Red Bull House of Skate Comes to PlayStation Home + Weekly Update

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Red Bull House of Skate Comes to PlayStation Home + Weekly Update

PlayStation Home rings in the New Year with another enormous update. This Thursday, January 5th, we release the Red Bull House of Skate, a huge personal space that includes an addictive skateboarding game and all the amenities – from breathtaking views to a built-in hot tub fit for the throwing wild parties with your friends. Rack up points by flipping and grinding your way throughout the Skate Park and then head to the updated Red Bull Air Race, which has been expanded to include new tracks and levels, pilots and planes, and, of course, rewards for the players that hit the highest scores.

This week sees the release of Granzella’s highly-anticipated Great Edo of Nippon game space in PlayStation Home. This unique public space transports players to the Tokugawa period and comes with a variety of games and community activities that immerse players in the rich history of feudal Japan. Visit the Great Edo of Nippon when it releases this Thursday, available from the PlayStation Home Navigator.

Also releasing this Thursday is the Creek Falls personal space, available from the Estates store in the PlayStation Home Mall. This sprawling architectural wonder is set in the serene countryside and comes with a gifting machine that grants visitors an exclusive reward. Check out this quick video and then visit the special public space version of the Creek Falls personal space for a full tour starting this week.

Of course, no week would be complete without an update to the PlayStation Home Mall. From brand new Billabong wear and MyDeco décor to Granzella collectibles and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow tattoos – there’s something for everyone this week in the PlayStation Home Mall.

Granzella Clothing in PlayStation Home

Billabong Clothing in PlayStation HomeSpecial Agent in PlayStation Home

The PlayStation Home Community Theater gets updated this Thursday with new videos from the Gamer Indepth collective. Card-carrying members of the “Barmy Army” are in for a treat as Replay with Doc serves up a very special interview. Afterwards, Luge Control returns with her fourth episode. Join Luge and her gamer girlfriends as they host a party complete with gamer snack recipes and a “Bro” counter.

Our friends over at EA are hosting a special Battlefield 3 event this Saturday, January 7th. Show the world who reigns supreme on the battlefield: Metal or Hip Hop. Join Jonathan Davis from Korn (PSN ID: JonathanDavisBF3) or Mickey Factz (PSN ID: MickeyFactzBF3) in Battlefield 3. Visit for more information on how to pledge your allegiance to either Metal or Hip Hop in this all-out war!

PlayStation Home - Battlefield 3 Event

Last but certainly not least, LOOT updates their EOD (Entertainment on Demand) offerings this month, with must-see movies from Crackle, including Year One, Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, The Toy, The Life and Death of Bobby Z, Tekkonkinkreet, Immortal Beloved, The Juror, Kaena: The Prophecy, The Messengers, Midnight Express, Spun, Zombie Strippers, Wild Things: Foursome, Groundhog Day and so on. Watch these (and hundreds of other full-length Hollywood movies and thousands of television shows) with your friends for free in the LOOT Space Station (Theater # 3), LOOT Space Apartment, LOOT Sunset Yacht and the Hollywood Hills House in PlayStation Home.

See you in Home!

Please note that PlayStation Home will move to a revised publishing schedule next week, with new content appearing every Wednesday beginning on January 11th, 2012.

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12 Author Replies

  • Wow that is a massive update I can’t wait to check it out :D

    • It sure is! Red Bull is back for more (updated Air Race), new House of Skate. Granzella’s Edo arrives! Creek Falls is finally available! Community Theater gets a double-dose of Gamer Indepth! WOOT!

  • Locust_Star, Is the SingStar space in US Home going to get fixed/updated? The videos no long load and the floor doesn’t light up when you dance anymore.

    Thanks for your time.

  • cool, so starting next week home gets updated on wednesday?? so will the home blog post be on tuesdays???

  • Ohh I can’t wait for the interview on Replay with Doc!!!!

    • BARMY ARMY…UNITE! This is the first Barmy interview since his exit and his pal Doc scored it and is bringing it Home to you first.

      Insider info: In the Home team, there’s been a Barmy Army of fans since he left, and a pic of him has been on a wall near many of our QA and Operations people ever since. We missed him as much as you.

  • I’m so excited for Creek Falls! Will the active bed be releasing with it also?

    Also will the fireplace and Codeglue Santa outfit ever be released?

    And thank you for updating on Wednesdays now, this is very exciting news!

