Exclusive Best Buy PlayStation 3D Display Offer

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Exclusive Best Buy PlayStation 3D Display Offer

We hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving and are excited for what’s in store this holiday season. As you know, the PlayStation 3D Display officially launched last week and our friends at Best Buy are offering a new promotion to celebrate. While supplies last, customers who purchase a 3D Display will be able to purchase a PS3 for only $100. A fantastic offer for those wanting to experience 3D gaming and entertainment right out of the box.

Just in case you missed it on Sunday, the new promotion was announced in a new TV commercial that aired for the first time nationally during the Falcons/Viking football game and it features everyone’s favorite executive Kevin Butler.

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  • Disappointing Update….Heath warning? since when you guys became my doctor? but nice tv i just wain till next year black fri to get it.

  • @LilRican… Agree

  • Love me some Butler! Although , me personally i cant really see 6 dudes huddled 2gether 6 feet away from a television that small, but hey to others it might b perfect (*those w money to wast…i mean burn).

    The monster truck was a nice surprise :-)

    Keep those Trophy Trials & Tribulation videos comin Kevin!

  • Good deal. But not a good deal if you have a PS3. I’m Still waiting on 3-D I don’t really think I’ve missed that much.

  • And here is the 3D… oh, wait, there is a new update. Please come back in 30 minutes.

  • damn great deal! Ugh there are times when I wish I waited to pick up my ps3 (phat 60gig) in order to get the kind of deals around the holidays.

  • Where is North America’s “12 deals of Christmas” or the Ubisoft 25th anniversary sale?

  • Thats a pritty nice deal if you’r getting the TV! 100 Dollars for a Ps3! I can see alot of new people joining us here in the Playstation family! Welcome!

  • Good deal if you want an overpriced 3D monitor/display. I like the commercial.

  • Took advantage of this on the first day it was available at BB. LOVE the TV. I’m using it as a second gaming setup for when my daughter is over and wants to play some of her games.

  • Does the suit care come with it? :D

  • I’ll keep my 32 inch 3D T.V. thank you very much!!… Oh and while I’m at it…. PlayStation Plus is failing with flying colors, If you really want to do something to show us you care about us, “GIVE IT AWAY OR GET RID OF IT ALL TOGETHER”….

  • Keep them coming:

    – The attitude
    – The cool commercials
    – The great games

  • Pretty awesome deal.

  • Stop trolling Jasper, I love Playstation Plus. Games, discounts and the auto updates all work great for me.
    Just because you want it for free doesn’t mean they should in your words: “GIVE IT AWAY OR GET RID OF IT ALL TOGETHER”

  • I’m just jealous that there PS3 and HDTV travel case is nicer then the one I built. I mounted a 19″ HDTV in mine and didn’t have the fancy lift platform that lifted up.

    People who want to complain about firmware updates or PS Plus should do so on the appropriate posts not ones that don’t have anything to do with those topics.

  • The most fun this will give is the commercial. face it its too small for anyplace but a small bedroom and overpriced. Having trolls like saintaqua defending it instead of anybody from sony openly answering questions just shows how little confidence there is in this poor performer. To be honest Sony should be promoting their product more than they have been most of this year but they should be doing it in an open honest manner and be producing stuff people actually want. Y’know the people who buy your products sony? remember us? those who pay your salaries.

  • Two things are still very apparant. firstly this tv is still too small for anything other than a tiny bedroom or an rv. Secondly I see sony staff are not replying openly but still hiding behind moronic trolls.

  • I’ve gotta say, this is seriously a missed opportunity. During all the “awesomes,” you probably should’ve mentioned something about the fact that it can PRODUCE TWO DIFFERENT 3D IMAGES AT THE SAME TIME FOR MULTIPLAYER!!

    Had I not known that beforehand, I would’ve said it was just a PlayStation-branded TV. And when given the choice between that and a 40-50″ LCD, I think your chances aren’t so great.

    Fix it. For the love of your or whoever’s God (ain’t mine), fix it! Don’t let this slip by at the most important time of year (commercially).

  • Pretty good deal for those needing a small 3D tv. I saw this commercial on G4TV. I simply can’t get enough of Kevin Butler.

  • Hey, anybody else notice that Tim Bender, Jack Tretton & the awesome Kevin Butler look like they could be brothers?

  • *faints*

  • i have the 3d display, i love it. this is a great deal for anyone wanting who doesnt have a ps3, or someone who wants another for their bedroom.

