PlayStation Plus January Sneak Peek: Free Back to the Future – Full Series, Discounts Galore

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PlayStation Plus January Sneak Peek: Free Back to the Future – Full Series, Discounts Galore

Happy New Year from the PlayStation Plus team! As many of you know, PlayStation Plus is the subscription service from PlayStation Network that gets you access to free games, huge discounts, and great exclusives across the network. And we’re kicking off the New Year in a big way!


This month’s spotlight free PSN Game is none other than Telltale’s Back to the Future The Game – Full Series. All of the episodes from this acclaimed adventure game are available for you to download starting with the January 3rd PlayStation Store update. We’re also including PSN Game Sword and Soldiers with tomorrow’s update. This side-scrolling strategy game lets you control an entire army while wielding devastating magical abilities.

Free PS one Classics make their rounds this month in the form of the original Syphon Filter games. Syphon Filter 1, 2 and 3 will be available free, for the entire month starting also with the next Store update.

The PlayStation Store regularly holds events and sales for all PSN members throughout the year, and Plus always gives an extra leg-up in taking advantage of these sales. This month is no different as we’re gearing up to launch our 12 for ’12 sale. 12 PSN Games to kick of 2012 will be on sale for one week starting Jan 17th. We can’t reveal what the games are just yet, but if you love PSN games, you’re going to see a lot of great first-time sales on titles and get them 50% off with PlayStation Plus.

You’ll find plenty more in the way of discounts this month on standout titles like Crysis, Burnout Crash!, Gatling Gears and more. Check the full list below and remember these are expected games and discounts for Plus. Some content and/or release dates outlined may change including the addition or removal of content. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, or continue the discussion on the PlayStation Community forums in the Official PlayStation Plus Update thread.


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PSN Game: Back to the Future The Game – Full Series – 1/3
Sword & Soldiers – 1/3
minis: Stick Man Rescue – 1/10
PS one Classics: Syphon Filter – 1/3
Syphon Filter 2 – 1/3
Syphon Filter 3 – 1/3
Full Game Trials: Toy Story 3: The Video Game – 1/10
Cars 2 – 1/17
Media: Qore Episode 44 – January – 1/10
Avatars and Themes: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Felyne Fighter Avatar – 1/10
Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Lance Avatar – 1/10
Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Poogie Avatar – 1/10
Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Avatar Bundle 3 – 1/10 (PS+ Price $0.99)
Abstract Art Dynamic Theme – 1/17
Assassin’s Creed Revelation Dynamic Theme – 1/24
PSN Games: Rocket Knight – 50% off – 1/3 (PS+ Price $7.50)
Burnout Crash! – 30% off – 1/10 (PS+ Price $4.89)
Crysis – 30% off – 1/10 (PS+ Price $10.49)
Deathspank – 30% off – 1/10 (PS+ Price $6.99)
Fancy Pants Adventure – 30% off – 1/10 (PS+ Price $4.89)
Gatling Gears – 30% off – 1/10 (PS+ Price $4.89)
Risk Factions – 30% off – 1/10 (PS+ Price $4.89)
Capcom Super Pack Discount – 75% off – 1/24 (PS+ Price $10.00)
Add-Ons: Dante’s Inferno DLC Bundle – 30% off – 1/10 (PS+ Price $10.49)
Dead Space 2 DLC Bundle – 30% off – 1/10 (PS+ Price $10.49)
Dragon Age 2 – Legacy Pack – 20% off – 1/10 (PS+ Price $6.39)
Dungeon Defenders: Quest for the Lost Enternia Shards: Part 1 – 75% off – 1/17 (PS+ Price $1.00)
Need For Speed Hot Pursuit DLC Bundle – 30% off – 1/10 (PS+ Price $20.99)
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 – Birdie Pack – 30% off – 1/10 (PS+ Price $7.69)
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 – Eagle Pack – 30% off – 1/10 (PS+ Price $17.49)
PS3 Full Games: Dante’s Inferno Super Bundle – 25% off – 1/10 (PS+ Price $14.99)
Darksiders – 20% off – 1/3 (PS+ Price $15.99)
Dead Space 2 Super Bundle – 20% off – 1/10 (PS+ Price $35.99)
Shift 2 Unleashed Bundle – 20% off – 1/10 (PS+ Price $39.99)
Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Super Bundle – 20% off – 1/10 (PS+ Price $39.99)

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  • Even more happy now that I have my Plus Subscription. Great update.

