Marvel Pinball: Vengeance and Virtue Expansion Coming to PSN Today

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Marvel Pinball: Vengeance and Virtue Expansion Coming to PSN Today

Tables starring Ghost Rider, Moon Knight, Thor, and the X-Men will be available for Marvel Pinball in the brand-new Vengeance and Virtue table pack, coming to PlayStation Store later today for $9.99! Owning the original Marvel Pinball is required for the V&V expansion – but if you don’t already have that critically acclaimed four-pack, you can download it now for FREE for a limited time as a PlayStation Plus member (more on that at the end).

Let’s take a brief look at each of the tables in the Vengeance and Virtue pack so you can understand how we’ve captured these dynamic concepts and the personalities of each character.

Marvel Pinball: Vengeance and Virtue: Ghost Rider table

The Ghost Rider table captures the atmosphere and apocalyptic visuals from the comics of the past few years, inspired largely by his 2006 series as well as Jason Aaron’s 2009 “Heaven’s on Fire” storyline. The table is set up like a stunt show set from Hell, with Johnny Blaze front and center on his custom chopper and the Hellfire shotgun at his disposal. Lucifer is constantly taunting Ghost Rider, and he holds the key to several missions and modes within the table. Johnny Blaze must also fend off the Orb’s laser blasts, defeat swarms of crows sent by Scarecrow, defeat the fallen angel Zadkiel, and even make deals with the classic villain Mephisto. Needless to say, there is plenty of devilish action in this hellish carnival playfield!

Marvel Pinball: Vengeance and Virtue: Moon Knight Table

Let’s be honest, you are all sitting here asking yourself, “why Moon Knight”? Let me tell you why! The integral aspects of Moon Knights story – villains, weapons and the powers of the Egyptian Moon god Khonshu – translate into an amazing pinball experience. As Moon Knight, Marc Spector wields the power of Khonshu and operates as the Egyptian god’s vengeful avatar on Earth, fighting crime on the streets of New York City. One of the coolest things this one brings to the, uh, table is the addition of actual boss fights, complete with health bars. Moon Knight faces off against some of his most classic villains, including Bushman, Midnight, the Black Spectre and Morpheus. He even pilots the Moon Copter, and Marvel allowed us to create a brand new weapon for his arsenal – the Moon Crossbow, used in a special minigame.

Now that we’ve seen what the “Vengeance” half of this collection has to offer, let’s delve into its “Virtue”-themed characters…

Marvel Pinball: Vengeance and Virtue: Thor table

Thor is all about the glory of victory, and this table has no shortage of electrifying battles against some of Thor’s biggest enemies. Trigger these boss fights by activating the Gate of Asgard and then hitting the ball across the Rainbow Bridge. You can then select which boss fight to engage: Loki, Destroyer, Ymir or Surtur. The God of Thunder will unleash strikes of brilliant lighting and the powerful hammer Mjolnir as he defends Asgard and the Nine Realms. The table comes replete with nice added touches, including a ramp that circles Asgard and exits the ball through the mouth of the Midgard Serpent.

Marvel Pinball: Vengeance and Virtue: X-Men Table

The X-Men table embodies the classic conflict between Professor Charles Xavier’s band of Super Hero mutants against Magneto and his Brotherhood. Players must deploy the powers of Iceman, Wolverine, Jean Grey, Colossus, Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Psylocke and Storm as they take on such classic villains as Mystique, Juggernaut and the Blob, as well as mutant-hunting Sentinels. The table features missions inspired by actual comic events, such as Magneto’s destruction of the Brooklyn Bridge (NEW X-MEN #147) and a pinball version of the Dark Phoenix Saga that uses actual dialogue from classic issues of THE UNCANNY X-MEN (#135 and #136). There is even a confrontation with the Juggernaut in which Cyclops, Iceman, Colossus and Psylocke exemplify good teamwork as they attempt to stop the unstoppable.

Each of these tables is designed from scratch around their characters’ personality, traits, weapons and stories in place. We go through a very careful planning process to make sure each table really captures the essence of each character, and it’s great having the support of Marvel all throughout the process.

And now for more on that offer to PlayStation Plus members. Now through January 3, 2012, members can download the original Marvel Pinball pack featuring Spider-Man, Wolverine, Blade and Iron Man for FREE! The Captain America and Fantastic Four DLC tables will be 50% off, so you can pick them up for $1.49 each.

If you would like the latest information on Marvel Pinball and any of our other games, be sure to follow us on Twitter or Like us on Facebook. I will be here answering all of your questions, so fire away.

