PlayStation Plus January Sneak Peek: Free Back to the Future – Full Series, Discounts Galore

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PlayStation Plus January Sneak Peek: Free Back to the Future – Full Series, Discounts Galore

Happy New Year from the PlayStation Plus team! As many of you know, PlayStation Plus is the subscription service from PlayStation Network that gets you access to free games, huge discounts, and great exclusives across the network. And we’re kicking off the New Year in a big way!


This month’s spotlight free PSN Game is none other than Telltale’s Back to the Future The Game – Full Series. All of the episodes from this acclaimed adventure game are available for you to download starting with the January 3rd PlayStation Store update. We’re also including PSN Game Sword and Soldiers with tomorrow’s update. This side-scrolling strategy game lets you control an entire army while wielding devastating magical abilities.

Free PS one Classics make their rounds this month in the form of the original Syphon Filter games. Syphon Filter 1, 2 and 3 will be available free, for the entire month starting also with the next Store update.

The PlayStation Store regularly holds events and sales for all PSN members throughout the year, and Plus always gives an extra leg-up in taking advantage of these sales. This month is no different as we’re gearing up to launch our 12 for ’12 sale. 12 PSN Games to kick of 2012 will be on sale for one week starting Jan 17th. We can’t reveal what the games are just yet, but if you love PSN games, you’re going to see a lot of great first-time sales on titles and get them 50% off with PlayStation Plus.

You’ll find plenty more in the way of discounts this month on standout titles like Crysis, Burnout Crash!, Gatling Gears and more. Check the full list below and remember these are expected games and discounts for Plus. Some content and/or release dates outlined may change including the addition or removal of content. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, or continue the discussion on the PlayStation Community forums in the Official PlayStation Plus Update thread.


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PSN Game: Back to the Future The Game – Full Series – 1/3
Sword & Soldiers – 1/3
minis: Stick Man Rescue – 1/10
PS one Classics: Syphon Filter – 1/3
Syphon Filter 2 – 1/3
Syphon Filter 3 – 1/3
Full Game Trials: Toy Story 3: The Video Game – 1/10
Cars 2 – 1/17
Media: Qore Episode 44 – January – 1/10
Avatars and Themes: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Felyne Fighter Avatar – 1/10
Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Lance Avatar – 1/10
Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Poogie Avatar – 1/10
Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Avatar Bundle 3 – 1/10 (PS+ Price $0.99)
Abstract Art Dynamic Theme – 1/17
Assassin’s Creed Revelation Dynamic Theme – 1/24
PSN Games: Rocket Knight – 50% off – 1/3 (PS+ Price $7.50)
Burnout Crash! – 30% off – 1/10 (PS+ Price $4.89)
Crysis – 30% off – 1/10 (PS+ Price $10.49)
Deathspank – 30% off – 1/10 (PS+ Price $6.99)
Fancy Pants Adventure – 30% off – 1/10 (PS+ Price $4.89)
Gatling Gears – 30% off – 1/10 (PS+ Price $4.89)
Risk Factions – 30% off – 1/10 (PS+ Price $4.89)
Capcom Super Pack Discount – 75% off – 1/24 (PS+ Price $10.00)
Add-Ons: Dante’s Inferno DLC Bundle – 30% off – 1/10 (PS+ Price $10.49)
Dead Space 2 DLC Bundle – 30% off – 1/10 (PS+ Price $10.49)
Dragon Age 2 – Legacy Pack – 20% off – 1/10 (PS+ Price $6.39)
Dungeon Defenders: Quest for the Lost Enternia Shards: Part 1 – 75% off – 1/17 (PS+ Price $1.00)
Need For Speed Hot Pursuit DLC Bundle – 30% off – 1/10 (PS+ Price $20.99)
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 – Birdie Pack – 30% off – 1/10 (PS+ Price $7.69)
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 – Eagle Pack – 30% off – 1/10 (PS+ Price $17.49)
PS3 Full Games: Dante’s Inferno Super Bundle – 25% off – 1/10 (PS+ Price $14.99)
Darksiders – 20% off – 1/3 (PS+ Price $15.99)
Dead Space 2 Super Bundle – 20% off – 1/10 (PS+ Price $35.99)
Shift 2 Unleashed Bundle – 20% off – 1/10 (PS+ Price $39.99)
Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Super Bundle – 20% off – 1/10 (PS+ Price $39.99)

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  • Fantastic update! I was thinking of the Syphon Filter games and wanting to play them and now I can! Also, Crysis on sale? SO GOOD.

