Let’s Get This Corpse Party Started!

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Let’s Get This Corpse Party Started!
Let’s Get This Corpse Party Started!

Halloween may be over, but if you’ve ever wondered what Thanksgiving might be like from the turkey’s point of view, Corpse Party’s totally got your back!

Releasing for the PSP later today as a PlayStation Store exclusive download (at a mere $19.99), Corpse Party immerses you within the creepy confines of a dangerously haunted, completely inescapable school building as you struggle in vain to rescue your friends from the clammy grasp of death and find a way back home before suffering a complete descent into insanity (or worse!).

So after you’ve feasted upon the supple flesh of the holiday bird this week, let the tryptophan lull you into a false sense of comfort, dim the lights and get ready to have some serious nightmares. This party’s just getting started – and it ain’t messin’ around!

Corpse Party for PS3Corpse Party for PS3

For more information on Corpse Party’s gameplay, please direct your attention to this previous PlayStation.Blog entry; or, if you’d prefer to learn a bit more about what makes it such a frightening experience, direct your attention here instead. There’s also an official website for the game, wherein you can learn specific details about its story, characters and history as an independently-developed Japanese PC title.

You think you’re thankful this Thursday? Wait till you play Corpse Party! It may give you a whole new appreciation of what it means to be alive…

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  • Oh man you do not know how excited I am for this. I also scare and get grossed out easily, but I am so picking this up! Thanks for bringing it to NA :)!

  • Tom you have no idea how much I want this game. I have been anticipating it for months. XSEED is just like Atlus, you guys always localize the best and most obscure games. Ugh, the store better update early, I NEED Corpse Party!

  • Dear Powers that Be:
    Release it now!! Please? I have to go to work in like an hour and a half, was wanting to play it during lunch.
    – MrBanballow

  • I’m glad to see that it didn’t end up costing a lot. Normally I enjoy having a physical manual and art book to look at as well as soundtracks (thanks a ton for all the limited editions you’ve made of games!), but ultimately if it can make the game cost less considerably less for the buyer and we get it sooner then I’m all for the digital distribution. Any word on a PSN+ discount? I know it’s not an expensive game, but after all the great releases this Fall my wallet is a little thin…

    Thanks again Xseed, if it weren’t for guys like you we’d miss out on so many great gems like this one!

    • No PSN+ discount is planned at the moment, I’m afraid. It’s something to keep in mind for future titles, but for this game, I don’t think we could’ve afforded to offer it for any lower a price. ;)

  • i will buy & download as soon as the store is updated! :)
    anyways, i just hope that this title does really well for you guys because this could/would open the floodgates of the visual novel genre on sony platforms? go go go xseed!

    • Well, to be fair, it’s not really a visual novel… but it is in the same spirit as visual novels, so it certainly couldn’t hurt. ;)

  • ‘at a mere $19.99’… tell that to the iPhone users.

    • Hey, iPhone users aren’t getting a horror adventure this awesome, so I still count this as a win for us PSPeoples. ;)

  • I am very much looking forward to this, sadly though I have to wait till i get a vita to play it. I wish PSP’s support multiple profiles =(

    • They sort of do, but not at the same time. You can reregister your PSP to a different PSN profile as many times as you want, as far as I’m aware — but upon doing so, all the games you purchased under the old profile will become unplayable unless and until you switch back.

      Not quite as easy to work with as the PS3 in that regard, but it’s still workable if you wanted to play Corpse Party before getting your Vita.

  • mmmMacabre!


  • I really want to buy this game and hope it will be under 650Mb that’s about how much i have left in my memory card if not it will have to wait later because i don’t want to spend another 30$ just to be able to buy this game.

    • We won’t know its size for sure until it’s up on PSN, but it will indeed most likely be under 650 MB in size, so I think you’ll be safe.

      Even if it went above that, though, I think your pricing is a bit off. A 1 GB Memory Stick Pro Duo only costs about $5 these days!

  • Can’t wait for this to come out today. I love XSeed for bring this game and Grand Knights History overseas, my PSP is still not dead yet. Thanks XSeed.

    Now if XSeed would be able to bring Danganronpa and 7th Dragon 2020 to the states, I would be even happier :)

    • I would be happy as well, if I had a chance to work on those two games! I’ve dabbled in Danganronpa and really enjoyed it, and I’m looking forward to picking up a copy of 7th Dragon 2020 soon (and will definitely be buying its soundtrack, since Yuzo Koshiro + Hatsune Miku = pure win!).

      Whether or not we actually have the opportunity to work on those two titles, however, is a different story. We’ll definitely look into them, but sadly, not every interesting-looking title is meant to be.

      I’m still amazed that we were able to get Corpse Party, though, so you never know what the future may hold!

  • I would buy this if it were on PS3.

  • Sweet! Finally.

  • Everything about this game screams awesomeness. Consider it bought.
    Thank you, XSeed, for bringing games like this to the US. I really hope it meets (or eXceeds) your sales projections.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  • When I get some money, I’m definitely going to buy this!

  • Come on, release this already!
    I really really want to play this game, I need something to play in bed before going to sleep…

  • really looking forward to this. Thanks XSeed.

