Let’s Get This Corpse Party Started!

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Let’s Get This Corpse Party Started!
Let’s Get This Corpse Party Started!

Halloween may be over, but if you’ve ever wondered what Thanksgiving might be like from the turkey’s point of view, Corpse Party’s totally got your back!

Releasing for the PSP later today as a PlayStation Store exclusive download (at a mere $19.99), Corpse Party immerses you within the creepy confines of a dangerously haunted, completely inescapable school building as you struggle in vain to rescue your friends from the clammy grasp of death and find a way back home before suffering a complete descent into insanity (or worse!).

So after you’ve feasted upon the supple flesh of the holiday bird this week, let the tryptophan lull you into a false sense of comfort, dim the lights and get ready to have some serious nightmares. This party’s just getting started – and it ain’t messin’ around!

Corpse Party for PS3Corpse Party for PS3

For more information on Corpse Party’s gameplay, please direct your attention to this previous PlayStation.Blog entry; or, if you’d prefer to learn a bit more about what makes it such a frightening experience, direct your attention here instead. There’s also an official website for the game, wherein you can learn specific details about its story, characters and history as an independently-developed Japanese PC title.

You think you’re thankful this Thursday? Wait till you play Corpse Party! It may give you a whole new appreciation of what it means to be alive…

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  • Will this be coming to europe any time soon?

  • I wish it was on a UMD for the PSP….. it would of been nice to have , but i am still going to buy it anyways.


  • I really wish I could just play the game on the PS3, since I don’t have a PSP… I really, really want the game, too…

  • I have to say I am loving this game

    Reviews keep saying it looks like a 16 bit RPG. I’ve never seen a 16 bit RPG look this good. I have seen PS1 games look this good though. Its a beautiful 2d game, with large character art in conversations

    Gameplay wise, its as if someone combined a survival/horror game with a point and click adventure game, and used a top down RPG graphics engine. The problem is, p&c games have the worst puzzles. It tells you to read every note to survive, but reading the wrong one will kill you. There are puzzles that involve you clicking something x times, things you wouldn’t do without a walkthrough. That’s my main complaint, its gamefaqs or die. There are one hit kills enemies which trigger a five minute unskippable death scene. Restarting my psp takes less time

  • The music is awesome. I’m not good at reviewing music, but there’s very few games with a soundtrack that I remember. It teases you with some 16bit sounding tracks which quickly morph into modern deadspacian horror. It really helps set the mood.

    Story wise, the game has been called a virtual novel. Its got a lot of story, and all of it is voiced. Japanese only, which I prefer. The seiyuus are even recognisable to me, some are from railgun/index. The voices go a long way in helping you get attached to the characters. You just can’t show fear and despare in text like you can hearing their voice, their screams. Which is very important cause this is a different kind of horror game. Its not like resident evil or dead space where the game is made to scare you, the player. Its made to threaten the characters, and scare you by worrying about them. I was telling a friend about it and he said “well what if you don’t care?” Well if you’re not as empathetic towards them then the affect is diminished. It only takes minutes of playing for me to fear for their eternal souls.

    Also, why didn’t it use the analog nub? A map would have been helpful too

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