Resistance 3 Gets Co-op Brutality Pack, Mastodon Today

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Resistance 3 Gets Co-op Brutality Pack, Mastodon Today

On behalf of everyone at Insomniac Games and Sony I’m very excited to announce Resistance 3’s Brutality Pack, available today for download from the PlayStation Store! This new DLC, priced at $3.99, features a vicious survival mode where you face off against an army of ravenous Grims as they try to take you and your friends down. And yup, it’s co-op – both online and offline. Plus, you get a special Mick Cutler skin AND the sledgehammer unlocked for all of the game’s modes, as well as a special Warden Static PS3 Theme.

But what has me most stoked personally is that the Brutality Pack fittingly features the music of the incomparable, Grammy nominated, Mastodon. We’re featuring seven tracks, including three songs from their just-released album The Hunter, two instrumental versions of Blood Mountain tracks and two special bonus songs from the deluxe version of The Hunter. Check out the brand new trailer that we’re releasing today to see the new gameplay mode in action set to one of Mastodon’s latest singles, “Spectrelight”.

Resistance 3 Brutality Pack for PS3Resistance 3 Brutality Pack for PS3

I have to admit that I’ve been a longtime Mastodon fan. But it wasn’t until I saw them open for Queens of the Stone Age that I became a true uberfan. These guys are masters of their craft and when you see them play live its mind blowing. They bring raw intensity and incredible energy to everything they do. Their chugging roar is a perfect fit for Resistance and especially for the Brutality Pack where it’s you, a sledgehammer and some very, very hungry Chimera. To learn more about Mastodon and their music you can check out their latest music video on YouTube or visit their official site at

Resistance 3 Brutality Pack for PS3

We’re sincerely honored that Mastodon is now a part of the Resistance universe. Prepare to get brutal!

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  • Looks awesome. Great price too. Thanks Insomniac !

  • Oh man i really want this game so bad, waiting on a price drop sucks, cant pay $60 at this moment, if only games were released at $39.99 would be so good but looking forward to playing this game in the future. i love Resistance games

  • wait what!? sledgehammer for all modes? now that’s awesome. This mode seems cool…def gonna get this.

  • I sold this game 2 weeks ago after I bought day one online wasn’t working for me at all. Too bad they’ve decided to release co-op content at this time. Anyway good luck to you guys.

  • Does it have trophies? please don’t tell me you forget about them

  • Is there match making for co-op ?

    Can you play single player ?

  • im sure it’ll help w the upgrade all weapons trophy

  • Consider it bought.

  • @ Destiny

    I am soo glad that you wont pay full price….i know its not for the same reason as me but they should know better than to sell a game for 60 and months later be sold for 40 or if you are like me you wait a year and its sold for 20 or less if you get it used.

    does anyone know if this one is offline co-op story mode?

    im looking for a good 2 player 1st person shooter, you know where you have to have real friends not just fake online friends.

  • nope.. it doest add trophies. Not buying

  • Thank you to everybody at Insomniac for your hard work and dedication to making great games for the PlayStation faithful. I just picked up R3 and it is immediately noticeable that you guys took the time to fully polish this game up over the extra year of development. Congratulations on the best Resistance game yet, and I haven’t even got to the single player yet. Love this series and can’t wait to see it on the PSV next year.

  • @thebgi

    yea bro, offline co-op it does have. offline co-op ftw

  • looks fantastic!
    I’m getting it.

    Umm it would have been nice to have trophies based on weapon experimentation.
    nonetheless looks very fun.

  • Looks great.. to bad the game was a flop..

  • This…looks awesome. Great approach to DLC, featuring a band’s music!

  • I am buying this once I get home from work. Offline co-op so me and the wife can play. Now all I am asking for is a couple of online modes like there was in Resistance 2. I would gladly pay up to 20 bucks for that.

  • To Destinty89 and others : This game is being sold for Unf**gbelievable $36.99 on Grab while the price last. Already ordered 2 of ’em for my friends – so that we all can play online.
    Thank you IG for an EPIC game. Keep it coming Mr Ted.

  • I agree with comment 17.

    also, would it be too much to ask for trophies?
    the problem with R2 online trophies was that they were tedious and frustrating to get. (and I’m specifically talking about the 10000 online kill trophies) but the rest of them were fine and pretty fun to earn.
    Resistance is also about wepon experimentation and trophies based on that would be great!

  • Great addon, great price awesome music amazing job IG

  • Yes!!!!!!!!! am going to get it right now cant wait to play with my freind; Resistance 3 fan

  • Killer price, guys (especially for 7 Mastadon tracks)–I’m all over this, and will definitely be encouraging my friends to do the same.

