Exclusive Best Buy PlayStation 3D Display Offer

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Exclusive Best Buy PlayStation 3D Display Offer

We hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving and are excited for what’s in store this holiday season. As you know, the PlayStation 3D Display officially launched last week and our friends at Best Buy are offering a new promotion to celebrate. While supplies last, customers who purchase a 3D Display will be able to purchase a PS3 for only $100. A fantastic offer for those wanting to experience 3D gaming and entertainment right out of the box.

Just in case you missed it on Sunday, the new promotion was announced in a new TV commercial that aired for the first time nationally during the Falcons/Viking football game and it features everyone’s favorite executive Kevin Butler.

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  • and as for the TV? uh.. yea right.

  • love the Butler commercials… but no 3d for me… can’t afford it.. took me forever to pay for the Sharp 52″ i have now… and thats where i play my PS3…
    still waiting for something along the lines of Destruction Derby 3….is anything like that ever gonna happen…?? and dont tell me about Twisted Metal… its not the same… guess i’ll have to keep waiting..(and that Mayhem game was atrocious..)

  • which ps3 160gb or 80gb?

  • @mazegilliam

    160 is pretty much the standard that they’re selling now, i’m pretty sure you can only even get the 80 through special order now.

  • That’s actually a really good deal O_O
    Does the metal case come with it?

  • Butler rules!

  • How many GB will the ps3 have in this bundle?

  • I Just Bought This Bundle Yesterday Night And The Quality Is Insanely Good I Have A 50 Inch LG 1080p HDTV And I Don’t Even Use It Anymore, That’s How Much I Love This 3D Display. I Have To Say To Me It Was Worth Every Penny And I Also Got A $99.00 PS3 =) You Cant Beat That. As For The Screens Size I Hear A Lot Of Complaints, But Sure I Was Skeptical At First But As Soon As I Set It Up, Since I Have It In My Home Office Next To My PC And LG HDTV I Have To Say The 3D Pops Out At You Anyways So To Me The Size Is Just Perfect. People Can Complain All They Want About The Size But You Have To Think About This, They Made It Affordable, They Made it With The Best Quality For Its Size, And They Specifically Said It Was Mostly For Dorm Rooms And For People Who Can Afford It. So If You Really Think You Can Find A Larger TV That Is Around The $499.99 Price I’m Sure The Quality And Reliability Would Not Be To Great So It Would Just Be A Loss In Your Wallet In The End. I Guess Every One Has They’re Own Opinion And I Would Recommend This To Everybody Who Would Want a 3D TV For PS3,360 And Movies.

  • @ ImprisonedTitan lol the Metal Case Does Not Come With The Bundle. It Makes It Look Pretty Sweet Though. Oh And Also It Does Not Come With A TV Remote That’s The Only Downside That I Have With The Display. But At Best Buy Where This Bundle Is At I Bought The Blu-Ray Remote Control (The Official Sony One Used For The PS3) For Only $14.99 And It Helps A lot Because It Already Has The 3D Button And Every Button Needed To Control The 3D Display and Also Your PS3 =) It Worth The Extra Chump Change For The Remote.

  • @ MazeGilliam The 160gb PS3

  • just wondering but has anybody tried this with a PSP yet

  • hey is dis offer sttill up?
    im looking on ebay but cant seem to get the price drop anymore as promised on the add

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