  • Buying this for sure, hopefully others do too.

    Gotta prove to certain companies there is still an audience for PSP games in America.

  • Perfect Thanks Giving gift from myself to myself!

  • Please Tom, just release this already! QQ

    • Hey, don’t look at me! I’m not the one who pulls the PSN switch. (Though that would be awesome if I were… oh, the things I could do!) ;)

  • haha, i am really desperate, i really really want to play this game (like alot of other ppl). Let me thank you once again for this release, and all of Xseed other releases! Keep up the good work!

  • This AND Fishing Resort for the Wii on the same week?! Oh XSEED, how you just love to take my monies…

  • If this was for PS3 I would get it in a heartbeat, sadly it only for PSP :(

    • Awww, c’mon, PSPs are nice and cheap nowadays, and there are so many amazing games on the system… Why not just pick one up? If you like JRPGs, you certainly won’t regret the purchase, I can virtually guarantee you that. Incredible library of games on this system!

  • I will definitely buy Corpse Party! :D I even bought a PSP just for this game xD Ahh… Well then *F5F5F5F5F5…*

  • Supple flesh…Ahhhhh…*Homer drool*

  • ill pick this up down the line hopefully a price drop happens.

  • Bah! why hasn’t the PS store updated yet? I’m so ready to play this game! the previews and trailer really reminds me of one of my favorite anime series, Higurashi no naku koro ni. I love that you guys are releasing games like this overseas, one of the reasons why X-Seed is one of my favorite publishers in the US. Keep up the crucial work, and I hope to see Trails in the Sky SC soon as well, absolutely loved the first game.

  • This game looks awesome,i have to pick it up

  • Ah man I would love nothing more than to purchase this as soon as it comes out! Sadly, I don’t care for the psp at all so I can’t >_< looks cool though lol

  • Thanks for this Xseed, i’m buying this as soon as i can! I always get and Higurashi feeling when i watch those trailers.
    A question here, could you guys translate any 5pb’s visual novels? Like Steins;Gate, Chaos;Head or Dunamis15?
    And please, what’s the name of the opening? I believe the singer is Asami Imai, right?

  • its out now thanks xseed

  • Does anyone know when the PSN store will update so we can download it? I am too excited!!!

  • @30: The opening is Shangrila, and yeah, Asami Imai is the singer :)

  • dvtdude1
    its already on the psn downloading right now 555 mb

  • Obviously I am a huge idiot because I am not seeing it, does matter which time zone you are in?

  • Found it, just use the search function. It should be there. Already bought it.

  • I just found it as well!

  • Psyched to see so many other people freaking out for this game to come out today. :) Can’t wait to check it out.

  • Browsing through the site’s variable not-so-safe for work art gallery, and I see Rustle’s contributed.

    Oh lawd.

  • Please tell me it’s being released in the EU today as well.

  • I’m gonna purchase this when I wake up, but I’m just leaving a message that I’m so grateful XSeed brought this over. You guys bring so many games I love that I can not thank you enough.

  • Gonna buy some PSN card and used it for this baby!
    Thx Xseed for translating this game ;)
    o yeah, i hope you give us a release date for Grand Knight History asap ;)

  • I wanted to play this badly but my PSP just died after many years of joy. I don’t want to buy another so close to the Vita launch, so I was wondering if this game will be compatible with it?

  • So Fricken buying this once i have the money xD , Looks a billion times better then OMG-Z

  • @Tom Lipschultz
    I meant 4GB cards since i never buy 1 GB card and 4GB card cosr around 30$ here.
    Anyway the game is only a bit over 550MB so i’m fine and thanks for this game i played a bit and it’s nice hopefully this game will be able to entertain me until the patch for Skyrim is released.

    here they say they are compatible but i heard somewhere else that it won’t be disponible right at launch the patch will be released 2-3 months after release.
    I’m not 100% sure of that though and i might be confused with something else.

  • Now that I have bought the game and currently playing it, all I have to say is “Great Heaven! This game is so AWESOME!”
    All hail XSEED!!!

  • Oh, cool, they made Sweet Home twenty-some years later.

  • Thank you so much for bringing this out. I’ve been waiting for it since I came across someone talking about it on a horror gaming site the other year. Then my lovely wife came and woke me up while searching for some games to tell me about this game she found. I was surprised to see it was the same one I’d been reading about. I got it the moment it was released last night and am already on chapter 4, need to find more of those bad endings and tags. This game deserves trophies that is for sure. So much to collect, so much to do. As a horror writer this is just what I needed to get my mind out of this rut that I’m in. Too bad I’ll probably never see Higurashi come to this side of the world *sighs*

    All in all great work so far. I’m loving the atmosphere of this game. God that ghost in the washroom actually made me jump and very little surprises me now a days. Definitely a worth while game to add to my collection, it will sit with my Fatal Frames and Rule of Rose for sure. *grins*

    Thanks again for the great work.

  • Damn game is addictive…

  • wow, people actually “play” this? it looks like all youre doing is standing around talking and walking a little bit

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