Oh, and happy holidays!

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24 Author Replies

  • Hey, this is Chris Baker from Marvel’s gaming team, and I’m proud to have worked closely with Zen on this and all Marvel Pinball projects. If you have any questions I can answer, I’ll do my best to…

  • Wooohooo! have i ever said how much i love being a P+ member? prolly alot, but damn ill say it again! i looooove it! And ill so check out this title! looks great and will hopefully have a blast with it tomorrow when Ps Store updates here in Sweden!

  • hi chris can’t wait to get this for free today lol

  • If you’re a plus member who gets the game for free, buys the DLC for $9.99, and then lets the plus subscription lapse, do you lose access to both the free game and the DLC that you’ve paid for?

  • I already have Marvel Pinball and the other additional tables. I’ll definitely be picking this table pack up tonight!

  • Hey guys Thanks for making this free for all us Plus members! will deff be getting it and the half off tables! Any more tables planned for this down the line or is this it?

  • Can these tables be bought individually? I really only want Ghost Rider. And what happened to the Hulk table that was apart of the voting?

    • The Vengeance and Virtue tables come as a pack, so no, you cannot buy them individually. Hulk…is out there somewhere :)

  • im interested in the x-men one a lot, but not really the others as much. will there be a way to buy them separately ?
    if there isnt i cant see myself wanting to spend ten bucks on one table. i will be picking up the captain america one for sure though. seems priced very reasonably

  • Anything for those of us who paid full price for the game, all the tables and are PSN+? A discount or sale maybe? Not that it will stop me from picking the new pack up if there isn’t, just curious?

    • Not at this time, sorry. But we really appreciate your support, hopefully you feel it is a good use of your money!

  • I’m a plus member, but I’ve gotten all the Marvel Pinball content so far on day one, so it being free now doesn’t do me any good. Would have liked some sort of discount on the new content, but oh well. I’ll still get it. I’m with the guy above me too, where is that Hulk table? I know you guys could hit that one out of the park. Unless he is just gonna be apart of some inevitable Avengers table…

  • Does anyone know what time we can expect to download these? Itching to play them…

  • Those tables look GREAT, and love that you guys are digging past the obvious, hitting folks like Moon Knight. I’m sure that the Squirrel Girl/Great Lakes Avengers table is coming soon.

    Ooooh, actually, an Annihilation-themed table would rock my socks =)

    • Moon Knight seems to be the favorite around the office, I think everyone is in for a great time with that table.

    • Yes, we were a little surprised when they asked to do Moon Knight, but it’s turned out great. It wouldn’t surprise me if it generated some new interest in the character. We also made it a point to give some back story on all the characters in the game so that you’re not totally lost if you’re not familiar with the character and his rogues gallery.

  • You think you can team up with Capcom and make Marvel vs Capcom 3 table?

    • It gets really complicated when three companies get involved in one project, but you can never totally rule anything out. What would you expect out of an MvC table?

  • Guess I’ll have to give it a look courtesy of PS+.

    I just wasn’t that big of a fan having to play across two separate games to play all of the pinball tables I own, so I stuck with Zen Pinball.

    Anyways, those new Marvel tables are looking quite jam packed, so I’ll have to grab that pack also while I’m at it. I was quite a fan of Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 & Paranormal tables from Zen, so anything large and busy is great.

  • Does the free copy for being a PS+ member carry over to the PS Vita? or would I have to buy a brand new copy?

  • Looks cool! My playstation plus just expired (Member since day 1) so i will renew it just for this! :D

  • Does it have online mode? Chat? thanks!

    • Definitely has online, and the leaderboards are some of the best in the business. The more friends you have playing the game, the more rewarding the whole experience is. I’m actually not sure about chat, though.

    • There is both voice chat and video chat!

  • A Cable and Deadpool table would be great and a instant sale to me.I imagine it would be tough to show their love/hate/insane wisecracking though.Please keep up the great work.

    • I’m just waiting to see how they greet each other once they meet again after Cable coming back from the dead… :-)

  • “Owning the original Marvel Pinball is required for the V&V expansion ”

    Ouch, that’s kind of rough. I doubt there is a major portion of the community only interested in this set of tables, but for some people (no PS+) this now becomes a $20 investment.

    Doesn’t affect me though. Looking forward to checking out F4 and Captain America tables after the update tonight.

    • Speaking about community, there is quite an awesome community inside of the game! One of the coolest features in Marvel Pinball is the ability to challenge and beat friends scores, and then send them a message once you have done so. You can also build your Hero Score, which is an aggregate ranking of all your combined scores, and a Team Force, which ranks you with all of your friends.