  • I really don’t enjoy seeing PS One classics that were given away before on Plus re-released. First Spyro, now Syphon Filter. If this is going to be a continuing trend, it needs to be addressed, and more so, offer an alternative for those that already obtained the game(s) previously on Plus.

    Getting “free” games was the main reason I spent hard-earned money subscribing to the service. Please treat your long-time and loyal customers fairly.

    Why not have Final Fantasy VII, VIII, and IX for next month?


    • Syphon Filter 2 has never been a release on Plus; so that’s the new one of the batch. Adding the other two, though they have seen a release on Plus before, was just icing on the cake. So while they may not be new to you, for those who recently joined Plus in the past 6 months or so, it’s extra love.

  • cool, siphon filter was a good series, and back to the future as well.

  • Agree with #2 or you could offer discounted prices on Classic Triple AAA Playstation One games such as Final Fantasy VII, VIII, IX, Metal Gear Solid 1, Chrono Cross, Chrono Trigger, Vagrant Story, etc! Please find a way to make this work OR you will continue with same “tiresome” repeating threads on Playstation One Classic Games.

  • nice update but come on with the same ps1 games would like to see somemore move games instead of the same old ps1 games

  • Wow, thanks!

  • EA games are cheaper on here than with the 360 sale. So, looks like I am picking up Gatling Gears and Crisis today. The joys of game purchases.

  • While PS+ holds “free” game trophy counts hostage with continued membership, they’ll continue being totally uninteresting to me.

    Especially while the PS store concurrently avoids discounting purchases of those games. All those overpriced Sega games, all of them “free” on PS+, not one of them was sold with a PS+ discount.


  • I always wanted Swords and Soldiers! Now I get it for free =D

    I just got Monkey Island for $5 so Back to the Future is nice, but I’ll likely play it during the summer drought. I was also lucky enough to get Burnout Crash for $5 awhile back, which is a steal! Pick it up for 30% off, great game.

    Wait, it’s 50% off for PS+ members? oh hey they show the price on the blog! That’s awesome!!! Thank you so much. Crysis 50%?! Might pick that up.

    I’ll have to check out Syphon Filter, I loved playing Spyro last month.

    Great month to be a PS+ member!

  • Good to be a plus subscriber! Btw the Assassin’s Creed Revelations dynamic theme is already on PS store I know because I bought it Saturday unless it’s a different one.

  • I agree. Even if I already have FF7,FF8, and FF9. Those should be a free download. At least one per month.

    I suppose that’s up to SE…

  • Crysis!!! $10!!!!! Eff-Ya!!!

  • Not as good as December, but still alrightish. BttF not really my flavor of games, but I might dl and try them, even though I still have the Sam and Max bundle unplayed on my hard drive. Heard good things about Swords and Soldiers and I think this one is also Move compatible (?), so bonus for that and I’ll give it a try.

    I think at least the first two SF games are + repeats, oh well, I don’t find the PS1 classics more than just a few minutes of nostalgic fun and often I don’t even open them once I dl’d them. On the flip side I have been totally addicted to Tomb Raider Underworld and Marvel Pinball that we got in Dec. Here’s hoping it just gets better and better every month for 2012 + offers, it’s been really good since I was a day one subscriber, I’m very happy with the value of what I’ve been given access to.

  • Oh wow this is a fantastic update. I’ve wanted Crysis and Swords and Soldiers for a while now.

  • The only problem I’m going to have is where to save all this content. My PS3 HDD filled up long ago. I have to delete things every time I want to play something new.

  • Wow! Lots of awesome items discounted! :D

    btw, can PS+ members get a new feature: remote play on the PC? =D

  • Amazing, Swords and Soldiers and Dantes Inferno

  • Was never a huge fan of the first Syphon Filter from what I’ve played but I love the free games regardless, specially Back to the Future.

