Naughty Dog Reveals The Last of Us at 2011 VGAs

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Naughty Dog Reveals The Last of Us at 2011 VGAs

The Last of Us for PS3

Videos have been flying around all week about a new PS3 exclusive called The Last of Us. It was revealed at this year’s VGAs and we’re very excited to confirm that The Last of Us is developed by Naughty Dog Inc, the creators behind the UNCHARTED, Jak and Daxter, and Crash Bandicoot series. Neil Druckmann, Creative director and Bruce Straley, Game Director chime in below to divulge what The Last of Us is all about.

The Last of Us is a genre-defining experience that blends survival and action elements to tell a character driven tale about a modern plague decimating mankind. Nature encroaches upon civilization, forcing remaining survivors to kill for food, weapons and whatever they can find. Joel, a ruthless survivor, and Ellie, a brave young teenage girl who is wise beyond her years, must work together to survive their journey across what remains of the United States.

Naughty Dog Reveals The Last of Us at 2011 VGAs

We hope this teaser trailer has whet your appetite. We’re excited we can finally begin to peel back the curtain on The Last of Us and discuss how we’ve been working as a two team studio. For further information about The Last of Us, the PlayStation.Blog will be the first place to hear about this exciting new title from some of the industry’s most talented game designers.

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  • Can I give you my money now?

  • Well, coming from naughty dog, what can be expected if not a great work of art ? This will surely be a great game, loved the premise, also survival and apocalyptic themes. This makes me think of a new Fallout, would be great to see a new one with Skryrim’s engine. Congratulations for all the good work Naughty Dog, I played Jak and Daxter on the ps2, an they are really important games for me, on the present time, you give us Uncharted, what will be on the future ?

  • Wants to play this right now. The narrative sounds excellent. Who’s the director for this? That’s what really got my attention.

  • this game alone killed the hype of all games at VGA . infact this looks so much better than anything on consoles that it can be termed as a PS4 game

  • nvm, pays to read lol

    But who’s the writer? And is that Ellen Page? Also, is the father-figure inspired by the new Sam Fisher?

  • washimul you are a terrible troll. Trolling Valve seriously? Half Life 2 Episode 2 had a great story and characters, they just haven’t done a project like that in a while.

  • ND this looks amazing!I hope it turns out to be a awesome game.
    Although you didn’t announce uncharted 4 yet.Don’t make uncharted 4 till PS4 is out.

  • this game looks AMAZING, I WANT IT NOW!!!!!!!

  • Hey look its Juno 2!

  • @LandmineSalesman
    half life 2 was garbage just like any other VALVE game.overrrated and crap.if you are that big of a fan then go post on VALVE’s forums though . they need you since PORTAL 2 mega bombed in sales and was overrrated as well. Dont compare a mediocre overrrated developer like VALVE who are dead like JOHN CARMACK to ND. Talk to me
    when VALVE produces something like UC2/UC3. you are like CLIFFY B …whose game gears 3 doesnt even come close to UC1 and challenged everyone that it would look better than UC2

  • I was convinced that it wasnt an ND game, /just because you guys seem to be so busy. How the hell did you find time for any of this?

    A game by Naughty Dog is an instant buy for me, Especially now. This looks awesome.

    The lot of you are amazing, Thankyou for creating these wonderful worlds for us.

  • @KEVIN
    i agree ..UC4 should be saved for PS4. imagine the graphics of UC4
    i am sure SONY would make PS4 the most powerful console as well. It will pay out at the end
    just because of BLU RAY SONY incurred some losses at the beginning but with PS4 media wont be a problem. I am sure SONY would stick with their moto of having the most powerful console

  • @29 LMAO Platformers are out of popularity? That’s why Mario has sold terribly. oh wait it hasn’t. Not to mention uncharted is also technically part platformer.
    @36 LOL Sorry but you completely missed my point. It’s a stale genre just like fps games, (also why i never got into resistance and still prefer R&C). Of course it will be a fantastic game; it’s Naughty Dog! However, if we keep getting games in overcrowded and often times stale genres even kings and queens of game development like Naughty Dog, we’ll start to loose sight of innovation in gaming, leaving only indie developers to make games that go for innovations in gaming rather than “just another _____ game”. That’s why I am still hoping for a Jak 4 or a game in a less crowded genre than survival horror or shooter.
    Also to everybody hating on valve, at the very least play the games before you ignorantly hate on what you don’t understand.

  • washimul needs to banned for a while for excessive trolling

  • So Naughty Dog is working on a sequel to Dead Island? Color me unimpressed for the time being. At least the DI intro trailer was something fresh and exciting and not the same rehashed stuff that’s been done to death over the years. For a major announcement, I was expecting something more.

  • Nuurgle: uh we don’t even know anything about this game yet. Dead Island was made by a mediocre developer, Naughty Dog on the other hand is a good developer….

  • @landmine
    go back to your VALVE /XBOX forum rather ..see if there anything to discuss..oh wait no games sorry

    RE5 despite being OK sold 6m copies. imagine the sales had it been good. L4D — ps1 looking game with pew pew characters sold 2m copies i guess would you still call that stale genre?

    Tomb raider ‘s iteration made the genre stale too until UC showed up and overhauled the genre. Trust me
    it will be the same for LOU and the survival horror genre. the sequence in UC1 with those undead at the end really felt great …ND are famous for those adrenaline inducing moments . i am sure it will be awesome

  • @65 agreed.

  • @TomHoang I was totally thinking that as I was watching the VGAs. Her demeanor is very akin to Ellen Page’s. I wonder who the voice actress is playing her.

