More Eco: Naughty Dog Remembers 10 Years of Jak and Daxter

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More Eco: Naughty Dog Remembers 10 Years of Jak and Daxter

Jak and Daxter Collection for PS3

It’s hard to believe it’s been ten years since Jak and Daxter found their way onto PlayStation 2 and into the gaming world. We are delighted at the place the franchise has found amongst the gaming community and the mark it has left on the platformer genre in particular. Given that we’re so close to the 10th anniversary, looking back at some of the work that went into making those awesome games seems to be in order. It’s amazing to recall just how the development of the Jak and Daxter franchise has progressed and just how far we’ve come.

With each outing in the Jak and Daxter series, we set out to create a game that offered the player a new experience that built on the previous game. As you go from Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy to Jak 3, the story will connect across the titles as the gameplay and technical aspects of the games and the tools used to create them evolved. From being on foot in Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy to the hoverboard and morph gun in Jak II to the dune buggies in Jak 3, new gameplay ideas were always in play and being fleshed out and amped up. On the technical side, for instance, Jak 3 featured a new terrain renderer that included bump-mapping, which is now a commonplace element in rendering terrain. Cloth dynamics and rag-doll physics, also standard features in many modern games, were new developments by the time that Jak 3 was released in 2004.

Jak and Daxter Collection for PS3

All in all, the evolution of the franchise was a long, fun and winding road, and we are delighted to be able to share it with the current console generation. With the Jak and Daxter Collection, we’re bringing the first three installments of the original PS2 series to PS3 on one Blu-ray disc. Mass Media has been working closely with our team at Naughty Dog to remaster Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, Jak II and Jak 3 for the collection. Each title will now offer refined 720p High Definition visuals, smoother gameplay animation, full stereoscopic 3D functionality and trophy support.

Looking back at the old code and comparing it to this newly minted code is pretty amazing. Our beloved Jak and Daxter franchise and its colorful cast of characters looks, and still plays, truly awesome. The technology and the development work that went into making The Jak and Daxter Collection is remarkable. We’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts and stories once you get your hands on the collection.

Jak and Daxter Collection for PS3

For those of you who are longtime fans, get ready to experience the Jak and Daxter you love in a fresh new light. If you’re new to the franchise, be ready to get hungry for more eco.

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  • This is my favorite blog ever!

    I will gladly share my thoughts and stories.

    I still got ALL of these GOLDEN GEMS on my bookcase btw, will never sell them, as I stated earlier I preordered two copies of the collection. So why not sell the old ones so some happy dude or gal can enjoy them? I just can’t eventhough I’m getting two copies the originals mean so much to me.

  • So excited! :D This is still BY FAR my favorite video game series of all-time..

    ..But when will it be released and for how much?

  • There’s no way I am able to wait for this!

  • I’m getting this because i’ve never played the series…I hope they make Maximo too i always wanted to play that :D

  • I gotta say this game is great and i got Jak to Jak 3. I had lots of fun playing through the story and would love an expansion talking about the beginning of black eco or more stories of the universe. Naughty Dog one of the greatest developer’s ever.

  • FORGET THIS!!! BRING ON THE UNCHARTED KART RACER!!!!! lol (just kidding, i cant wait for the collection)

  • @54 maximo is awesome, you can download maximo: ghosts to glory on psn for ten bucks! be warned though its really hard

  • pls,pls tell it’s heading to the Vita as well
    I’m sure that it would become an instant hit ; )

  • Only the first Jak & Daxter is any good.

    The others crammed Jak into a ridiculous time travel, gun-toting mess, where Jak & Daxter was charming exploration and adventure.

    The shark was really jumped with those ridiculous Light and Dark eco superpowers. Such a great start and a miserable finish. You have no idea how badly I would have liked it if they’d just made the Jak 2 concept its own franchise instead of ruining what they started with Jak & Daxter.

    I mean, back when I cared.

    At least Ratchet & Clank had a cohesive vision of its world, gameplay and characters from the beginning.

  • Oh no, I missed my serial comma at the end. Nobody tell Oxford.

