Watch the Sony CES 2012 Press Conference Right Here

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Watch the Sony CES 2012 Press Conference Right Here

PlayStation @ CES 2011

One of the things that I like about working for PlayStation is that immediately following the holiday break, we’re right back into the action with the International Consumer Electronics Show. While CES isn’t a huge gaming show, there is always a gaming component – PlayStation Vita is our focus on the show floor this year. And since many gamers are technophiles, many of us have more than a passing interest in the tech on display at this mega-conference. For instance, I first laid eyes on the Bravia XBR HX929 HDTV at last year’s CES…and now I lay eyes on it every night as it hangs on my living room wall.

So with that in mind, we’re once again embedding the CES press conference are livestream right here for your viewing convenience. You’ll see the latest gadgets and tech from Sony Electronics, and you may even spot a celebrity or two. The event kicks off at 5:00pm Pacific/8:00pm Eastern; until then, there won’t be much to watch unless you enjoy gazing into inky blackness.

If you’re having trouble viewing the livestream, please click here. The show starts tonight at 5:00pm Pacific.

Directly after the press conference (around 6pm), the Sony Electronics team stream a live after-show Q&A with Sony Electronics’ president, and our own Kyle Shubel will demo PlayStation Vita live.

We’ll be updating the PlayStation.Blog throughout the week with the latest PlayStation Vita news coming out of CES, so don’t be a stranger to these parts. If you’d like more on the electronics side of the Consumer Electronics Show, click here to visit Sony CES blog.

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  • Awesome! I was going to watch the live blog on IGN, but video’s better! I’ll leave a comment over there and bring them all over here! :D

  • Cannot wait! I want to see the new flagship BRAVIA. XBR or BUST!

  • I heard Jack Tretton has exclusive on his pockets just waiting to come out!!! will we hear from today today?

  • hope there is a price cut for the vita or unlimited data for the vita!!!
    its been disappointing soo far.

  • I LOVE SONY’s STUFF! ! ! :P :P :P

  • and i own a vita allready….

  • Come on Jeff! you’re making me choose to watch the Sony Press Conference or the Bachelor. AHH!

  • Thanks for livestreaming this, since it’s CES there’ll be plenty of juicy PS Suite news, right? :)

  • Which time is from UTC Brazil? Doe anyone know?

  • Vita price cut perhaps? Probably not.

  • is doing a live video stream and live chat going to be watching it there the chat is a cool feature.

  • Jack Tretton Is The Man!!! Will We See Him Here?? =D

  • Yeah, Sony just announce the release date for the ics upgrade for the sony tablet s and i be straight lol :)

  • oh man cant wait for this

  • Any chance we could watch this using the Ustream featured within PlayStation Home on Loot’s EOD

  • Yay! I can stream this from my PS3!

  • Man, I’m so disappointed that Verizon won’t get EITHER the Xperia Ion nor the Xperia S.

  • Not playing in PSHome this year?

  • After all that happened with the Xperia PLay in Verizon I doubt Verizon will get more SONY phones. What I am really hoping for is better promotion on the VITA because I do agree that there have been some disappointing qualities about it that has some to second guess purchasing (though I will still get my Wifi model come February).
    Also more information on PLaystation Suite which is the main thing I am most looking forward to. Everything else will be a bonus. It’s SONY so yeah.

  • I predict that Fusion13 will get a free PS Vita!

  • Getting pumped for this!!! Cant wait now that I can watch it on my new computer right here on the website!

  • Hey Jeff, just wanted to say thank you guys very much for doing for most live events on the PlayStation Blog! It’s a great way to allow fans to watch without the hassle of finding out where we can watch the conference.

  • Ummm i’m sure you get this a lot but is it true ps4 is coming out in 2013! also by the way theres a lot of fake pics on the internet …. people like to lie:(

  • Nothing gaming related for PS3? Meh, not interested then.