  • @jasper said the user that doesn’t have playstation plus. With that being said, I DO have a few issues with it; but the concept is GREAT.

    p.s. @Sony WERE IS MY $10!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This is stupid I ended up buying one last week with no offers at all and now this comes along? really…I could of gotten an extra PS3 for family or something ugh

  • Looks like a great bedroom retreat setup, I play on a 55′. I wonder how the screen will work with PS4… I think Ill stay tuned for the moment or but one from COSTCO

  • Won’t even consider this 3D type of Display unless you guys make a 30″, 40″ and 50″ version for not much more money like maybe 125-200$ more for each size up.

  • I feel 26 inches is waaaaayyyyyy too small especially for the new pitch of play with your friends and never play split screen again

  • I got mine from gamestop and preordered early enough to also get resistance with it; so while i would have loved this deal also, i still got a $60 game for no extra money with it, and i already have 2 ps3’s.

    But on the note of the tv itself, it’s perfect for two people, you don’t have to be on top of eachother to play/watch it, it has an effective viewing angle of 175 degrees.
    That’s a 2.5 degree blind spot on each side.
    So people should stop judging before they’ve seen how gorgeous that thing is.
    I have a 40″ 1080p Toshiba about 5 feet to the right of it, and i can honestly tell you that the smoothness of the motion and the crispy-spectacular-ness of that thing puts toshiba in its place! “That’s right Toshiba, Sit in the Corner and think about what you’ve done!” that’s what it says to its neighbor daily.
    And know what it says it with?
    Its phenomenal sound system. You hear that?
    That’s the beauty of an integrated subwoofer telling you to go Troll some other Blog @djspinal and @twindad.

  • @PirateHarlock… Why dont u move on to xbox already? All u do is TROLL on every post here… Dont like SONY? Den move the heck on u TROLL… SONY FTW….

  • sorry i pass. already have a ps3 and personally think this is too small to buy for a 3D tv… not to mention im buying a 56″ LED 3D Smart TV… ill pass. this would be good for kids, it can go on their xmas wish list…

  • I bought the 3D display from GameStop and got a copy of Uncharted 3 for free! Playing UC3 on this Display was the best thing that happened to me in 21 years of gaming experience.

  • Just imagine with a 3D TV you could actually see the “Read the manual health warning” coming at you. Craaazzzy.

  • Already picked up mine on launch day along with the PS3 UNCHARTED 3 bundle. Received UNCHARTED 3 & Resistance 3 as pre-order bonuses with the 3D Display from EB Games Canada and Batman Arkham City with the PS3 bundle. That was pretty sweet deal. Anyway I’m enjoying my 3D, it fits my small room just perfect.

  • how much for the suit case setup in the commercial ?

  • Definitely the best gaming deal for the holidays. The question is….will parents drop down $600 on a kid…haha

  • This is good.

    I saw the commercial of Kevin Butler before you released this article. Kevin Butler, YOU SIR IS AN EPIC ICON!

    Be awesome to be in a commercial with you. This deal is a steal. Said if you buy it they reduce a PS3 to I think $100. (I think)


  • this sounds like a good deal but my eyes are so bad that i don’t think i can do the 3d ! i was at best-buy and i could not see 3d on the display that they had for regular 3d TV ! any one have this problem ? or is it just me?

  • if i buy the 3d tv and then get the ps3 for a $100….can i return the tv after and keep the ps3 for 100 bucks?

  • @ 40 ..lol !! I don’t think that will happen!!! you think like i do !!! the hell with the 3d tv!!!

  • Hmm, I think it would make my migraines worse if I were to stare at a 3D TV too long. I already have a PS3..wouldn’t mind getting another for just $100 tho. xD

  • I would LOVE to have one of those cases for my display and ps3.

    if i could i would change that the hydrolics be replace with batterys for the display and ps3 and that the case hold more controllers and less glasses. 4 and 4 to be exzact. and a way to just have a single cord you can pull out of the case to run off a wall insted of batterys.

    or ill even take the case as is (empty) and just open and play XD i do like the ad and i love my new ps display.

  • Will we see this offer extended to Best Buy and Future Shop stores in Canada?

  • does the display come in life size?

  • nope only doll size

  • Anything Kevin does can only be called epic i laughed like a girl the other years e3, especially when the guys come on from twisted metal and they said he introduced himself as “VP of sharpening things”. This is why i like sony, humor, good games and products.

  • Seeing as anyone can get a 3D HDTV that is twice the size for the same price, this deal stinks.

  • Frankly,I have become accustomed to the lack luster updates as of late.. way to go Sony …again -_-

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