      I think you will get hooked once you check out Fantastic Four and Captain America!

  • getting these tables free with plus is awesome. never regret getting the service.

  • Very excited to get these! I’m PS Plus and own all the tables, but it’s all good. The Zen pinball games are something I’m proud to support so they keep making killer tables!

  • Great, looking forward to these new tables, Marvel Pinball is fantastic! :D

    Zsolt, Chris, is there any chance to see a Dr. Strange table in a near future? Perhaps it’s not one of the most popular characters in the Marvel Universe but I’m sure it would be very interesting to develop a table based in it’s own microverse.

    Also, good news like this should have a blogpost in the EU Playstation Blog too, none should miss it :P

  • Don’t have the game yet, but will be buying the add-ons once I download the game through Plus.

  • I’m a massive fan of both Zen & Marvel Pinball.. great job guys! Is this coming to Europe tomorrow?? How about an Age of the Apocalypse table?? or a Howard the Duck table???

    • This will be out in Europe tomorrow. There is a really funny, ongoing conversation on our Facebook page about Howard the Duck…

  • I’m a proud supporter of the Zen tables. I own all 11 for Zen Pinball, and I’ll be completing my Marvel Pinball collection when this hits the store later today!

  • This is my first comment regarding any game i play, but you all desrve it for this. I have always been a fan of Zen, and everything they make. As an old school head, I played pinball before video games even existed, and to know after all these years, Zen has perfected the genre, with much room to grow, it will be my pleasure to download these, and to be able to ball out to my own music, really makes me feel like I’m in the pool hall, right next to the jukebox. Kudos, to you all for giving me some nostalgia, with that modern day spin. Keep it coming, now a Hulk, would definitely complete the Marvel collection.

  • I never comment on blog posts…. but I’ll make an exception here. Zen Pinball & Marvel Pinball are awesome. I own every table, and always buy new releases on day one.

  • Wow ! Thanks very much.

    I love this game and all the DLC.

    PSN + has been great since the start, worth every penny !

  • I just got 1 month free of playstation plus
    who else has??

  • I’ve been a PS+ member since day ONE! The program has delivered a very special gaming experience to me, my family and all my friends (RL n PSN! Woot! :D) This X-Mas season has been no different! I can’t wait to check this game out!

  • Been waiting for the Marvel Pinball Vegeance and Virtue tables, glad they are finally here! I bought Marvel Pinball on day one, and the Fantastic Four and Captain America tables day one as well, and always want more tables! Glad to hear there are even more tables on the way.

    • We are so lucky to be working on a game we love, with a partner like Marvel no less. It has been such an amazing experience. Thank you for supporting us!

  • Yes! Been hoping this would cone to PS+ since the game was first announced. As a gamer of over 25 years, it pains me to admit that I suck at pinball. Shooters? No problem. Puzzle games? Love them. Adventure/RPGs? Win! Music games? I play on Hard/Expert. Hell, the first (and only) time I tried DDR I got an A rating.

    But for some reason, you put me in front of a pinball table you’re going to see a LOT of game over screens. It’s like my brain slips into a vegetative state (more-so than normal) and I think a little bit of cerebral fluid ran down from my nose once. It’s the ONLY reason I haven’t shelled out the money directly, because the Spider-Man table alone should have been a day1 buy for me.

    None-the-less, they’re still fun as hell and I’m sure the Marvel theme will make me like this even more. I set it to download before heading out for work just now. When I get home in the morning, look for some new low scores from me!

    I see others making suggestions for future boards, thought I’d throw mine out there. Since I haven’t played yet, I’m not sure what all characters make appearances in the various boards, but I’d love to see a board based on the Maximum Carnage storyline. Carnage was my favorite. :-)

    • I think “I suck at pinball” is one of the most common comments I hear, actually. Maybe when you put your scores up against others’, you’ll see you only mostly suck and don’t totally suck? (Then again, you will CRINGE at the high scores at the top).

      Oh, and thanks for the Maximum Carnage idea. The game made me a bigger Spidey fan than I already was back in the day. We definitely love the idea of events, that’s all I’ll say…

  • I just started playing this and I’ll probably pick up the 2 discounted tables too! I kinda like it! Would love it if there was a Deadpool table, maybe with Taskmaster? He’s like, my favorite superhero out of the Marvel bunch. I kinda want to pick up that new table bundle, would’ve been nice if they were separate. It’s a fun little game and a good way to pass time. I’m seriously considering buying that table bundle though. But I have to save $5 for next week =(
    Soon I’ll get it!