  • Skateboarding game, awesome! It’s nice to see more from RedBull, they rock.

  • Will we get the monster extermination game, like the one in Japan, and these ninja suits for sale?

  • I’m just wondering if anyone from Sony will answer this but, will the Nathan Drake skin for PS Home (the one from pre-ordering in PS Home), will it ever be available to purchase or it was a 1 shot deal?

    but other than that question, really can’t wait for Creek Falls :)

    • The pre-order exclusive Nathan Drake avatar outfit was a one-time only offer and will never be made available again. You gotta’ jump on it while the getting is good! Nathan waits for no one.

  • This update looks pretty cool. I may actually get back into Home if they keep bringing updates like this.

    • I guarantee you that there is plenty more where this came from. We have some very exciting releases planned for the next few months in particular.

  • Loading times could be fixed though..

  • Edo of Nippon is a lovely space by Granzella, and the battle game is fun also, plus many free rewards within.

  • I’m looking forward to the Creek falls space.The Billabong skirt is very pretty. I wonder what the price on the Red Bull space will be? Can’t wait till Thursday. What a way to start of the new year. I’m soooo excited!!!

  • Sup Locust_Star,

    Was wondering if LOOT was going to have a EOD TV that can be put in any Home space or Clubhouse?
    BTW, you guys are doing a fantastic job in Home! FANTASTIC!!!!

    • Hey Snake,

      There is nothing to announce at this time regarding EOD active items that can be placed in any personal space, but we’ll be sure to let the LOOT guys know that the community has requested this.



  • I’m Amazed at that Huge Red bull update!!!
    Is the christmas decorations and sales leaving tommorow?
    Oh and sense playstation home update on wednesday and update blogs is on tuesday then whats going to happen on thursday now?

    • Xmas decorations should still be in stores tomorrow, but will be removed within the next few weeks, so if you want to add something to your collection we suggest you act now.

      Regarding the sales you’ve inquired about, we have multiple sales and promotions currently offered. I’d need you to be more specific, as start/end times vary depending on the sale.

      As for updates, we will begin posting the weekly “What’s New in Home” blog updates on Tuesdays. Content publishes and maintenance will occur late Tues night/early Weds morning. Thursdays will not see any new content or maintenance on Home- they are open for you to enjoy all the new games, spaces, items, events, and other content!

  • Great Update guys. Keep it up.

  • Wow Awesome Update! Do you guys have any more quests planned, other than the Christmas one’s? And are their any updates in the Aurora Space? Thats is by far the best public space in Home right now.

    • There are additional updates to Aurora coming very soon. In fact, we’re trying to squeeze them in last minute for tomorrow’s publish but if not they will arrive next week.

    • There are new quests coming in the next few weeks as well ;)

  • I love the Edo of Nippon public place, i really like the Lay down feature , we need more stuff like that, swimming for example, among others.
    Im not a skater so, not for me, but i will get the Creek Falls personal space .
    Locust will we ever be able to go outside our personal spaces , like down to the creek water and sit on the grass ,you know, just outside . i know many people glitch , i do not, so maybe 1 day you guys make a personal space in which we are able to go outside and not confined inside our personal spaces .
    Great Update, Hope you had a Blast for New Years, i had to stay Home with my dogs, they are afraid of Fireworks , LOL but anyways , thank you.

    • I have animals that are afraid of the fireworks as well, so we had to do some babysitting that night also. Hope your pups have recovered and that you are having a great new year!

      As for personal spaces with more access to surrounding/outdoor areas: This is certainly possible for a developer to create and has been implemented to varying degrees in some personal spaces. It’s a give/take scenario though – as with all games/spaces, there is a fixed amount of memory available and developers have to decide how they want to “spend” that memory. Many developers have begun to devote large chunks of memory to games and other interactives whereas others opt to devote memory to art, making large personal spaces with more traversable areas. So, yes, it’s possible but it is a balancing act.

    but i was hopeing for the Red Bull Update like EU mention about moar Update. also the Red Bull House of Skate look great! for a good used of Skater!

    Sine nDreams mention on the Monthly Newspaper
    theys will be Aurora 1.5 with good fix

    as im mention: any news to the 3rd Anniversive PlayStation Home Tee as a 2nd reward or maybe it gonna be Europe and Asian Region only?

    Its about time we get more Granzella!

    but sadly i have to leave PSN for a Week (due to election problem on paiding to much) but i will be back on next publish!

