Sony Bravia XBR HX929 as well. The 3D is great the blacks amazing I mean everything about this tv is great. and I also can’t wait to watch this c e s. I’m going to watch it on G4 but I’m guessing you guys will probably have more extras then WhT G4 will show. so I’ll check out both if I can.

  • Sony still makes a Walkman???? I thought those died with the cassette.

    Sony needs to find it’s signature. I think the SEN might do it for Sony if you make the content there. Right now it’s the same product that others provide at a much higher price.

  • I am going to watch it. I have it streaming right now ;)

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