  • I always like cool new free content for PS+ but, it sucks to see crappy content repeated through the year subscription as well. Heh -_-

  • Good to see some pretty great games for Plus. Crysis for $10.49 is exactly what I wanted to see. But not a big fan of seeing Syphon Filter again. This trend questioned me and probably a lot of other people on renewing. Still great update!!

  • What’s the 12 for ’12 on 1/17?

    • We’ll be posting more info on 12 for ’12 as we approach 1/17. For now, just note that PS Plus subscribers will be getting extra discounts on some pretty amazing titles.

    • Also and to be a bit more clear; it’s an event in the PlayStation Store on your PS3 =)

  • I vote for more Cloud space, and questionably Vita game discounts too. Awesome job on the Crysis discount though!

  • Oh, and you guys should try to get the R3 DLC for free!

  • I already bought Back to the Future awhile ago but I’m so happy it’s free this month. That game is probably Telltale’s finest in my opinion and I’m so happy more people will experience it. Crysis for $10.49 and Sword & Soldiers for free is exactly what I want and that 12 for ’12 promotion is making me want to run out right now and stock up on PSN cards. Another great month for Plus :)

  • Breath of Fire IV was supposed to be $2.99 with the Capcom sale. The price didn’t drop from $5.99. What gives and will you be honoring the price at some point?

  • Will there be anymore promotions for renewing the PS Plus membership?

  • I can’t believe I JUST bought Crysis two days ago for a full $20. That’s ten bucks I could have used to buy another great game.

  • NOOOOOOOOOO. I’ve been waiting forever for the NFS: Hot Pursuit DLC to become reasonably priced, and now it’s finally on sale, yet still ridiculously expensive? It should be $9.99 total, MAX! I mean, if you’r selling the full game AND the DLC for $40, and the DLC alone is $21, something is clearly wrong here.

    Can someone please call EA or Criterion or something and get a $10 bundle together? I’m not paying anymore than that for a few extra races and a few extra cars.

  • It’s really funny because I just walked through the door with a BttF disc I bought at Gamestop for ten bucks. Nice to know I won’t have to unwrap it.

  • Great! been waiting fro Syphon Filter on PSN Plus…..

  • While I love all of the free games, it would be nice if you could get people amped up for the new SSX by maybe giving the original away to PS+ users. I love all the free content with PS+ and variety is what made Playstation famous.

  • We were told 4 months ago. That we were going to get Plus items for Home. I been a plus member from the beginning why is this taking so long?

  • I love what I put for fun! I would like to know what time in mexico center updated the PlayStation Store?

  • Complaints/feedback/whining incoming…

    I wish you guys would implement some system which enables a choice of free game. It’s nice that you guys try to offer a couple each month, but I wish you had a pool of various DLC items (PSN, PS1, PSP games, add-ons) games) that carry over from month to month that you could pick from if you didn’t want the main game for the month. Even if they were older/cheaper. I’m not interested in Back to the Future so this kind of feels like a wasted month, but if I could opt to get an older item, like Calling All Cars or a Killzone 2 map pack instead, it would add a ton of value to Plus.

    And more free or dirt cheap add-ons please. I’ve been hoping for a sale on MotorStorm: Pacific Rift track packs for years now.

    Anyway, I’m not crazy about most of the content this month, but Crysis for $10.49 is freakin’ sweet. I’ve been waiting for a little discount on that since it released. Nearly half off is pretty awesome. I loved Crysis 2. I can’t wait until next Tuesday.

  • Awesome month, very excited for Crysis, Syphon Filter and Gatling Gears. Also the 12 for ’12 has me intrigued. I <3 PS Plus.

  • i would like a re-release of the GoW3 DLC, i was on vacation during those weeks…it’s not fair that you need a ps3 to add the plus content purchased with the subscription…

  • I hope that the 12 for 12 sale has Lara Croft and Castlevania Harmony of Despair at a significant price drop. Been waiting for those to go on sale.