  • BTTF! Never been more happy to be a Plus subscriber; that alone makes this month worth it.

  • As much as I would like these, I can’t bring myself to give Sony my money, given their stance on SOPA

  • Guys, we need to have a talk. Please, sit down.

    So, this whole “12 for ’12” thing sounds great (as long as all titles aren’t $12 to stick with the theme). I’m sure there’s going to be some amazing games in there. I’m going to—most likely—be tempted to spend quite a bit of money. Of course, that’s the point, and you guys would really love me to do that to. But here’s the thing: I’m already wanting to give you my money.

    See, near the end of next month you’re launching a new portable, the Playstation Vita. Bare minimum, that things going to cost me $250. If I want to play a game (I’d be a fool not to), I’m looking at another $40, and I’ll need a memory card and possibly want to pick up a few more launch games than just this one.

    Can’t you see? You’re already getting my money! If you keep having awesome PSN sales, you’re only taking money away from me helping the Vita be more successful!

  • How about adding some PS2 games?

  • I have to give a HUGE “Thank You” to PlayStation for this update. I’ve been wanting to play Back to the Future for a long time, being a big fan of the movies, but couldn’t justify it at that price. Now, I get every episode for free? AND Syphon Filter? As far as I’m concerned, this is my favorite Tuesday update since joining Plus six months ago.

  • Great update! BTTF trophiis stack from disc version!

  • holy crap! BTTF all free!!! sweet!! swords and soldiers looks to be a good game can’t wait to try it out! also i would like to know if there is a way to increase the amount of saved data storage… skyrim is beginning to hog it all… anyways we also need some new ps2 and DC (dream cast) remakes, the ratchet and clank series and sonic adventure 2 (personal favs). but right now i gots to go play some games. spent too much money on christmas on psn anyway…

  • genial! recuerdo Syphon Filter en PS2, gran juego ^^

  • Nice Back to the Future for free :D

  • I already own a lot of what it being offered this month, but I’m still satisfied. Get a few free things I didn’t have and am curious about that 12 for ’12 sale.

    On an unrelated note, anyone who considers themselves a God of War fan should seriously consider picking up Dante’s Inferno for that price. It is an excellent, excellent game.

    • You’ll see a lot of great PSN games in 12 for ’12 that you may have missed, at an awesome price, especially if you’re a Plus subscriber.

  • Great month of content. I already have BttF, but not Swords & Soldiers. And I’ve never played any of the Syphon Filter games on PS1.

  • I already bought BTTF, still havent finished Episode 5. After the network went down for 30 days or what ever it was during the episodes release cycle, I slowly lost interest. I wait for their atempt at The Walking Dead (more info needed)

    Also what about I AM ALIVE?????????

    Can we still get the Drop?

    I think I might let my PS+ expire, as I look at the games on my HDD, most are PS One games, and some old PSN titles. What about some cool demos? or early access?

  • NICE!!!!!

  • The last few months of PS+ were admittedly a bit disappointing for me. But 2012 starts off with a bang with Back to the Future and Syphon Filter. I’ve always wanted to buy these games, but I’ve always had a backlog. PS+ rocks!

  • The crisis deal is cool but the xbox ea sale is beating out all these deals and you dont even have to have gold (the equivalent to plus) to get those deals.. Pretty slack. I wonder why i have plus most the time.

  • Wait the 12 for ’12 deal isn’t today? Oh you haven’t revealed them yet…? Now I’m a bit curious. I like it when they put up like 10 or so games for sale like they did with the Summer sale and the fall sale. Gives you more options to choose from and 3 or so of them are usually good.

    Got Limbo, Pac Man, and Scott Pilgrim because of this.

    Can’t wait =D

  • Pleased to learn, as my first month as a PS + member, there are some decent games
    and discounts here. Looking forward to trying out the BTTF games. Loved the movies.
    Hoping the games will be as entertaining, and as fun. Should bring back some mem-
    ories, that’s for sure! :-)

  • Pretty good update.

