Starhawk Private Beta to Close January 3, 2012

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Starhawk Private Beta to Close January 3, 2012

Warheads –

The time has come to say “thank you and good night!” As of Tuesday, January 3rd, the lights will go down on the Starhawk Private Beta. It’s been a wild, wild ride and we want to thank ALL the participants that took time out of their schedule to help us test Starhawk. We’ve learned an enormous amount and have applied much of it already. We’ve still got a long way to go but the leg up this info has provided us is incredibly valuable. The Private Beta was our first step to try out the game in the wild and it’s been simply awesome. And because of this success, we’ve decided to keep the Private Beta live through the holiday break. After all, what would ringing in 2012 be without a little Starhawk beatdown session?!!

Starhawk Private Beta to Close January 3, 2012

So what’s next? Why, the Public Beta, of course! In the next few weeks we’ll be announcing the dates for this important step. Many more players will be allowed access, including the UNCHARTED 3 owners who received a Public Beta voucher when they purchased the game! Look for more information and specifics on the PlayStation.Blog very soon.

It only takes a quick web search to find a TON of Starhawk info out there about the Beta. We’ve been really happy with the commentary/opinions and will taking all of the feedback seriously. Here is a convenient sampling of what’s out there: IGN, Kotaku, VG247, GameSpot, Major League Gaming, Pixel Nation, Dual Shockers, PS Nation, and Starhawk Radio—just to name a few.

We’d like to wish everyone happy holidays from LightBox Interactive and Sony Santa Monica. We hope that you enjoy your vacation time. Feel free to spend it waxing noobs in the Beta over holiday break!

“It’s closing time…one last call…”

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  • The building things element reminds me of C&C Renegade…. I have played the Renegade beta or demo years ago.

  • @ Chase167 as long as you keep judging it based on Warhawk, then you will never enjoy Starhawk. Starhawk is not Warhawk. I am not sure how you can be bored already. We aren’t even playing the full game.

  • @cosmic_chaos: I’m not joking. I tried searching about 20 times and it seemed to come up with the same match or something every time. I’ll try some more this weekend but if I get the same results I probably won’t bother anymore. I really would love to play the game more.

  • @cosmis_chaos
    theres nothing but camping and sniping
    i cancel my preorder
    this game is totally disappointing

  • Starhawk is really a fantastic game. Most of the time I play, I’m just building stuff and defending. Rarely is defense more interesting than offence, but in this game, it’s a ton of fun no matter what you do. I can’t wait to see what the full game is like. Just keep the all the trophies achievable by those of us with who aren’t crazy good players. Some of Warhawk’s trophies are near impossible because of the skill and time required.

  • It sure is a unique twist on multiplayer nowadays. I like it… well I liked the evening’s worth of playtime I’ve had with it. Never touched it since because it never seems to join the game, oh and shooting? I’ve only gotten one kill so far (and that was when 3 of us ganged up on one guy) the shooting is … hard.

  • I got Uncharted 3 when it first came out and there is no Starhawk code inside :'(…Anyone know why? *Sob Sob*

  • Im not sure what game you guys are playing but I have rarely came across StarHawk servers where there were nothing but Sniping and Camping. Hop in my server “Space, the final frontier” if there is room… action packed!

    Or visit my youtube channel “LordDeadSpider” for non-edited raw gameplay. Or from time to time check for me to be live streaming “DeadSpider” I’m sure you will see game play is action packed and out right chaotic at times.

  • DROPGRAVY says: DAY 1

  • Yea…. lets close private beta even though YOU HAVEN’T FIXED THE RANKING UP ISSUE!!!! What good is XP points if it NEVER keeps your ranking? I hoped that with 1.1.0 beta this would be solved… but NOPE… My ranking reset back to ZERO XP points each time I launch the beta again.

    Is Lightbox going for the 2012 Buggiest Game of the Year(also known as Game of the Year) Award? You know like Bethesda has with Skyrim?

    Look… I loved Warhawk (even though it had NOTHING to do with the original game released on the first PlayStation console). I want Starhawk to be even bigger than that one. It has so much potential. Please tell me that you have that resolved and its fixed and will be implemented in the Public Beta?

  • for being a beta, it’s come a hell of a long way. StarHawk has been pretty damn good in my opinion, I can’t wait to see what the finished product will be, I’m definitely gonna be addicted to this one…

  • Just got my Beta code!!! Dying to go home and play…

  • Is there any way you can implement “SPRINT” for our character? My avatar ran too slow.

  • Is there anyway i can get a beta code?

  • Yo. When this game comes out im going to finish starhawk single player… like a BOSS! lol

  • Yea this game has been alot of fun ty for the private beta code again

  • I am hooked on this game
    this is an awesome game when it is finished
    I love the build aspect
    thanks for the Beta I was thrilled to get it

  • @ #60 Sirynx77

    Are you kidding?! It is a beta! If you got 100.000 XP because of some game failure, do you really think you can keep your XP/Rank?

    BETA is NOT made to help you rank up. It is made so that YOU can help LBI improve the game.

  • Hey guys, i got uncharted 3 for Christmas and it came with a Starhawk beta code, i tried it out but it didn’t work. Could anyone help me here? Oh and i bought it from best buy if that helps

  • @polo155

    Learn to have new perspectives, to accept the fact that $50/yr does not entitle you to anything you wish, to constantly question how you think and if that is always the absolute truth, and to smile, because in the scheme of things, it’s just a game.

  • @polo155

    Personally, I find it stupid that you are refusing to buy this game because you were not allowed to play a private beta. A public beta is NOT a demo. A demo restricts you to a small portion of the game, to give you a taste of it so you’ll know what to expect for the full game. A public beta is no different from a private beta, besides the fact that more people are allowed into the public beta. Also, no-one’s forcing you to pay $50 a year for Playstation Plus. Just because you pay for a subscription for extras doesn’t mean Sony has to give you everything you want for free.

  • @70 elacris: I guessing that you felt like a real coxcomb after writing that comment of yours. I KNOW what a beta IS and what it ISN’T. I have tested software before so I don’t need a lecture from YOU about them. Did you even bother to look at LBI’s own Starhawk beta blog page? I know it was a known issue that XP wasn’t being saved. It even THEY were puzzled and miffed at it.

    I’m just wondering if they finally got it down or not. I’m hoping that with the upcoming public beta of Starhawk, not only will this issue be a thing of the past but also vastly improved. But if it persists, its a MAJOR problem. Once again I KNOW they were aware about the issue.

    So, you see I AM helping LBI make a better game. I could care less how many XP points I was ranking up in the beta. The only points that need to count are the ones once the final game is released to retail.

  • @Chase167 Dude maybe the game needs to be a bit more mellowed for casual people like me! Again I posted this awhile back that i played the demo liked it reminded me of STARWARS BATTLEFRONT so i decided to try the first game out. Just because I was a bit slow at dodging 49% of missles thrown at me I was cussed repeatedley over the chat BY HARD CORE, BLACKOP PLAYIN ,HALO KILLIN ,and HACKING people. So if you ask me maybe its best for alot of people out there who still like games like SUPER MARIO BROS.!

  • В Warhawk я имею звание генерал c платиной, а приглашения так и не дождался, а ЖАЛЬ.

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