  • Whow, amazing start in the new year!
    But as always I’ll have to wait and see what the european stores will offer. Sony improved a bit on granting all its customers a comparable experience, but … well, visiting the PS+ sections in the US and Germany, will teach you that there is still a lot left to be done.

  • OMG!! <3

  • Are there any plans for the cloud storage space to be increased some? I’ve been making more use out of it after the option to have PS+ auto-sync them with the server came out on the more recent firmware update, and 150 megs is starting to look really small, particularly when you got games like Fallout or Skyrim where you have multiple individual saves of 10mb or more.

  • Wack ……

  • @40 I’ve been subbed to PS+ since the beginning. What I quickly learned what for PS+ to be worthwhile, you should NEVER buy any PSN games. It was about 9 months into my PS+ before I got a game I didn’t already have. Since realizing this, I have not bought any games on PSN. I just wait for them to be given away for free eventually or get cheap enough on steam and buy them there. Since this change I have gotten several games for free that I would have otherwise bought day one.

    So good lesson, PS+ punishes you for buying PSN games, so don’t buy any and you’ll come out ahead.

  • wow you guys outdone yourselfs love this game thanks morgan

  • nice to have so many free games to play!! :D

  • sucks cause i don’ have playstation plus

  • This is a great start for 2012 over $30 in FREE games is awesome. I was a little disappointed when I first started Plus because 90% of the content I already owned. I stuck with it and it’s paying off now. It seems I always have something new to play which I love. I’ve been a member for 15 months now and unless it was before that time I don’t remember ever seeing Syphon Filter games offered. Not for free anyways. The series has eluded me and what better time then now to check it out! Keep up the good work Plus team you can’t please everyone. Your doing a great job in my book.

  • Thank you Thank you PS+. I am glad to be a proud starting member of PS+. With this kind of stuff it’s awesome. What piss me off is that I paid full price or some price and then end up becoming free or having a huge discount available for PS+ users. What the heck? I mean, if a game is good and I will enjoy it I will get it but, then it’s discounted or given for free for the membership of the PS+. Oh well, I want that siren series at a cheap price. Thanks!!!!

  • I first subscribed when siphon filter3 was available. It will be nice to get the others. However, I’m stoked on back to the future!

  • @Morgan/Grace

    With the apparent removal of the “ending soon” (or whatever it was called) category from within the store in the PS+ section, which would let us know which sales were going to be gone come the next week’s update, would it be possible for you to post the dates that each of the sales will be running for? Either that, or can we get that section of the store back? It was nice knowing whether I had to grab something right then, or if I could spread purchases out across more than 1 week if I’m wanting to grab a bunch of stuff.

  • Here’s some ideas for PlayStation Plus:

    Use 256 RGB color scale for more PSN profile color options. Plus subscribers could change their profile background to materials like stained glass, diamond plate, marble, burlap, carbon fiber, etc.

    Change the names of the main themes. Keep “Classic”, change “Original” to “Sparks”, and add a third called “Icons”, where small square, triangle, circle, and x icons dissipate from the dynamic ribbon. Also, add a 256 RGB color scale for dynamic background colors. Allow for all colors, not just the default, to darken throughout the day. Add the “Life with PlayStation” earth dynamic background for Plus users.

    Move the Plus icon from hovering in the upper left of the PSN profile to inside, on the upper right. The trophy level could be moved to the left just a bit, to make room for high-level players. Make the icon glow, filling the corner, to keep the prominence of the Plus icon.

  • I wanna cry now, hold me! I love it!

  • BACK TO THE FUTURE!!! :D!! Im Sooooo renewing my PS+ this year :D

    You see guys at Sony! This is exactly the kind of love that make us be PS3 fanboys :D xD!

    You know what we want and precisely thats why there’s so much complaint when you miss with a bad week PS Store. This year will be awesome if you keep it this way :D Here’s my wallet take it :D

    Any updates on Journey?! That sweetnes is not coming fast enough!

  • Been a Playstation Plus user for about a year now and can honestly say Sony has outdid themselves this time. I had to double take on the stuff you guys gave out this time, really good job Sony.

  • Damn that’s a nice update! I hope we get the same in Europe!

  • So glad i came on here and seen this post. Just recently bought a new tv so been playing my ps3 alot more often and was about to buy deathspank, with it being on sale in a week i will put that on hold till then.