  • I would have bought this game is the Move/SS support wasn’t such an obvious after thought. Locked DTS aiming? That completely defeats the purpose of the Sharpshooter. Modal turning is a big step in the right direction too.

  • so will cod4 ever be fixed for me? or was that just a waste of my money?

  • Not really original but still looks awesome. Only $4 amazing price too.

    Haven’t gotten the game yet, been looking for a good deal on ebay for awhile but I better look faster!!

  • sold it back after platinuming it. played online some, but was more into gears 3 MP, so i only played a match or three of R3 online.

    decent price, but i probably still wouldnt have bought it even if i still had the game.

  • Sold!!! 8)

  • I’m seriously baffled by trying to increase the play ability without trophy support. When in a competitive market.. do you think someone will buy this DLC over one with trophies? I would have bought this in a heart beat to work co op for earning satisfying trophies with friends…. if it had some to earn.

  • Oh, and everyone stating for a price drop. It’s fairly easy to find this game for $40. Buy it!

  • BTW, why static theme. I can make my own static theme. A dynamic theme would soooo persuade me more. Static theme + no trophies = not convincing me.

  • Trophies shouldn’t be barrier to playing a game. Trophies? Yeah they pop up on games when I play but I don’t play games to earn trophies.

  • @ VectorRaven. They aren’t a barrier, but they do provide much more incentive. If I have a choice between Uncharted 3 DLC with trophies and Resistance 3 trophies without the answer and choice is a no brainer.

  • QUESTION!!!!! In the article says that “when ur playing with your (FRIENDSSSSS)” does this mean its a 4 player co-op expirience??? if yes… [DELETED] YEA!!!!!!! From the back of my head i cant remember ANY ps3 game recently to bring Split Screen Co-op of 4 players…. HELL LAN PARTY its DEAD! only Borderlands gave the ps3 lan party! C,mon insomniac for next DLC give us a horde mode 4 players split screen if this is not! :P

  • This is so awesome, I love shooting the grims in the story this is going to be so much fun.

  • Trophies would probably show up by now if they where to add trophies. I’d definitely buy the DLC if it had trophies (would love a reason to play R3 again). Doesn’t mean I require everything to add trophies, but I have a bunch of other games I can play with trophies, so that’s why this is a pass for me. It was a nice decision to let people get the Platinum without online trophies, but no trophies in DLC is boring.

  • what a great game! but really bad marketing on it…. i got it and finished but never got into multiplayer since no one of my friends wanted to buy it, mostly because of the lack of publicity (and bad commercials)) in the media … i totally would get this DLC if i havent sold my game a month ago with the online code without being used

  • My brother got me the Doomsday Edition :) Too bad no one plays this game online anymore, everytime i go in Team Deathmatch it always throws me in an empty lobbie, so sad because R3 is my favorite sci-fi fps this year on PS3… I guess because everyone is on Battlefield 3 or Modern Warfare 3… You guys should have waited at least 2 months AFTER BF3 and MW3 to release Resistance 3. Just my opinion.

  • Is this DLC included for those who activated their season pass code? Game has been out for 3 months and the online community is pretty much dead.

  • might actually consider this game over the holidays.. i gotta apologize for what i said in the last post you guys made i think about how you guys didn’t opt for co-op in resistance 3 and how ND didn’t put it in uncharted 3.. i had no idea that it was in R3 till i checked my brothers list after i saw he had it

    if it wasn’t for you guys or ND we wouldn’t have ratchet & clank, uncharted, resistance or jak and daxter

    hats off to all you guys for all your digital masterpieces

  • why do they still bother with the choose your birth date things in online videos? their pretty much useless because anyone can put in a random date and still see it

  • I fried my PS3 over the weekend after 12 straight hours of gaming this masterpiece. Still waiting for my coffin to arrive from Sony but when it does…I’ll be on top of this!

  • So, if the online community is dying.. why don’t you guys just add on a bunch of online based trophies that aren’t required for the plat ( obviously ). Seriously guys?

  • And the pop up is seriously annoying.

  • I’m on my way to the store to get a 20 dollar PSN card. I’m sold.

    To be honest, I’ve played a lot of survival modes/ horde modes for video games. But Resistance 3 has the best engine and gameplay to compliment survival horde modes :)

    -My personal opinion from experience

  • for 4 bucks? wow im impressed

  • Awesome to see Insomniac still supporting this game.

  • So is this two player or is it more than two player?
    Split screen + online if its more than 2 player?

  • I’ve been waiting all day to play this ha, update the store already ova here. This is the biggest DLC day I’ve seen in a while and I like it

  • Only 2-player online co-op for the Brutality Pack? WHAT A TRAVESTY!!!!!!

    You should be ashamed of yourself for not making it 8-player online co-op like Resistance 2 had.

  • Why no trophies is beyond me?

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