Marvel Pinball: Vengeance and Virtue Expansion Coming to PSN Today

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Marvel Pinball: Vengeance and Virtue Expansion Coming to PSN Today

Tables starring Ghost Rider, Moon Knight, Thor, and the X-Men will be available for Marvel Pinball in the brand-new Vengeance and Virtue table pack, coming to PlayStation Store later today for $9.99! Owning the original Marvel Pinball is required for the V&V expansion – but if you don’t already have that critically acclaimed four-pack, you can download it now for FREE for a limited time as a PlayStation Plus member (more on that at the end).

Let’s take a brief look at each of the tables in the Vengeance and Virtue pack so you can understand how we’ve captured these dynamic concepts and the personalities of each character.

Marvel Pinball: Vengeance and Virtue: Ghost Rider table

The Ghost Rider table captures the atmosphere and apocalyptic visuals from the comics of the past few years, inspired largely by his 2006 series as well as Jason Aaron’s 2009 “Heaven’s on Fire” storyline. The table is set up like a stunt show set from Hell, with Johnny Blaze front and center on his custom chopper and the Hellfire shotgun at his disposal. Lucifer is constantly taunting Ghost Rider, and he holds the key to several missions and modes within the table. Johnny Blaze must also fend off the Orb’s laser blasts, defeat swarms of crows sent by Scarecrow, defeat the fallen angel Zadkiel, and even make deals with the classic villain Mephisto. Needless to say, there is plenty of devilish action in this hellish carnival playfield!

Marvel Pinball: Vengeance and Virtue: Moon Knight Table

Let’s be honest, you are all sitting here asking yourself, “why Moon Knight”? Let me tell you why! The integral aspects of Moon Knights story – villains, weapons and the powers of the Egyptian Moon god Khonshu – translate into an amazing pinball experience. As Moon Knight, Marc Spector wields the power of Khonshu and operates as the Egyptian god’s vengeful avatar on Earth, fighting crime on the streets of New York City. One of the coolest things this one brings to the, uh, table is the addition of actual boss fights, complete with health bars. Moon Knight faces off against some of his most classic villains, including Bushman, Midnight, the Black Spectre and Morpheus. He even pilots the Moon Copter, and Marvel allowed us to create a brand new weapon for his arsenal – the Moon Crossbow, used in a special minigame.

Now that we’ve seen what the “Vengeance” half of this collection has to offer, let’s delve into its “Virtue”-themed characters…

Marvel Pinball: Vengeance and Virtue: Thor table

Thor is all about the glory of victory, and this table has no shortage of electrifying battles against some of Thor’s biggest enemies. Trigger these boss fights by activating the Gate of Asgard and then hitting the ball across the Rainbow Bridge. You can then select which boss fight to engage: Loki, Destroyer, Ymir or Surtur. The God of Thunder will unleash strikes of brilliant lighting and the powerful hammer Mjolnir as he defends Asgard and the Nine Realms. The table comes replete with nice added touches, including a ramp that circles Asgard and exits the ball through the mouth of the Midgard Serpent.

Marvel Pinball: Vengeance and Virtue: X-Men Table

The X-Men table embodies the classic conflict between Professor Charles Xavier’s band of Super Hero mutants against Magneto and his Brotherhood. Players must deploy the powers of Iceman, Wolverine, Jean Grey, Colossus, Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Psylocke and Storm as they take on such classic villains as Mystique, Juggernaut and the Blob, as well as mutant-hunting Sentinels. The table features missions inspired by actual comic events, such as Magneto’s destruction of the Brooklyn Bridge (NEW X-MEN #147) and a pinball version of the Dark Phoenix Saga that uses actual dialogue from classic issues of THE UNCANNY X-MEN (#135 and #136). There is even a confrontation with the Juggernaut in which Cyclops, Iceman, Colossus and Psylocke exemplify good teamwork as they attempt to stop the unstoppable.

Each of these tables is designed from scratch around their characters’ personality, traits, weapons and stories in place. We go through a very careful planning process to make sure each table really captures the essence of each character, and it’s great having the support of Marvel all throughout the process.

And now for more on that offer to PlayStation Plus members. Now through January 3, 2012, members can download the original Marvel Pinball pack featuring Spider-Man, Wolverine, Blade and Iron Man for FREE! The Captain America and Fantastic Four DLC tables will be 50% off, so you can pick them up for $1.49 each.

If you would like the latest information on Marvel Pinball and any of our other games, be sure to follow us on Twitter or Like us on Facebook. I will be here answering all of your questions, so fire away.

Oh, and happy holidays!

