Resistance 3 Gets Co-op Brutality Pack, Mastodon Today

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Resistance 3 Gets Co-op Brutality Pack, Mastodon Today

On behalf of everyone at Insomniac Games and Sony I’m very excited to announce Resistance 3’s Brutality Pack, available today for download from the PlayStation Store! This new DLC, priced at $3.99, features a vicious survival mode where you face off against an army of ravenous Grims as they try to take you and your friends down. And yup, it’s co-op – both online and offline. Plus, you get a special Mick Cutler skin AND the sledgehammer unlocked for all of the game’s modes, as well as a special Warden Static PS3 Theme.

But what has me most stoked personally is that the Brutality Pack fittingly features the music of the incomparable, Grammy nominated, Mastodon. We’re featuring seven tracks, including three songs from their just-released album The Hunter, two instrumental versions of Blood Mountain tracks and two special bonus songs from the deluxe version of The Hunter. Check out the brand new trailer that we’re releasing today to see the new gameplay mode in action set to one of Mastodon’s latest singles, “Spectrelight”.

Resistance 3 Brutality Pack for PS3Resistance 3 Brutality Pack for PS3

I have to admit that I’ve been a longtime Mastodon fan. But it wasn’t until I saw them open for Queens of the Stone Age that I became a true uberfan. These guys are masters of their craft and when you see them play live its mind blowing. They bring raw intensity and incredible energy to everything they do. Their chugging roar is a perfect fit for Resistance and especially for the Brutality Pack where it’s you, a sledgehammer and some very, very hungry Chimera. To learn more about Mastodon and their music you can check out their latest music video on YouTube or visit their official site at

Resistance 3 Brutality Pack for PS3

We’re sincerely honored that Mastodon is now a part of the Resistance universe. Prepare to get brutal!

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  • no trophies, no buy

  • This game was awesome and well worth my $60. Can’t believe you guys are complaining about lack of trophies when it’s $3.99! That’s really, really cheap. Yeah I would have preferred trophies but they really are a fruitless incentive.

  • Sweet, i love survival games such as from blackops zombies and MW3 survival mode and now we have resistance 3 survival mode, Pure Awesome!

  • Just want to say i love resistance and ratchet & clank series. I’m sure alot of hard work has been done to put out such a great game. I will get this dlc for sure. Keep up the good work!

  • The atmosphere of this game was awesome, the weapons too, the 3D is the best Ive seen but the game itself felt very childish I mean the gameplay was and the animations felt rushed or even missing. I hope we can have a more “complete” experience with Resistance 4 because its a great franchise but still have not beat the 1st one.

  • @ Destiny89

    Resistance 3 has been $39.99 or lower since Black Friday this year and still is right now on Amazon!!

    Do yourself and get it, it’s a great game! :)

  • Oh and Resistance 3 is my favorite so far. Fantastic single player experience.

  • You really have my attention now with this game, looking fw to buy it. This combo with Mastodon music just makes it one of the best dlc ever for me. You should keep trying with this kind of bands (another one would be Lamb of God ;) Well, at least I can dream, and also keep dreaming of the release of Brutal Legend 2 to come out…

    I don’t care what game it is, but with this kind of music, it’s a must buy for me _\m/ (0.0) \m/_

  • WOW I thought this would be $9.99. For only $3.99 this offer is a steal! Thanks Insomniac!

  • sorry i pass… didnt like the game …

  • good price but game sucks. only reason why its at this price is cause no one plays this sorry game that should have never came out… ill stick with my bf3

  • My theory is starting to happen. Nowadays, shooter games (aside from competitive matches) are starting to go towards unlimited replay value: wave-based games and horde based games and survival mode). I was not looking forward to Resistence 3 but if there is survival mode, I might reconsider it. Something that I won’t get rid of right away and keep for a couple years. :D

  • MW3 had survival mode which was rather interesting due to the fact the maps they used were the same from multiplayer and made it no good technically in competitive matches. For Xbox 360, Gears of War 3 (since GoW2 really) had Horde which added lots of maps and gameplay. Dead Island which was a 1st person horror survival RPG game HAD survival mode (aka Arena). I believe if games started putting in survival mode WITH a competitive mode, I think we can all agree on the game, no? I mean if you don’t like the one, take the other. A win/win ending. :D

  • reply to destiny89 they have resistance3 and killzone3 at bestbuy each 39.99$.

  • Oh and another thing, you guys IG/SONY should bring and Global Resistance back, i got some rewards that i can’t get because i need them to be sychronised to my PSN account…

  • Man oh man ignore the haters they might think they can’t enjoy other games cause they are a fan of another game. This game is great. The support you guys have giving this game is great. Since patching the online make it superb. Giving users a ton of skins, and tags, via dlc and Global Resistance gives Resistance 3 fans a chance to customize there look and presence online. Did I mention all the sweet DLC and now this. I must say I haven’t seen this much support for any Resistance game and I own them all. If anyone isn’t on this bus by now they are missing out on one hell of a ride.

  • epic, i will get this and infamous dlc at once.

  • 1of the best fps 2011 for me anerther is kz3

  • Anyone wanting to play this can add me

  • Will the XP earned in this count towards the overall Multiplayer XP?

  • This game already failed for a myriad of reasons most of which revolve around bad business descisons and the fact its just doesn’t live up to its predecessors. An addon for the very fans of the game is laudible but it won’t save the game from its failings.

  • I’m glad I dont care about trophies. Whatever happened to buying and playing stuff because it was fun?

  • I ment to ask if the Resistance 3 is offline co-op??

  • @thebgj, yes R3 has Offline Co-op

  • This looks really awesome, our prays have finally been answered!Survival Mode (Check),Unlock Sledgehammer for all of MP (Check), Co-op (Check). the only thing that kinda ruins it is that there are no Trophies and the Co-op only goes upto 2P.If there was upto 4-8P C-op itd be better aswell w/ Trophies.Still this DLC is a better buy then the Survival Pack DLC. I cant way to purchase this DLC!!!!

  • I got this game for 99.99$ with the move bundle. Can’t wait to play it. I’ll be picking up this add-on for sure!

  • Great game, to bad the multiplayer sucked and no co op like 2. would have been a bigger hit seeing part 2’s multiplayer rocked and can still find more lobbies in it then part 3. now just shields and electric guns with to much emphasis on lvl instead of skill. really hope the next one goes to what worked. I hate how all these fps games are going to these op weapons that kill so fast no time to react to anything. I see u first, bang u dead;Such Joy.

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