  • I’ve had Plus since or very nearly the beginning of the program. That first year was kinda rocky, and I kept questioning whether to renew each quarter. But it gradually has gotten better, and at least a few times, a single piece of content has been worth the price of admission. Still not perfect, but drastically better than the beginning, and steadily (if slowly) moving in the right direction.

    With that said, though, I think that #67 has the best idea I’ve heard concerning PS+: A CHOICE of free content each month. It could be handled similar to the “Welcome Back” giveaway that they did before. I, for one, am kind of irritated by continually seeing things I’ve already bought become free at a later date. (Later sales, on the other hand, aren’t that big of a deal. That can happen at any time in real world brick & mortar stores. But I don’t recall them GIVING stuff away very often.) If you could come up with even a small sampling of items, say, three or four, and let us choose, that could help alleviate some frustrations in the PS community of buyers.

    That’s why #75 might just have the next best idea: Don’t buy anything. Just wait it out and get it free.

  • Yup awesome as usual

  • Sounds like a good month. I really admire TellTale Games, they personally resurrected a dead genre (well, is it resurrected if they are still the only ones?). Haven’t ventured from Sam and Max (PC, sorry, I just find the mouse so much better!) but have been wanting to give a go at BTTF, so yay! Good value! My poor poor hard drive!

    Swords and Soldiers didn’t impress me with the demo but you never know and it seemed like something I should like.

    Need to try the Rocket demo. 50% discounts are an automatic download and try the demo for me. :)

  • Why not just call the comments section PAID TESTIMONIALS thats what its become.

  • You win some, you lose some. I lost on this one having already purchased BTTF but don’t feel so bad about it since I picked it up while it was on sale for I think $12.50 or somewhere around there.
    Looking forward to some heavily discounted games. Crisis is most likely a buy. Rocket Knight I am on the fence about. $5 would have been a go-go.
    Originally signed up for this service because my blu ray drive wasn’t working but now since it started working again (just flipped console upside down while starting a disc) I’m finding less and less interest in it. Marvel Pinball is an okay distraction for 15 minutes here and there. Hydrophobia was okay I guess, not worth paying for I’d argue. Earthworm Jim for $3 is a must. Picked up Limbo and Outland at a discount but have yet to finish either. May end up breaking even when all is said and done (3-month membership). Can’t really get into any of the psone classics for some reason.

  • Ok so maybe Walking Dead Episode 1 in the 12 for 12 . I really hope they pull it off BUT im not to optimistic .

  • This looks like it’s going to be another great month for us. I’ve wanted to play the BTTF game for a while now.

    However, I would like to see us get more cloud storage. The competitor does hand out 512MB of space per user and 150MB has proven to not be enough (Dragon Age sure made short work of that). Would love to see more.

  • I just can’t get excited about PSOne games at this point. Been there, done that. As a bonus, it might be okay, but not enough to induce me to sign up. It’s not enticing for me to play games on my PS3 that I can play on a PSOne. I’d be more interested in games that weren’t previously available. Just my two cents.

    I have a question. If PSPlus *did* start putting on PS2 games, would they play on the newer models? I have a model that doesn’t play PS2 games right now, so would there be any point if I were to sign up hoping to play PS2 games?

  • Absolutely Fantastic Free & Discounted Availability, for PS Plus subscribers, in the PlayStation Store on PSN; this Month. . .further amplified by the Curious Surrealism that is ’12 for 12′
    But according to -E.M. Forster: “Nonsense and beauty have close connections—closer connections than Art will allow.”
    Why am I left feeling like a Sucker and Royalty simultaneously? After making strategic purchases, preceded by complex decisions – I get this Slap in the Face that is PS Plus Current Month promotions.
    Thumbs-Up Nevertheless. . .but I Now feel that I should Never purchase anything in the PlayStation Store on PSN unless it’s on special discount; lest I get that “choice finger” from ‘PS Plus’ reminding me of the importance of Patience.

  • I got my Ps3 just on christmas took a risk on the plus was not sure but its great! Thanks for all the love!

  • Could you bring back the old ps1 spiderman games please

  • Nice update! Looking forward to trying out both Swords & Soldiers and BTTF. I will probably pick up a few of the nice discounts as well.

    Can anyone confirm if all of the games in the Capcom Super Pack have trophies?

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