  • jon davis better be gettin on mic!

  • One more thing….the Red Bull house of Skate, looks KILLER!!! Gotta pick it up!

  • Massive upload. I took a tour of the Creek Falls last week from a guide and it’s sweet. Thank you for the update on the new upload day starting next week.

  • That would be sooo Fantastic if LOOT Corp comes out with an EOD TV to put in any personal space, please PRETTY please with cherry on top , we need it, Pleaseeeeeee YouTube would be great too, pleaseeeeeee
    i promise not to get any Botox for a year, how about that ? pleaseee


  • Revised updating schedule?? will the time frame stay the same ” 3am-8am EST ” or is there going to be new time schedule as well?

  • Will there be 10 free items hidden in the Mall somewhere with this weeks new update?

  • why not do costumes from memes : trollface,inglip,raisins,foreveralone,fee like a sir :troll: etc :)

    • Some, if not all, of the memes that you mention have been copyrighted by their creators, which means that we would need to license them in order to make costumes based upon that IP (intellectual property). For a wide range of reasons, this is not always possible, though we do strive to license as much content as we can given that there is sufficient demand within the community.

  • RedBull for the win and everything else coming to home! :D

  • I’m psyched about Granzella bringing over Edo of Nippon. Glass of Locust, do any of you know if we will be getting the Samurai Warriors-like Mini Game that accompanies this space?

  • That Creek Falls bed is it portable? Also is it an active item?

  • BTW: LOOT also said on twitter that they will be EOD active items in Summer 2012
    Well? you do forgoted about that :P

  • from #12
    BTW: LOOT also said on twitter that they will be EOD active items in Summer 2012
    Well? you do forgoted about that :P

  • Will we get the Edo of Nippon’s monster extermination game, like the one in Japan, and these ninja suits for sale, Glasswalls?

  • 25 reply and Reply from Locust_Star:
    You do forgoted that Komani’s Anime Costume also have Refer and Japan Internet Meme

  • preciate the qwik reply Glass

  • But still Locust, it still on Work and ready on Summer 2012


  • keep the enormous updates comin!! any news on the adventure district?? one suggestion would be to have more places like central plaza and pier park. they are relaxed an can be changed seasonaly without effecting its relaxing atmosphere. all will work itself out in the future with great rewards!! cya in home

  • Can’t wait for the update to come out.,Another nice update,This is awesome,More personal spaces for me to buy awesome.Thanks Sony

  • any more stuff coming out for the dream yacht. ik there is 30 items now but will there me more?

  • Edo Lounge. Rocket Start, guys. Rocket Start. You know I’m still wondering about the Sackboy Playmat, but beyond that, any word on when the new HCV wave begins? I can’t wait for that… :3

  • Great update. Locus or Glass any word if we will be getting the Granzella personal space that goes along with the Island Hideaway?

  • Finally,my avatar gets to take a bath. Granzella ..YAY!. Hope you all had a wonderful New Years

  • So, regarding BF3 event. Are they gonna fix VOIP on your console before the event for us to be able to communicate in that game? Or are we going to war like mute unfriendly bunch?

  • looks to be a great update , am interested in both apartments but will check to make sure no stoopid new patches are going to interfere with my enjoyment of them before i purchase . very glad to see red bull showing a renewed interest in Home and have spent money in their stores to show my approval .

  • how much is cost on red bull apartment

  • How big will the Red Bull House of skate space be??

  • Super update, Happy New Year, Welcome back Home Staff !_!

  • Any chance of a fix for the UFC public space plus the many other broken games and spaces? The fishing game at Waterfall Terrace is broke again too. It doesn’t look very good having newbies come into Home only to find out that half the older spaces are broken.

  • It would be nice if when you block someone, they can no longer see your avatar, and you can see theres. Not everyone gets along and its hard to enjoy home when you show up where your old fake friends or friend are. Along with pervs crouched infront of us or just those anoying groups who talk about adult nasty stuff while your little nephew is just trying to dance and ends up learning about birds and the bees all because some little group all obsessed over their queen thinks its funny saying it infront of a 7 year old, and reporting is pointless because they just end up coming back eventually and doing the same exact immature little teeny stuff even though they arein their 20’s or right up their next to age 30 cough cough. You know who I mean locust. Lol its pretty lame seeing that and getting old fast eh? Maybe it wont slide anymore. Cough. No more chances :)

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