  • I just bought Rocket Knight at the discounted price.
    Also I’m downloading all the Syphon Filters, Swords and Soldiers, and the Back to the Future series!

    Just go under Games (the non special category) and look for those titles under there section, so for Syphon Filter go to the PSone section and for the others go to the PSN section. They are already discounted and free!

  • Looks like a good month for Plus. I’m going to pick up Crysis with that discount and, of course, the free games.

  • Nice update.

    On the topic of PSN Store, can you guys please stop using transparent background? It’s impossible to read the white text when the background is transparent in the List mode. The store is so much easier to navigate in list mode but almost un-usable due to this reason sometimes.

  • STOP GIVING STUFF I ALREADY HAVE!!!!! Or at least stop giving games you has on sale 6 months ago… seriously, you give a 50% off sale, then give the game away later WTF?!?!?!?!

    • PlayStation Store has specials fairly frequently; with many being first time discounts. Not to mention there’s some new releases coming out with Day one discounts we couldn’t share here. But Plus will always always give a leg up with free content, and discounts throughout the year week after week.

  • Damn, 2 PSN games for this month? Sounds good!!

    Once again, Plus offers more content then the subscription minimum requires.

    Keep up all those sales!

    Can we get Siren: Blood Curse on sale at some point this year please?

  • I already have B2TF and Swords & Soldiers, but I still think this is a very strong update for plus users. Both are well worth your time, and S&S has stereoscopic 3D (meaning it’ll work on any TV, so long as you have a pair of those red/green glasses!)

  • November’s Plus content I wasn’t pleased with. December’s update I enjoy every game that came with it. This
    weeks update has me really excited. I have wanted to play Back to the Future for a while now, and Syphon Filter 2 is one of my all time favorite games, I can’t wait to revisit it. Thank you Sony! Great birthday gift here.

  • Glad I renewed my subscription before it ended today. I can’t wait to play the rest of Back to the Future. I played the first episode in the series, enjoyed it highly. Glad I can play the rest of it for free. Looks like I need to upgrade my PS3 HDD so I can store more on it. Cause I’m still playing the 3 Resident Evil games given a few months ago and now I want to play Syphon Filter also! Great update Sony….keep it coming. PS2 games also!

  • @41

  • I gotta say his is a great way to introduce me to the PS3. I know I bought late in he cycle, but BTTF for free is very nice. That’s $20. Almost half a years subscription. On top of that Crysis, Swords and Soldiers, and Deathspank, I’m going to have to buy another PSN card.

    • Welcome to the PS3 family! You’ll find Plus will have some great offers for you month after month. Always post your feedback though, we’re continually working to make it better and better.

  • Yeah! My wish has been granted, I’ll finally have an excuse to buy risk! I also like the price on that Capcom pack .

    I’m exited to play Back to the Future, as I’ve never been able to convince myself to by it knowing how mediocre I think telltale games are.

  • I like it when they put the same items back in. I missed Spyro and Syphon Filter the first time they were given away. I managed to grab Spyro last month and Syphon Filter this month.

    I understand it’s disappointing when the content is all stuff you have (i.e. when they gave away Crash after I bought all of them), but keep in mind that not everyone signed up for plus at the same time and not everyone is able to check every week for content.

  • @2 how about you shut up

  • Thank you kidcommando, I’m with you on that one. Siren: Blood Curse should definitely be a free game for plus users. Its years old and would be better then getting the same free stuff over and over again. How many times is Syphon filter going to be free. How about put Twisted Metal 3 and 4, and add Metal Gear Solid. I love plus, I got more then my worth out of it, and I just use it for cloud, but sometimes they make the stupidest decisions. Have a big sale, and then the next week have it all for cheaper. Re-release ps1 and psn games for plus users over again and count them as the months free game. I don’t care if the free games are old games, because there is some awesome games out there people should experience, but at least pick games where the popularity for them is over 10%. Why pick Sam and Max when there is countless amount of other games, that a more wide variety of people would enjoy. The game was good, but not alot of people have that opinion. I’ll still continue to hold out for a Siren: Blood Curse release or import it from japan

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