    I know some people are hoping it’s the same chick from the UC series, Emily Rose (IE Elena Fisher’s voice), but personally I don’t like it when a it’s blatantly obvious that it’s the same person playing two different characters (that’s the sign of a bad actor); especially when they’ve played a character as prevalent and distinct as Elena Fisher. Anyhow, Ellie sounds nothing like Emily Rose so if she’s that good then bravo, but I don’t think it’s her because she’s got a very adult sounding voice that’d make it very difficult to masquerade as a child; the pitch just doesn’t sound like her.

  • so it out now

  • @68 I’m referring to how overdone the genre has been lately. Just like the overflooding of FPS games into the market, Survival horror has been done and it’s time for something that hasn’t been flooding the gaming industry. An open world action platformer like Jak 4 would be awesome right now, and judging from the success of sly remastered on ps3 action platformers still have a very large niche audience with playstation fans especially, which shows that if they make it, it will sell. The jak collection will most likely prove this all the more. Also As the comment rules say, “OPEN TO EVERYONE, BUT DON’T BE A JERK.” Landmine is right that you’re being too aggressive towards him, especially when you have no real reason to be.

  • Naughty Dog!?! Totally unexpected!
    Also, Ellen Page meets I Am Legend? haha


  • I can’t wait for this I am so excited! :D

  • I predict E3 12 is going to be gameplay and a potential release date or just more information (more characters, story etc..) imo ND’s first M rated game?

  • Look awesome, for the view i think it may be like resident evil 4 but instead of a crybaby blonde girl should be a trusty ready to fight sidekick and the most important thing is that is Ellen Page XD, as expected of Naughty Dog.

  • Looks exciting! Naughty Dog has never let me down, and I don’t expect them to on this game either.

  • Looks amazing. Can’t wait.

  • I simply cannot wait to see this game come into fruition. This kind of game is exactly what i would want to see come out of Naughty Dog. I know that if anyone can reinvent the survival genre, it’s them.

  • It is awesome that you guys are making a new IP.

    How long have you been developing it for?
    Is it the same team as Uncharted?
    Will voice actors also act their scenes like Uncharted?
    How do you do it to outperform yourselves every time?
    Is the game planned for 2012?

  • @70 *facepalm*
    60 bucks just went out of my wallet.

  • this is NOT!! a zombies Game.

  • I hope the gameplay isn’t like Uncharted. I’m tired of the shooting. PlayStation LifeStyle’s false prediction sounded more interesting. I really hope this isn’t another ‘zombies’-type game. If it is, then devs seem to lack ideas and imagination.
    If the gameplay is different, then I love Naughty Dog!!!!!!
    The human-like thing with the mutated head made me think of zombies. It being developed by Naughty Dog made me think of another third-person shooting game like Uncharted, even though they created some different games in the past.

    I hope there is a gameplay trailer soon. I’m getting nervous that it would be an action adventure rather than a realistic-survival. If this is another shooter, then I’ll just go make my own games.

  • Is it just me or is anyone getting a I AM LEGEND feel off this trailer. But on another note nice suprise Naughty Dog. Uncharted 3 hasn’t been out for 2 months and you guys pull this out. I can’t wait to see more about this, maybe you will have a playable demo by E3 next year?

  • It’s unbelievable how you kept a second team completely secret. There weren’t even rumors about you hiring a lot of new team members.

    Mindblowing. What a secret. And what a surprise.

    And the game looks amazing. A serious ‘zombie’ game.

  • I will hold off on getting excited until I see gameplay footage as Dead Island had a fantastic trailer too.

  • People really need some original ideas. This legitimately looks like a sequel to Dead Island.
    The cinematography in the cutscenes, the zombies, the end of life as we know it, etc, etc.

    I’ll play it if I borrow it from a friend, but it won’t be getting my money.

  • cant waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaittt

  • looks like the chick from juno

  • I am so happy that ND is making a new ip! This game kinda reminds me of I Am Legend.

  • It does remind me a bit of I am Legend but those creature running around didn’t seem like zombies to me. Especially when they show a close-up around 1:52.

  • I almost cried at this trailer (I did jump off the sofa and scream, “YES! F*** YES!” at the C&C:G2 trailer) I am excited, I felt a connection with the girl, (I can relate…) I am hoping this will be a ground-breaking game, one that finally makes the zombie game no one has. (Just grunts, no special BS, barricades maybe, ect. and yes, excited for Fortnight)

  • just look at some of the comments from some trolls. MS …rather than paying some money to trolls to post crap on PS board at least try to revive your dead oven box 360 in all parts of the world sans USA/UK since PS3 will likely overtake x360 by the end of this year in terms of ww sales.

    The game looks a generation ahead of anything on other consoles. It even looks miless better than best looking console games like UC3/KZ3/GOW3 . The gameplay will be phenomenal i can tell

    easy GOTY 2012

    yep they were not zombies..more like those creatures from I am legend..but it will be phenomenal i can tell

  • cant wait! to get it!

  • Great trailer, ND!

    I was wondering why Uncharted 2’s game director was in none of the Uncharted 3 interviews/previews. I guess this was why!

  • The girl from The Last of Us looks a lot like Ellen Page? Is it purely coincidence that her name is Elly. Naughty Dog has a history of choosing names close to the likeness of their voice actors.

  • Looks pretty cool. I see something pretty freaky coming our way :)

  • HOLY CRAP!!! I Want it now. Can I have it now????????? Please, I’ll beg if you want me to.

  • awesome ..naughty dog is the best

  • Looking Epic

  • for the love of god I LOVE PLAYSTATION!!!!!

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