  • So @Eric Monacelli your not doing a jak4 and UC is being worked on by some other company for the psvita so your saying your new project is a new ip??because you are working on a project now, im a smart person, I know your not supposed to let the cat out of the bag on anything im just thinking a new ip for the end of the ps3 is highly unlikely… so I can’t really believe what you say one way or the other but IM STILL SO PSYCHED FOR THE COLLECTION THE SINGLE BEST FRANCHISE OF ALL TIM COMING TO PS3 I CAN’T WAIT!!!

  • Definitely one of the best series made.
    My fingers are crossed for Jak 4…

  • I had just thought about playing this series on my PS2 once I got my PS2 out but now it looks like I will pull out my PS3 instead and wait for this! I can’t wait!

  • wait i only have one question i dont have a 3D tv so can we still play it like we did in the old days or more rather can i play it with my regular HD TV if someone can answer ide be grateful

  • I still remember when i first played Jak and daxter. It was the first game i had for PS2, since the ps2 was new i didn’t have a memory card. Since my dad had no time to find one i decided to play a lot each and everyday. Even if i needed to start from scratch.
    Then one day i decided to rush the game. When i found out i needed the 100 artifacts at the end i decided to go back and get each and everyone. By the end of the day i opened the door. No regrets

  • I remember these coming out, especially TPL, standing in the shopping center in my town, playing this on the ps2 display model they had out side the store and I was blown away, The J+D trilogy are the only games that I have broken a controller on in EVERY game out of sheer frustration at how hard some parts were and I LOVED them because of it!

    Those screenshots look fantastic! I can’t wait to re-live the memories from the start all over again

  • I’ll buy ’em ASAP for sure! I love the Jak and Daxter series. :D

  • I never beat Jak 3, that one racing level near the end, just that one.

  • I WILL be Buying this the Day it’s released.
    Naughty Dog, I hope you hear the cries of J&D fans (lol), We all want a new Jak and Daxter game please!
    I hope you wont be doing an Uncharted Racing lol
    If you’ve run out of Ideas (Which I completely doubt), here’s one –

    “Yes…the dark eco PROBABLY killed them. Probably.” – Samos, 1st J&D.

    Also thanks a trillion times for this! You guys are the greatest!

  • It’s been 10 years and so many memories. I haven’t played Jax and Daxter for a very long time, but I saw the old commercials promoting the game. But I’m so excited that it will be in HD next year. Can’t Wait.

  • Man, this just makes me want dust of my fat ps2 and play all day long, thank you sony.

  • Yeah! I’ll buy it the 1st day!!

    When are you gonna make a Rachet & Clank Trilogy?? (1, 2, 3, Deadlocked)

  • While i am extremely excited for this because the jak and daxter series is my favorite i am greatly disappointed that only the first three games are getting a make over. i enjoyed daxter and had a lot of fun with jak x and i never got to play new frontier.

  • i thought high impact games bought the jak and daxter title from naughty dog

    and whats this bump mapping i hear about?

  • I’m definately getting the collection. Not even going to play Jak 2, though. The difficulty of that game ruined it for me.

  • I’ll never forget the day I first played jak one. Christmas morning got my first ps2 and a copie of jak and dexter remember going around the beach loved every single game even my da played them he REALLY liked them can’t wait to do it again in HD !. Also question in jak 3 there were some karts that you couldn’t use will you be able to use them in this version ?

  • you had to unlock them

  • And what about Jak X Comabt Racing?!
    is it gonna be in the HD Collection?!!! D8

  • Does this collection include the Jak and Daxter Trilogy movie. It would be awesome to also have it there maybe even as unlockable after completing all three games? :)

  • nostalgia & trophies!! BRING IT!!!!!

  • I believe a Jak and Dexter 4 will be coming next year, or an Uncharted 4. Either one will debut with the PS4, is possibility!

  • I swear to God, SONY. We better see SOCOM 1 and/ or 2 HD on the 10th anniversary of SOCOM. It’s got more votes on the share blog than ICO yet ICO got made first? GTHO.

    Since being taken over my SONY, Zipper has made crap games because of the people in charge. Give up SOCOM 1/2 HD and we’ll never ask for another SOCOM game as long as we live…we know you guys hate it anymore. You don’t care for the franchise, but we still do. If you did care for it, you wouldn’t have let it turn into the crap that it has become. That franchise did so much for the PS2 and making it a pioneer of online play. You people should be ashamed for not giving this the greenlight.

  • @ 82 That has nothing to do with Jak and Daxter, please go rage somewhere else. :P


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