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24 Author Replies

  • After seeing how well you captured the character for Captain America, I went out and purchased every table, Marvel and Zen both. It’s absolutely amazing how well you manage to express each character. I am kind of disappointed hat I missed a chance to get them free with plus, but I am happy to support a company making pinball games. There’s not enough of you out there.

    I am shocked you didn’t go for Punisher as a Vengeance table, but I think Moon Knight was an awesome decision. My son really likes the extra sequences to flesh him out, and probably now likes that table the most (even though he started totally not interested in a character he never heard of). I’d love to see more characters of this sort, because you get more freedom. You don’t have to worry about than fan base when there aren’t any fans, and you can get really creative without making any fans sour.

    • Welcome to the Zen Studios community, thanks for supporting us!

      We just had to do Moon Knight! It’s great to hear that your son is enjoying that table so much. What do you think of the cut scenes and storytelling in game? We could take this a step further, as it helps bring more of a story to the character. In the case of Moon Knight, it really helps, as he is a more obscure character in the universe.

  • Also, I want a Dr. Strange table so bad you don’t even know. Dr. Strange would probably make a horrible movie, and as the title character in a comic he doesn’t work very well either. Mostly because what makes him interesting is that he’s mysterious. You lose that when we become to familiar with him. But as a table he would rock. You would naturally be able to keep the mystery around him. And in that setting, anything about him you reveal will just add to the mystery. It’s perfect. Dr. Strange would be the greatest table.

    I am also excited about the Hulk. Just like the Blade table transforms from Day to Night, I really hope the Hulk table uses a similar mechanic. Starts as a Bruce Banner table, with Banner quests, but eventually too many bumpers, failed ramps, or whatever, and the table turns Hulk, with Hulk quests.

    • Great comments! We were definitely surprised Zen wanted to do a Moon Knight table, but as you imply here, I think they’ve created something that will actually get people interested in the character. (I know I personally learned a lot about him in the development process, myself.)

      Also great to hear the passion behind your plea for a Doctor Strange table. He’s definitely been discussed as an option. What would you expect out of a table about him? Any specific characters other than Strange and Dormammu?

  • Bought the Marvel 4 pack and the tables are awesome, definitely worth picking them up. I also have the same question a #50 tho. I grabbed the Epic Quest Table for Zen Pinball, as I’m always excited when a new table(s) come out, and get them day 1. But I went to start up Zen Pinball, and no trophies appear on my list locally, I compared trophies with a fellow player, and the Epic Quest trophies showed. Hopefully you’ll be able to answere whats going on with this, a possible fix to this issue, and/or an ETA to a possible fix. Thx so much.

    • Thank you for supporting Zen Studios! Epic Quest was a bit of a surprise, we are figuring out what to do at the moment. You are correct – Trophies are not currently supported. We will keep you posted as things happen.

  • @Chris Baker,

    So far it’s very hard for me to decide which table I like the best.

    Currently for Marvel Pinball tables I have: Blade, Captain America, Fantastic Four, Ghost Rider, Iron Man, Moon Knight, Spider Man, Thor, Wolverine, & X-Men.

    So far I’ve played each table at least one time.

  • Hi Zsolt and Chris, Sorry for the late response to your requests for feedback.

    Zsolt, you asked about the cut scenes. When we started, my son was actively telling me not to play the Moon Knight table. 15 seconds into playing it he couldn’t stop saying “this is cool, dad, this is so cool”. The cut scenes turned him around completely. I just asked him a couple hours ago which table is his favorite, he answered Moon Knight without any prompting. It’s clear that the cut scenes are a good idea.

    I like the cut scenes, too. The storytelling is great and does help set the mood, though some of it was a little too explanatory (I understand the reasons, but I think you want to pique my curiosity, not sate it). I would like to see you go further with it, just don’t beat me over the head with explanations. (I’d like story telling, not “my name is Peter Parker and I was bitten by a spider and now I can climb walls”)

  • Chris, you were asking what I expected from a Doctor Strange table. The more I think about what I want from it, the more I don’t know. Sorry. It’s like how my son responded to the Ghost Rider table. He doesn’t know anything about Ghost Rider, but he likes that table a lot. As long as it has a flaming skull guy on a motorcycle, he instantly knows it’s cool. I will instantly like a Doctor Strange table. If you give them the freedom to figure it out themselves, I’m sure Zen will not disappoint. Every table they make has been good. They’ve even taken characters I hate and have made fun tables out of them.

    A character like Moon Knight has a pro that as obscure, his table is free from fan expectations. But has a con of no name recognition. Whereas Someone like Spider-Man has high name recognition, but high and specific expectations. I think Doctor Strange has high recognition, but is free from expectations (everyone knows who he is, but no one knows anything about him). They could really hit it out of the park if you let them.

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