Red Bull House of Skate Comes to PlayStation Home + Weekly Update

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Red Bull House of Skate Comes to PlayStation Home + Weekly Update

PlayStation Home rings in the New Year with another enormous update. This Thursday, January 5th, we release the Red Bull House of Skate, a huge personal space that includes an addictive skateboarding game and all the amenities – from breathtaking views to a built-in hot tub fit for the throwing wild parties with your friends. Rack up points by flipping and grinding your way throughout the Skate Park and then head to the updated Red Bull Air Race, which has been expanded to include new tracks and levels, pilots and planes, and, of course, rewards for the players that hit the highest scores.

This week sees the release of Granzella’s highly-anticipated Great Edo of Nippon game space in PlayStation Home. This unique public space transports players to the Tokugawa period and comes with a variety of games and community activities that immerse players in the rich history of feudal Japan. Visit the Great Edo of Nippon when it releases this Thursday, available from the PlayStation Home Navigator.

Also releasing this Thursday is the Creek Falls personal space, available from the Estates store in the PlayStation Home Mall. This sprawling architectural wonder is set in the serene countryside and comes with a gifting machine that grants visitors an exclusive reward. Check out this quick video and then visit the special public space version of the Creek Falls personal space for a full tour starting this week.

Of course, no week would be complete without an update to the PlayStation Home Mall. From brand new Billabong wear and MyDeco décor to Granzella collectibles and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow tattoos – there’s something for everyone this week in the PlayStation Home Mall.

Granzella Clothing in PlayStation Home

Billabong Clothing in PlayStation HomeSpecial Agent in PlayStation Home

The PlayStation Home Community Theater gets updated this Thursday with new videos from the Gamer Indepth collective. Card-carrying members of the “Barmy Army” are in for a treat as Replay with Doc serves up a very special interview. Afterwards, Luge Control returns with her fourth episode. Join Luge and her gamer girlfriends as they host a party complete with gamer snack recipes and a “Bro” counter.

Our friends over at EA are hosting a special Battlefield 3 event this Saturday, January 7th. Show the world who reigns supreme on the battlefield: Metal or Hip Hop. Join Jonathan Davis from Korn (PSN ID: JonathanDavisBF3) or Mickey Factz (PSN ID: MickeyFactzBF3) in Battlefield 3. Visit for more information on how to pledge your allegiance to either Metal or Hip Hop in this all-out war!

PlayStation Home - Battlefield 3 Event

Last but certainly not least, LOOT updates their EOD (Entertainment on Demand) offerings this month, with must-see movies from Crackle, including Year One, Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, The Toy, The Life and Death of Bobby Z, Tekkonkinkreet, Immortal Beloved, The Juror, Kaena: The Prophecy, The Messengers, Midnight Express, Spun, Zombie Strippers, Wild Things: Foursome, Groundhog Day and so on. Watch these (and hundreds of other full-length Hollywood movies and thousands of television shows) with your friends for free in the LOOT Space Station (Theater # 3), LOOT Space Apartment, LOOT Sunset Yacht and the Hollywood Hills House in PlayStation Home.

See you in Home!

Please note that PlayStation Home will move to a revised publishing schedule next week, with new content appearing every Wednesday beginning on January 11th, 2012.

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  • Yeah… Afro, Celeb and a bunch of others have good points here. Are we going to see some fixes to issues the community has been asking most about? Reporting is broken most of the time. I had someone threaten to rape & kill my whole family on here, so I reported him. Well guess what? The guy is still running around on Home. And just to add fuel to the fire, I’ve had several friends suspended who did nothing wrong at all. Yet the REAL offenders get to keep running around!

    How’s about you step up your game and protect your paying customers? You know, the people who put food on your table?

  • r u goin 2 fix the holiday picture frame bug in winter space?

  • AMAZING UPDATE TO PS HOME Locust_Star and GlassWalls. XD Keep up the AMAZINGLY AWESOME Work you guys. The Grand Edo of Nippon space is going to be awesome. I will be buying all the items from that space. I hope we get more of the spaces and items from the Japanese PS HOME. Can’t wait to see what is next you have for up. :) Also Locust_Star and GlassWalls, do you know what happened to the STEAMPUNK Awesomeness Space/Game I saw in a video at E3 2010 after entering the VIP Section?

  • any news on the LOOT EOD working for Canada yet? any update at all, i’m missing out on some rewards here.

  • I noticed that the PS Home update starts next wednesday cool and my birthday is on that day!!! ;) Also I can’t wait to checkout the Japanese game space.

  • How much will the creek falls be?

  • I can wait new place tomorrow Edo of Nippon

  • Will it quit force loading us into the mall after tomorrow? I keep getting kicked off because of it. >.<

  • Great update! Been quiet on the forums but will take a look tomorrow on em. As for Home, I’m always on it! Well, welcome back to a new year and can’t wait for what 2012 brings us!

  • I mean to make it so when you add someone to your block list, you cant see their text or avatar, and they cant see ours. the age is 13 and above but we all know there are plenty of kids on there no matter what, and the people offending everyone and corrupting the little kids who sneak onto home also know it. I see an angry parent yelling because the immature 30 year olds make sick dirty jokes for a half hour and then say “well some parent you are letting your kid on here” like some adult you are making sick pervert jokes infront of any random person as you sit alone all day like a bum collecting unemployment but you wont even look for a new job. And they never seem to banned…. well the certain ones didnt but that was then this is now lol if they read this they specific ones know who they are lol. The nooberts wouldnt understand. But they dont understand anything besides sitting crouched by my butt anyway. just do it already, we already have it so the text can be muted. Dont act like it would be hard to block an entire avatar because I know for a fact it would be effortless. So I hope you atleast skim through this locust_star. One more thing, thanks for everything you have done for me so far personally, much appreciated

  • ►►Love the idea of skateboarding in home now just need to implement it across all PS Home Spaces.◄◄

    Love to See lots of skate places and benches to skate on in home ;) glade it has come to a personal space hopefully it will get bigger.