    • If you have a lot of friends with the tables, you’ll be surprised just how long you end up playing, trying to top each others’ scores. Well worth the 10 bucks, for sure!

  • i am a huge fan of Moon Knight and ghost rider i am very pleased to see a table of them

    • We were surprised Zen wanted to go as obscure as Moon Knight, but we think the execution of the table proves not only their talent, but also just how cool the character is to people who might not know any better.

  • Regarding the Dr Strange table, thanks for the answer, guys. Just knowing it has been discussed is reason enough to be happy about it. Fingers crossed! ;)

    And as far as events refer, I can almost see The Infinity Gauntlet table with coloured multiballs as if they were the gems themselves :P

  • Hi, I’m a great fan of pinball and I wanted to buy Zen Pinball, so I was wondering about you guys making a bundle including the game and all DLCs or at least all DLCs for a special price.
    I’m downloading Marvel Pinball right now and going to get the tables too

  • I don’t use the mobile version of the blog because I feel like the scope is narrowed to the most recent subject and the comments are hidden. Now this popup obscures half of my phone’s screen every time it pops up…. How am I supposed to get my blog fix at work?

  • Hey, how about a Powerman and Iron Fist table? That would make for a pretty Sweet Christmas:)

  • Loving the fact that it’s now free for + members:D Def picking this up and the discount tables

    suggestions for more tables would be:
    1. Doctor Doom table!!!!!!
    2 Doctor Strange table
    3. Punisher table (or even a frankencastle table!)
    4. Annihilation table
    5. Infinity Gauntlet table
    6. Eternals table
    7. Destroyer table

  • Also: was there already an answer to this question asked earlier in the posts?

    —-If you’re a plus member who gets the game for free, buys the DLC for $9.99, and then lets the plus subscription lapse, do you lose access to both the free game and the DLC that you’ve paid for?—–

    • We are looking for this answer, but I think it would follow normal PS Plus rules. If you decide to cancel your Plus membership, any content associated with that would disappear, so you would need to buy Marvel Pinball to access any DLC. Still trying to confirm for you.

  • Wow, thanks so much for letting PS+ have the base game for free. This has compelled me to purchase the new V&V pack, and as soon as I can get some more funds in my wallet, I’ll be snapping up the two discounted tables as well.
    As someone else just asked, it would be really awesome if we could get some kind of bundle or + discount on Zen Pinball, as I’ve really started getting into pinball lately, and it’d be nice to be able to grab your original game and all the extra tables in one pack for a nice price. Thanks!

    • Thanks! We did a Plus promotion on Zen Pinball some time ago, looks like you might have missed it. We’ll see what the future brings.

  • Hello Zsolt,

    I’ve already bought the Marvel/Zen Pinball bundle, and I love them, especially the Marvel Pinball, so I’m sure, I will buy the additional tables! One of the best PSN game, and my girlfriend loves too :D

    P.S.: üdv nektek és sok sikert a kiegészítőhöz ;)

  • I cant wait to go home today and buy this DLC pack. Any news on what happened to the epic quest table? For some reason it wasn’t in the store?

    • The Epic Quest release was a bit of a surprise! We are figuring out what to do with it because right now there is no trophy support and we need to update the game. I would say hold off for now unless you REALLY want to play it.

  • I agree with the bundle question. I’m kicking myself for not buying the Marvel Pinball / Zen Pinball bundle when it was available (I didn’t know specials only lasted a week). If they bundled the FF and Captain America tables, or bundled the Zen Pinball again, I’d happily drop ten bucks on it. I want a copy that will be mine whether I do PS+ or not. PS+ just doesn’t grab me.

  • I’m loving the Vengeance & Virtue bundle especially since I just picked up Marvel Pinball earlier this morning.

    Am loving that the Captain America & Fantastic Four tables are $1.50 a piece

    The price of $9.99 for four tables is a good price as you’re basically paying $2.50 a table for a savings of $0.49 a table.

  • Great Tables !!!

  • Tables wanted: Hulk, Onslaught and Man-Thing

  • New tables look great! Can’t wait to play, especially Thor!!

  • Zen what happened to the Epic Quest table i was able to pick it up today but I just unlocked a trophy in the game and nothing unlocked?????

    • The Epic Quest release was a bit of a surprise. Trophies are not supported at this time, but we will issue a patch and relaunch the table correctly. We will post more information when things get sorted out.

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