  • I hope you got a great employee discount on the the TV Jeff.

    I will have to watch on delay stream. I have a meeting to attend at 5pm.

  • Never been this excited for inky blackness before.

  • @26 Dammit, you took my line!!

  • Niiceee and here i was looking for live video coverage!

  • WE CES NOW (in 10 minutes anyway)

  • Jeff just a quick question, since I already finished Uncharted: Golden Abyss. Should I go for Ridge Racer or Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3? need something other than Welcome Park & Drake for the next couple of weeks till new games come out lol

  • Its good to be apart of the PlayStation Nation! 2012 BEYOND!

  • Thanks Jak23ft. I saw your comment on IGN and that’s why I ended up here.

  • Hey Jeff: happy new year.

    I saw you mention your new Bravia HX 929. I got that too & played some ICO & U3 on it in 3D. Absolutely beautiful, isn’t it? Both the set itself & how games look on it. I think the gorilla glass makes a huge difference. Motion flow 960 leaves everything else in the dust! Worth the price!

    Will watch the press conference if it works on my iPADD.

  • Question: Can we get a demo of them using the PS Vitas Remote Play, playing Infamous 1/2 or Something R&C or UC3???

  • I’m watching, but the audio sucks on this.

  • Whoever fixed it, thanks!

  • I dont like your avatar buters.

  • i love how kaz says vita sold half a million vita units like its a good accomplishment.

  • @38 – What’s not good about that? They sold their entire initial shipment. If they had had more I’m sure it would have been higher.

  • nothing that great , the best thing about the whole press conference was the men in black 3 preview , otherwise just a buncj of new sony smart phones , cameras and a new super HD projector that nobody can afford that can play movies that are not sold in super HD yet from blu-ray players that can also play the new super HD format
    nothing for the average consumer there , and some new camera models from Sony and speakers they want you to buy to replace the terrible ones they sold you a year ago ( terrible compared to the new ones anyway )

    oh , and now norway and sweden get music unlimited , what about Canada ? we can’t even get it yet or even use the promised website to deacivate our ps3’s since it’s only U.S. so far , all you get is a message to deactivate it from the ps3 and if that was possible why have a website ?

  • wow only Netflix and Music Unlimited announcements for the PS Vita…. I was expecting more…. oh well

  • nothing ps3 what so ever tsao dissapoionting

  • for costs over 400 bucks in japan 500,000+ units sold IS A BIG DEAL!! @38 …..thats a lot! you cant expect it to sell 2 million in 3 weeks when you have the 3DS at 169.99 ….and competing with a worldwide released thing when the vita is just in japan right now , so id say for the price it did pretty well…. obviously if it was 50 bucks less maybe it wouldve been even better

  • I love CES, because it allows us to take a glimpse into the future of technology. And by future, I mean at least 3 years, because that’s how long it takes for these things to become affordable.

  • Sony is king, so proud to be part of the family. go sony! do your best! show your Power!!

  • Very Good Show, Looking forward to the newest Gadgets & Media.

  • You guys should release Reader for the PS Vita and the Comics need to return for Vita as well

  • Man, that press conference was awful.

    Couldn’t you have respected your audience more and just said “See you in June, folks!” at the beginning and save all of us a wasted hour of our lives?

  • Nothing of that was wasted! I love the new cameras, the new tvs, hoping OLED is the successor to HD picture. 3D is in its own class in my opinion. PlayStation like Sony always has momentum on its side and they are always hitting their stride. They said themselves that the PlayStation 3 is an always connected device.. I wouldnt doubt they add a picture feature on both the Vita and PS3 that allows you to throw images to the PS3 via PSVita! I can hope right!? I give it a 8.5 overall as technology shows the beginning of the presentation the audio was horrible. Thanks for reading… I do have a question for The Blogteam to throw around.. Why not add a reader to the PS3? You know like reading stuff on your tv.. Even add it to the Vita.


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