    ►►Here’s to hoping open voice chat will come back from the dead. To much text bubbles not enough human voices in ps home.◄◄

  • i might have to give home another chance

  • Does anyone know how long until Playstation Home will be back up?

  • @HoIlyWoodCeIeb You dont think that it might be the immature 13 year old kids that make the sick jokes?? I’m 19 and this 14 year old boy was making comments about me in a dirty way. Maybe these so-called 30 year old people aren’t 30 at all. Quit blaming other people… If the kids dont like it, they can walk away. And if the parents have such a big problem with it, then they shouldn’t let their children use it in the first place.. Stop trying to control everything people say. It’s people like you that try and change the Constitution. There is a thing called freedom of speech, and people have the right to say whatever they want. Jokes are jokes. Quit taking everything head deep, and just go with the flow!!!

  • Super excited for Edo of Nippon :D

  • New and recent Updates look really Interesting!! Love how things are looking up for HOME. Cant wait to check everything out..very excited!! ^_^

  • ok my first impression on the CREEK FALLS personal space, its very roomy, very spacious BUT
    when you lay down in that bed, you look dead, stiff, you have no movement , no option to roll over or lay down sideways , and a little more and we would be laying down right down in the wood platform to the side of the bed , i mean , i know you you dont want us together but thats a bit extreme, our heads are not even on top of the middle of the pillow , we are at the very edge to the side .
    at the Red Bull space the video says Sorry, we are unable to display video at this time (100)
    The Nippon Public Place nowhere to be found .

  • wheres grand edo space

  • looking dead and no nippon whats going on sony

  • I waited excitedly for the maintenance period to end, hoping to be among the first to get into the new Edo of Nippon space. Finally, a Japanese-themed space to fit the needs of the Otaku player since the demise of Irem’s two wonderful spaces. That’s what I thought, until I finally logged on and realized that open houses for Home’s next generic boring personal space take priority over such things, and that the new Edo space had somehow just been overlooked entirely. Thank you Sony. I was starting to believe you actually cared about us and not just our money, but it’s good that you set me straight on that. Can’t be too optimistic, right?

  • Kudos on the skate park.. ive invited my friends over for a look-see n they all LOVE it!!
    Cant seem 2 find the the Edo of Nippon game space tho.. wha happn??

  • From the PlayStation Home Forum (General) regarding the Grand Edo of Japan space:

    Locust_Star said:

    “We are working to get this space open to the public now. The space including games and rewards should be available shortly. However, the Edo clothing and furniture items will not be released until next Wedsnesday, January 11th.

    “Thanks for your patience.”

  • @ Glasswall & Loucst_Star

    Got a question for you guys, Why is it every home update you guys (Home Team) do. There’s always something that’s F**ked up??? Don’t you guy ever test stuff before putting it out???? Way it looks, The answer is NO.

    Was on home earlier (about a hour ago) And I whent to check out the new stuff. And, all of prices on the Moolight LED TV’s (50″, 60″ & 70″) are not showing up at all, Just says “Error”. This need to be fixed now.

    Also, Would like to know, When you lying motherf**kers are gonna give back the “mini” lights we got from the “mini space back. Last time either of you updated us on it (If you wanna call it that) was early march of last year. I messaged Joystick, And, that was pointless, Just like messagin you on the fourms and psn. Cuase he/she (Joystick) was no help what so ever. Just like you 2 and the rest of the home team. Only thing i was told was we will investagate it, Question, Your gonna investagate yourself? Makes alot of sence,NOT!!!!

    Also I suggested 70’s spool table at least 5-6 months ago on the blog, And, Like always. You didn’t listen . Not syrrpised really, The home teams blows. We need a new one.

  • Where is Edo of Nippon? -_-

  • Nice Update!

    Like the RedBull stuff!

    RedBull Gear?

    Lovin’ LOOT ‘cept I’d love to bought that space place but $10 is a lil steep for me.

  • Sorry but no… if you even bothered to read the TOS before accepting, you will see Sony took away your freedom of speech. You sound more like you support sex offenders actually. Like I said, you blame the parents for other peoples actions. Theres a difference between freedom of speech, sexual harassment and hate crimes. Fool

  • Besides you cant un-read text. Walk away… after the damage is done.

  • this was a great update … really enjoyed all the new stuff … good job :)

  • Great Update but by the looks of it, A LOT of people dont like how you look “Laying Down” in the Creek Falls Personal Space , you look more like a corpse , 0 movement , very dissapointing sales on this 1 .
    I totally agree with Erickafollie comment #67 .

  • if anyone needs any help or is new to home feel free to friend request me and i will be happy to help you to the best of my ablites … have fun :)

  • o yes is true, good thanks for the response and good update :)

  • Thank you for the katana, that is all I’ve ever wanted since home launched so many years ago :)

  • Does anyone know when the “Spirit Hunting” activities will be available in the Edo of Nippon space? I’ve pretty much beat the crap out of that straw bundle and I’m ready for a greater challenge…

  • The thing about battlefield 3 should of been a seperate post. I barely look at anything from Home because I’m not interested in using the ps3 for anything than gaming or blu-ray movies. Also I loved Korn but don’t really like their new stuff. Just isn’t the same. So my vote goes with hip hop. It would have anyways. The real stuff that is, not that bubble gum radio or ghetto fab.

  • Omg don’t you guys ever test the stuff you publish? I’m just a little angry that i waited at the new and gorgeous edo space till night time and the game still said Its not ready.

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